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A long weekend was coming and my wife was going to be out of town visiting some friends. I love my wife dearly but I was certainly looking forward to some alone time with zero chores or responsibilities. In fact, I even made plans to meet some buddies at a bar on Saturday morning for a marathon drinking and football watching day.

Before heading to the office Friday, I drove my wife to the airport to catch her morning flight. As we were saying our goodbyes, she tells me that her sister Tracy needs my help with a couple things around her house and she would appreciate it if I could go this weekend. I was crushed that she would ask me to do something during my weekend of nothing, but I let it slide and promised I would go to her sister’s house.

On my way into the office, I started thinking of how I could plan this so the interruption to my weekend would be minimal. I couldn’t go on Saturday because of the bar event and Sunday was out because I was sure I would be hung-over. I had Monday off but have to pick my wife up at the airport in the late morning and didn’t want to catch flak for having not gone to Tracy’s house yet. I decided my only alternative was to go today. I would work a half day at my office and then skip out early to head to Tracy’s.

I called Tracy when I got to my office and got a list of things that needed to be done and the code to her garage so I could get in. She was going to be working until 4:30 and would be home to help me by 5:00.

Things were slow at my office because it wsa the Friday before a three day weekend so leaving at noon was not a problem. I stopped by my condo and picked up a change of clothes as it sounded like some of the projects might leave me dirty or sweaty. My wife and I live in the city but Tracy live in the suburbs. Luckily, traffic was light heading to her house and I arrived about an hour later.

Tracy’s place is a small three bedroom ranch style home in a quiet town. She bought the place a few months ago after ending a long-term relationship with her boyfriend of 10 years. Tracy is 38 and a hottie. My wife and I could never understand why she stayed with her ex so long when he treated her so poorly and it was clear he was never going to marry her. Since the break-up, Tracy has gotten closer to my wife and me and has spent many weekends partying with us in the city. It is not uncommon for her to spend a Friday or Saturday night at our place after we all go bar hopping together. Tracy is 5’7″ and probably 110 pounds. She works as a manager in a health club so she stays in very good shape. She has long blonde hair and solid B cup breasts. I have told my wife many times how I would like to see her sister naked which usually results in a glaring stare or a punch in the arm.

I entered Tracy’s house through the garage which comes into a laundry room. As I was taking off my shoes and coat, I noticed a basket of laundry sitting on the washer. Curiosity got the better of me and I decided to take a peek. Upon further inspection, I discovered that this was dirty laundry that Tracy had not yet washed and it all seemed to be bras and underwear. I never knew a girl could have so many panties. There must have been 30 pairs in the basket. The majority of which were very small string thongs of varying color and pattern. Inspecting the thongs and picturing Tracy wearing them really got my juices going but I was able to pull myself away and look at the list of things that needed to be done.

There were a number of things to do and I needed to get started if I was going to finish tonight. Some of them I could do on my own but others would require two pairs of hands and I would need to wait for Tracy to come home to complete those. I worked on a variety of things for the next couple hours and decided to take a break and grab a drink from the refrigerator. When I opened the refrigerator, I discovered that Tracy doesn’t limit her drinking and partying to just her trips to the city. While she didn’t have much food, she had a lot of alcohol to choose from. There must have been two cases of beer, a few bottles of half finished wine, and several different hard liquors. When I opened the freezer, I got the biggest surprise yet. Behind a bottle of vodka I found a bag of weed and a one hitter. I was shocked and had no idea Tracy smoked pot. I had no problem with it and had gotten baked a few times in college but not since. I was suddenly starting to see Tracy in a new light.

After regaining my composure, I checked my list to see what was left. Looks like she was having trouble with her ceiling fan in her bedroom. I wasn’t sure if I could fix it without her help but thought I would check it out. I set the ladder up in the bedroom and started to climb towards the fan. I stopped when I noticed a blue and white tube sitting on the night stand next to her bed. I instantly recognized the tube as KY and wondered why that was out. I walked over to the nightstand for further inspection. The drawer was open a couple inches and I caught a glimpse of something shiny. I opened the drawer and found a stainless steel 7″ vibrator. As I picked it up, I czech first video porno noticed it was a little sticky and I wondered if that was from the KY or her juices. I put the toy to my nose and smelled the sweet aroma. This made me instantly hard and I had trouble concentrating on the list of task I needed to finish.

