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This story is a bit of fantasy – it is based on an experience I had but I have embellished it a bit. The threesome did occur though. I have even used their right names.

I was 14 when I was enticed by the 18yo daughter of a family friend to expose my cock and let her masturbate me. She got me to cum and then laughed at me for being a dude and letting her do it to me – she had offered to undress and show me her tits and cunt with hair around it. She did none of them and walked away laughing.

She had a 14yo sister too but she would have nothing to do with me she liked older boys. Two days later I was swimming alone with her 12yo sister. I took my swimmers off under water and swam up to her. I told her to look at what I had and would she like to feel it – I had a boner. She pretended to get angry and called me a pervert then sort of swam away.

I swam after her and grabbed tits or more accurately her nipples through her skimpy bikini top as she had no tits then. Being in cold water they were firm and I could see and feel the little nipples. She pushed my hand away and then I grabbed for her cunt.

She stopped swimming and didn’t try and take my hand away. I then slipped a finger under her swimmers and put it inside her. She just stood there and di nothing to stop me. I rubbed it about a bit and then she said – put your pants on and we could go somewhere else.

I though that she would take that opportunity to run off and I told her so. She said she promised not to.

True to her word she and I got out of the pool and took my hand and led me to the cabana where there was a sort of store room where they kept chairs and stuff.

As soon as we got inside and closed the door she said kiss me and I did. While we kissed she put her hand down to my hard cock and felt it outside my swimmers. I kept kissing her and used my hands to roll them down and she took my naked cock in her hand and played with it. It felt great.

I then pushed her top of her swimmer up and bent down and kissed her nipples, and then did what I did in the pool and slipped my finger into her while she had her bottoms on. She then said let me get undressed and she stripped her swimmers right off and we were both naked. The two of us fingered each other and she said if I do it to her she will do it to me. I was more than happy and she got down on the floor and spread her legs and showed me what to do to make it feel good for her.

I rubbed my finger in her cunt and did what she told me with one hand and fingered her nipples with the other like she asked me to do. After about seven or eight minutes of fingering her she began to moan and shake and told me to do it harder and faster and I saw a girl have an orgasm for the first time. I never knew girls had orgasms before that. I learned it wasn’t her first one afterwards as she explained what I had done to her.

After she recovered and had explained what had happened to her she told me to stand up. She played with my cock and got it really hard and then said can you cum. I said I could. Then she just put her mouth over it and sucked it. I had never had that happen before and I nearly came right then it felt so good. Then she sucked and used her fingers to stroke my cock at the same time – like masturbating me and sucking me at the same time – it felt awesome.

I could not believe how good it felt and after what seemed like a few seconds I came Actually it was three or four minutes. When I came she still had her mouth on my cock and my cum went into her mouth. She gagged and then took her mouth off me and spat my cum out. Then she said shit why didn’t you tell me – I have never had a boy cum in my mouth before.

I said how many boys have you sucked off. She said you were the first but I have seen my sister do it to her boyfriend a few times and wondered what Sex hikayeleri it was like. She drinks their cum though, I never realised it tasted like that. Its aweful – I don’t know how she can do what she does, and seems to enjoy it, Sometimes I have seen him masturbate and shoot it into her mouth and over her face. Now I know what its like.

I said it was awesome – I loved it. She said have you ever tasted it. I said once I licked some off my finger and I thought it tasted awful too.

Well she said that it – we have done it. She said have you ever fucked a girl.

I said yes.

Who she asked.

Dave’s sister Loretta.

Shit how did you manage that.

I said she lets Dave (her brother)and her cousin do it to her. He told me about it and I said would she lt me. She was there so he asked her if I could and she said ok – so I did.

What was it like.

I said great but not as good as you sucking me.

Did you cum in her.

Yes. It was ok because Dave said she doesn’t have periods so it ok until she does.

Hell – I cant imagine what it must feel like.

I said do you want to find out.

What you and me do it.

I said if you want to.

I have never done it before other than with my fingers.

I said my cock is about the same size, it should be ok if you want to.

I will think about it – I am not sure.

I said can I suck your cunt – I wouldn’t mind doing that if you like.

