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Karen and I began looking at other girls a little differently after that wonderful weekend we had at her folks’ cabin. We watched the way they dressed, the way they walked. After P.E. it was all I could do to keep my hands to myself in the locker room and shower. But, of course, I had to keep my feelings secret. I didn’t want to start a scandal or anything.

There was this other girl that kept looking at me funny in the showers. I had never paid Jenny much attention before, because she was so tiny. She was the same age as Karen and I, and had brown hair which she kept short, but she was several inches shorter than I, and she hadn’t grown any boobs yet, or pubic hair. Because she was so tiny and petite, I guess most of us other kids tended to overlook her, as if she were something from junior high or something. I couldn’t tell whether she was looking at my body in the showers from a sexual standpoint, or envy, because I had developed so much faster, or whether it was just out of plain curiosity. Whenever I caught her looking at me like that I would move my body in a way to make my huge tits jiggle. I really think she was fascinated with my boobs.

The other day in our American Problems class which all of us seniors had to take, I was bored shitless and not doing a good job of trying to stay awake. In this class, Jenny sits right in front of me. In our school we have these old-fashioned desks that are lined up in row after row, front to back. The seats have a back rest that supports the upper back, but leaves plenty of room between the seat and the back rest for someone with a large butt to spread out.

I kept crossing and recrossing my legs making my mini skirt ride up higher and higher on my thighs hoping the teacher would see my panties and blush, or drool—anything just to put some excitement into this boring class.

Jenny dropped her pencil on the floor. When she bent down to pick it up she turned back to look up my skirt. I opened my legs apart to make sure she got a good view all the way up to my panties. I thought her little eyes would bug out of her head when I did that. She turned all shades of red. Her eyes frozen on the view up my skirt, and my panties, she groped around on the floor until her fingers closed around her pencil. She resumed her upright stance in her seat, but her ears were still bright red.

I thought I’d have a little more fun. Now, Jenny doesn’t a large butt by any means, but she was sitting in a way that her little ass was sticking out over the edge of the rear part of her seat. So, I scooted up forward in my seat until my knee touched Jenny’s butt. That this maneuver hiked my skirt up around my hips only added to my fun.

Jenny made no effort to move away when my knee touched her ass, so I got a little bolder. I started gently rubbing my knee back and forth against her butt. Jenny scooted her ass back in the seat as far as she could until it pressed hard against my knee.

Ummmmm, she must like it, I thought. I rubbed my knee on her ass more vigorously.

Her ears turned purple, but still she did not try to scoot her butt away from my knee. Instead she started rocking side to side in her seat, as if she were trying to get more mileage from my rubbing knee. Each time she rocked to one side, her ass cheek on the other side lifted off her seat just a bit. Keeping one knee pressed into one of her butt cheeks, I inserted the toes of my other foot under her ass just as she rocked up.

Jenny let out a muffled gasp when she felt my sneakered foot slide under the crack of her ass. She started to squirm in her seat more vigorously. I wriggled my toes inside my sneakers knowing she could feel that movement against the bottom of her cunt. She really liked that because I felt the heat of her twat right through my sneakers.

All too soon the bell rang, terminating the class. That wasn’t such a boring class after all.

I grabbed Karen in the hallway and told her what I’d done with Jenny, and that I thought she had real possibilities. We decided to ask her up to the cabin for the weekend.

Friday after school the three of us walked together to Karen’s convertible. On top I was wearing a yellow T-shirt sweater pull over thing that clung to my breasts and had a deep plunging neckline showing ample cleavage and barely covered my nipples. I had no bra on. The tug and pull of the sweater material on my bare nipples kept them hard all day. God, I loved that feeling. Down below I wore a matching yellow micro mini that started several inches below my belly button and stopped just short of legality. It was a miracle I wasn’t kicked out of school today for wearing this skirt, but nobody said anything. Karen was wearing a one-piece pink T-shirt dress that wasn’t much more legal than my mini. Jenny had a T-shirt on top and a micro mini like mine on the bottom. Of course, she’s so tiny and petite she doesn’t have to worry about her skirts riding up her thighs and hips like I do.

“Let’s toss our stuff in the back and we can all three sit up front,” I told Jenny as we reached Karen’s car. “That bursa eskort way we can talk better.”

I held the passenger side door open for her and she slid in to the middle. Karen’s car wasn’t all that big, and the only way we could all three sit up front was to really squish in together—which of course was part of the plan.

“Tight fit, but we can make it,” I said to Jenny as I slid in next to her, closed the door, and draped my arm around her shoulders since that was the only way we could all three fit.

