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Soccer Moms — Chapter 13

[Author’s Notes: 1) any underage characters in this will neither, have, see nor even hear any sexual activity; 2) this is a work of fiction and so certain aspects of this story relating to college soccer and online rendezvous are not completely accurate but they advance the storyline. Please try to look past that to the more important aspects of the story; and 3) there is a huge plot twist here. If you love it or hate it, I would rather you e-mail me directly so we can have a give and take rather than just a one-sided comment. And if you don’t like the writing, I understand. I am not Hemingway or Steinbeck. I know some people have hated it, but I liked it. And I shared it just in case anyone else likes it too.]

The next day as they began their car ride/mini vacation back home, Carol went on her phone to send the Friend Request to Jessica. Carol and Paul spent a lot of time driving over the next three days, taking in the sights along the way. However, the predominant topic of discussion was how well things how gone with Jessica and whether or not they wanted to continue on this journey. Both Carol and Paul agreed that they did.

As soon as Carol got home she saw that her friend request to Jessica had been accepted. A flurry of messages went back and forth between Carol and Jessica about how much fun they had had and how much they had come to enjoy each other’s company and how they definitely wanted to stay in touch.

From the first night of the drive home the sex between Carol and Paul had been electric. Paul had been really proud of the fact that he had cum three times that night. It made him feel virile and strong and it was showing in his love-making. It had not become animalistic or overpowering, but it was more assertive. He was thrusting harder and faster during intercourse. It just seemed to Carol to be an overall confidence in his sexual prowess that was upping his game. And she was happy at the change.

Carol had been concerned for a while that the exploration of her bisexuality was leaving Paul to feel as if he wasn’t a good enough lover for her. Carol did not feel that way and she had certainly conveyed to Paul how much she felt their sexual activities had improved during this time. She reminded him of how much they now did together that they had never done before or at least not in many years.

Carol and Paul set about to have their next adventure together. Carol was sure that Jessica was a stroke of luck. She doubted she would be able to connect with someone as quickly and easily as she did the young grad student. And while she wasn’t expecting that she would get along so well with everyone they would encounter, Carol did want there to be to something more than just sex.

However, the idea of asking one of their friends to have this experience was a little scary. While Carol was not ashamed about what they were doing, she still wanted to keep it as a private thing. Broaching the subject with the wrong person could lead to problems she just was not ready to deal with at this stage in their entry into this brave new world.

Both Carol and Paul had decided that they wanted this next step to be swapping with another couple. So they went back to the websites and began looking through the profiles to see if any couple piqued their interest.

One profile that really jumped out at her was William and Mandy Henderson. First, they lived in the next county over. Not so close that they would know the same people but close enough that get together would be easier to arrange.

The Hendersons had two children, a daughter the age of Carol and Paul’s middle daughter Brianna and a son who was a junior in college. Apparently, their daughter, Carla also played lacrosse for their local high school. It dawned on Carol that they had probably been on the same field a few times although they would have been on different sides. She imagined standing next to each other in line at the snack stand not realizing they might meet these many years in the future. It was serendipity.

Mandy was adorable. She had a round, pleasant face and short dark hair and deep blue eyes. She was short, Carol guessed about five foot (5′ 2″ in her stocking feet Mandy would tell her later). She probably weighed more than a Doctor would say was healthy, but Carol had had her own body image issues growing up and she certainly was not going to judge anyone else in the way she always felt she had been judged.

But in truth, the thing that most intrigued Carol was the size of William’s penis. It was very large. Porn star large. One of the profile pictures had been the couple standing on a beach, naked. William was not in any state of aroused, but even flaccid, his cock was long and thick. And Mandy was very short. Carol wondered how such a small woman could handle such a large member. So Carol sent an initial e-mail to start a conversation to see where things might lead.

Carol first reply was a phone Hd Porno call from Mandy. Initially Carol was very nervous when Mandy first introduced herself. The reality of where this phone call could be leading really hit home to Carol. However, when she had spent some time on the phone with Mandy, Carol felt very much at ease.

