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Adriana Chechik

Ch. 3: She’s Passed Out

“Baby I’m home!” rang out as my wife Staci entered the house from the door to the garage. I looked at her in surprise; she wasn’t due home for another day. “Our conference wrapped up and my friends in town were all busy so I decided to change my flight and come home early. But, I’m wiped so I’m going to grab a shower and pass out”

SHIT! Not expecting her home quite yet, I had left her sister/my sister-in-law Kim’s panties and a bottle of lube out on my nightstand!! Trying to head her off, I came up behind Staci and began rubbing her shoulders while kissing and biting her neck – that generally gets her going pretty well. “Well hmmm, that’s nice and it’s good to see you too” she murmured “but I’m really exhausted and grubby from the flight, lemme get cleaned up and see how I feel.”

“Ok babe, maybe a nice hot shower will make you feel better” She paused to pet Porter, our black lab, who was impatiently waiting his turn for attention so I took advantage of the delay to make my way ahead of her to the bedroom just in time to sweep the bright red panties and bottle of jack off juice into the nightstand drawer. Whew, that was nearly a really shitty night in the making! While she was in the shower I transferred the incriminating materials to a more secure hiding spot downstairs in my office. Before putting them away, and anticipating having sex with my wife, I primed the pump by mashing Kimmie’s panties against my nose and mouth, exhaling first to moisten them with my breath and then inhaling deeply to savor the funk from Kim’s cunt and body spray fragrance that lingered on them.

Making my way back upstairs and on the way to my bedroom I passed Kim’s room, the door was ajar and I could hear her softly snoring. I peeked in and saw that she was lying sprawled-out, facedown on top of the covers. Ogling her unconscious body, dressed only in a thin t-shirt and pair of skimpy running shorts, the erection I had sprouted while sniffing her underwear moments before grew rock hard and I could feel pre-cum beginning to ooze out and smear on my cockhead from rubbing on the inside of my sweats. I could see the side of her breast nearest me smashed into the mattress, creating a fleshy bulge in her t-shirt. The thin, loose fabric of her shorts left most of her legs exposed from just below the crease of her hips down to the crinkled soles of her cute little feet.

FUCK! I needed to get my cock wet right now! I quietly drew back from her doorway and practically ran down the hall to my bedroom with every intention of fucking the shit out of my wife while keeping the sight of Kimmie’s passed out body, her pendulous boobs I had seen a couple of days earlier, and the scent of her pussy still in my nostrils fresh in my mind. I was anticipating blowing a huge load all over my wife, even though she’s not nearly as dirty as her sister Staci still enjoys it when I cover her tits and face with my jizz!

FUCK! Staci was passed out on our bed – still wrapped in her towel from the shower and snoring just like her sister down the hall, although a bit louder. Knowing that she hates to be woken up for sex, or any reason actually, I gently removed the damp towel and maneuvered her sleeping body under the covers resigned to relieving myself manually.

My cock was still rock hard, almost painfully, so I grabbed a hand towel and closing the bedroom door behind me, went down to my office. I could at least rub out a decent load with Kimmie’s panties again. I figured I’d surf some porn while I was at it so I jiggled the mouse to wake up the computer, when the screen came to life I was greeted by a full-length frontal photo of Kimmie’s nude body – she apparently had taken a selfie in front of her bedroom mirror and had posted it to her online dating profile, ankara escort either forgetting or neglecting to log off or even close the browser.

JACKPOT! I yanked down my sweatpants and grabbed my cock, starting to stroke it slowly before even applying any lube – I like to feel and tease the smooth skin of my shaft and head before getting down to seriously jacking off to cum. While slowly stroking my dick I noticed the folder with the photo I was enjoying had several more files in it, ones that hadn’t been there the other day when I first found them. Kim had gotten a bit more daring in these pics, the ones I saw the other day she was still partially clothed by her pink bathrobe, only exposing hints of her ample cleavage. This time there were about a half-dozen of her standing fully nude in front of the mirror – some were full-length like the first one and others were taken closer in of just her torso from her neck down to her crotch. Unfortunately, she was either still maintaining some modesty or was intentionally teasing in that all of the pics she had one leg bent in toward her other leg and, leaning in toward the mirror, her pussy was hidden from view by her thigh and shadows. None-the-less, the shots displayed her boobs in all their glory – her nipples ranging from sunken and relaxed to tight and puckered erect and the fleshy orbs hanging slightly as she leaned forward toward the mirror – and hinted at her shrouded cunt. Her boobs were incredible, nice and large they hung down and slight away from each other due to her slight forward lean toward the mirror. The contrast from my wife’s smaller, perkier tits that I was used to was incredibly hot to me. I wanted nothing more than to lift their apparent heft in my hands while sucking and nibbling at her nipples.