Karen stood beside the driver’s side pretending to be fiddling with her keys until Jenny and I got set. Then she opened up her door and slid in. Her skirt slid up nicely on her upper thigh.

“Ummmmm, Karen,” I said, “Show us some leg there, baby!”

Karen giggled, then pulled her skirt up a little higher. She grinned and wriggled her eyebrows at us.

We all three giggled.

“But doesn’t Karen have beautiful legs?” I said to Jenny, reaching across the little girl with my right hand to cop a quick feel of Karen’s bronzed, muscular thigh.

“Y-y-y-yes, she sure does.” Jenny said.

“All the sports she does, I guess.” I resumed my previous position.

Karen put the car in gear and we zoomed out of the school parking lot.

Jenny put her hands on each of our thighs. “But I think both of you are so beautiful. I’m really flattered that you invited me to go with you guys. You’re two of the most popular girls in school, and I’m just a nobody.”

I patted her on the shoulder as she withdrew her hands from our legs. “You’re not a nobody any longer. At least not with us.”

“I’ll second that,” Karen said.

“I guess it’s just that I’m so small everybody treats me like I’m still in grade school or something. None of the boys ever talk to me, or even look at me—much less ask me out.”

“Well, fuck them!” Karen said.

“Wouldn’t you like to?” I ribbed Karen. And, that brought some giggles from Jenny. I was glad to see her get back on the cheerful track.

“What I mean,” Karen said, “Is that a lot of men—I mean grown men, not these turds we have in high school—really like little girls like you, Jenny. They think it’s a huge turn-on.”

“Really?” she said, a tone of optimism in her voice.

“Some women do too,” I shot back. And, we all giggled.

It really felt sexy, having the three of us crammed in the front. Because of the cramped space, our legs were pressed together—Jenny’s right thigh against my left, and Jenny’s left thigh against Karen’s right. With our super short minis it was flesh against flesh. The twisting and turning and stopping and going that Karen had to do to work our way through the traffic made our thighs jiggle, bounce, and rub against each others. That warm, sexy feeling of Jenny’s bare leg against mine—and knowing that Karen was feeling the same thing with Jenny’s other leg—kept me in a constant state of arousal.

“So, what do you guys usually do up at the cabin?” Jenny asked innocently.

“Oh,” Karen said, “there’s lots of nature trails. We can go hiking. There’s still snow on the ground up there so we can have snow ball fights, make snowmen or what ever. But the nice thing is there’s no neighbors nearby so we can turn the stereo up as loud as we want. It’s fun just to hang out and be girls, without any boys or anyone bothering us.”

“Sounds like fun,” Jenny said.

“Karen left out the best part,” I said.

“What’s that?”

“Karen knows where her parents hide their porn flicks.”

“Really? P-p-p-porn?” The little girl’s face suddenly turned bright red.

“Yeah,” I said. “Haven’t you ever seen any porn flicks before?”

“N-n-n-n-no. My parents have been pretty strict with me.”

“It’s lots of fun. Would you to like to watch some porn while we’re out there? No one will know what we do.” I felt my pussy getting wet talking to the little girl like this, and leading her on.

“G-g-g-g-gosh! I-I-I-I guess so, if you guys want to.”

“Of course, we do,” I said, “that’s part of the fun of going out there.”

We approached a red light. There was a huge semi stopped in the right lane. I alerted Karen and she pulled into the lane just to the left of the Semi—to make sure the driver got a good view down the open convertible.

“Watch this,” I said to Jenny.

Before we pulled even with the driver’s window, I hiked my skirt up to show my panties (it didn’t take much). Then I pulled my left tit out of my T-shirt sweater with my hard-on nipple sticking out.

Jenny’s eyes bugged out of her head when she saw my panties and erect nipple, but the fun was just about to begin.

Karen stopped the car, undid her seatbelt, then placing a hand on Jenny’s thigh to support her weight, she leaned across to lick my nipple. She flicked it a few times with her tongue, looking as nasty as she could, while I moaned “Oh, fuck yeah! Lick me, lick me, lick me!”

Then Karen plopped back into her seat and fastened her seat belt just as the light turned green. I stuck my tit back into bursa bayan escort my sweater—sort of—just barely enough to cover my nipple and stay legal.

Karen laid rubber and we tore out of there leaving the truck driver fumbling at his gear shift. All he could do was blow his big horn in frustration.

And the three of us giggled hysterically.

Jenny doubled over, placing a hand on each of our laps. “You guys are too much! That was awesome. I bet that guy will be jerking off to you for the next year.”

