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Big Ass

“Forgive me father for I have sinned.”

“And what are your sins, child?”

Where do I begin? To be honest, each time I sit my fine ass in the confessional and spill the beans to Father d’Ambrosio, my own confession turns me on. I can only wonder what the good father thought or did afterward.

But let me back up a bit.

I was raised a good Catholic girl and I’ve confessed all my “sins” at the same church since I was a kid from the time I started confessing all the sexually-naughty things I had done with both boys and girls I knew up to the present when I fessed up to fucking three men on the day of my wedding. You read that right. Call me a slut, or a nymphomaniac or a fallen woman, I prefer to think of myself as a woman who loves easily and loves well. But, I’m getting ahead of myself again.

I married Jeff simply because I loved him. I still do. I mean, he is my husband, after all. Anyway, we’d gone to the same college and we were introduced to each other by my friends, Lauren and Lucky (just her nickname — her real name, the one her parents gave her was Minerva) What parents name their daughter Minerva, anyway? Anyhow, we met at this big party on campus. I was 19 and he Jeff 20 but we were both juniors. I fell for him like a ton of bricks. Looking back, I have to say that he was my first real boyfriend; the first I loved, anyway.

He had a lot more experience than I did. My sexual experience at that time was limited to making out with boys and getting finger-fucked. Technically, I was a virgin when I met him; I’d never even given anyone a blow job. Once our relationship started to get serious, though, I knew I’d have to become a quick learner, so I did what any other red-blooded girl would do: I watched porn. Tons and tons of porn. I studied sex like I studied for my exams. I crammed. Interesting choice of a word there, “crammed,” because that’s what my fingers did tour or five times a day. My grades dropped but I knew that, by the time it came to fucking, Jeff was going to be a lucky man and I’d get my grades back up. I’d done it before and I knew I could do it again.

I studied everything I could lay my hands (and eyes) on that had to do with sex; fucking, sucking, oral, anal, bi and straight. My grades would pick up, I knew, but this was going to be a life time skill. Little by little I gained confidence. I began to learn what felt good to me and how to ask for it in no uncertain terms. Of course, the more I watched, the more I masturbated and the more I masturbated, the more I wanted the real thing. But I wasn’t about to make John my practice run. What if it didn’t work? What if I was really lousy at it?

I had to find someone I trusted who wouldn’t take my overtures as anything romantic. I immediately thought of John, who was Lauren’s boyfriend at the time, and who is now her husband. They had graduated a year ahead of me and got married soon after. So, he was cute, we got along, he had experience and Lauren had told me he was an animal in bed… he was perfect for my experiment. While he and Lauren weren’t married at the time, they were “engaged to get engaged,” whatever that means. To me John was still fair game and, one Saturday night when he’d had too much to drink, he called me because he’d had a fight with Lauren. I was living off-campus and I invited him over.

I loved the scent of him and it still drives me crazy. It had nothing to do with any cologne or aftershave, it was his animal pheromones I was hooked onto. So that night I lost my precious virginity to him. The sex was anything but romantic. We were two hungry animals mating as if our lives depended on it. To be perfectly blunt, I had bruises on my boobs, hips and ass and my poor pussy was hurting so badly that I needed to take two aspirin. But that didn’t stop us from going ape shit crazy on each other again the next day.

John and I never really stopped being lovers and, even on my wedding day … I’ll get to that later. The following weekend, I let Jeff take my non-existent virginity the next weekend. It was sweet and romantic but I didn’t cum. After fucking John all week, sex with Jeff was warm, comforting oatmeal. John was a red hot pepper. Right then and yenimahalle escort there I knew how it would be with us. I’d love Jeff and I’d crave John, wedding ring or not, Lauren or not. It was meant to be that way as wrong as it would seem to others if they knew about it.

And then there was Kevin. What can I say about Kevin? He was my close friend’s fiancé and a friend of mine from my neighborhood. Before he met Louise, we were best friends but if we went out to the movies together, it was because neither of us had a date. We knew it wasn’t a dating situation. That’s not to say that we never made out or anything like that. We experimented with almost sex and it was fun but it was two friends passing the time being naughty. Once he met Louise and they started going out, we kind of grew apart but Louise and I got closer together and I won’t say I never fooled around with her because I did. She was the best kisser I’ve ever known and I have to admit that, sometimes when I masturbate, it’s the thought of kissing her that gets me off quickest. She has the softest lips!

The big day was right around the corner and needless to say, I was excited. True, I was not only fucking Jeff, but I was also regularly fucking John and Kevin and once in a while Louise and I would get together to play. It sounds complicated and it was, but I was managing and for once in my life I was feeling sexually satisfied. I mean, who wouldn’t.

