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I turn up the music, mark down the next question of my chemistry homework. I have to calculate the standard enthalpy of formation of propylene at 0K. I really am given few clues to get to the answers, but I think I know the solution. I change my tab on my computer, switching to my formula sheet. I scroll a bit, then find what I need. I scribble down some numbers and type them on my calculator. The answer I get is around 35kJ/mol, which seems to correlate with the info I find on the Internet, so I assume I did my math correctly. I go on to the next question, shaking my head to the sound of Metallica’s Enter Sandman.

But as I get into the beat of my homework, I get disrupted by the screeching of tires of my sister’s car parking in the driveway. That girl is a fucking maniac behind the wheel. It is a miracle she never got into any accident. I remember that the last time I went on a ride with her, she almost ended both of our lives.

The door of the house opens with a bang and I hear two giggling girls come up the stairs. My sister Clara and her friend Rohan both go in her bedroom. I wince, then resume my homework. The next question is about the entropy of a reaction of hydration and type in a new formula as Linkin Park’s Numb starts playing. I know I am slaying my homework, which will help keep my grades up. I got some difficulty with organic chemistry, so I have to compensate somewhere else.

But as I try to concentrate, I get disturbed by a weird smell. I remove my headphones and stand up to sniff the air. I get disgusted by the odor of cat piss, even though I realize soon enough that it is actually marijuana. I shake my head in disbelief, knowing full well my parents wouldn’t agree with my sister and her friend smoking weed. They would kill them, and even me if they learned I didn’t do anything to stop them.

I am no snitch, but our parents will be home in an hour and so, and I know that my sister can sometimes get carried away, so I have to warn her, though she is the big sister, at 21, and I am the little brother, at 19. Gotta act responsibly sometimes…

Some call Clara a hippy. She’s a joyful person, always smiling and being optimistic. She loves nature, travelling and helping people in need. Just last year, she hiked with her backpack in the mountains of Columbia and visited small villages with poor people, helped them build infrastructures for water. I admire her for that, but I tend to dislike the other side of her personality: she rejects all forms of authority and sometimes act like a bitch. She calls most laws stupid and loves doing things our parents hate. I am pretty certain that she smokes and takes drugs only to piss our parents. She is convinced that, someday, she will change the world.

I open the door to her room, more disappointed than angry, ready to tell her to at least smoke her joints outside, but the words don’t want to come out of my mouth. I stand still, blink my eyes, completely shocked, but what I am presented with. Clara and Rohan are both sitting on her bed, only wearing bras and panties, with a joint in their hand. The room is thick with smoke and smells like hell. Their eyes are only half opened, as they look at me with large smiles.

“You here ’cause you wanna share, lil bro?” says my sister with a slurry voice. She clearly is not well and I have to leave the room quickly.

“No thanks you, sorry for interrupting,” I answer before closing the door and leaning my back against a wall. My breath is short. I should have told them what I came there to say… But I got too distraught. I saw my fucking sister and her friend in UNDERWEARS. It might not mean too much for most people, but Clara and Rohan are FUCKING HOT. My sister is tall, has a thick bush of red hair and a face covered with freckles, sports round C-cup tits and possesses a large ass that could make a man dream. Rohan is as tall, but with long wavy brown hair, a perfect heart-shaped face, B-cup tits, a thinner waist and slender shaven legs that could have been on the cover of a magazine.

I go back in my room, still in disbelief of what I just saw. I still can’t get over it and still am totally feeling guilty about it. I shouldn’t be fantasizing about my sister’s friend, even less so my own sister, but my brain can’t help it. It tries to picture the two girls completely naked and I need to put my headphones back on in order to think about something else. Imagine Dragon’s Natural calms me down and I go back to my homework. What formula was I looking for again? Oh yeah, Clausius-Clapeyron equation… I look for the pressure values I am given, but my brain doesn’t work properly. Invasive thoughts flash me constantly and I can’t make them go away.

In order to appease my desperately horny brain, I open a private tab on google chrome and browse some porn on various websites. I settle for a video of a tiny asian girl, whose name I unfortunately can’t find, getting rammed by a black dude with an enormous cock. I take my much-less-impressive dick out and start to jack off. I takes me two other videos after kaliteli gaziantep escort that to reach my climax and I spill my cum in a tissue. I roll the tissue in a small sticky ball and throw it on the top of my dresser, since I don’t have a trash can in my bedroom and since I am now too tapped out to actually get up and walk to the bathroom where I would find one.

