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Big Tits

“W-wait, what? You’re pregnant?!” I yelled over the phone; several of my Marine buddies started clapping.

“Yeah, I’m sorry; I should’ve brought a condom, or at least told you to pull out or something…” Jen said shakily.

“No, this is only a bad thing because I’m not home; I’m happy that you’re… That way, but I’m not there for any of it. Are you sure you can handle this?” I asked, making sure to keep down the volume so the now intently listening Marines wouldn’t hear.

“That’s why I called, James. Do you want to keep it?” Jen asked me, suddenly stone cold.

“Listen, I think whatever you want to do is best. I’d love to do it, but just after this tour. Plus, what will mom think when she sees you swelling up, especially when she knows that you’re still supposed to be a virgin,” I said quietly, twirling the cord of the nearly prehistoric phone in between my fingers.

“I’d like to also, but I don’t know if I can take getting an abortion. It just seems so wrong… But you’re right about mom. I guess I’ll just sleep on it,” Jen said.

“I think that’s best. I will call you as soon as I get the chance. Think about it, bye Jen,” I said.

“Goodbye James, I love you,” Jen said.

“I love you too,” I said. I hung up the phone and slammed my hands up to my forehead and ran them over my short hair.

I stepped down from the plane and lowered my bag as my sister ran towards me and threw her arms around me in a spinning hug. I stopped her and moved my hands down to her hips; we were the one of many couples who were embracing loved soldiers who came home. We started a long and passionate kiss.

“So, this is it, you’re done? No more Marine Corps?” Jen said.

“Yes, it is. I am no longer Sergeant First Class Patterson; I am just James Patterson now. Happy?” I said, smiling and moving back down for another kiss.

“Good, because for a while, you’re mine, we’re not leaving the house. We’re going to get to working on what you promised me a couple years ago.” Jen said, trying to lift one of my heavy bags and immediately dropping it back to the ground because of its weight.

“I want to get some food first, I haven’t eaten a meal that wasn’t freeze-dried and then immediately thrown into a package in months,” I said.

We stowed my bags in the trunk and I straightened my Marine Class-A Uniform in the driver side mirror.

“You look fine; I love you in that uniform. You’re not going to change out of that until after dinner. I want everyone to see that I’m fucking a sexy Marine,” Jen said as she got into the passenger seat of the car. “We have to stop at home so I can change, though. I don’t want to look shabby next to you,” She said smiling.

“Alright,” I said. I went the full possible speed back to home and cut the forty-five minute drive into a thirty minute one.

“Be down in a second, go ahead and start to warm the car up!” Jen yelled from upstairs. I walked outside and started up the car, waited five minutes then walked back inside to get Jen.

Jen walked down the stairs as I opened the door; she was wearing one of mom’s old, ‘little black dresses.’ It went down to the middle of her thigh and just barely teased showing her underwear as she walked down the steps. Her chest threatened to pop out of the small dress as her tits bounced when she bounced down the stairs.

“God damn… How did you even get that on? It’s so tight,” I said, stunned.

“Play gaziantep zenci escort bayan your cards right and I’ll show you how to take it off.” She winked at me. “Ooh, save that for later honey, you’ll need it,” She said, grabbing my obvious hard on through my clean-pressed pants.

“Ma’am, yes ma’am,” I said, exasperated.

My sexy-as-hell little sister dragged me out to the car. “Where do you wanna go, sis?” I asked.

“Hmm, I think I know just the place.” Jen said smiling at me.

We pulled into the same restaurant where Jen and I had our first romantic dinner together. It had become more socially progressed and fancier over the four year distance between visits.

“You don’t know how excited I am that you’re home right now. I’ve been so horny lately; also very bored.” Jen said. The house had become very boring since our mother’s death, two years before. “What I need, is a night of wild, crazy, kinky sex with a strong, able bodied ex-Marine; and I think I know just who to pick,” She whispered, her hands slid over my hand.

