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To start let me tell you my name is Bob, in my family there is one older brother who is 10 years older than me, then my sister Veronica who we call Ronnie is 4 years older, then myself and finally my sister Ann who is 18 months younger.

It was the summer of 1978 I was going to be twenty and would be graduating from trade school in about two months, Ronnie was on summer break from college and was upstairs in her room with her friend Suzy. When they were both in high school I would sometimes sneak upstairs to try to get a look at them undressing when Suzy used to stay over, I only got to see them a couple of times through a crack in the door to Ronnie’s bedroom and would go back to my room to masturbate after seeing them. Ronnie was a small girl about 5 feet tall weighed less than 90 lbs back then, had sandy blonde shoulder length hair and very small 32aa breasts. Suzy was the exact opposite about 5 feet 10 inches my guess about 150 lbs with nice 38d breasts and short dark brown hair cut and styled to perfection.

I heard some laughing coming from my sister’s room and thought I would go up and see what was going on, when I got to her door it was slightly ajar and I could see both of them on the bed in their bikinis laughing so I knocked on the door then opened it and asked them what was so funny and Ronnie replied just playing truth or dare. I thought that was a game for high school kids and they looked at each other and giggled then Ronnie said its fun come play and patted the spot on her bed right between the two of them so I sat down.

Ronnie said since you just came in you have to be the first to chose truth or dare and she asked me if I ever spied on anyone naked, I couldn’t answer that since I didn’t want her to know it was them that I spied on so I said I would take the dare to which she said to rub her back for one minute, she then rolled on her stomach and I started to rub her down. I guess I was rubbing too hard and she whispered gently so I rubbed her back more slowly and gently, I could feel her smooth white skin and started to imagine her naked .

After a minute I stopped and she then asked Suzy if she ever wanted to have sex with anyone we knew, Suzy took the dare and Ronnie told her to French kiss me. She slowly then slid over to me and drew her lips to mine and started to kiss me and slip her tongue inside my mouth, I could feel myself get an instant bulge in my shorts so I turned so they couldn’t see, Suzy then pulled out her tongue and gave me one last gentle kiss just brushing my lips.

Suzy then said it was Ronnie’s turn and asked her if she ever thought of sex with another girl and if so who with, Ronnie smiled and said dare and the dare was to French kiss me her brother. She slid over to my and kissed me on the lips sliding her tongue deep into my mouth flicking it all over mine then I started to flick my tongue back at hers, the bulge in my shorts felt like it was going to rip through the denim. After what seemed like an eternity she slowly withdrew her tongue and I could see her smile.

Suzy then looked at me and asked if I ever ate a girl’s pussy and if so who’s, I could have answered that since I never did back then but I was wondering what the dare would be so I took the dare. Suzy smiled and said I want you to feel Ronnie’s breasts, I paused and said what to which she repeated it again. I wasn’t sure what to do when my sister said to me it’s ok so I reached up and started to rub her breasts through her bikini top when Suzy said no take the top off and feel them. I slowly reached around my sister and fumbled with the clasp on it when she reached around herself and undid it which exposed two tiny firm lily white breasts with dark brown tiny nipples. I gently reached them and started to fondle them, I could see her little nipples getting harder as I rubbed my thumbs over them. şanlıurfa escort bayan After about a few minutes Suzy said ok guys you look like you’re enjoying that too much time to stop.

Now it was my turn, I was getting so turned on and wasn’t even thinking about it being my sister and her friend anymore, I turned to Suzy and said how often do you masturbate and who do you think of when if you do. Suzy started turning red and said dare to which I said take your top off and let me feel yours now. She took off her top and I was looking at her huge tits that with huge very light brown nipples, I reached over and started to feel them they were so firm and her nipples were already hard jutting out a good ½”, I reached my mouth to her right breast and started sucking it I could feel her body relax and start arch her back. Ronnie finally said ok guys enough so we stopped.