I get my dick back into my pants, close my private tabs and stare emptily at my thermodynamics homework. I am not thrilled to get back to work, but I have to. Thankfully, I am now able to think more properly and I manage to make actual progression. Two questions later and there is only the last one left, which of course has to be the most difficult one. I take a deep breath and read the gigantic paragraph I am presented with. There’s so much information in there, I am not even sure that everything is relevant.

“Still doin’ that dumb homework?” a voice behind me asks.

Taken by surprise, I drop my pencil and my headphones and nearly drop off my chair. My heart thumps in my chess as I see my Clara in my room, hands on her hips, staring at me with a smug look I don’t really like. “You should have knocked, you asshole,” I pant out. At my great annoyance, she bursts out laughing. I guess I didn’t knock myself earlier, uh? That will teach me, I think.

“Sorry, bro, Roghan and I were talking ’bout you, since you came to visit us,” said Clara, waving her hand around for no reason. “We wondered if you wanted some pot, but you ran out… You still can come, if ya want… We got some left. You sure you don’t wanna have a bit of fun?”

I shake my head. I barely drink alcohol and drugs scare me even more. It’s not the kind of shit I want to be doing. Clara can have all the stash if she wants. But she’s just there, looking around in my room, touching stuff she has no business touching. And the worst fucking part is that she didn’t put on any more clothes. She is still in her bra and panties, and I try my fucking hardest not to stare at her.

“Yo, too bad,” she says. “We really hoped you would join us… Rohan, especially, seemed interested in talking to you… She fancies you, ya know? I don’t know why, but I don’t judge her. She my friend, after all.”

My sister is standing next to my drawer. From her red eyes, her slow speech and her funky demeanor that she still is 100% under the influence of pot. She picks up my cum tissue, now semi dry, plays with it with one hand, then throws it at the other end of the room.

“I really need to complete that homework,” I say, sitting stiffly in my chair, trying to get my sister to leave. “Would you give me some peace, for God’s love?”

My sister giggles. “Give you peace? You’re not even doing that homework for real, bro… Is that YouTube you got open on there? Hang on, what ya listening to?” She picks up my headphones regardless of my protests and puts one ear to listening to whatever song is now running. “Led Zeppelin? Fuck yeah, ya got some great music taste, bro. Rock and roll, dude!”

As she says this, my sister is leaning awkwardly over me. I have her breasts right in my face, uncomfortably too close. She is zero aware of what is happening. I push her gently, touching only her hips, trying not to be too weird, and she drops the headphones. The smell of marijuana emanating from her is still strong, too much for my taste, and I feel my stomach turn.

“Do you listen to music when you jack off?” she asks out of the blue. “I know I do, but boys always tell me that they don’t… Is that true?”

I open my mouth to protest, but what can I even say to that? “It’s none of your business!” I blurt out.

“Oh, c’mon bro, I’m just asking about music… That ain’t gross or anything, ain’t it?”

Her large brown eyes lock themselves on mine, sinking deep into my soul. I feel small, helpless. Like, she’s not wrong, but she’s not right either… “No, I don’t listen to music when I masturbate,” I answer. “But please don’t ask me about masturbation ever again, okay? I don’t like it, coming from my own sister.”

“Oh, really?” she replies in a snarky tone. ” ‘Cause you sure not shy to masturbate in your rooms while there are two beautiful gals in the room right next to yours.”

“Hey, I didn’t just masturbate, I only do it when I’m alone!” I angrily snap back.

“Oh, shut up, bro. I have been familiar with cum for many years, and it smells cum so fucking bad in here. D’you do it because you saw Rohan and I almost naked? You a little perv’, bro, I like that about you.”

I am now furious, but my clenched fists don’t have the strength to reach and knock my sister, because the truth is… she is right. I hate to admit it. But she is fucking right. And then, with no warning, Clara unclasped her bra and lets it fall on the floor. She holds both her tits in her hands and make them bounce. “Is that what ya wanted to see?” she asks with a sly grin. My head sunk into the palm of my hand. Had my sister been sober, she would gaziantep kaliteli escort NEVER have done that. She would probably regret it later. I don’t look away, however, as I am terribly aroused. My willpower is not strong enough to stop my cock from fully erecting in my pants.

“Stop that,” I demand unconvincingly, biting my upper lip. “That’s indecent.”