Ok – I haven’t had that done to me but I have seen Yvonne (her sister who wanked me) have it done and she really has a great time.

I said how do you see her do all this.

I can see in her bedroom from outside – when her boyfriend comes over when our parents are out they always do something. I make sure the curtain in her room is a bit away from the edge of the window because she always pulls them into the middle but doesn’t realise there is a gap at the side and I watch through there.

I have seen her do it a few times – he has a big cock about 7 inches long – its a beauty and I wonder what it would feel like to have it in me. They do it in different ways and sometimes she gets on top and she loves that and always cums when she does. She doesn’t have to worry about getting pregnant she takes pills to stop it. As soon as I start periods I will get them too somehow – I don’t want to have a baby.

If you fuck me you have to take it out before you do it in me – not like you did when I sucked you. If I say yes will you promise.

I said yes but do you have periods already.

No she said but you don’t have to have a period to get pregnant – if its the month before you have the first one you can get pregnant – the period come after you can get pregnant not before. I know that much. I think I am getting close to having one – I can feel my tummy getting sore a few times lately and I am spotting my pants sometimes – I think I will have one pretty soon. I know when Helen started hers I heard her taking to mom and to Y as well about them. I don’t want to risk it. I know Y used condoms when she started having sex before she got pills but he hated to have to use them. Now he cums in her and there is no problem.

Well I would like to fuck you and I promise I will pull it out before I cum – I really promise.

Shit I don’t know.

Go on – Loretta loves it and I am sure you will too.

Are you sure you wont cum in me.

I said I promise, and I truly promise. I would hate it if I got you pregnant – shit my parents would kill me – you know how religious they are.

Do you think they fuck even though they are religious.

I know they do – I have heard my mom making noises when they do – she is really loud, and they both go to the bathroom together afterwards to clean up I think. I have peeked and they are always nude when she does but wears PJ’s normally. My dads cock is much bigger then too, so they must do it.

I Sikiş hikayeleri want to but I am not sure.

Go on – its fun and I am sure you will like it, like Loretta and I promise not to cum in you.

Well lets try and if I say stop you have to when I say.

I promise.

She got down and she knew what to do and I got ready and and put my cock just near her slit where it goes in and said tell me when you are ready.

Ok I am ready she said – put it in.

I pushed the tip in and watched to see if it hurt and I said is it ok.

Its fine at the moment – I can just feel it go a bit further.

I pushed my cock in a bit more and I saw her bite her lip and said is still ok.

She said go I slow its hurting just a bit but it is not too bad.

I didn’t have much more to go in so I pushed my cock in all the way and she let out a big sigh and said ok its ok now. Its in and I can feel it, its ok, just don’t move for a minute until I get used to it.

I lay down on top of her and I kissed her and as we kissed I knew it was ok, she really kissed me hard, like she really wanted to and she put her arms around me and held me to her tight.

After a minute of kissing I broke away and pushed myself up with my hands and said is it ok to fuck you now.

No – make love to me – I want this to be better than a fuck.

I looked down at her and smiled and told her I love you and she said I love you too.

I began to move in her and she said thats great now – now I know why Y enjoys it – it feels great – is it good for you too.

I said perfect – you are wonderful.

Even better than Loretta.

Much better – you are fantastic.

I love you.

And I love you too.

Then we began to fuck the way we knew how to. She said after a while lets try it from behind – I see Y do it like that and then she gets on top.

I said I hope I last that long – its feels wonderful inside you, really great.

I fucked her for a few more minutes and she said before you cum lets try the other way.

After that we fucked for another few minutes and then said ok I want to get on top.

She manoeuvred herself over me and then sat down on my cock.

She was having a great time really enjoying herself and I said quick get off I am going to cum.

She didn’t get off and I said quick – she didn’t say a word and I only had to look at her face and I could see she was cumming and I couldn’t stop and said fuck I am cumming in you get off.

