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My best friend Luke spends the night every weekend. We have a great time since we both are off of work for the weekend. So we play video games, drink, watch movies and whatever in general. Tonight is different though.

Normally every other weekend or so we buy a porn video off the cable channel and watch it. I know he at some point in the night goes and jacks off as I do myself. But, tonight when I hit the buy button, somehow I selected the wrong video. At the start, it is like any other porn, but when the first scene comes on it’s of two guys.

Now at first, we both complain and boo, but for some reason neither of us wants to turn it off. We each play it off as curiosity or something along those lines, but this is far from the truth. So we watch it to its fullest. Once it is over, we forget about it or so I think and after a few hours of gamming we crash.

I live in a one bedroom apartment, but the bedroom is large and so I have two beds. Yes, it seems odd, but if I had a spare room, I’d have a bed there for my guests. Since I don’t I use my room, I mean the bedroom is for sleeping after all, not for socializing in, unless I’m with a woman.

So as we lay, trying to go to sleep my cock is harder than ever. The video we watched earlier is still running through my head and I can’t stop thinking of those cocks in it. Now I’m not gay, but seeing a cock, especially being used by another guy is kind of a turn on. Apparently, Luke has the same idea. I look over toward his bed and see a rhythmic bobbing motion under the blanket. It gets faster as I know he is stroking himself. Before I know it, my hand is between my legs and I am rubbing my cock through my boxers.

When he notices me looking in his direction, he whips off his blanket showing me his naked body. His hand instantly goes back to his cock and starts stroking it again. Without giving any thought to it, I throw mine off as well then zorla sex my boxers. I wrap my hand around my rock hard cock and start stroking it just as slowly as Luke.

We sit here for a moment, looking at each other as we both slowly stroke our cock. Then Luke breaks the silence by saying, “Your is pretty big.”

I admit it is nice being complimented on my size, even if it is from another guy. I release my grip and let it fall and then using my muscles, I start to make it bounce. I spread my legs a bit, to give him a better view, but I guess Luke takes the display as some sort of invitation, because before I know it, he is kneeling on the floor with his fingers wrapped around my cock.

Intense sensations rush through my body, ones I have never felt before. Feeling Luke’s hands on y cock feel somehow different than any woman I have ever been with. As he strokes it, his face gets closer to my cock and I start to wonder if he plans to suck it. The he takes a hand and slides it down to his cock to start stroking it while continuing with mine.

I stand, for reasons I do not know, and Luke stands with me until we are face to face. I reach around behind him and grab him by his ass, pulling him in closer to me. My cock head shoves into his balls as I feel his press against my skin. Before I know it, Luke’s arms go around my neck and his face into my chest. I reach down, grabbing onto his cock, feeling the hardness of it. He starts to grind against me and after only a few moments his cock starts to throb and hot wetness begins to coat my hand.

As is hot cum surges over my stomach, I cum as well, so much that I plaster his balls with big globs of cum that drip from them and onto the floor. Our cocks don’t even go soft, if anything mine gets bigger and thicker as we rub our mingled cum over both our cocks. I don’t feel Luke’s go limp either and it might be getting thicker porno indir too. We are so wet that we glide against each other. I move my cum covered hand from between us and without thought, grab the back of his head, pulling it to face me and kiss him. His arms tighten around my neck and he kisses back. Before long we are digging out tongues into each other’s mouths and our hands are groping all over each other’s bodies.

We fall to the bed and continue to grand against each other. I suddenly feel the urge to burst again as Luke’s slippery, hard cock and balls rub against mine. I grab his narrow hips and lift him up off me to stop me from exploding. His hands are pulling at my hair and face as we kiss and when I lift him, he ends up over on top of me.

We stare into each other’s eyes and as we do, thoughts of being gay start running through my head. Was I? I have never had thoughts like this before and I am into woman. Luke speaks up first, interrupting my thoughts.

“I want to suck it,” he says before crawling down my body and before I know it, he is pushing his tongue through the folds of skin at the tip of my uncut cockhead.

If it is alright with him then it is with me.

He pulls down my foreskin and sucks the whole unsheathed cockhead into his hot, wet mouth. I look down just as he takes it completely down his throat and that is all it takes. I slam my eyes shut and my whole body seizes. When the first shot explodes, I hear Luke make a noise. My load is so big that it hurts and the second blast is just as incredible. I can feel my hot cum spreading between my cockhead and the already hot and wetness of his mouth. A second later he sucks harder and I hear him gulping. He isn’t able to keep up with the amount of cum I am shooting into his mouth as I feel the warm flood of cum drip down my shaft to my balls.

When it becomes too much for him to handle, ensest porno he starts to gag and choke, which only makes me shoot even more cum into his already full mouth. My whole body jerks involuntarily and I can’t believe the sensations running through me. By the time he slurps off the last few drops, I cannot do anything but lay here. He crawls back up my panting body and kisses me. I dig my tongue around in my best friend’s mouth, tasting and trying reclaim as much of my cum as I can.

When I can taste nothing, I start to relax, kissing him gently. I feel his hard cock press against my stomach and then it is gone and he starts crawling back up my body. I watch his body move slowly up past my head until his cock is level with my mouth with a thick strand of precum dripping from his cockhead. He tilts his hips inward and I open my mouth to graciously accept his cock. He starts thrusting it as deep down my mouth as he can.

I reach up to grab Luke’s hips so I can control how deep down his cock goes. I push his hips up so I can feel just his cockhead in my mouth and then he thrusts his hips trying to bury his cock in my mouth. I push up again and he thrusts again. We do this for several minutes before he lets out a grunt. On the next thrust, he puts a lot more strength in it and I feel his cockhead push down my throat. Then I feel Luke’s first hot spurt of cum and I immediately start gulping as I once again push his hips up. A second load shoots out, followed by a third and I try to swallow as fast as I can.

Luke grunts and groans as he shoots his load, his body withering. There is so much of it and I can feel it seep over his cock and out my mouth to drip down my cheeks and over my chin. When he finally finishes and I feel his body relax over me, I pull his body down so that his cock slips with a wet slurp from my mouth and we once again are face to face. I put my lips to his and shove my cum covered tongue into his mouth. Luke starts sucking my tongue, pulling as much of his cum into his own mouth as he can.

We lay here for a while until we fall asleep in each other’s arms. Tonight brought this on and I can only imagine what the morning will bring.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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