Clara’s smile quickly disappears. “You can’t say a naked girl is indecent, that’s so fucking lame of you,” she angrily says. “You gotta respect girls. You probably a virgin, tho, right? That would explain a lot. And it’s kinda sad, thinkin’ about it. That has to change, bro.”

I cross my arms on my chest. That girl, I swear, is insufferable. Who does she think she is, trying to teach me how to live my life? That’s the problem with hippies like her, they think that everyone has to abide by their philosophy. “Well, too bad that won’t be happening soon,” I say with a deep sigh.

“Oh, but it is gonna happen soon,” she tells me. “As a matter of fact, it’s gonna happen right fuckin’ now.” She grabs forcefully grab me by the wrist and pulls me out of my bedroom. I protest weakly, but actually, I just let myself get carried away. My sister got me fucking horny and my hand won’t be enough this time. By God, am I about to do?

I get dragged in my sister’s bedroom, where I am greeted by a completely naked Rohan who smiles and waves at me with a delicate white hand. A joint lays on the bed next to her, still fresh. Her eyes, too, are reddish. I stare at her smooth skin, unable to resist the temptation. I have fantasized about Rohan before, and those fantasies are becoming true. “I have waited long for this day,” she murmurs in a low and sexy voice.

I slowly approach, hornier than I had ever been. I can’t believe that this girl, who probably already had sex tens of times before, actually wants me, an average 19 year old virgin guy that has nothing special whatsoever. I sit on the bed next to her and her lips immediately come to meet mine. Her hand slides on my burning cheek, keeping me close, as I answer the kiss passionately. Kissing is the only part of a sexual relation I have experienced before, so I am pretty confident in what I am doing right now. My tongue even ventures into Rohan mouth, looking for an intimate dance.

Admittedly, the room stinks of marijuana and Rohan herself is no better, but I just get over it. I am not going to get stopped so easily now. Or maybe are the fumes the ones to make me so bold now? I do feel my head spinning more by the minutes, as my kiss gets sloppier. Rohan’s gently bites my tongue and I moan into her mouth. I bite back, and soon we are both devouring each other. It hurts a bit, but it is so enjoyable. We are still respecting each other and not causing any injury, so it is fine.

I put my left hand on her thigh and fondle her gently. My right hand then gets to her small waist to hold her. Her skin feels like silk between my fingers. It was as great as I ever imagined it. I am in ecstasy.

Now, it is her hands that are touching my body. Her fingers slip under my t-shirt and tickle my belly. Inch by inch, she lifts my shirt until we have to break our kiss. As I am freed from a first piece of clothes, she leans closer to put a kiss in my neck. She drops many kisses, hungrily, and starts sucking at my skin. I hold her small frame between my hands. I don’t want her to leave, ever. She bites my neck, like a vampire would, then traces kisses down my chest, down my abs. Her hands tuck at my belt that she throws away shortly after. She pulls my pants down, kisses my underwear, teasing my twitching cock that only demanded to spring free. Her hand caresses it through the fabric, passionately. What a tease! It is not her first time and it shows.

As she now tugs on my underwear, two more hands place themselves on my shoulders. Caught by surprise, I quickly turn my head. My sister is leaning behind me, looking down towards my crotch. “I wanna see it,” she says to her friend.

Clara seems really close, but I don’t say anything about it as Rohan obeys her and liberates my cock. It was not an imposing tool, only a six inch dick, which was average according to my quick online research on the matter. “It looks so fucking good,” says Rohan, as Clara squeals in delight. She strokes me slowly, with both hands. Precum leaks from my cock, and she uses it to get it all properly wet. She increases the speed of handjob, and I pass a loving hand in her hair to encourage her.

Then, Rohan sticks her tongue out and licks the entire length of my cock. She gives many kisses to it, like a true lover. She swirls her tongue all around, get every inch wet and sticky with saliva. Only when is she doing doing so does she open her mouth and engulf the tip of my cock. It is a fucking good thing that I have masturbated earlier, because I would have exploded right there and then, which would have been terribly embarrassing.

I let out a soft moan as Rohan gives gaziantep kaliteli escort bayan me an amazing blowjob. She bobs her head up and down with at a decent pace, all the while using her tongue to bring extra feelings to my ultra stimulated brain. It is so much to take in! I have never felt such pleasure before. I feel her teeth barely scratching my skin, in an obviously deliberate fashion. My heart rate increases. I am on the edge.