Her long, chest level jet black hair covered one of her bright blue eyes and left one side of her lightly freckled face and her petite nose open for my view. I could just barely see the outline of her black bra through her oh-so-tight black dress. Dinner went smoothly; we didn’t even mention our mother’s death.

The attractive waitress seemed appalled that I wouldn’t even look at her when she took our order. Halfway through the meal, who else but little miss Blond Brittany from their first visit to the restaurant came and sat next to them. Jen smiled at her then moved to my side of the booth. So we were both facing her table.

Brittany had not changed one bit, still fake, dumb as hell, and wearing the same clothes from her senior year of high school.

Jen slid in the booth next to me and leaned against my shoulder. Brittany looked up from the menu and saw us. She immediately gasped and her hand flew towards her phone to inform her clique of friends that we were still together.

Jen’s hand moved down to my thigh and started rubbing it. It felt so good to have an actual woman touching me after so long. Jen started to trace the bulge in my pants around my dick.

“I can’t wait; I haven’t had good sex since our first amazing night together.” My sister whispered into my ear.

“Ha, neither have I.” I whispered back into hers.

Her hand firmly gripped my now throbbing member and she kissed my neck, I turned and I started kissing her passionately, my tongue dancing with hers. My hand slid to her waist and I pulled her closer, nearly onto my lap. Her hand started stroking my pant leg.

“Ah-hem… This is a restaurant…” The waitress said impatiently.

Blushing, Jen pulled her hand away from my crotch and let the extremely jealous waitress set the food down on the table.

“Remind me not to order another drink, she might spit in it.” Jen said jokingly.

We burst through the front door of the house, our tongues dancing in between our mouths. My back slammed hard into the wall from the weight of Jen and myself moving clumsily backwards. I began to feel my baby sister’s waist and she began to unbutton my uniform pants. I removed my hands and nearly tore off my Navy blue jacket; award ribbons scattered across the floor, now broken. In under ten more seconds, gaziantep escort bayan I was down to a white t-shirt, underwear, and black socks, whereas my sister was still completely dressed down to her sexy high heels.

“Follow me,” She grabbed my hand and hurriedly pulled me up the stairs to my old bedroom. She spun around and I nearly tackled her with my momentum. Her hands went around my neck and my hands went straight to her ass, pulling her closer to my head with that grip on her.

I moved a hand from her ass to the hem of her dress; I could feel her heat from the juices running down her thigh a little, and even more so through her soaked panties. I slid the dress over her head and began to disrobe her even further by sliding her sexy lingerie even off of her gorgeous body. I picked her up in my arms and carried her over to the bed where I set her gently down and angled myself over her. I ran my tongue down her body and tried to start licking her cunt.

“Skip the foreplay for now; I just want to fuck your brains out,” She said through her teeth.

“I think I can manage that,” I said.

Obeying her will, I reached up, grabbed her hips and pulled her hard and fast down the bed to my level, our lips met and I started fondling her tits. My cock was at full attention and it was so close to the entrance of her pussy I could definitely feel the heat off it.

“Ready, sis? This could hurt quite a bit since it’s been a while.” I said gingerly in her ear.

“Yes, fuck me, fuck my pussy. Come on, don’t be gentle,” Jen said.

I backed off the bed and stood up; I pulled her closer to me and then picked her legs up over my shoulders. My sister lay there completely naked; her jet black hair framing her angular face and her eyes begged me to fuck her. Without another second’s hesitation, I thrust my eight inches deep into my sister’s pussy and she screamed in a mixture of what I think was pain and pleasure.

She gripped my forearms as I started out as hard as I could. Her head was thrashing around in pleasure. After several minutes, she had a pillow and she was biting it to prevent herself from screaming in ecstasy. I had not let up my pace or force and was starting to work up a small sweat as I pounded her tight, wet pussy. Her tits were swaying immensely and I couldn’t help myself, I reached out and I tweaked her nipples hard; she let out a yelp.

