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This is my first short story, and I have to warn, you might want to be alone right now. Light a few candles and enjoy.

(Seriously though, let me know what you think, if you can still type)

Edited by Tigersman and SecretSecretary. Your help and input is greatly appreciated! 🙂

All characters and depictions are blah blah blah . . . just enjoy it!


I studied my reflection in the mirror, twisted my tie around nervously and flipped down my collar to adjust the knot. “So tell me again why I’m putting on a suit just to meet your parents” I asked, knowing the answer already.

My girlfriend Sierra and I had been dating for about 6 months, and deep down I knew that I would have to meet her parents eventually. She talked so much about them that I felt as if I already knew them. Considering how often Sierra had her mother on the phone, I figured she had heard as much about me already as well. Now that the day had finally arrived to meet, I was shaking in my argyle socks.

“I told you Danny,” Sierra replied, “They need to make everything into an event. It’s really no big deal, just a nice dinner out . . . okay, a REALLY nice dinner out.” Sierra smoothed her dazzling emerald dress and adjusted her thin shoulder straps as I admired her natural beauty.

“Dad caught wind of a restaurant opening downtown created by Plato McPherson, you know, the Food Channel star. I think it’s inside one of those ritzy boutique hotels; it’s kind of exciting actually. Now you just concentrate on being adorable and I’ll handle the conversation. It’s going to be fun!”

I had to admit I was looking forward to taking a trip into the city, even if it was in conjunction with a nerve wracking first-date of sorts. Sierra would most definitely handle the conversation; she had always impressed me with the way she could talk to anyone and dazzle them with her subtle charms.

She seemed to have a way of seeing people’s true selves and was able to speak right to them, instead of knocking around on the surface like most of us do. She definitely seemed to know me in a way that no one ever did, and was able to sense things about me of which I wasn’t even aware. Although she came from a wealthy family, Sierra was impressively down to earth and enjoyed the thrill of living life much more than the thrill of simply having money. For these reasons I was actually quite interested to meet the family where this fine sensibility of hers, (not to mention her stunning good looks), had been born.

Dressed to the nines, we drove to meet Sierra’s parents at their prairie-style estate in the upper-east suburbs. The lawn was heavily manicured, like all the homes in the area, and the cobblestone drive came to a circle in front of their house.

When we first arrived her parents met us just outside. We exchanged elated hugs and handshakes, and eventually climbed into their spacious SUV for the long trip into the city. The conversation was excellent, the ride was extremely comfortable and I could tell immediately that we would be getting along quite well.

After much driving and inspiring conversation, we arrived at a swanky hotel surrounded by the hustle and bustle of downtown. Quickly however we were inversely surrounded by the tranquil setting crafted around the entrance to the upscale bistro.

It was easily my finest dining experience to date, and I was feeling a little out of my league at first. Sierra’s parents were very charming however, and soon I was feeling quite comfortable as we were all having an enjoyable time getting further acquainted.

Sierra’s father Nicolas, a highly sought after neurosurgeon, was an impressive man with wide shoulders and a broad smile. He looked the type that could be the most charming and approachable person in the room, and also the most feared.

His wife Rose was equally as stunning, dressed in elegance with just a hint of skin revealed. She wore a silver dress and subtle yet expensive looking jewelry. Her eyes sparkled as she spoke and listened, giving her an air of keen insight and mindful presence. She seemed a perfect match for Nicolas, and I was in awe just being around them.

Sierra, an almost mirror image of her voluptuous mother, always the enthusiastic and talkative girl, was the catalyst of conversation. Her thoughtful questions and prompts helped us all recount some of our finest anecdotes and experiences for one another. I was having a lot more fun than I ever thought I would.

Early on during the dinner, Sierra’s father received an emergency call from his surgical ward and regrettably needed to rush home, leaving us with the choice to return with him or remain at the restaurant. The ladies decided they wanted to stay and enjoy the rest of the evening, proposing we hire a cab home later instead. Nicolas shook my hand and kissed the ladies cheeks before wishing us all an enjoyable evening and excusing himself to leave.

Sierra and her mother Rose were fantastic company, both were confident women gaziantep özbek escort bayan with a passion for fine food and wine. Sierra was a clear contrast to her mother with her more exuberant and outgoing personality, while her captivating mother was more attentive and relaxed.

