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Anri Okita

Thanksgiving ’08

Simon stood over Jodi’s prone, unmoving form. A quick glance told him she was still breathing but would need serious medical attention soon. Blood dripped from what he assumed to be a broken nose and her left eye was swelling.

He hurt all over. His hands, his knees, and mostly his head throbbed in time with his heartbeat. Once the adrenaline quit, it would only hurt more, so for now, he ignored it. He hunched his shoulders, steeling his resolve. He would not let them get any closer to her.

From out of nowhere, he caught a snippet of a song. He recognized it as Godsmack’s “I Stand Alone.” How appropriate, facing the last two of Jodi’s assailants. He had been lucky enough to take out one of them before they could effectively organize. Jodi had taken one out by herself before she was knocked out. A feral grin spread across his face.

“I’m gonna wipe that fucking smile off your face, dead man.”

“When death smiles at you,” he said, his voice steadier than he felt, “all you can do is smile back.”


Early Nov ’08

Simon awoke in darkness. It was usually dark when he woke so this was expected. The clock on the stand displayed 6 am. He flipped on the light next to his bed as he sat up. He stretched, feeling his joints pop and muscles strain. Resigned, he got out of his nice warm bed and walked to his bathroom. He tilted his head back as he released last night’s collected urine.

He and Jodi were coming up on their one month anniversary. He hated thinking of it like that since anniversaries were yearly not monthly, but he knew of no other word that fit. Still, he liked the idea. He had never been in a relationship before so he wanted to make the most of it.

He finished, shook, and flushed the toilet. He then heard a low groan come from his bed. Oops, he’d forgotten. He stood in the doorway of the bathroom and gazed at the beautiful creature in his bed.

Jodi’s red hair blazed in the small light of the table lamp. Her pale skin practically glowed as well. He wanted to just curl up next to her and go back to sleep, but he had work out this morning.

They had been studying late last night for a chemistry test. At around 2 am, Jodi nodded off. Simon placed her in his bed, under the covers. He grabbed another blanket, laid on top of the covers, and fell asleep next to her. He now realized it explained why he was still wearing his clothes from yesterday.

Another groan broke him from his reverie. He quickly walked over and turned off the light. Still mostly asleep, she sighed and reached back behind herself. She felt around the spot on the bed he had just vacated. She turned over when she couldn’t find him. He intercepted her hand with his own and she latched onto it, gently pulling him back to the bed.

“Mmmph,” she mumbled, tugging him. He leaned in next to her head, kissing her lightly on the cheek.

“Sorry, babe,” he whispered, “I didn’t mean to wake you.”

“Mmm back to beeh.” She tugged him again.

“I can’t.” He chuckled, pulling his hand away. “Go back to sleep. I’ll wake you in an hour or so.”

“K,” she was back out. Simon smiled and changed into a pair of shorts. He grabbed his iPod and headphones and shut the door to his workout room. His mind shut down as the music played and his muscles burned.


Jodi woke swiftly when Simon’s face suddenly turned into a pillow. She had been kissing him deeply and trying to get his shirt off, but it seemed to be impossibly long. Then his lips felt like linen and his mouth went dry.

She was confused by the unfamiliarity of the room. It certainly was not her room or any room in her house. As the last wisps of sleep dissipated, she recognized it and remembered. She had fallen asleep in at Simon’s desk, so Simon must have carried her over to the bed.

‘Oh my God!’ she thought. She panicked briefly, lifting the covers. She was only slightly disappointed that she was still dressed. She curled back under the covers, trying to retain what warmth there was left. She rubbed the spot where she assumed Simon had slept, imagining what it would be like waking next to him every morning. The dream dissipated quickly after she spotted the clock on the table by his bed.

She groaned, refusing to rise for a moment. Sighing, she got up to use the bathroom. She heard the clink of metal in the other room, Simon’s workout room. She grinned, picturing the rippling muscles of his arms and back. She quickly finished her business and went to the closed door of the other room. Quietly, she opened the door. She let out a small gasp.

She had seen him mostly naked before but this was different. His skin glistened with exertion from his workout. He had heavy silver chains wrapped around his feet that extended as he pulled himself up the chin-up bar. He alternated between pulling the bar in front and behind his head. The black cord of his headphones trailed down his abs to the iPod hooked to his shorts. Eyes closed, he silently mouthed the words of the song he was listening to, unaware of her presence.