Mandy even mentioned how she had noticed that Brianna and Mandy’s daughter Carla must have been on opposing sides of some lacrosse games all those years ago and that Mandy and Carol may have run into each other with the girls playing lacrosse at competing schools. Carol mentioned her thoughts about the snack stand and Mandy said she had basically the same idea except hers was they maybe they had parked next to each other in the parking lot.

Eventually the conversation got around to why they were on the website looking for like-minded couples. For Mandy and Bill (Mandy said although they used his full name in the profile, he preferred to just be called Bill) they too were empty nesters and had begun swinging about two years ago.

Mandy recalled that she had never enjoyed sex so much as that first night with another couple. It had been the first man other than Bill that she had been with and it was the first time she had been intimate with a woman. That night had been a revelation and had changed her life forever. Even the sex with Bill was better after that night.

Mandy admitted that she had a bit of a weight issue and had never felt sexy. But that night having these veritable strangers want to be with her and desiring her, it made her feel sexy. Over the almost two years since that night, she had made some efforts at more exercise and she no longer felt worried or inhibited by her body and she was free to enjoy herself and have others enjoy her. And she was free to enjoy others as well.

Carol had been bigger than most girls. But she was an athlete and carried it well. And she loved playing soccer so she never minded that her body was how it was. She saw the Cheerleaders and she saw the boys chase after the cheerleaders. When no one chased after her, that hadn’t felt good. But she was who she was and if being able to play soccer meant that the boys would chase the cheerleader and not her, then so be it. “In fact, the boys probably wouldn’t be able to catch me because I’m faster than them.” she often thought when she was younger.

Paul had always told Carol that she was pretty, but that was Paul. They were soulmates. Of course he said it. But now other people were saying it. And she was starting to believe it and it felt good. And Mandy was pretty too, even if she wasn’t a cheerleader type.

Carol and Mandy agreed that they would share their respective profiles with their husbands and see what they thought about getting together at some point. They agreed to get back in touch with each other in a few days and see where things stood.

When Carol showed the profile picture to Paul, he seemed a little less enthused about the whole idea. He was not overly impressed with Mandy and while he never said it, Carol thought he was a bit intimidated by Bill or more precisely Bill’s penis. Carol countered with a proposal, “Let’s set something up like we had with Jessica. We’ll agree to just meet and have lunch and get to know each other. No commitment to anything and see how it goes after meeting them in person and talking to them.

Paul had been eager to take this next step and swap with another couple. He had been pushing this idea more so than Carol. And while she was a willing partner, it would seem somehow unfair for him to put the kibosh on this couple without at least speaking with them. So he would go and keep an open mind, but he was not optimistic about the prospects of Carol and he having their first swing.

As the date got closer it was actually Carol who was starting to have second thoughts. This would be the first time a man other than Paul had been inside her. And Bill’s penis was bigger even than Megan’s strap-on. Still, the couple of conversations she had with Mandy had gone so well and she was sure Mandy would think she was the reason if the get together was called off. Carol did not want to do that to her either. So she proceeded with the planning and eventually the two couples had found a date and a place where they could meet and see what, if anything happened. They would stay at the same hotel but not with adjoining rooms. If things did not go past lunch, Carol and Mandy thought adjoining rooms could be awkward.

As they got to the restaurant, Paul reminded Carol that nothing was promised beyond lunch and that if either of them were not sure about this, they could just go home and forget the hotel. Carol reminded him that Mandy and Bill could think the same thing and even if Paul wanted to take this further maybe they wouldn’t. He hadn’t really thought of that, and it humbled him a bit.

Carol saw Mandy and went over to her. They gave Türkçe Altyazılı Porno each other a big hug, Carol a head taller. Mandy had obviously been continuing to work on her exercise regimine and she looked much slimmer than in her profile picture. Paul realized he had been too quick to judge Mandy based on that picture. It was not as if he was Robert Redford. And Mandy in person was pretty in her own way. Not as pretty as Carol, but in his mind it was pretty tough for anyone to equal Carol.

