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Authors note: please go easy on me; this is my first time writing a sex story of any kind. I’m writing about the first time my fiancé (who was just my boyfriend back then) and I fucked. It’s going to be separated into 2 parts, this is part one

Name: Kate (me)
Age: 14
Hair/eye color: artificially colored, shoulder length red hair and honey colored brown eyes
Height: 5”1
Body description: short for my age, slightly chubby around the middle, average sized chest (36B)

Name: Seth (my boyfriend)
Age: 16
Hair/eye color: natural dirty blonde hair and blue-gray eyes with white streaks
Height: between 5”9’ and 5”11’
Body description: overly chubby (likes to call himself fluffy)

This happened around late January. Seth’s dad was in the middle of a divorce with his wife and she was at the house causing trouble. His dad didn’t want him or his siblings around when she was there so, since my family was the only one they knew (they had just recently moved to our town) his dad set it up with my mom for Seth and his younger brother to stay with my brother and their sister to stay with me. I was excited because that meant I got to spend a lot of alone time with Seth because my dad was away on a business trip and my mom’s health wasn’t the best so she couldn’t get up out of bed much and wouldn’t be able to supervise us.

When Seth came over we decided to watch a movie and since our brothers were on the Xbox in the living room the only other television in the house was in my parents’ bedroom. When my dad’s not home no one sleeps in the master bedroom because the bed is too hard for my mom’s back so she sleeps on Anadolu Yakası Escort the couch which is softer. So we took our movie and went to cuddle on the bed. We started out with the door open but slowly closed it more and more because we kept getting disturbed. We watched movies all evening and then around midnight we decided to try and stay up all night. So we went to get dressed for bed before we continued our movie marathon. I decided to tease Seth while we watched our movies, knowing he wouldn’t do anything in my house so I wore a spaghetti strap nightgown that barley reached mid way down my thighs.

When I went back into the room I saw he was in a pair of shorts and a loose t-shirt. We settle down on the bed and start watching our movie and since it’s a movie I had already seen I decided to mess with my boyfriend instead. Every few minutes I would move around and purposefully slide my nightgown up a little, or I would let one of the straps fall off my shoulder and pretend not to notice. I saw him glance a few times but he managed to ignore me so I turned it up a little. Since we were sitting right beside each other I put my hand on his leg, right above his knee and started stroking the inside of his leg. Soft and slow, then every once in a while I’d rake my hand halfway up his thigh, using my nails lightly then move my hand lower again but keep it higher than it was before.

After doing this a few times my hand was resting on his upper leg, softly stroking his inner thigh, purposefully brushing his hard on lightly every few seconds. After about five minutes of this I assume I drove him crazy because one Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan second he was sitting beside me, the next he was on top of me, kissing me deeply before moving to kiss and suck on my neck aggressively. His hips start grinding against mine and I can feel his member pressing against the powder blue panties I’m wearing and I realize that my night gown had slipped up around my waist at some point. He kisses me deeply and with more passion than he had kissed me with before and then leaned down and whispered in my ear “you know you haven’t been very fair. Teasing me all through the movie” then he nips my ear and rolls over so I’m on top of him, straddling his waist.

He grabs the back of my neck and pulls me into a kiss, grinding his hips into me at the same time. The sudden rush of pleasure causes me to release a quiet moan, which seems to just turn him on more. I feel him move his hands to the end of my nightgown, which is bunched around my waist, and start tugging it upwards. I get his meaning and sit up, letting him strip me of my night gown. I’m now straddling my boyfriend, wearing nothing but a pair of powder blue panties. After a few seconds of simply looking at my chest his hands ghost up my sides and start softly massaging my breasts. When he runs the rough pad of his thumb over one of my nipples I gasp and bite my lip. He continues to play with my breasts for a minute or two, his actions getting rougher and more excited by the minute. Suddenly he pulls me down to him and slowly puts his mouth around one of my hardened nipples and slowly sucks and licks it. His action send a sudden electric Escort Anadolu Yakası shock through me, eliciting a gasp and a quiet moan, I have to bite my lip to keep from making another sound. After hearing me moan and seeing me bite my lip he whisper “don’t, I want to hear you” then he starts grinding his hips against me again, this time much more enthusiastically, trying to make me moan. His actions succeed in making me moan again. We stop for a moment to catch our breath and I sit up a bit, my hands on his chest. After I’ve caught my breath a little I whisper “where did that come from?” And smile. He looks at me and slightly out of breath replies “sorry, seeing you like that just made me lose control. I gave into my instincts” I role over, off of him, and cuddle up to him. “Don’t apologize, I liked that, I really liked that” I whisper to him. I reach for my night gown and rewind our movie to the last thing we watched. I put my nightgown back on and crawl into bed.

“Let’s go to sleep” I say to him after the movie ends. We’d slept in the same bed a few times before when id stayed at his house, his dad was okay with it. “No, Kate, we can’t, if your mom find out she’ll be pissed” he says and moves to get up. I grab his arm and look up at him, giving him my best pouty face “no we won’t, its already 2 am, we’ll just say we fell asleep watching the movie” I say. He looks at me for a moment then sighs “fine but if we get in trouble I’m holding you responsible” he says and lays back down. I try not to smile and reply “okay” and snuggle up next to him. We leave the movie playing but turn the volume down a little. I role on my side and scoot back so that my back is against his chest but the rest of me is just a little away from him. He notices this and pulls me so that I am directly against him. He leans over kisses my cheek then whispers in my ear “goodnight love, see you in the morning”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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