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Stupid sissy Denise, you open your eyes And you can’t see where the hell you’re now. Except you’re on an X wide, very neatly tied to it several times, which means you’re arms, legs, breast and boobs are tied with several bands of leather, so you can’t really move a bit. But your neck is free so you can move it to left, right, up and down; but your mouth is full with one single panty inside and over it, sealing your mouth, it’s an electric grey tape. It’s better that a gagball to keep you quiet. Well, you keep recognizing where you’re. You lovely body is absolutely naked, your red hair is tied behind your head you nothing impairs your sight, except that almost everything around you is dark and only around you there a soft light but you can see your body perfectly well and 2 meters around. The X, you’ll soon discover, can be right perpendicular to the floor or it can go behind you 45 degrees. You wonder what the fuck is this all about but that’s not a surprise since you know quite well you’re just a stupid sissy slave, belonging to Mistress Gabriela.

And talking about her, you can hear now a familiar sound. Yes, she’s coming because as a good sissy submissive you know the celestial / infernal sound of the High Heel shoes on the floor, so you open your eyes as in front of you some soft lights begin to turn on. You see her coming in a way you have never known before. Yes, she’s coming towards you, but OMG! She is absolutely naked now, except for those High Heel shoes you sometimes hate and sometimes love, but you still not surrender yourself to the absolutely submissive act of sucking and licking those High Heels. Her hair is caught in a single tress behind her back, so you can see her full face. She comes fully naked as you have never seen her when she met you before time. She comes to you without smiling and her eyes this time as fully mysterious to you. But she walks slowly and very conscious of her sensuality.

Finally, she gets to you just inches away. You feel her parfum and it shocks you: Black Opium!!! So in your mind flashes reality. You have one of Mistress Gabriela’s dirtiest panty inside your mouth and it tastes of her grool with the parfum she uses now! You see your eyes and find nothing yet Sex hikayeleri of intentions or emotions coming from her. Then you hear a bit of jazz, sensual, erotic, classic… a kind of seducing Sade Adu like, but no voice only the music. And Mistress Gabriela begins to dance in front of you and suddenly even your stupid brain gets the right idea: she’s really dancing for you Denise! Her body is showing all her sensuality, maybe the best she has reserved until now for her preferred lesbian lovers! And then she puts her smaller body -you’re taller than her- all over you in one single electrifying movement. All her body touches yours. And you cry but you hear only a muffled sound from your mouth.

Her silky skin touches you soft one. She implants her body over yours and you can feel all her being as silky as never before. Her boobs against your, her arms and hands touching you and her nails not torturing yours but flaming your inner lust and her legs and thighs dance around you almost embracing you below your waist. All her movements seem designed -and they are- to make your lust and sex like never before. And the you feel it… You clitty begins an impossible rebellion since it’s brutally caged in brilliant steel: it’s your only source of pain now. She turns around and now her buttocks, her ass fits perfectly over your pelvis and she begins to make round movements. Your desired is now a full fire. The she grabs your clitty and puts your mushroom right over her asshole and stops moving. You feel ecstatic now as your mushroom feels her warmer asshole, warmer than the rest of her body, warmer as you never thought you’ll feel her ever.

As if she read your mind, Denise, she retires from your body and you move your head to see your sissy slave clitty. It tries to grow but it can’t… except your head mushroom that is free and above your clitty’s steel cage. You lift your eyes and find Mistress Gabriela is looking at you, devouring your inner thoughts of lust, submission, shame and desire. Her eyes show dull domination and suddenly she presses her body over you. She, a kisser, but don’t kiss you know, only sees you deep insight. The X now takes a right position on the floor and she begins to lower her smaller Sikiş hikayeleri body over yours and her silky skin makes you burn from deep inside. But she doesn’t use her mouth, only her skin and odour to flame your lust uncontrollably. You have never felt this before.

Suddenly something very strange happens. Mistress Gabriela kneels before you and grabs your clitty with both her hands. She begins to caress tour clitty sensuously, knowingly, and your flame lust grows higher. She concedes special attention to balls and mushroom. Nothing hurts know except the part of your clitty caged because is turgid, swollen, but can’t escape its steel prison. And yes, you feel you can cum but don’t want to: you’re a sissy slave, your Mistress’ FuckSow slave! But if she continues this lustful way you won’t be able to hold your cum. Yes, that’s it! She’ll surely lead you to the brink of orgasm and frustrate it time after time for hours, torturing you Denise, poor slut!.

And now, in full horror, you see Mistress Gabriel seeing you really fixed in your eyes but looking your sissy slave desire! Because, OMG as she sees you in your eyes, you see her kneeling before you and you see, as in another world, how Very Slowly she takes her tongue out of her mouth and leads it to your mushroom… and slowly puts the tip of the tongue on the tip of your mushroom !!! She touches your mushroom and slowly moves the tip of her tongue around your little vertical urethral meatus !!! A lightning shakes your body but it can’t move and whatever you scream is muffled. You feel your Mistress’ Gabriela tongue tip, humid, warming the tip of your pee exit!!!

And suddenly you explode… 5, 6, 7 spasms of your cum burst from your caressed balls… 1, 2, 3, 4 times and you see your cum hitting abundantly on your Mistress Gabriela face… 5, 6, 7 times as your stream grows low and finally ceases. Horror possess you, you have cum over all your mistress face !!! She now slowly stands up and her face nears yours. You can see fully her face covered by your jizz. The first two powerful strains even got to her hair and you see them hanging in her hair and falling thorough her forehead. Three and four of your cum shots impacted her eyebrows and Erotik hikaye her beautiful eyes, the right one covering fully her eyelid closing her eye. The rest impacted her cheeks and chin. And incredibly she closed her mouth so not a single drop of your cum entered her mouth. But the sight of you cum covering your Mistress face now is brutally engraved in your memory.

She opens her closed eye and you see only dominion, no love inside her sight but hard dominance of you as she speaks. Because you’re so dumb and stupid she explains that, as her O&O sissy slave she decided you give you 3 gifts for being such a Good Girl Sissy Slave!!! They are no love gifts but Just Once in a Lifetime Three Gifts for you to remember in your submission solitude times waiting for Her. Since She’s a lesbian, she tell you the meaning of the gifts: First Gift: The warm of her asshole, warmer than the rest of her body, for you’ll never be inside her ass. Second Gift: She made you cum brutally and forcefully with just the humid, warm tip of her tongue, for she’ll never have you clitty fully in her mouth. Third Gift: this is the one and only time you’ll see your cum over her face… and as she speaks the drops of it keep coming down to her boobs and even hanging a bit from one of her nipples. Those are your Three Gifts, Sissy Slave Denise!!! The gifts are those images and sensations for you to remember anytime you wish to come remembering Her!!!

And yes, her warmer asshole, her humid tongue tip touching your mushroom tip making you cum against your will and fear, the sight of your abundant cum bathing and covering her face will be forever nailed in your memory! And you understand now what has happened. If something happens to her in her now -undeserved- violent country, or communication is broken by its government and she can’t keep in touch, she wants to deliver these gifts of her dominance to your memory… for yes, you’re her O&O sissy fucksow. And after she spoke she turns around and goes away from you walking nude, so you can see her legs and back and her single hair tress waiving sensuously… You’re dully spent, you just want to rest so your eyelids close and the X turns into a full horizontal position for you to rest… as you hear her shoes go away… And between reality and your first restful dream you hear Her Voice: “I hope you’ll learn to suck and lick my High Heels in full real adoration, you sissy puta cunt Denise!!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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