After an exquisite meal and many drinks and laughs, we all agreed that a stay at the modish hotel would be a vast improvement over spending an hour cramped in a taxi, given our pleasantly inebriated state. We split the cost of a room and made arrangements to rent a car in the morning. We also messaged Sierra’s father about our change of plans.

I have to admit, it was a bit awkward at first, sharing a room with my girlfriend’s mother hours after meeting, but she was very considerate and gave me plenty of space to get ready, as I did for them. Preparations were brief without any overnight bags, and we made good use of the hotel’s fine soaps and toiletries to freshen up.

We had to sleep in our underthings, the girls in their slips and me in my boxer shorts, which was odd, but also slightly amusing in our off-balance state. It was certainly an unexpected detour on the road toward getting to know Sierra’s parents, (one of them at least) as we padded around the room in our undergarments before settling in.

I felt an awkward tension as I climbed into bed with Rose’s daughter, mentioning that perhaps I should call room service to bring up a cot or something instead. Sierra wouldn’t hear of it however; we were all adults after all.

When it was time to climb into our respective cozy nests, I offered to sleep by the nightstand between the two beds, in case there was a call in the middle of the night. Once we turned out the lights and said goodnight my nerves began to slowly abate, as the three of us lay quietly in the dark.

After some time had passed, Sierra leaned into my ear and whispered how exciting it would be to get naked under the covers. Hmmm, that would be exciting, although potentially awkward if one of us had to suddenly get up in the night. I eventually eased my boxers down and pushed them off with my feet, feeling the lavish bedding up against my nakedness. Sierra covertly followed suit and then snuggled her bare warm breasts into my side for the night. Heaven.

It had been quiet for a long time and I was almost asleep when Sierra gently rolled to her right, taking most of the downy comforter with her. I suddenly found myself left in the moonlit room with just a thin sheet covering my totally naked body. Great.

Thankful the sheet hadn’t disappeared as well, I closed my eyes again and drifted off. A short time later Sierra rolled back, but of course the comforter hadn’t made the return trip.

I was about to reel it back in when Sierra put an arm over my chest and nuzzled into the nape of my neck, holding me in place. She sighed into my skin and started softly kissing my ear, which felt wonderful, but eventually caused the sheet above me to inflate into the unmistakable shape of a bulging cock! Shit.

I quietly lifted my head to peek around the bedside lamp toward Rose, and in the dim moonlight I could faintly see her facing in our direction with her eyes thankfully closed.

All I could do was lie back quietly while Sierra continued to softly kiss my neck and ear, steadily building my appetite instead of letting me sleep. She was delicately sliding her naked breasts along my arm as I felt her hand snake its way under the thin white sheet and down to my totally naked cock.

Mmm, yes! . . . wait, NO!

I glanced over at Sierra and could see she had her eyes directed toward her mother’s bed as she mischievously rubbed along the top of my hardening cock under the silky sheets. It was extremely apparent what she was doing under there as the outline of her hand rubbed softly up and down my enlarged shaft. She was keeping her “undercover” movements to a minimum, but with the moonlit sheet outlining every bump, I felt as if I was lying naked in front of her own mother.

The dead silence was unnerving as stroke after stroke of my swollen cock was turning me on more and more. It was impossible to tell if Rose was sound asleep yet or not, and I found myself willing her into a deep coma so I could enjoy this. I was trying to push back the image of Rose’s piercing eyes snapping open suddenly and catching her daughter blatantly rubbing on my ridiculously hard cock in the next bed.

What the hell was this girl thinking? How far did she think this could possibly go?

A bit farther I guess as she wrapped her sexy fingers completely around my solid erection, encasing it in the warmth of her soft grip. It felt sexy and delicious for the briefest of moments. Then, to my utter dismay, she hoisted my rigid mast straight toward the ceiling, the sheet over us stretched out like a sail in the night! She couldn’t have been any more obvious as the thin sheet pulled tight across porno videolar the head of my cock, tenting over my body! Come on!

She started leisurely pulling the skin of my shaft up and down beneath the shroud of linen. OH MY GOD! This was insane! Her mother was right there in the room while my cock pressed obscenely upwards into the sheets! The outline of Sierra’s hand was only visible when she reached the engorged head to give it a rub, then quickly descended down into the erotic big top once again.