Jodi şişli escort felt herself getting hot just watching him. She knew she had to leave for home but couldn’t stop staring. She wanted to strip off her clothes and mash herself to him, marinating herself in his sweat and smell. She thought about wrapping her legs around his waist and riding him, his cock thrusting into her as he did his chin-ups. She bit her lower lip in frustration.

He dropped suddenly, releasing the bar. Opening his eyes, he smiled at her. He turned off the music and undid the chains around his ankles. He grabbed a towel, wiping off the excess sweat from his torso and face.

“You’re up,” he stated, “I hope I didn’t wake you.”

“Oh no,” she coughed, clearing her throat, “no. I had to get up. I don’t want my parents to worry about where I am, so I should get going.” She still couldn’t stop staring at his body. “Plus I need a shower before school.” ‘A cold one,’ she thought. “What’s with the chains? I didn’t think you were one for bondage.”

Simon chuckled, “It helps with the chin-ups. The chains, when resting on the ground, don’t add any extra weight. As I pull myself up, it lifts the chains, increasing the weight. As I go back down, the weight decreases back to normal. It ends up being a gradual weight increase instead of an instant weight increase.”

“I’ll take your word for it.” Jodi hesitated, “I really should get going.”

“No problem. See you at school then?” He stepped up to her, invading her personal space.

Silently, she placed one hand on his chest. She let her index finger trail down to his abdomen and back up again. On its return, it continued higher, up back behind his neck and pulled him down into a lustful kiss. He wrapped his arms around her, grabbed her ass, and lifted her up. Jodi let out a small squeak of surprise, but wrapped her legs and other arm around him tightly. The ease at which he lifted her both excited and frightened her.

She grunted when he pushed her up against the wall, crushing her closer to him. His hands, no longer on her ass, roamed under her shirt, caressing her sides. They moved tantalizingly close to her breasts but never quite going the whole way up. Their tongues warred furiously back and forth. She tried to devour him as he tried to do the same. Simon thrust his cotton encased cock across her denim encased pussy.

As quickly as it started, it stopped. Simon broke the kiss, his forehead still pressed to hers. They were both panting heavily. The lust in her eyes told him he could take her now and she would put up no resistance. But the fear he saw held him in check. He wondered what she saw in him that frightened her.

Reluctantly, he set her down, her legs untangling from his waist. Her hands remained linked behind his head. They stayed like that for several minutes, before Jodi released him.

“Thank you,” she said. Simon nodded, understanding. “I should be going,” she said at last releasing her physical hold on him.

“Yes. I need a shower and breakfast before I start walking.”

She rolled her eyes at him. “Why do you walk? You know I can give you a ride.”

“So could Cindy. But it’s not that far to school. Besides, you could always walk with me. You could use it.”

Jodi stared at him, aghast. “Did you just call me fat?”

Simon was able to hold himself together, under her stare, for only a few seconds before he burst out laughing. He continued laughing even when she began slapping his chest and arms. Simon, his body stinging from the assault, relented.

“Ok stop. No, you’re not fat. You’ve got the hottest body in school.” He was still chuckling as he spoke, cowering from her.

“You’re damn right I do,” Jodi smoothed out her clothes and hair. “See if I ever let you in my panties again.” She huffed and turned away.

“Jodi,” Simon whined, getting off the floor, “I was just kidding, honey.”

She turned back and smiled, playing him as he played her. She gave him a hug and a quick peck on the cheek. She gathered her books and jacket. “See you at school.” She called, running up the stairs.

“Bye,” was all he had a chance to say before she was gone.


School life had not changed much for either of them. Simon got to know the other girls on the volleyball team, having watched their practice several times. He never indulged some of their constant flirting, especially Sasha’s. He just laughed most of it off as if clueless. Jodi was fairly certain that at least half the squad was crushing on him. But he seemed to only have eyes for her.

Jodi also hung out with Simon’s friends. It turned out that she and Leslie had quite a few common interests. Derek and Sam, at first, were uncomfortable with her around but were soon joking and laughing with her. It became a regular occurrence for Sasha and Vera to join them for lunch.

The only sore point was, of course, Evan.


“Hey, Baldy.”

Simon groaned inwardly as he walked towards the school doors. Evan, along with a couple of his basketball friends, was waiting just outside the doors. They moved to block the entrance. Simon sighed and stood in front of Evan.

“Baldy, huh?” Simon ran his hand along his shaved head, “Once again your wit and acumen astound us all, Evan. I bow to your mental superiority.” Simon’s words oozed with sarcasm as he performed a small bow. “May I enter the school now, your superfluousness?”