On the day before the wedding Jeff and I scheduled to have a couples session with Father d’Ambrosio about what would be expected of each of us. To us it was a big joke and one more hoop that society felt it had to put us through in order to have a good, Christian marriage. Unfortunately, Jeff’s bachelor party was the previous night and he pleaded with me to go to the session without him. I was pissed. I mean, he knew we had this coming up, but being the goodnatured wife-to-be, I went without him.

Father was in his thirties and looked like a movie star. Lots of the women who attended church there did so only because he was so hot looking. There was never a shortage of women at church activities. I figured it could have been worse, so I shouldn’t complain about having to spend a few hours talking about sex and marriage with such a hunk.

We were talking about a wife’s responsibilities in the marriage regarding sex. I was being told that, regardless of what I thought about having sex, that it was a normal and expected part of marriage. Somehow, we got onto the topic of specific acts and what the Bible did and didn’t approve of. I could feel as well as see Father’s demeanor change as we began to discuss oral sex. His face became flushed and he was staring intently at my chest. I’m not a porn model by any stretch of the imagination but I’ve never had any complaints about my 34-c boobs, which I never tried very hard to hide.

“I wonder how it feels to discuss things like blowjobs when you’ve never actually had one,” I teased him.

He fidgeted like crazy and his pale face turned scarlet. “You know, I did have a life before I became a priest,” he informed me. “You shouldn’t make such assumptions.”

“So you have had a blowjob?”

“I didn’t say that either but I don’t think there’s any point in my denying it. Yes. I have. When I was in high school.”

“Did you like it?”

“For the sake of honest, I guess I’d have to say, ‘not too much.’ The girl I was dating cried the whole time we were doing it and even though I had an orgasm, it wasn’t one of my prouder moments. I guess she didn’t know what she was doing and it made me feel awful, so I never tried again.”

There was a knock at the door at that very awkward moment and I wondered what would have happened if I had made a move on him. It turned out I’d only have to wait until my wedding day to find out.

I think everyone must hope for a bright, shiny day on their wedding day. Mine was anything but. I determined that I’d get all dolled up at the church rather than make any kind of big arrival. When my maids of honor and I showed up, we were all looking like drowned rats. Fortunately, we had enough time to dry off and get ready. I hadn’t eryaman escort planned to shower until I just before I got dressed in my wedding gown, so Lauren, Lucky, Maria and I showered in the girls’ locker room, which was adjoining the gymnasium.

As I was stripping off my wet clothes, I noticed that Father was in the reflection of the mirror on the locker I was using. I intentionally put on a good show for the benefit of our horny cleric. I played with my boobs, tweaking my erect nipples, caressed my ass and pussy and I inserted a few fingers into my pussy for good measure. That and the knowledge of the priest watching me had me quite worked up. The girls were far ahead of me and were already showered and getting dry by the time I finally headed for the shower.

I was getting dressed again when all of a sudden, the thunderstorm apparently knocked the power out. It was dark in the locker room as, of course, there were no windows to the outside. All of a sudden, I saw the beam of a flashlight coming closer as I was pulling my thong panties on.

It was Father and I don’t know to this day exactly how it happened, but all of a sudden we were kissing, tongues in each other’s mouths and his gentle hands were all over me. I helped him out of his sweats and he helped me out of the one garment I was wearing. Our bodies pressed against each others, heated skin upon heated skin. I could hear him moaning or was it my moans I was hearing?

I sat him down on the bench and took his cock in my hand. It was far bigger around than any I’d ever had and its length wasn’t bad either. “What a fucking pity,” I thought to myself.

He started to pull away, to apologize as if what we’d already done was more than he could bear. I wasn’t about to let him off that easy without knowing how good a great blow job could feel.

I knelt on the carpeted floor in front of him and kissed his cock, his balls and even his anus. The head of his cock was oozing and I took his fluids and rubbed it all over my face before taking the head of his dick into my mouth. It was a challenge fitting him in, but I did it and more, making sure that the head of his cock made its way into my gagging throat. I figured that if this man was to have only one real blowjob in his life, I’d make it one he’d never forget. Who knows? Maybe it would prompt him to leave the priesthood.

I was really into it … in and out, in and out, up and down my throat until he could tolerate it no more and shot an ungodly large load into my mouth and all over my face. I made only one mistake and it was a big one. I hadn’t taken into account to how horny I now was on my wedding day.