Too late – its in there now and just as you were about to cum so was I and I couldn’t help myself – I had to cum and I couldn’t stop. Too bad if I am pregnant then it was meant to be, I really wanted to have that orgasm – it was my first time and I don’t think many girls get to cum the first time. I havnt heard of any getting on top either – its just I have seen Y do it and she always cums when she does and once I got the tingle I knew I was going to too and I didn’t want to stop. Did you enjoy it.

I said I have never enjoyed anything like this – you were wonderful I am glad you let me cum in you.
I didn’t want you to but it was my fault not yours – if anything happens its my fault.

I will love you forever after this, I told her.

Me too she replied.

She got off me and we looked at her cunt – it was covered in cum and apart from that it looked no different.

Do you know what – I am going to tell Y I have done it with you.

Shit I said what will she say.

Probably that I am mad but I think she and I will have a lot of talks about sex because she loves doing it, she must to do it like she does and I am the same now – from now on its you and I every time. They wont be the only ones fucking when our parents are out.

Will you tell Helen.

No way she will squeal on me – she is a real prude. Nobody will get her pants off until she gets married.

That Erotik hikaye was the beginning of a long affair. She confided in Yvonne (Y) and the two of them compared notes for a couple of weeks and we started fucking every chance we could which was always a couple f times a week – she really liked it. She didn’t get pregnant after the first time but we were very careful for the next couple of times. Sally told Y about the fact she knew Y had wanked me and what happened. Y said she was sorry and would make it up to me.

The following week Y gave us some condoms so I could cum in her which made us feel really good. I thought she had more than made up for it.

A month later we were in her bed fucking as we had begun to do it regularly and Y came in. I was a bit shocked at being caught in the act but they had organised it together and we all talked about sex. What really surprised me was that they had discussed something without my knowledge and Sally said would I like to fuck Y.

I was shocked. You mean Y and I have sex together.

Sally said if you want to – we have talked about it and we both are happy if you do.

I said does that mean Barry is going to do it with you.

No Y said – this is just between the three of us he will never learn about it. Sally keeps telling me how good it is with you and I said I was envious and Sally said she would ask you. I knew you two would be doing it and Barry is away so tonight is perfect if you want to. No condom either you can cum in me no problem.

It took me a few minutes to digest what they had planned and that they were both happy and Sally would be there when we did it.

I did and it was an amazing sensation – fucking your girlfriend sister while she watched and Sally compared notes with Y as I was doing it to her in three different ways. I was amazed at how much they both enjoyed the experience of me fucking Y. I said that more than made up for what she had done to me. She said she was truly sorry and I believed her. After I had fucked Y and cum she left Sally and I after talking about how much she liked it. The next time I fucked Sally which was about 20 minutes later it was one of the most emotional fucks we had ever had, she was so happy Y and I had fucked together. She actually cried while I fucked her she was so happy that I had done it with her, there was abond between them I never knew existed. It made the love between us stronger than ever.

Two months later a similar thing happened but this absolutely astounded me. Y came in again and said she would like me to go with her again. Sally seemed more excited than before so I said ok.

As I began fucking Y, Sally began to touch Y on the tits. Y had magnificent tits and they made it even better for me when we fucked as I could play with them. Then Sally said this will really astound you and got up and sat on Y’s face and Y began to give her oral sex at the same time as I was fucking Y. I could not believe what I was seeing, Sally was over Y’s face then she began to kiss me while I was fucking Y – we were engaged in three way sex. I could not believe what was happening – it was so erotic and amazing. They started to giggle at my reaction but we soon got down to some serious sex together – evidently they had experimented a couple of times together before they shocked me. Barry had evidently found another girl and Y was unattached again well when we were all together she certainly wasn’t unattached she was really engaged with Sally and I.Y had also organised for Sally to get oral contraception as well so I was free to cum in her without a problem. I had to learn to do oral sex on them both and sometimes after I had cum in them. The first couple of times was a bit yucky but I got used to it. At least Sally didn’t taste of condom and lubricant. Three way sex with Y was a fairly regular affair but more often it was just Sally and I.

I am still doing it with the three of them but three ways are getting rarer – Y has a new guy and she is with him more now than with us. I don’t mind as Sally and I are fantastic together in bed and I could not ask for a better fuck mate.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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