Just as I started thinking about rubbing one out, I heard a car door shut. Realizing that Tracy was probably home early, I threw the KY and vibrator into her nightstand drawer and quickly climbed back up the ladder. I heard Tracy come in the garage a minute later and could hear her heels crossing the tile floor. Tracy came into her bedroom and found me working on the fan. She said that her health club had closed early because of the snow and she had gotten to leave. I had been so busy that I did not even realize it had started snowing. I came down off the ladder and looked outside and was amazed to see that 2 inches of the white stuff was already on the ground. This worried me as I have a rear wheel drive sports car and hadn’t put the snow tires on yet. Tracy asked if I should leave now to head home but I told her I would wait until it stopped and the snow plows had a chance to clear the roads. She agreed this was a good idea and said we could order dinner in if the snow continued.

We chatted for a few more minutes and discussed what still needed to be done from my list. Tracy wanted to change and then would be able to help me with the few remaining projects. I offered to leave the room but she said she would just go into her bathroom to change. As I continued to work on the fan, Tracy gathered some clothes from her dresser and headed into the bathroom. When she closed the bathroom door, it failed to latch and crept back open a couple inches. From my vantage point on the ladder, I could see over the top of the door and into the mirror above the bathroom sink. As I watched, Tracy unknowingly gave me quite a show. First to come off was her tight black top followed by her lacy black bra. Next she sat on the edge of the tub to unzip and remove her long black boots revealing her bare legs. When she stood, all Tracy was wearing was her black mini skirt. I watched as she checked herself out in the mirror and ran her hands over her beautiful breasts. After a few moments, she reached to her side and unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor. The sight was beautiful. Tracy stood there gazing into the mirror wearing nothing but a very small thong. I nearly fell off the ladder with excitement. The show didn’t last too long though as she then put on the shirt and running tights she had brought into the bathroom.

I finished with the fan just as Tracy was coming out of the restroom. As I was putting the ladder back into the garage, Tracy asked me if I wanted a beer. I accepted and she grabbed one for herself as well. We spent the next two hours finishing the small tasks left on the list and drinking a few more beers.

I would occasionally check the weather and I swear that it was snowing harder each time I looked. I was starting to wonder if I was going to get home at all tonight.

After resting for a few minutes, we decided to shovel the driveway. We both put on our shoes and coats and headed outside. I couldn’t believe how much snow had fallen and it was still coming down. Since Tracy only had one shovel, we took turns scooping. Tracy suggested I not risk driving home and spend the night at her house. I was depressed at the thought of missing or being late for my guys’ day the following morning but was also excited about the possibilities of spending the night alone with her. When I agreed, she got a big smile on her face and said that since I was staying, we should get loaded. Given what I had seen in her fridge and freezer earlier in the day, I guess I wasn’t surprised by the suggestion. I proposed a game where the person not shoveling had to take a drink of beer each time the other person threw snow. Tracy thought it sounded fun and ran back in the house to load us up on beers. She brought out a 12 pack and a bottle of Southern Comfort. When I inquired about the bottle, she said that each time we switched, the person that was finishing shoveling would do a shot.

We spent the next 30 minutes swigging beers and chugging shots and were both feeling pretty buzzed by the time the driveway was clear. Just as I finished and turned to take the shovel to the garage, Tracy hit me square in the face with a snowball. She thought this was hilarious and fell down because she was laughing so hard. Being a good sport, I smiled but was determined to get revenge. As Tracy started to get up, I lightly tackled her back into the snow. The laughing started up again as the two of us rolled around in the white powder. As we threw heaps of snow on one another, I couldn’t get the images from Tracy’s trip to the bathroom out of my head. I was distracted as Tracy flung herself on me and pinned me in the snow. She leaned down and our faces were just inches apart. We were laughing like school children and there was a moment that I thought czech gangbang porno we might kiss. I think Tracy felt it at the same time and we both regained our sanity.