The rain that day was fierce. There was thunder and lightning, wind and rain — the works. None of my bridesmaids had any idea what had transpired between Father and me. I had no desire to put that out there and risk destroying my reputation and his. Lucky was putting the finishing touches to my hairdo and Maria, who I’ve known since I was a little girl, was putting some last minute stitches into my gown. There was general pandemonium in that room as we hurried to get me ready for the ceremony. I could already hear the organist rehearsing in the chapel and hearing it made me nervous all of a sudden. Lucky suffers from an anxiety disorder and she showed me how to regulate my breathing so that my heart would stop pounding.

All of a sudden, there was a knock at the door. Lucky was the first to the door, hoping that it wasn’t Jeff because of the supposed bad luck to follow if a groom sees his bride before the wedding. It turned out that it was her fiancé, John.

He was told to go away and allow us to get ready, but he said he needed a few minutes to get me to sign some papers for the church organist. Neither at that point nor ever until this day, did anyone know that the two of us were ever lovers, so when he asked the girls to clear the room for a minute or two they didn’t think much of it.

No sooner had the girls left then he took me in his arms and, being careful not to destroy the makeup and hairdo I’d worked so hard to make perfect, he forcefully turned me around, leaned me over a table and hiked up ankara escort my gown to that it was bunched up over my waist. So violently did he do that, that Maria would have to restitch the split seam.

Luckily, I’d been wet since blowing Father d’Ambrosio an hour or so earlier, so he shoved his cock into my already soaked pussy and thrust powerfully three or four times, grasping my hanging tits. He nuzzled and licked the nape of my neck as he fucked me.

“I… want you … to … remember this fuck … as the last and best one of your unmarried life,” he grunted just loud enough for my ears and no one else’s. All of a sudden he pulled out of my dripping cunt and forcefully inserted it into my tight, unready ass. He explained in a whisper that was fucking my ass because he didn’t want Jeff to find a cum-filled pussy when Jeff and I fucked later on.

It was all very animalistic the way he fucked my ass. I was breathless and we were silently having a ball. I came quickly like I usually do when he fucks my ass, but then I felt another aftershock rattle my body and then another. John had to place his hand over my mouth to stifle any loud moans or screams that might have given our secret up to my bridesmaids. His balls were slapping against my cunt; more quickly than ever before, he filled my ass with his cum, helped me rearrange my clothes and left. The whole encounter couldn’t have taken more than five minutes and no one was any the wiser.

The ceremony went off without a hitch. It was beautiful in spite of the foul weather. When we went into the gymnasium, which was where the reception was to be held, it was all decorated and, in spite of the vague aroma of perspiring boy and girl athletes, the gym ambience was lovely. Everyone seemed happy to not have to brave the bad weather in order to attend the festivities. A band was playing and there were flowers everywhere. People I didn’t even know were congratulating me even as John’s cum leaked down the back of my leg.

Just as things were winding down, Kevin asked me if he could have a word with me in private. I assumed he was going to reassure me that he’d never tell Jeff or anyone else about our affair or that he was going to give me some “fatherly” advice. Boy was I wrong!

Unlike my earlier session with John, I no longer had to be uptight about my lipstick or makeup; I was getting ready to leave my friends and family for our honeymoon camping trip, so I was in my casual self in jeans and a tee shirt with my hair in a pony tail. Once the door was closed, we fell into each other’s arms and kissed and embraced as we always did.

“It’s going to be a shame to not be able to do that anymore,” he said.

“Who said we’d have to stop. I’m married but aside from that nothing has changed. What we’ve been doing has been beautiful and I have every intention of go on doing as we have been.”

“I … don’t know what to say …” he started.

“Don’t say anything,” I told him. “Fuck my married pussy.”

And he did. Unlike John, Kevin is the romantic in my little menage of men. Fucking him always means a lot of touching, kissing and a lot of talking passionate but dirty talk. This was no different. We undressed each other passionately, but once undressed, we proceeded to make love to each other. He fucked me in the good old missionary position, my legs over his shoulders as though it was the last time he ever would; I suppose he wasn’t sure that I’d be good for my word that we’d go on being lovers once I came back from my honeymoon.

He entered me gently, all the while looking into my passion-filled eyes. The urgency grew, though, and I wasn’t about to stop him from shooting his cum into me. I could tell that he wanted to protect our secret by pulling out at the last minute, but he didn’t quite make it and I could feel five or six jets of his cum splash inside me.

What we didn’t know then is that he gave me one last wedding present … one that I couldn’t enjoy for another eight months or so. And no, no one but you and I know how my beautiful baby girl was conceived.

As you might expect, Jeff and I fucked once we reached our airport hotel room. It was sweet and it was romantic and he didn’t suspect a thing. The perfect end to a busy and perfect day.

Think what you will of me. I am who I am and I make no excuses for myself. I continue to fuck all three men and once in a while I play with Lucky, Jeff’s wife. No one needs to know, so keep this story to yourself, please.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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