That did it! I really had to get off RIGHT NOW!! However, as I reached for my lube, really needing to relieve the ache in my balls, a thought occurred to me – I might be able to get an actual glimpse of Kimmie’s pussy. While generally contrasting in most ways, a trait her and Staci shared was that, once passed out, they could sleep through anything. I actually worried on occasion about the house catching on fire or an intruder breaking in without any response. It’s exacerbated further when they drink, causing them sleep like the dead.

All of this was going through my head as I, almost involuntarily, made my way back upstairs to Kim’s room – retrieving my smart phone on the way. I paused outside her door, listening to verify she was asleep. I was rewarded by the sound of deep breathing, punctuated with periodic light snores – a sure sign that she was out cold. I slowly and quietly slid into her room, heart pounding and feeling not a little like a huge, creepy perv – realizing I was about to cross some lines and violate her privacy like never before!

In the dim light from the hallway I could see that she hadn’t moved at all from when I peeked in on her before – still facedown, arms splayed out to either side and extended above her head palms-down as if she were surrendering, one leg extended straight back and the other sprawled away from her body, bent at the hip and knee. I softly closed the door behind me and turned on the light, using the dimmer to make it bright enough to see well enough but not so much to possibly wake her, not that I expected her too. My confidence in her remaining unconscious was bolstered when I sampled a sip from the glass on her nightstand; my suspicion confirmed that she had been drinking when I tasted a pretty strong mix of vodka and something fruity. At this point, I was fairly certain she would stay passed out short of a jackhammer or air horn. What I wouldn’t give to be that jackhammer though!

Still, I didn’t dare risk trying to roll her over onto her back – that escort ankara might be pushing my luck. Instead, I knelt on the floor by the side of her bed to the inside of the foot that was extended straight back, her left leg. From there, due to her right leg being drawn up and the looseness of the flimsy nylon shorts she had on gaping open, my gaze followed the inside of her left leg straight up to her pussy – she wasn’t wearing panties. As we all know, I have a thing for panties but I would be lying to say I was disappointed that she wasn’t wearing any. I only like panties so much because they rest against sweet, sweet cunts – soaking up that wonderful taste and fragrance.

Now here I found myself, face just over an arm’s length from the pussy I’d sampled vicariously through the panties I had stolen. I paused again, listening and examining Kim’s face that was turned toward me for any sign of wakening. Reassured that she was sleeping soundly, I extended my phone as close as I could reach without touching the bed and snapped a pic of her cunt that was exposed by the gap in the leg opening of her shorts.

FUCK! I had forgotten to turn the flash off!! I instantly dropped down and rolled around the end of her bed, hoping to be out of sight in case the bright light woke her up, seeing as how her face was in the line of fire, so to speak. My heart pounding and trying to stifle my heavy breathing as much as possible I silently prayed that she hadn’t woken up or, if she had, she wouldn’t notice my presence and would go back to sleep. After a few moments, I ascertained that Kim was still breathing heavy and I slowly crept back between her legs. Turning the flash off, I took several more shots of her pussy – noticing it was shaved smooth, or was as much as I could tell from my vantage and what was exposed – as well as some pics of her whole body sprawled out on her bed. I made sure to capture her smooth, toned legs and ass and her round calves and the curve of her soles. In addition to panties, I’m a huge leg and ass man to include more than a slight foot fetish and voyeur streak. So far, the evening was turning out much better than I had assumed when I found my wife sound asleep.