Rohan then takes me deeper. She takes me up to three inches, three and a half, four inches. She places a hand at the base of my cock, stroking me while she gives me a blowjob. I close my eyes, groaning like a wild beast. “He loves it!” my sister exclaims.

I groan even louder as I am brought close to orgasm. “I’m gonna cum,” I let out. Rohan immediately withdraws her mouth from my dick and strokes me faster than ever. She sticks her tongue out, ready to receive my cum as I blast it in the most powerful orgasm I have ever had. Her cute face gets covered with my white cream. She swallows what lands on her tongue and licks her lips clean.

“She’s so fuckin’ hot, isn’t she?” says Clara behind me with excitement. “She sucks cock like a fuckin’ goddess… Tho she doesn’t deepthroat. Which is sad, but eh, not everybody can do that.”

“Deepthroating is your thing, girl,” says Rohan as she gets up. “I’ll go clean myself, but feel free to deepthroat your little brother while I’m not here.”

I stare at Rohan’s perfect body as she walks out of the bedroom. A second later, I turn my attention back to my dick and see Clara in front of me, holding my cock with both her hands, a hungry look in her eyes. “You’re not really thinking about it?” I say in disbelief. “You’re my sister.”

As a response, she smiles devilishly, then engulf my already re-harden cock like a starving animal. In three seconds, she works her way down and her lips meet my the base of my shaft. I am both disgusted and greatly impressed by that performance. Clara works her way back up, leaving a trail of saliva on my cock, then plunges back down. She proceeds to give me my second incredible blowjob of the day. She does not use her tongue as expertly as her friend did, but she goes all the way down each time she tries to while making heavy slurping and gurgling noises. Ropes of saliva drip down my cock.

At some point, when she hits the bottom of my shaft, Clara maintains herself there, my whole cock in her mouth and throat, until she chokes on it. Spit escapes from the corner of her lips as she looks up into my eyes with pride. I moan loudly from her prowess and throw my head back. She withdraws from my cock with a deep gasp for air. Saliva drips in great quantity from her lips, smeared all over her redden face when she throws herself at me and engages me into a highly erotic kiss.

It feels wrong to kiss my own sister, but I fall into her embrace, because she is just too fucking hot. I drink her saliva from her lips and dart my tongue inside her mouth. I am laying on my back, with her on top of me. She is the one in control, the one governing our kiss. I instinctively lift my hands and find her fairly large tits. I squeeze them, fondle them. Their texture is soft, squishy. I want to suck on them so badly, but she doesn’t let me. Her lips are still crushing mine, pinning me to the bed.

The door squeaks as Rohan comes back into the room. “Hey, I see you two are having fun,” she says. “Please let me have fun too.”

It is only then that my sister lets me move freely again. Rohan jumps on the bed and puts her hands around my neck to bring me into a kiss. I fondle her tits too, smaller, but more firm and still amazing. I break the kiss and lower my head to take one of her nipples in my mouth. I suck hard on it, and bite it, like she bit me before. She moans in surprise and holds me even closer still. My mouth devours one of her tits while the other one kneads the second tit.

Clara comes closer, holding her breasts between her hands. I get the message and start to alternate between the two girls tits, sucking and fondling each one in turn. My hungry mouth is watering. I spit on their tits as I continue to suck on them. I give particular attention to their nipples, swirling my tongue around the before biting them and pulling slightly on the. Both of them enjoy it, as they moan in delight.

Rohan is the first one to express the desire to pursue further our activities. She gently pushes me back, making me lay on the bed once again, and straddles me. She sexily licks her lips while she guides my cock to her entrance. She lets out a soft moan as my shaft enters her shaven pussy in a smooth motion. She rocks her hips back and forth, and I do the same. I put my hands around her hips and, soon, we find our rhythm. We fuck each other in perfect harmony, like true lovers.

My sister proceeds to caress my stomach, then my chest. “I think I deserve some attention too,” she decides. Without a warning, her pussy and ass suddenly cover my face. The strong smell of her vaginal juices quickly overtakes the acrid odor of pot. Without hesitation, I start to lick her unshaven pussy. I don’t exactly how it works, because I didn’t pay particular attention during the pussy-eating parts of the porn videos I watched, but I have a general idea. I kiss her pussy, lick it and use my tongue to tickle it. Clara moans, indicating that I am doing things right. I don’t change anything, keeping the winning formula.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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