After more giggles and girl talk, we left the city and the stop lights behind us. Karen kept the car at a steady 60. The hum of the car on asphalt was rather hypnotic. We had all stopped talking. Jenny dozed off. Her head rested against the inside of my shoulder, her face pointed towards my cleavage. As she breathed, her sweet breathe caressed my breasts, keeping my nipples thoroughly aroused, then rolled into the space between my boobs and went down inside my shirt giving me goose bumps all over.

I looked over at Karen. She smiled and nodded.

We came up behind another car that was hardly moving. Karen touched the brake. The sudden shift of momentum caused Jenny’s head to slide forward across my breasts and her hand bounced from her own lap, onto my thigh. Her head was now resting directly on my bosom, and her mouth was only centimeters from my aching nipple.

Jenny’s shift in position also caused my hand to flop down off her shoulder down to her hip. I cuddled her like a child, loving the way the swell of her hip filled my hand. She smelled so sweet and clean. Her body snuggled up against mine, and her sweetness made me feel maternal towards her. I couldn’t resist kissing the top of her precious little head. But at the same time, my pussy was gurgling from the close contact.

Each breath she took now just totally electrified me. The warmth and wetness of her breath tingled my nearly exposed nipple. Her sweet child’s mouth oh so close to my aching nipple. Oh, God, Karen, I thought, please hit a bump or something so my nipple can “accidentally” slide into her mouth.

I wanted so bad to slip my hand between her legs and start sexing her, but I had to be careful. I think Jenny wanted it, but if Karen and I moved too fast it might freak her out and she might tell the school and our parents would find out and we could get into a lot of trouble. So, I had to resist my urges and just enjoy the closeness of her—and leave unanswered the rumbling of my horny pussy.

By the time we reached Payson, I was pretty well fried, and my panties really soaked. We stopped at the Burger King so we wouldn’t have to waste time on dinner (part of Karen’s and my plan), then picked up some supplies and went on out to the cabin.

Retrieving the supplies and our gear from the back of Karen’s car and putting them away gave Karen and I great opportunities to do a lot of bending over and flashing for Jenny. Jenny really seemed to enjoy it. She wasted no opportunities to stare at our butts when we bent over in front of her. Her face got red as a beat, and her ears turned purple, but she never looked away—even when we turned around and caught her looking.

We had everything put away except the light bulbs Karen had purchased for the cabin. “I’m going to need some help with this, guys. My folks put their light bulbs in he top cupboard above the kitchen sink.” She fixed the step ladder next to the sink.

“Jenny, can you give her a hand and hold the ladder for her while she climbs up?”

“Sure.” Jenny moved over to grasp the sides of the ladder with both hands as Karen started climbing up.

“Actually, this is going to take both of us,” I said moving up behind Jenny. “She has to go all the way up.

I grabbed the ladder about a foot higher than where Jenny’s hands were. I pressed my body against hers, resting my huge tits on the top of her shoulders, her neck wedged in my cleavage.

Jenny was, in effect, pinned between me and the ladder. She couldn’t escape if she wanted to. But I don’t think she wanted to.

The view up Karen’s short skirt was delightful. Her quim twitched and her muscular butt flexed and jiggled with each step she took up the ladder.

Jenny’s face and ears were just burning. I could feel her heat on my boobs as she stared avidly up Karen’s skirt.

Karen reached one foot over on to the countertop to help support her weight as she put the light bulbs in the cupboard. This spread her legs open right above us.

“God, Karen,” I said. “You look so damn pornographic standing like that right above our faces. Who needs porno flicks when we have you?”

“You really like that don’t you?” Karen teased back.

“Damn right. I could stand here all day just looking up your skirt—if only I had someone to eat me out while I’m looking.” As I said that, I rubbed my tits back and forth across Jenny’s neck making sure my nipples flicked strongly on her.

“Ummmmmm, naughty, naughty, naughty!” Karen said teasingly.

“Doesn’t bursa ucuz escort that look sexy,” I whispered to Jenny, “looking up Karen’s skirt like this?”


“I mean, my God,” I said, moving my nipples back and forth across Jenny’s neck, “we can see all the way up to her panties.”

“S-s-s-sexy,” she gulped.

“And, she knows we’re liking this too,” I said, “see how wet her panties are getting. She’s really getting turned on by us looking up her skirt.”

“G-g-g-gosh!” Jenny stammered. Her knuckles turned white from gripping the ladder so tight. Her face was bright purple—but her eyes were glued to Karen’s panties.