I looked at my sister and thought I hopes she takes a dare then asked have you ever had sex with a stranger, I knew the answer was yes because I heard her one day talking to my sister Ann about one time when she did at a party, she looked at me and said I’ll take the dare please. I paused and told her to take off Suzy’s bottoms and lick her pussy, I was amazed at how quickly she slid over and took of Suzy’s bikini bottoms without Suzy protesting. When her bottoms were off I could see Suzy’s very hairy dark bush then Ronnie slowly lowered her mouth between her legs and started to slide her tongue over her pink slit, Suzy moaned with delight as I watched the two of them, I could see after a couple of minutes Suzy looked like she was going to have an orgasm and said ok enough to which they both sighed.

It was Ronnie’s turn again and she looked around seeing her with no top and Suzy completely naked, then turned said no more truth now only dare and told me my dare was to take off my pants show them my dick and masturbate. I stood up and took off my shorts showing them my erect 6″ penis and Ronnie then says my that looks good, I got harder when she said that and she saw it jump and smiled. I started to stroke myself slowly and after about a minute she told Suzy her dare was to help me.

Suzy reached over and wrapped her hand around my stiff dick and started to stroke it, Suzy looked up at Ronnie while she was stroking me and said ok your dare it to drop your bikini bottoms and play with yourself so your brother can watch and she immediately shot up off the bed and took them off, I had never seen her pussy before it had very light brown almost blonde hair and only a little you could see her pussy lips without her even spreading her legs. She sat down in front of me and took her fingers and spread her pussy apart for me it was a tiny pink slit that was already wet from excitement then she slid a finger inside of herself, my cock started to twitch and Suzy said boy you must enjoy seeing your sister you must have a thing for her as she looked up to Ronnie and gave her a wink.

Suzy stopped stroking my cock and said ok Bob your turn I want you to eat your sister, I didn’t hesitate as I slid over to her and started to move my tongue over her moist slit, I had never done this before when Ronnie reached down to me and said slowly it’s not a race. I guess I got the hint because she laid her head back and let me lick her without interruption. I could feel her back arching and thought she was going to cum when Suzy said enough so I stopped.

It was my turn again and I looked at Ronnie and Suzy and said both of your dares are to eat each other’s pussy until you each have an orgasm. They both slid towards each other face to crotch and started licking the other’s pussy. It must have been about a few minutes when Ronnie’s back arched and then started humping her pussy into Suzy’s face and suddenly gaziantep sarışın escort bayan screamed I’m cumming and Suzy was lapping up all her juices. After she came Ronnie started licking Suzy at a fevered pitch and minute or so later Suzy’s body tightened up and started to flail about as she yelled yes eat me with Ronnie sucking up all her juices then they both collapsed.

After a few minutes Ronnie the said my turn and went to her dresser pulled out a dildo that must have been about 7″ long and somewhat slender compared to the ones I have seen, then came back to bed and said my dare was to let her suck my cock while I use the dildo on Suzy. I stopped and took the dildo turned it on and started to rub it all around Suzy’s slit, I could see her starting to get wet again. While I was doing this my sister slid down between my legs and took my cock in her mouth, I had never had a girl give me a blow job before(although I did from a guy but that is a different story) so my first was going to be by my sister . I had to look down I couldn’t believe she was there bobbing her head up and down my shaft, I took the dildo and started to push it inside Suzy pushing it in and out of her pussy. About 3 or 4 minutes must have passed when I could feel myself ready to cum, I grabbed my sister by the hair and pushed her head deep into my crotch and shot a huge load in her mouth she pumped her mouth up and down until she had all of it in her mouth then she swallowed it and said tastes good and got up and kissed me and whispered did you like that sweet baby brother.

Suzy got up and we sat around for a bit when she said ok since we started with Ronnie calling the dares her and I should both got one more time deciding the dares at which point she said her dare was that she was going to leave the room for 15 minutes and wanted Ronnie and I to do something wild and she then would come back and would guess what we did, if she did she would get to give us one more dare then she left the room.

I looked at Ronnie and asked ok what should we do and she replied I want to feel you inside of me, I answered now that is too far and she said to me honest haven’t you ever thought about it? I looked at her and must have been beet red and said yes I must be honest when we were younger I used to try to get a glimpse of the you naked and the times I did I would go back to my room and jerk off, I was surprised when she looked at me and said I know I could hear you and Suzy and I would masturbate while you were jerking off. I looked at her and said you knew and she replied yes I also used to sneak a look at you naked too. This made me really excited and I agreed to make love to my sister. She took me by the hand and walked my to her desk she turned so her back was to me and bend down over her desk and told me to stick it in which took me about 2 seconds. We must have taken only about 10 minutes of the 15 (most of it was talking not much actual screwing) when I shot my load inside my beautiful big sister, we then went back to the bed to rest before Suzy came back and Ronnie gave me a kiss and said I love you baby brother. I gave her a kiss sliding my tongue inside her mouth backed my mouth from hers and told her that I loved her too then went back to making out with her.