Evan stood, confused for a moment. Until he heard a few of the other kids snicker in his direction. His face flushed in embarrassment and anger. Apparently he did not get whatever joke Simon had made.

“Fuck you, dickhead.” Evan clenched his hands. Simon gripped his book bag tightly, trying to control his own anger.

“Do we really have to do this now, Evan?” Simon took a step back, guessing his odds. He was not pleased. The rest of Evan’s gang shifted forward, attempting to encircle him. He wasn’t sure how many of them it might take to kick his ass, but he certain how many they were going to use.

“You stole my girlfriend, Pendleton.” Evan cracked his knuckles, “I owe you.”

“As I recall, she broke it off with you. Or is your mind as faulty as your manners?” Enraged, Evan brought his arm back and swung.

Simon, readying himself to dodge the coming swing, recognized the form of the person standing behind Evan. He changed his mind. He made no move to defend himself from the blow. Simon went to the ground on one knee. Not all of it was acting, but his face bore a hidden smirk.

“What exactly is going on here!?” Mrs. Patterson, Simon’s counselor, was standing just outside the school doors. Evan’s face, which had held a look of victory, now paled in fear. He turned around.

“Uh . . . it’s not what you . . .” Evan’s words failed at the glare from her face.

“I don’t want to hear any of your excuses Evan. Fighting on school property is grounds for suspension at the very least. You four,” she turned to Evan’s gang, “You’d best leave now or I’ll include your names in the suspension too.” Not needing any more incentive, the gang dispersed into the school.

“And as for you, Mr. Anderson, I would move as quickly as possible to the office before I add insubordination to your list of crimes.”

“But . . .” Evan protested.

“I said I don’t want to hear it. Now go!” Mrs. Patterson pointed back towards the school doors. Evan cast one last hateful glare at Simon before walking through the school doors. Mrs. Patterson, the situation diffused, knelt next to Simon, concern evident on her face. “Are you okay, Simon?”

“Yeah,” he held his jaw as he stood, “I’ll be fine.”

“What happened? Why were you fighting?”

“Well it wasn’t much of a fight,” he grinned, wincing. “He was just upset.”

“Because you’re dating Jodi Holden now?” Simon’s eyes widened, causing her to laugh. “I’m not blind or deaf, Simon. I do know some of what is going on in this school.” They walked towards the office. “Let me get you some ice for your jaw. I’ll let your first period teacher know you won’t be there.”

“Really, I’m fine,” he said.

“Nonsense, I’ll have the nurse take a look at you, just to make sure nothing’s broken.” She left, only to return a few minutes later with a bag of ice. It was at that moment that Jodi burst into the office. She was panting, a stunned look on her face. Simon thought she was beautiful.

“Oh my God! What happened?” she ran to him, embracing him tightly, “I heard Evan knocked you out.” The basketball coach arrived shortly thereafter.

“I’ll leave you two alone for a moment while I speak with the coach and the principal.” Simon nodded over Jodi’s shoulder, still hugging her.

“I’m okay, baby.” He eased her back, “I’ll be better once the aspirin kicks in.”

“I still can’t believe he hit you.” Simon winced slightly as she grazed his lower jaw. She jerked her fingers back. “What happened?”

“We simply had a difference of opinion.” She looked at him, her eyebrows scrunched together.

“It was about me, wasn’t it?” Her eyes glistened with unshed tears. He pulled her back into their embrace.

“It’s nothing to worry about.” He kissed her head, sucking in a pained breath through his teeth.

Freddie, Sasha, Leslie, and Sam chose that moment to appear. Sasha and Leslie immediately went to Jodi, consoling her. Freddie and Sam pulled Simon away to another set of chairs.

“Pretty devious, man.” Freddie said. Sam looked shocked at Freddie, but Simon only grimaced.

“Is it that obvious?” Simon spoke in hushed tones. Sam, his mouth gaping like a fish, swung his head back at Simon.

“Dude, you told me about your years of martial arts training. Are you now saying it was a lie? Because I’ve seen you practice and it doesn’t look like it to me.” Simon scowled, glancing back at Jodi. She was clinging to Sasha, her eyes red and bloodshot.

“Don’t say anything to her.” Simon stared at Freddie, then at Sam.

“Why would I say anything? I never liked Evan anyways.” Sam simply nodded his acquiescence.

“Besides,” Simon continued, “I saw Mrs. Patterson walking towards us before Evan swung. I figured it would look better to take the hit than dodge it and cripple him, even if it was self-defense.”