I suddenly pictured Rose springing from her bed in a flash, demanding that I leave their room immediately . . . but for now there was just the screaming silence.

In fact, the only audible signs of life in that room were the whispers of sliding sheets and soft breathing. Dim light peeked through the blinds and subtle moon rays shone upon the less than subtle movements beneath the obscene white canopy erected over my abdomen.

I looked at Sierra again, and she glanced up at me and winked with a devilish grin. What the hell?? Was she simply pushing me past the limits of exhilaration and embarrassment for fun? I could only guess, but not knowing for sure whether Rose was asleep or not had me going insane!

Then Sierra picked up the pace of her masturbating me, from a slow seductive tease to a more deliberate sexy stroking. My GOD, what the hell was going on? It was one thing to agree to sneak my shorts down with her mother in the adjoining bed, but this situation was careening quickly out of control!

Sierra’s hand moved up and down my shaft like a sexy piston . . . up and down . . . bumping the sheet every so often when she would reach the top . . . up and down. Otherwise all that was visible was a stark linen teepee and its indecent support pole framed in the dark.

My eyes were becoming used to the light, and once I realized how well I could see Sierra’s blatant fondling, I knew how well Rose would be able to see as well, if she were simply to peek her eyes open!

My mind was torn, because my hard cock was singing with the pleasurable sensations it was receiving. Sierra’s breasts cradled my arm in their bare-skinned valley, softly caressing me while she pumped my cock. I dared not utter a sound of pleasure, as I heard neither snoring nor deep breathing from Rose’s bed, and the last I looked she had been facing in our direction.

My mind reeled as I thought about the reality of the situation. My impossibly hard cock was being stroked under the sheets by my girlfriend while her mother slept in the next bed! Rose’s head was pointed directly at her daughter’s naughty hand, pumping steadily on my throbbing erection just three feet away!! I was paralyzed. I could only hope for the sweet sounds of snoring to break the unnerving silence that hung in the air.

Instead, my heart jumped into my throat when suddenly the sheet, which up to that point had been thankfully hiding my hard-on from direct view, started to creep slowly toward Sierra’s side of the bed!

“NO!! Please don’t do this!” my thoughts screamed . . . She was doing it. Slowly as her right hand moved up and down on my hard cock, the soft sheet slid inch by inch across my naked body.

I glanced at Sierra and she was looking toward her mother again, biting her lower lip slightly and grasping more and more bunched up sheet into her free hand. Now she was really getting ballsy! And here I thought our relationship had been going so well. I could only assume that now she wanted me dead, or at least seriously injured!

Suddenly I felt the cool night air on my skin as the edge of the sheet reached my body, and a line of unending naked flesh began peeking out from underneath. What the hell was she doing? I mean, I get off on a little danger now and then, but this was insane!

All too soon there was even less of the sheet hiding my nudity . . . and a little more of my skin on display . . . and it was becoming very obvious to anyone who may have or may not have been sleeping just feet away, that I was completely naked in that bed.

She had to be sleeping, because there was zero chance Rose would have accepted any of this had she been awake. Not the Rose that I met. That Rose would have kicked me right in the balls and sent me packing.

I looked down again and . . . HOLY SHIT . . . just my cock and Sierra’s mischievous hand were left covered by the edge of remaining sheet! My naked body was basically out in the open lying on the bed! Her hand continued strumming my cock like an instrument. The strokes were smooth and deliberate, and any hopes I had of softening back to my normal state without some kind of release were long gone.

Why was she doing this? Even if her mother was sound asleep, what was the end game? Would she just finish me off right here on the bed? Was she planning to do me in the same room as her own mother!?

Sierra’s hand that had been gathering the sheet sat still for a few respite moments. gaziantep rus escort bayan Her other hand had settled back into a slow methodical rhythm, taking its sexy time moving from the base to the tip of my full mast. She squeezed me firmly, and then stroked me softly, driving me wild with passion and fright.

My god what anyone would think in this situation! I wanted to scream “What the fuck are you doing?? Your mother is lying right here and you are basically jerking me off in the nude right in front of her!”

