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Steve and I sat watching Suzy playing with her pussy she was pumping her small fingers in and out of her tight pussy, she knew where her love bud was and was rubbing it with her other hand, it was fantastic for us to just sit back and watch her excite herself.

It was close to midday and I suggested we have something to drink and eat for lunch, I made a few sandwiches for us all and for Suzy a glass of orange juice and for us a couple of beers. She sat there at the table enjoying the sandwiches and drinking her juice she was bubbly and happy and chatted about how much she loved my pool.

There was a knock on the front door and Suzy jumped up out of her chair and started running to the front door.

“Mummy’s here yelled.” Suzy as she opened the door still naked.

Standing at the opened front door stood Mal. “Hello and what’s your name gorgeous?” Asked Mal.

“My names Suzy.” She explained.

“Nice to meet you Suzy. My names Mal.” He explained to the young girl watching him looking at her body.

“You better come inside and close the fucking door, before the neighbours see her.” I yelled to Mal.

Mal walked inside and closed the door then he followed Suzy to the table we were sitting at.

“Hi Steve.” Mal said then added. “You find another granddaughter, granddad?” He said and laughed.

Steve to him. “Suzy’s my daughter and we came over for a visit.”

“We were swimming and playing in granddad’s pool.” Suzy excitedly tells Mal.

Mal starts smiling and undressing gaziantep ucuz escort bayan and says. “Steve I hope you don’t mind me joining in, after all you did get to fuck my daughter Emma.”

Steve gave Mal a smile and then tells Suzy. “Why don’t you give Mal a cuddle and sit on his lap and tell him how good a girl you are.”

Suzy climbs up onto Mal’s lap as she sits down Mal’s cock starts prodding Emma’s butt and she squirms around and he runs his hands over her body feeling her young breasts and hard nipples. He looks at her pussy and then feels how soft and puffy it is.

“Emma was like Suzy at her age, so bloody cute and soft and loved cock.” He tells them.

What a sight three old men sitting around naked all with raging hard cocks, with a young girl that was driving them wild with lust. It didn’t take Mal long before he penetrated her pussy with his finger as he pushed it in and out her tight pussy, Suzy squealed with delight, with each push of his finger the wetter her pussy became.

When Mal felt her juices running out of her hole he lifted her up and then lowered her down onto his cock. Her tight hole started to stretch as she slid down onto Mal’s cock soon his cock was fully inside Suzy’s and she was sitting there impaled on him. Mal looked at his friends and smiled.

Suzy began bouncing up and down on Mal’s hard cock, this was her favourite position. Mal loved how she smiled as he pinched her nipples and squeezed her puffy gaziantep ukraynalı escort bayan breasts. He thought to himself how did she learn to milk a cock with her pussy muscles, she was far more experienced that other females Mal knew.

Mal had no control of his cock and it started to squirt his cum into Suzy’s love hole, she kept bouncing trying to get him to squirt more but he given her all he had and he laid back into the couch. Suzy climbed of Mal’s cock and wiped her dripping pussy with her hand and fingers before licking up pussy juice and cum mixture out of her hand and off her fingers.

When she saw granddad stroking his cock she climbed over onto his lap and rubbed her soaking pussy all over his cock.

Then she sat up and said. “Granddad put your cock in my pussy, please.”

When granddad held his cock straight up she again lowered her pussy onto his cock with all the cum inside her granddad’s cock slipped easily slipped inside her, he felt her pussy muscle tighten around his shaft as she rose up and dropped back down over and over on his cock. Granddad tried to hump her pussy but she was in control, what more she knew what she was doing and what she wanted, she wanted to fuck.

It wasn’t supposed to be like this to have a young girl in control, it was like she was working to a schedule and time was precious, the way she rode granddad’s cock was incredible, and once again she had made another man cum quicker gaziantep üniversiteli escort bayan than he had wanted to, squirting his juice into her pussy that was already filled with cum, she was overflowing with cum running out of her hole as she hopped of her second cock that had fucked her in the last fifteen minutes.

Now she said. “Daddy you have to fuck me too, I want your cock in my pussy too.”

Steve had played these games with her before and he wasn’t going to let her be in control. He laid her down on her back and lifted her legs up onto his shoulders, then he positioned his cock between her legs, she didn’t need any lube as her pussy was dripping. Steve pushed his nine inch cock into his daughter’s pussy, the first stroke was nice and gentle his second was hard and fast, slipping all the way inside. He could feel his cock head hitting the back of her womb each time he drove his cock into her pussy, with his hands wrapped around her waist he pulled her towards him each time he thrust his cock in side.

Yelling out. “Oh daddy I love your big cock, it feels so good inside me, fuck me daddy.”

Hearing her scream just made Steve thrust in harder, he remember how much she had enjoyed having his cock in her pussy years ago, and ever since that first night she has wanted to be fucked more and more. It was for this reason he had decided to share her at least he could choose who and when she fucked.

Even after Steve squirted heaps of cum into her, she still wanted to play, she was full of energy as she ran outside her pussy was dripping with cum and left a cum trail all over the carpet.

Jumping into the pool she yelled. “Who’s coming for a swim, who wants to play?”

The three men just casually walked outside with their cans of beer and sat at the edge of the pool with their legs dangling into the water, watching the young nympho playing in front of them waiting for their cocks to recover and get hard again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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