“Watching her get all wet from us looking at her is making me all horny too.” I moved my thighs against Jenny’s butt.

“Y-y-y-yeah?” Jenny started squirming involuntarily. Her ass moving back and forth against my thigh really drove me wild.

“Here I come, ready or not,” Karen said as she descended the ladder.

I kept Jenny pinned between me and the ladder so as Karen descended, her calves rubbed against Jenny’s arms and face.

Jenny nuzzled her cheek against Karen’s lower leg.

“That’s a good girl,” I said to Jenny. “Feel how smooth and sexy Karen’s skin is.”

Being taller than Jenny, I leaned forward, pressing my boobs around her neck, and licked the back of Karen’s knee, and then the back of her thigh as she continued her descent. “Ummmmm, so sexy,” I said.

Jenny nuzzled her face against the inside of Karen’s thigh.

“And here come her panties.” I nuzzled my face up under her skirt and made a loud kissing sound on her panty-covered ass.

Jenny’s ass moved spastically against my thighs as Karen’s butt came closer to her face.

“Oh, my God, Jenny, see how wet we’ve made her now. Her panties are so soaked we can see her slit and count her cunt hairs.”

“G-g-g-g-gosh . . . .Jenny’s muffled cry vibrated the smooth skin of Karen’s upper thigh.

As I rubbed my hard-on nipples against the back of Jenny’s neck, I whispered hotly into her little ear, so bright red and full of shock.

Oh, Jenny, Jenny, Jenny, So sexy, sexy, sexy, Karen’s smooth thighs, Against your sweet face rubbing, Oh, Jenny, Jenny, Jenny, So sexy, sexy, sexy, Karen’s wet panties On your sweet face touching,

So naughty, naughty, naughty, Panties, wet, silk panties, Karen’s firm ass, Your face loving, Oh Jenny, Jenny, Jenny, Nose under skirt, So naughty, naughty, naughty, Your hot face, Karen’s butt rubbing, Panties, panties, panties, On your titties touching, Karen’s sexy ass, Your nipples rubbing, Naughty, naughty, naughty Hot, my pussy mine, running.”

As Karen came down the ladder lower, sliding her legs and ass down Jenny’s body, Jenny and I finally let go of the ladder.

Karen stepped off the last rung and turned around to face me.

“God, that was hot!” I said grabbing Karen in an embrace. She grabbed my face and crammed her tongue down my mouth. Jenny was trapped between us as we made out, our bodies squishing her. I rubbed my cunt against Jenny’s back, and Karen rubbed hers against Jenny’s tummy. Jenny’s neck was squished between by huge tits, and her face was buried in Karen’s tits.

Jenny put her arms around Karen, not knowing what else to do. Her little body trembled all over, shaking against ours. I felt her desperate need down to the tips of my toes.

“Maybe we all better go sit on the couch,” I suggested. I led Jenny by hand into the living room while Karen put up the ladder.

We sat down on the couch and I put my arm around her. She snuggled up next to me, still trembling like a new born birdling. I inhaled her sweetness and kissed the top of her head. She rested her hand on my thigh. As I kissed the top of her head, I caressed her cheek with my free hand. Then I turned her face up towards mine. I kissed her forehead. She sighed. I trailed kisses down both sides of her face. Her breathing came in short, quick gasps. I kissed the tip of her nose, then flicked it a couple of times with my tongue. She smiled. I touched my lips against hers, feeling her smile go all through me. I inhaled her sweet breath. Her hand came up to caress my face. As we kissed, I teased her lips with my tongue. She moaned into my mouth. My hand behind her head, I pulled our faces harder together. I pressed my tongue against her puckered lips, urgently knocking on the door. She parted. I entered. As my tongue explored the inside of her mouth, and wrestled with her tongue, my hand slid down the side of her face, her neck, her chest. I pressed my palm against her tiny breast, feeling her hard nub of a nipple sexing the center of my palm. She moaned deeply in my mouth, and tried to press her body more strongly into mine. I moved my hand around on her breast, my palm making her nipple roll around. Her hand came up to fondle my tit. Trembling, her fingers toyed with my erect nipple poking out my sweater.

Our two tongues, our sexy, smooth, jewelry-free tongues, slithered in and out of each other’s mouths like liquid silk, so sexy, so fine.

Karen came in and sat on the other side of Jenny, pressing up against her real close. I broke off our kiss. Still holding Jenny in my arms and toying my palm around her nipple, I said. “Wasn’t that so very sexy the way Karen let us look up her skirt when she was on the ladder?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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