While taking the photos, my erection had stayed rock solid – encouraged with some casual stroking through my sweats – possibly harder than it had been in a long time, if not ever. When I had taken as many photos as I wanted, I got a little bolder and gently, ever so slowly, lowered myself onto the bed to kneel straddling her left leg that was extended straight back. I knelt down, constantly monitoring Kim’s breathing, and placed my face to within mere centimeters of her pussy. I supported myself with one hand on the bed and with the other I gingerly pushed the leg of her shorts open wider, inhaling the pungent scent of her cunt and getting a great close-up view. The view was too spectacular to pass up, so I grabbed my phone from where I had set it on the bed and took several close up shots to enjoy later. She was mostly shaved, but not bald like I had originally thought. She had a slight tuft of hair above her clit; I could see it peeking out from between her pelvis and the mattress. A light dusting of blond peach fuzz also covered her plump outer labia. Her inner lips were a dark burgundy color and were tightly pressed together, peeking out just so slightly.

Satisfied that I had plenty of visual masturbatory material for later use, and really fucking horny at this point, I abandoned my phone and concentrated fully on enjoying the warm, tart scent of her pussy. Now that my right hand was free of my phone I resumed fondling my cock through my sweats while I continued to inhale deeply, savoring each breath. I was getting frustrated trying to stroke my raging boner through thick cotton so ankara escort bayan I gently got up from the bed and took off my sweatpants, laying them on the bed where I had been kneeling – now fully committed to rubbing out a load and wanting a place to deposit my spunk to avoid leaving any evidence behind.

I climbed back on the bed and resumed sniffing Kimmie’s cunt as I slowly began to stroke my now free and naked cock. If I wasn’t enjoying myself so much I’d scarcely be able to believe what I was doing! Intoxicated by the incredible aroma of her pussy and stroking my cock faster and harder – I didn’t even bother with lube – I got carried away and, without consciously realizing I was doing it, my tongue flicked out and I ran it up the outside of her cunt from her clit to her asshole!

OH SHIT! Realizing that I had actually touched her I froze, fully expecting her to start awake and freak out. After a moment or two that felt like an eternity I was certain that she hadn’t stirred. Once I got my heart rate back down to a non-bursting rhythm, I got bolder and gave Kimmie’s cunt another lick – although much softer and tentatively this time. After four or five gentle laps I was convinced she wasn’t going to wake up so I began licking a bit more aggressively, parting her lips with the tip of my tongue and drawing out her flavor. I was in heaven, savoring the sweet yet tart juice as I ate out my sleeping sister-in-law. Tightly constricting my tongue I probed as deeply as I could, rewarded with thick creamy juice when I withdrew it. I took a moment to savor it and then continued to orally penetrate her.

Obviously not having much sense to this point, I thought to myself “what the fuck, why not?” as I slid my right index finger into her vagina – it was nice and slick from my saliva as well as the apparently natural response to my tongue. I froze again as Kim softly moaned and slightly shifted on the bed, did she wake up?! I managed to keep myself from flinching and yanking my finger out, simply remaining motionless, albeit with a finger up her cunt, until I was sure she was still asleep. When I was, I continued to finger her pussy and added a second digit while I licked and sucked gently on her clit. That was a bit tough to do as it was almost resting on the mattress since she was face down; consequently I had to turn my head and rest the side of my face on the bed, pressing my left ear into the mattress. It would have been comical to see, me kneeling between my SIL’s legs – ass up and face down almost in a downward dog, licking and fingering her sweet cunt as I furiously jerked my cock.

I couldn’t take much more, my stroking became intense and my grip tightened as I began to reach the point of no return. I was vaguely aware of light moaning as my balls tightened and cum erupted from my cock as I tried to stifle my orgasmic vocalization, uttering a muted grunt rather than my normally much louder release. I spewed what must have been the biggest load of my life, but only partially on my sweat pants as intended – the first couple of ropes landed on the inside of her thighs, on her pussy, and a few splatters even hit me in the face.

Spent, I managed to resist the urge to collapse on top of her and lifted myself up and off the bed. Noticing the strands of cum on her legs and pussy, I went to wipe it off with my sweatpants but decided against it; still fearful that might wake her. Instead, I leaned back over and gently licked my jizz off the inside of her thighs and from the outside of her pussy. Even though I was still terrified of her waking up, at this point I really wasn’t paying very close attention – no longer listening to her breathing or watching her face.

Satisfied that I had eliminated all traces of my spunk, and very satisfied that I had gotten to unload my balls to the sight, scent, and taste of my sleeping sister-in-law, I quietly turned off the light and opened the door to make my escape. As I was gently closing the door behind me I imagined I heard a muffled giggle. Or did I?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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