About 4 or 5 minutes later Suzy came back in the room and looked at us Ronnie’s head was resting on my stomach so she said ok my guess is you gave Bob another blow job. We both looked at her and said nope and she asked ok what happened and I said you’ll see then Ronnie said since she got it wrong and since I was the last one to do the dares that I got to give her and extra dare.

My first dare to Suzy was for her to suck my dick and she responded by swallowing it inside her mouth, I was flaccid by then şehitkamil escort bayan and I could feel it starting to grow inside her mouth. After about 2 minutes of her sucking me I stopped her and said I wanted to give Ronnie a dare so she moved from between my legs and sat on the bed, I asked her to go sit at the desk which she did. I looked at my big sister and said my dare is to show Suzy what we did while she was gone from the room before. I motioned for Ronnie to come to her bed and when she got there I had her lay down on her back and spread her legs. I looked over at Suzy as I got on top of my sister and saw her with her mouth open when I slid my cock inside my sister and started screwing her. As I pumped my cock in and out of my sister I saw Suzy playing with herself, I guess she was enjoying the show. Finally I shot my load inside Ronnie and collapsed on top of her she reached around and started licking the inside of my ear which started getting me excited again then whispered very softly I want your next dare for Suzy to be to fuck her now and we both got up.

Suzy still had her hand between her legs when I said ok time for your next dare and reached my hand to hers and took her to the bed when I did Ronnie sat in the chair that Suzy was just playing with herself in. I got Suzy to the bed when I told her to lay down and she asked why so I told her so I can fuck you now, I guess she wanted to because she smiled and lay down. I spread her legs and started licking her pussy and swung my hips around so she could take my cock in her mouth so I could get hard again. Once I was hard I got over her and told her to lay on her stomach which she did I had her swing around so Ronnie could watch and put pillows under her stomach so her pussy was up in the air then I stuffed it with my cock. I was pumping her pussy when I saw Ronnie pushing her dildo deep inside herself when I pushed in she pushed her dildo in, when I pulled out she pulled her dildo out. She saw me looking and smiled then got up and bent over her desk chair and started pushing the dildo in her own ass, this was too much for me and I started pumping Suzy even harder and faster when suddenly I started to cum inside of her watching my sister it didn’t seem like I was going to stop cumming when I suddenly did.

We all got up and went to the bathroom and took a shower together, when we were done Suzy said she had to go home and start cooking dinner for when her parents got home she gave Ronnie a quick kiss on the lips and the kissed me driving her tongue inside my mouth and then said thank you maybe some other time and left. Ronnie and I both dried off and left the bathroom.

After Suzy left Ronnie came to my room with just the towel wrapped around her sat on the bed next to me took my hand in hers then bent down to my face and kissed me and said I always wanted to do how about you and I replied although I fantasized about it I never thought it would come true. She then dropped the towel and said that she wanted to do one more thing before the rest of the family came home and grabbed the towel that was around me and opened it up. She reached down and took my hand and pulled me off the bed, then she lay down on her stomach and put the pillows under her like I had Suzy do and stuck her little ass up in the air I got over her and started to put my dick in her pussy when she reached back grabbed it and held it to her ass and said no put it in there. I couldn’t believe this I was going to fuck my sisters ass, I went to push it in her and she said slowly a little at a time, so I did it took a couple of minutes but I was finally inside her ass. It took about 5 minutes when I finally came inside her dark musty hole.

I got off of her and we looked at the clock everyone would be home in a little less than an hour, she kissed me and said she wanted to give me a special present for my birthday and told me to tell mom and dad that I had to work that week and could get it off, we were supposed to go on a family camping trip that was already booked, and she would tell them she had to too and talk them into going without us. She smiled and said it would be just the two of us for a week and she would give me a great surprise, but that’s for another day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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