As we got off the ground and brushed one another off, we decided to go in the house and order a pizza. Tracy said she would call for the pizza if I would mix her a Jack and Coke. I did so and joined her on the couch after she hung-up the phone. We chatted and watched TV while we waited for the pizza to arrive. In that time, Tracy had finished her drink and I had made another that was almost gone by the time the pizza arrived. She was seeming more and more drunk and was starting to slur her words. I paid for the pizza and brought it to the table where Tracy was sitting with a fresh beer for both of us. I warned her that switching back and forth between the hard stuff and beer wasn’t going to help her hang-over but she didn’t seem to care.

Just as we got ready to take our first bites, the lights went off and the house went completely dark. We didn’t think much of it at first assuming they would be back on shortly. After about 10 minutes, we started to be a little concerned. Tracy got a flashlight and candles from the kitchen and I got a battery operated radio from a spare bedroom. As we ate by candle light, we flipped around the radio trying to get details on the power outage. We finally found a news channel that was reporting that there was a fire at a transformer in the neighboring town and that pretty much the whole county was in the dark. Understanding we might be out of power for a while, I went to the garage and grabbed a cooler and loaded it with ice and beer. You have to have your priorities.

The snow was still coming down and we were starting to wonder how long we might be without heat. We tuned the radio to a music channel and agreed that our decision to get loaded was a good one.

A couple drinks later, neither of us was very sober and Tracy was singing along to every song that came on the radio. A slow song came on and Tracy said she wanted to dance with me. I complied and stood from the couch. We moved the coffee table out of the way and Tracy sort of fell into my arms. I held her up while we danced and she mumbled the words to the song. In the candle light, I was catching glimpses of Tracy’s face. She seemed very drunk and her eyes had a vacant stare. During our conversations the topic occasionally touched on the subject of her past relationship. I had known that Tracy had gone on some dates since the breakup and inquired about those guys. She told me that none were of interest although she wished she would have slept with one or two as she hadn’t been intimate with anyone since her ex. Looking into her eyes now, I would have loved to have known what she was thinking about our current situation. I let my hands roam around her back and flirt around the top of her waist. Getting braver, I let my handsslide down over her ass to see what kind of reaction I would get. Her eyes widened, she put her head on my shoulder and let a small moan. I took this as a good sign and continued to explore her backside. Not getting any objections, I was starting to wonder how far I could push this when a commercial came on the radio and broke the mood. We continued our embrace for a moment longer but then both sat back down on the couch.

We were silent for the next couple minutes before Tracy seemed to get a second wind. She sat upright and asked me if I ever smoke pot. I played dumb since I knew what she had in her freezer and replied that I had in college but not since. She told me she had also not smoked since college but had some weed in her freezer that a friend had left on a previous weekend. I told her I was game if she was.

Tracy came back to the couch moments later with the bag of weed, the one hitter, and a lighter. I loaded the one hitter and handed it to her for the first hit. She took a big drag and held it in pretty well. Wanting to see how this night was going to play out and be able to remember it in the morning; I gave the appearance of a big hit but actually didn’t inhale very much. We passed one hitter back and forth until it was empty. I thought about reloading it but when I looked at Tracy, she seemed completely gone.

When I looked at the bag of pot again, I noticed it had an “X” written on the outside. I asked Tracy about it and she said her friend told her it was special pot. It dawned on me then that it was probably laced with ecstasy. I was suddenly very happy that I hadn’t really smoked any but I was curious how it would affect Tracy. I didn’t offer her my theory as I didn’t want her to get paranoid.

Tracy was sitting sideways on the couch and had her feet resting in my lap. I removed her socks and began rubbing her bare feet. She really seemed to like this and tilted her hear back and moaned. I continued rubbing and moved from the foot on up her legs. Again, getting no objections, I continued rubbing up to her inner thighs. Her legs spread further apart and I let my hands “accidentally” brush over her pussy. When this brazzers porno happened, I would got a louder moan.