“Probably. Who knows, right?” Freddie smiled, patting Simon on the shoulder.

“Uh oh, guys,” Sam spoke, glancing through the interior office window, “Mrs. P. is back and she doesn’t look too thrilled.” Mrs. Patterson was practically fuming when she walked through the door, her anger clearly evident on her face.

“Nothing. They’re not going to do anything about this. Since it’s a ‘first incident’ and heaven forbid they should lose their star player, Principal Nelson is just going to give Evan a month’s detention. This, of course, will be enforced by Coach Roberts.”

“What!? They can’t do that!” Jodi yelled. “He should be expelled at the very least. You should have the police called and file assault charges.” Jodi glanced out the office window. Evan was watching her, smiling. He flipped her off before leaving with Coach Roberts.

Simon stood and folded her into his arms. She gladly melted back into him, her anger dampened by his calming presence.

“Don’t worry, babe. Karma’s a bitch.” Simon stared after them, “He’ll get what he deserves.” The bell rang.

“All right, anyone not in physical pain needs to go back to class now.” Mrs. Patterson herded everyone but Simon out. He sat back down, leaning to the side with the ice on his jaw.

“You aren’t planning some kind of revenge, are you Simon?” She asked after closing the door to her office. “I have looked in your file, by the way. I know you’ve had some serious martial arts training.”

“Never, Mrs. P.” Simon sat up straight, holding the ice to his jaw. “Violence only begets violence, as they say. I would only do it in defense of myself and those I care about.”

“That’s a good philosophy to live by, I guess, but then why did you let him hit you?”

“I honestly didn’t think he would do it,” he lied, “I figured he was just trying to scare me.” She pondered his answer, staring at him. Simon calmly returned her look.

“All right, I’ll leave it at that.” She got from her desk, “I have a few things to take care of so when the next bell rings, you’re free to go if you feel ok.”

“Thank you for your help, Mrs. P.”

“Anytime, Simon. My door is always open.”


Simon was startled awake by the sound of a closing door. He hadn’t realized he nodded off. Looking around, he spotted a short, female form closing the blinds for the interior windows of the office. It definitely was not Mrs. Patterson.

“Who’s there?” The lights in the office were off though soft gray light streamed in from outside.

“I was hoping to get you alone again.” The voice was all too familiar. His dread was confirmed as Roxanne’s gorgeous features were revealed. “I wanted to see how you were doing. After what happened, I thought you could use some consoling.”

The sexy, asian cheerleader removed her sweater as she walked towards Simon. She wore a simple white satin bra underneath, but, reaching back, quickly removed it. Her breasts, freed from confinement, jiggled slightly as she strolled towards him. Simon, like many males, was mesmerized by her tits, imagining all the wonderful things he could do to them.

“You left so quickly last time, you never got to play with them.” She squeezed her breasts in her hands, pulling on her already aroused, nipples. “I thought you would like another chance.” She pushed one of her breasts up and leaned down to swipe her tongue over her nipple, flicking it.

Simon, despite many mental protestations, was rapidly hardening. He backed away from her until he ran into the wall. Cornered, he tried reason. “Look Roxy . . .” he stammered.

“Oooo, Roxy. Me likey.” She pinched her nipples harder. “Like ‘Foxy Roxy’, right?” She continued towards him.

“Stop . . .” His protest was cut short as her hand grabbed his cock through his jeans. Momentarily, he forgot to breathe.

“I love it when you struggle, you know.” She stroked him through the fabric, gripping his shaft. “It gets me so hot.” She grabbed his hand and placed it on her tit, moaning softly. Automatically, his hand gently squeezed and fondled it. His other hand suddenly appeared on her other tit, following the same routine of massage and squeeze. “I like it even more when you give in.” Roxanne pulled his head down to hers, kissing him.

“Oh fuck yes! Pinch them, squeeze them.” She moaned into his mouth. “You can be a little rougher, they won’t break.”

Simon mauled her tits, pinching and pulling her nipples. Undoing the buttons, Roxanne grabbed his hand again and thrust it down her jeans, inside her panties. Simon’s fingers made contact with her engorged clit. “God, yes, finger me! It feels so good!” she cried into his chest.

Simon’s brain was on autopilot. His mind was overloaded by sensation. As Roxanne spread her legs, his fingers roamed farther south until they reached her steaming hole. Roxanne had drenched her panties, flooding them as Simon’s middle finger curled up into her. She grabbed his face to pull him down for another kiss causing a sharp pain to lance through his jaw.

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