Instead I lay there with my eyes mostly closed trying to feign oblivion while Sierra pulled the skin of my cock down tight, her fingers peeking out from under the edge of the sheet. She held it there like that, pulling back tightly while my engorged cockhead bulged under the last remnant of sheet.

The feel of the soft bedding on my tight cock skin was glorious, and I almost forgot where I was for second as every tingle from my sensitive head rippled quickly through my entire naked body.

The same naked body that was currently on display next to my girlfriend’s sleeping mother.

The same naked body with an erect penis pointing at the ceiling, wearing nothing but the edge of a sheet and my girlfriend’s seductive fingers. Fuck.

Then to my utter dismay, the corner of the sheet was gone in a flash, like the magic trick of the disappearing cock, except that it was still there, naked and throbbing in the cool air of the room. I breathed in quickly and my heart raced as my bare naked cock stood right out in the open in front of my girlfriend’s sleeping mother! Sierra’s hand was motionless at the base of my cock while the rest of my manhood stood there obscenely pulsing in the night.


I started to panic and my mind was reeling, “Are you insane? You just pull my cock out in the open while your mother’s here!? What the hell are you thinking?”

I waited in the quiet stillness for a sudden movement from the other bed, but it never came. My cock twitched again with the skin pulled back and pulsed with my rapid heartbeat. Beads of sweat formed on my forehead and I held in my breath while Sierra slowly tilted my stiff cock around in slow, agonizing circles. She waved it slowly like an Olympic flag, and then began her ascent to the top and down again.

OH GOD!! My body shivered as a jolt of pure electricity flowed through my limbs. Her expert manipulations were juicing my throbbing cock and making my head swim with desire. Then her pace quickened and she began rapidly stroking my cock up and down, twisting her hand slightly as she did. She expertly pumped my bare naked cock in the open air of the room, with her mother lying right in the next bed. I had to see. . .

I slowly turned my head to the left and terror instantly raced through my skin! Rose had her eyes wide open as she lay there, staring directly at my insanely hard cock! Her own daughter was pulling up and down on my aroused manhood while her mother watched! I was mortified!!

I looked down at myself and the scene was explicit. My rock hard penis was engorged and purple, swaying back and forth as Sierra’s delicate hand worked the length of it like a woodwind. My heart was racing and I couldn’t think, I could only flash my eyes from my cock to Rose’s unwavering stare and back!

Sierra suddenly stopped, letting go of me completely and leaving my stiff rod to stand on its own in the open air like a soldier. Now her mother Rose was really getting an unobstructed view of my aroused and lewdly pulsing cock sticking out. Sierra placed her palm up against it again and slowly wrapped her fingers around its girth, one at a time, eventually holding it tight. It was the slowest and most sensual thing I had ever seen or felt!

I had to shake my brain to remind myself that my girlfriend’s mother had just watched the whole thing! Watched as my bare cock was stroked and fondled by her own daughter!

The thought swept over me like a horny wicked ghost, and a soft moan escaped through my lips, “Ohhh.” Rose looked me in the eye just then and the sound caught in my throat. I couldn’t move, as I was frozen in terror and lust as my girlfriend’s mother took her eyes off of my naked hard cock and looked right into my soul.

“Mmmm” she said softly.

HO. LY. SHIT!! She was so into this! Rose was seriously getting off watching her little girl work over my cock in the dim light of that hotel room! My body responded and I looked right into Rose’s blue eyes in the darkness.

Sierra looked back and forth between us, leaned up and slowly spoke into my ear, “Doesn’t Danny’s hard cock look AMAZING Mother?”

She kept pumping my shaft deliberately and erotically, talking into my ear. “Mmmm, Danny’s cock is so hard right now, I just can’t stop stroking it.” She enunciated these words into my ear, making my head spin with desire. Her dirty talk seemed to be easing the insanely awkward tension a bit.

“I wonder what such a BIG, NAKED cock could be doing out in the open like this, right in our room,” she continued, twisting her hand around the shaft as she stroked it.

“I bet . . . if I were to let go of this big fat cock . . . right here in the dark,” she said, now enunciating her words with deliberate strokes, “it would FIND its way RIGHT into your DRIPPING . . . WET . . . PUSSY . . . MOTHER.”

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