Again, taking this as encouragement, I continued on. I moved my hands over her hips and hooked my thumbs into the waist of her pants. Understanding what I was doing, Tracy lifted her ass of the couch allowing me to slide the pants down her legs and past her feet. Her head was still laying back on a pillow and her eyes were closed. I ran my hands over her now bare legs and hips and stared at her small thong. I was trying to work up the courage to see if I could get that off as well. Just as I was starting to reach for it, Tracy sat up quickly and stared at me with a very serious look. Fearing that she had suddenly sobered and that I was about to be in big trouble, I stayed silent. Just as quickly, she moved towards me and drove her tongue into my mouth. As we kissed, Tracy’s hands were tugging at my shirt and pants. I managed to pull her shirt over her head and she got mine unbuttoned and my pants around my knees. I was reaching for her thong when she mumbled that we should move to her bed.

I stood and kicked off my pants. I picked Tracy up off the couch and carried her into the hallway. We continued our mouth embrace as I headed to her room. I nearly ran into two walls on the way. Finally making it to the bedroom, I laid Tracy on her bed but before I could join her, she rolled to her stomach and reached for my cock. She pulled down my boxers while pulling me towards her. The next thing I knew, her hot mouth was surrounding my rock hard cock. I reached down behind her and pulled her panties off. I ran my hands over her ass and fingered her wet pussy. I drove two fingers in and out until she was moaning so much that my cock came out of her mouth.

Tracy whispered that she was close and wanted me inside her when she came. She laid back on her bed and I kneeled on the edge. This was the first time I had seen her pussy and it was beautiful. She has a small patch of blonde hair leading to pink lips and a dripping wet gash. As I took in the view, Tracy began fingering her clit. She again told me she was close and wanted me to fuck her. I drove my dick deep inside her in one fluid motion. Tracy arched her back and threw her hands over her head. I put her left tit in my mouth and flicked the nipple with my tongue. I drove me cock in and out at a furious pace. Tracy’s body tensed and I could tell she was on the edge. Her moans became screams and her head and back levitated off the bed. Her legs wrapped around my ass and she rode me harder and harder. Suddenly her arms and legs started thrashing over the bed and she yelled “yes, yes” over and over. Since I had just entered her, I was not ready to cum so I continued to pump her. A full minute later, Tracy’s spasms started to calm down. I could still fell her hot pussy pulsing on my cock but she was laying very still and her breathing was back to normal. I slowed my pace to allow her to catch her breath but I did not withdraw. Noticing she wasn’t moving much, and asked her if everything was OK. She mumbled something unintelligible and I realized she was passed out. I shook her and called her name but got no further response.

Since I had not yet cum, I was not ready to stop. I decided to pull out and to see if I could wake her up. Standing at the end of the bed, I shook her once more and called her name again. No response. I pulled on her arms and put her in a sitting position. Her head lulled to one side and her lips parted slightly. Feeling like I was probably safe doing anything I wanted, I decided to go ahead and have my way with Tracy’s passed out body. While she was sitting, I took her head and rested it against my stomach. Her lips were just above me erect penis and I could feel her warm breath on my shaft. I moved her head down further and drove my penis into her mouth. With my hands on her ears, I moved Tracy’s head up and down over my cock.

After a few minutes of this, I laid Tracy back on the bed but on her side this time. With her legs laying one on top of the other, I could get a slight glance of her pussy lips. I couldn’t resist tasting her so I spread her legs apart and buried my face between them. She tasted incredible. She was fresh and sweet. As I drove my tongue in and out of her gash and put pressure on her clit, I noticed Tracy hips starting to rise and fall with my rhythm. This was getting me even hotter and closer to cuming. I decided to see if I could get her to cum while asleep and with me inside her. I laid on my side behind Tracy and draped her top leg over mine. I drove my prick deep into her very wet pussy. At the same time, I found and rubbed her clit. As before, her hips followed along. This time, I could hear a low moan coming from Tracy’s throat. As I continued to fuck her, I said her name to see if I could wake her. Her only response was the moaning, she was fast asleep. I kept pumping in and out, faster and faster while rubbing her clitoris. Finally, just before I thought I was going to burst, Tracy’s body tensed and I could feel the oncoming orgasm. Like the first time, every muscle in her body contracted, her breathing became rapid, and cum flowed out of her pussy. She was so wet I was worried about sliding out of her. As she came, I felt me own orgasm quickly approaching. I buried m head into her back while groping her tits with my free hand. I couldn’t hold back any longer and blew a huge load deep into her pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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