Carol also noticed how Mandy looked compared to her profile picture. She wanted to say something nice without making too much about weight in general. “Mandy, you look even prettier in person.”

“Thank you, Carol. You both look as good as your pictures.”

Bill stepped over and shook Paul’s hand and gave Carol a hug as well. He said “Don’t worry though, I’m still as big as I was in the picture.” Carol and Paul gave nervous little laughs hoping that Bill had been trying to be funny.

Since the women had already spent some time getting to know each other, they spent much of the meal asking each of the respective spouses about themselves. Mandy was quick-witted and engaging and Paul quickly forgot about any reservations he had had from Mandy’s picture.

In contrast Bill seemed a bit cocky to Carol. She realized that she had not meant to think of it as a pun, but maybe it had come closer to the mark than she had intended. The line between confident and arrogant can get blurred if you’re not careful. However, Mandy was handling most of the conversation for the Hendersons and she was beguiling. She really made the afternoon a wonderful time. Carol and Mandy excused themselves to go to the ladies’ room and left the guys to finish off their drinks as it was now decision time.

When they got into the ladies’ room Mandy quickly turned to Carol and said “So?”

“Mandy I’ve had a wonderful time this afternoon…” Carol was surprised that as she was talking Mandy’s eyes suddenly looked horrified. At first Carol was unsure why but she continued “…and I have to check with Paul but I would say the only question is are you guys coming to our room or are we coming to yours.”

Mandy’s eyes quickly turned to joy and Carol realized that Mandy was thinking Carol was about to give her the brush off when it was just the opposite. “Oh Carol, that sounds wonderful. I thought we were all hitting it off. But not everyone gets Bill. I’ve known him for so long and he is a wonderful man and has always been so good to me, but he doesn’t always make the best first impression. I thought for a minute you were having second thoughts”

Mandy stepped closer to Carol and took Carol’s hands in hers. Carol looked down and smiled at Mandy. “I certainly am ready to go back and spend more time with the two of you. And how could Paul not be enthralled with you?” Mandy smiled back up at Carol who leaned her head to give Mandy a kiss. Mandy returned it with vigor and they made out briefly but intensely right there in the bathroom.

Carol broke the kiss and said “Okay, let’s get out there before the boys screw this up.” They both laughed all the way back to the table.

Paul said “You two seem to be very happy. What’s up?”

Carol said “Well, if it’s okay with you, I’ve invited Mandy and Bill to come back to our room when we get back to the hotel. Mandy said ‘Yes’ if Bill is also in agreement.” Carol now turned her eyes to Bill and looked at him for an answer.

Bill said “Hell yeah.” and they left the restaurant and went back to the hotel.

Each couple drove back and parked by their own rooms. The Hendersons went and dropped of some things at their room and then came down to the Rogers’ room. Paul had put a bottle of champagne on ice just in case before they had left for the restaurant, so it was ready when Mandy and Bill arrived. He poured out four glasses and they toasted to new friends and fun times.

Mandy broke the ice by saying “I have a little confession to make. While we were in the ladies’ room, Carol and I spent a little time making out. We had to cut it short to come and get you guys, but I would like to get back to that a little before we do anything else.” Carol looked over at Paul to gauge his reaction to this. He simply nodded his head. When Carol went to turn back, Mandy was already there.

Mandy put her hands on either side of Carol’s face and pulled her down for a kiss. While the kiss in the bathroom had been quick, this was not. When Carol felt Mandy’s tongue brush against her lips, she immediately opened her mouth to let it come in and join with her own tongue. Their tongues touched and felt and explored each other.

Carol felt one of Mandy’s hands leave her cheek and it began caressing her breasts. Mandy’s hand, like her tongue, wasn’t just in contact with Carol, it was exploring her. Her touch was gentle yet probing at the same time. Carol did not Brazzers know how to reconcile these opposite feelings coming from the same action. So she stopped trying to understand it and just let herself experience it.

Carol lowered her own hands and began to fondle Mandy’s breasts as well. They were big and somewhat saggy, but Carol appreciated the softness of them. And as she found Mandy’s nipples and began to stimulate them, Mandy moaned into her mouth.