She let the pillow fall out of her mouth, “Oh god, oh god, oh god. Fuck, fuck, fuck,” She moaned in rhythm of my fucking her, “James, James I’m cumming, ooohhhh!” She screamed in the air as her pussy tightened around my cock. I stopped and let her come down from her orgasm.

“Oh… shit. I came before you did, didn’t I?” Jen said between gasps of breath. A thick layer of sweat covered her forehead and chest.

“Well… Yeah, kinda. It’s no biggy, we can be done for the night if that’s all you want,” I said, shyly, ignoring the horny beast dwelling within my mind that all it knew was fucking.

“You’re really slow,” She said as she rolled over on top of me, my eight inch cock not leaving her body. “This is as much for you as it is me, baby.” She said.

She closed her eyes and began rocking on top of me. She started out slow and started to speed up as she went along. I reached with both my hands and grabbed all of her perfect chest that I could. She collapsed on my chest exhausted; unable to go on. Seeing this, I picked her up by her ass and began to lift her and pull her back down onto my massive dick.

After a few minutes of this, we were so close to cumming that we could feel it in the air. I picked her up and slammed her down as hard as I could one more time; it was a sort of chain reaction effect as she began cumming, her pussy tightened around my cock and began my orgasm, which was so large from the lack of orgasms on my part, that it exploded into her pussy and I swear that I could see her pussy swell up and then reduce back to its normal size as my cum filled up her cunt and left the entrance onto my pelvis.

“I’m so tired,” She whispered after several minutes of laying on top of me with my still hard cock insider her. “Let’s go to sleep,” She said.

“Alright,” I said, I began to roll over in attempts of cuddling her.

“No, keep inside of me, this still feels good, I don’t want it to end,” She said.

“Alright sis, whatever you want,” I replied.

The next two weeks had consisted of us fucking in random parts of the house at random times in random positions; it was comprised of many orgasms on both parts, pussy fucking, ass fucking, lots of oral, and in one case, an extremely occasion where I covered nearly her entire body with my cum.

I was sitting in my room playing my Xbox after an extremely vigorous round of sex with Jennifer when I heard her scream from downstairs. I threw the controller down and sprinted down the stairs, ready for a fight. Jennifer ran towards me and jumped me; I was forced to grab her by her ass and hold her up.

“Why are you screaming? Is everything okay, baby?” I asked urgently.

“Yes! James, I’m so happy, I just took the test. I’m pregnant again!” Jennifer yelled, her staring down at me from several inches above in the position I was holding her.

“That’s great! I can’t wait. I want to celebrate, let’s go out!” I yelled, kissing her each second between phrases.

“No, let’s stay in,” she said seductively. She moved like a viper and kissed me while I was still holding her. In one swift motion, without putting her down, I unzipped my pants took my dick out, pulled down Jen’s underwear and inserted myself into her. She moaned slightly.

“This won’t hurt the baby, will it?” I asked.

“No, it won’t, even with your massive dick,” She smiled at me and shoved her tits in my face.

She began bouncing up and down with the help of my hands on her ass. I began fucking my sister with all of the might I could muster while licking her chest around and nibbling on her nipples through her bra.

After ten minutes, I was about to cum, and she already had once and was nearing another, “Jen, I’m about to cum.”

“Oh, we don’t want Jr. to get crowded in there,” She moaned. She hopped of my dick and got down her knees. She put one hand on my shaft and buried the other deep into her steaming cunt. She slid my entire member into her mouth and worked my dick until my knees buckled and I shot my first cum shot into her mouth. She immediately pulled me out just in time for half of the first shot to dribble out her mouth and the rest of the load soaked her face, hair, chest, and some even shot straight into her open mouth.

She swallowed and began to work her cunt faster. I sat there in awe as my cum-soaked, pregnant, sexy, sweaty sister worked her cunt while on her knees in front of me. I saved this thought in my mind for later masturbatory thoughts.

After she came, she stood up and began a long passionate kiss.”I love you James, nothing better could have happened to me,” she grabbed me by my still erect dick and led me to the couch, where we would sleep… And dream of our new life together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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