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Everyone having sex is at least 18. This is fiction, I made it all up. Special thanks to goducks1 for his help.


My sister Sally says to her friends, “I saw an email labeled Feedback”. It had his username and web site. He writes for Literotica. I read his all his stories. I am confused.”

Her friend Brenda asks, “How can sex stories be confusing?”

Her other friend Veronica asks, “How can I read them?”

I am walking down the hallway in our two-bedroom college apartment. My sister’s door is cracked. I stop dead in my tracks and continue listening. Money is tight, we must share a laptop. Shit, she saw an email come in.

Sally laughs, “He sucks as a writer. Misspellings, wrong words, confusing passages, missing parts of stories. Every story has someone in the hospital, a bar fight, multiple women fighting for his love, and he is a handsome body-builder with a foot-long pecker.”

They all laugh at her assessment of me. Ouch, that hurts. I continue down the hallway and some floorboards squeak. Shit!

It’s my gaziantep sahibe escort bayan turn to make dinner today, so I start making spaghetti with meat sauce for four, her friends will stay.

As we sit at the table eating dinner, Sally asks me, “We know you were listening to us. Our question is, why bother writing? Your feedback is cruel, insensitive, and borderline abusive. You don’t get paid, so why bother?”

How little she knows. I put my fork down, I am making a point.

I smile as I explain, “The fun is in the writing. I start with an image or thought, and I am very interested to see where the story goes. Most negative comments are anonymous. It’s the world we live in. Follow anyone on Twitter, it’s mostly negative. It’s the one positive comment that makes it worthwhile. I enjoy the process of writing much more than I ever imagined.”

Brenda asks, “Why not write about yourself? I think you are cute”

I laugh at her, “Me and my life are far less interesting. People şahinbey escort bayan want to escape their boring lives. I want to feel being those characters and write about things I can’t do. In a small way, I get to be them.”

Veronica timidly asks, “Why are there so many errors in your stories?”

I laugh at that, “I have a theory, I call it ‘Writers Blindness.’ There was a thing on the internet not long ago, our mind can read a badly misspelled word if all the correct letters are there. We know what should be there, so we fill it in when reading it. The same is true for the story. Yet, if an editor catches it, the error is painfully clear.”

Sally ends the conversation with, “I liked the stories. I read them all.”

I am laying in bed, asleep, when I hear my sister telling me to move over. I have learned it’s easier to just give in, she gets what she wants. I move over, it’s not even a conscious decision. She spoons up with me and brings my arm around her, placing it on her naked şahinbey bayan escort breast. Normally, I would have fallen out of bed in shock, however, I am half asleep. I return to my dream.

I wake up in bed with my sister desperately holding my arm to her breast.

She screams angrily at me, “Fuck you! Would it have killed you to sleep until you got me off again?”

I sleepily inquire, “What the hell are you talking about?”

Sally is breathing hard, bloodshot eyes, messy hair, and sweating. Oh SHIT! She is naked in bed with me and my hand is holding a breast. Wow, her tits are nice to hold. Like me, nothing special about my sister. Two short term boyfriends, long black hair and a featureless face making her look rather ordinary. Yet, I love my sister.

She continues, “Your stories say it’s wonderful to sleep with a man. I agree, even you are nice.” Was that a compliment? “However, I woke up to you groping me to the first of five orgasms. I am on the verge on another. FINISH ME NOW!”

Scared, I continue squeezing her breasts. I am gentle and trembling. For fun, I tweak a nipple earning me a moan. I swap breasts for groping and tweaking. We are both loving this experience, her breasts are awesome. Finally, I get her to orgasm by gently sucking on a nipple and rubbing my finger on her clit. She falls asleep in my arms.

Guess I need to write more stories about brothers and sisters fucking.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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