Carol was not sure what was all happening. She had not been prepared for things to start so quick. But it was as if Mandy’s kiss had flipped a switch and she was immediately and intensely in the moment. Mandy’s kisses were wonderful. She was feeling weak in her knees and so she led Mandy over to the bed. The women sat on the edge of the bed, never having broke their lip lock.

Carol was absolutely reveling in the sensations running through her body when she realized that someone had sat behind her at the very corner of the bed. Her mind was so intent on the feelings coming from in front, she really did not know or care who it was. Whomever it was, they grabbed her shirt and pulled it up over her head. As her blouse came up to her face, she was compelled to break the kiss. Her lips were free of the fabric, she sought out Mandy again and they continued to kiss each other.

Next Carol felt her bra being unhooked and pulled away. Suddenly the kiss stopped as Mandy pulled away. Carol opened her eyes desperate to see why but she saw below her the top of Mandy’s head as she felt Mandy’s lips close around one of her nipples. “OH GOD!” shouted Carol as Mandy’s lips pursed as she sucked the nub into her mouth and flicked at it with her tongue. “Oh Mandy, this is incredible OOOOHHHHH!!” Carol’s body was suddenly awash in a sea of pleasure.

Carol felt Mandy pull away from her and she felt another hand reaching around her from behind and playing with one of her nipples. A voice said into her ear “Are you ready for the big time now Carol?” She nodded her head realizing that it was Bill behind her playing with her breasts.

Carol was laid down on the bed and then she felt Bill take hold of her ankles. Her legs were spread wide and then she felt something at the entrance to her vagina. She could not tell for sure what it was as it was touching a good portion of her nether lips. When she looked down she saw Bill’s porn star penis ready to enter her.

Carol stopped him and reached over to the nightstand next to the bed. She and Paul had put a few condoms in that draw next to the present left by the Gideons just in case things did go well. Bill seemed a little disappointed as Carol unwrapped it and then put it on. Carol was amazed at how long it took her to roll it all the way down Bill’s hardening cock.

Once again Carol felt the very large head of this very large cock at her entrance, only now she recognized the feel of latex as well. Then she felt the intrusion.

Bill had just pushed his cock into her. She had been so wet from Mandy’s kiss and the excitement of this all, that Bill’s sudden entry did not cause her intense pain. There was however some discomfort as the sheer length of it meant the head of his penis was currently touching parts of Carol’s vagina that had never been touched by a penis before.

Also, Bill’s girth was stretching her beyond anything that had since Katie was born. When he started to feel stronger resistance, Bill stopped pushing in and allowed Carol to get used to his being inside. “Paul would have made sure I was ready first. At least I made him wear the condom.” thought Carol.

Bill always found this to be his favorite part of these encounters. The women had never experienced a cock like his and so he would do them the favor of holding off a bit to let them get used to his immense size. Carol was starting to get used to the presence of this monster inside her. The walls of her vagina relaxed a bit and the feelings inside had reduced to a feeling of pressure rather than discomfort.

Bill started to withdraw his massive pole and then stopped and began reinserting it. This time when her felt the resistance, he pushed through it to get a little more of himself inside this hot redhead. The pressure turned to pain again briefly, but it was much shorter and Carol’s insides adjusted much quicker.

Finally she felt his balls slap against her ass. She had taken his entire length and once again Bill stopped moving. Carol felt as if he was admiring his handiwork as his eyes were at her crotch. Bill started to pull back out and began pounding his cock into her now that it would accommodate him.

Throughout the entire next five minutes, Carol watched as Bill never looked anywhere but at her crotch watching his cock go in and out of her. She was very full. And she had to admit that there was something very pleasurable about the feeling. She had never felt a cock this big inside her and as Bill pounded away, it was a uniquely pleasurable feeling. But at the same time, she knew she was not working toward a climax. There was nothing else but the feeling of being full. Granted, it was a great feeling, but Bill never looked at her, never seemed to care how he was using his giant tool except just to watch himself work.

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