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I stand behind you as you are bathed in the silvery light of the full moon shining through the full windows of the bedroom. The house is silent as we are all alone. You are standing before me in all your naked glory and I am also naked. The air is comfortably warm as I start to trace my fingertips slowly from the back of your neck down the slightly rising knobs of your spine.

As I pass over each of the raised vertebrae, she shiver softly as if a small stroke of electricity has passed through your body. As agreed at the outset, we will not say a word for as long as possible and you are trying to steady yourself against the feelings you know are to soon overwhelm you.

As my fingers glide lower, they find the warm crevice between your ass cheeks and slowly insinuate themselves into that secret pale. Then, flowing outwards with my warm palms, I stroke the firm globes of your ass with the soft touch of a butterflies kiss; it is almost as if there is nothing there but you can sense the presence as a movement of warm air passes over them and you tighten the buttock muscles in response.

At my whispered request, you moved forward a step and rest your hands on the top of the bureau facing avcılar escort the tall mirror so you can watch yourself and your reactions. Once you are so situated, I lower myself to my knees and continue the voyage of discovery with my fingers as they glide tenderly down the backs of your legs to your ankles. Once there, I start moving upwards – this time on the outside of each leg, to you hips and then (with a little more pressure so as to not tickle you, along your sides, just brushing the sides of each breast.

I travel along your underarms and out to each wrist as I press myself against your back; you can feel the firmness of my growing cock against your bum and you moan softly as it slips between your legs and is moistened by your flowing juices. My fingers travel now back along the upper part of your arms to your shoulders and neck taking time to wrap themselves in your hair as I lightly kiss the back of your neck.

Now, it is time for the front; I ask you to turn towards me and close your eyes and to please make all efforts to remain silent. This time, instead of my fingers, I pick up a super soft long white feather (remember ataköy escort me using it once before?) and I lightly run it across your face and along your neck as your tip your head backwards to increase the pleasure. Your back is against the dresser and you are leaning back for support as your legs start to feel a little wobbly in anticipation.

Then, what you have been hoping for finally happens. The soft feather grazes your breasts and skims across your nipples and you cry out in ecstasy as your pussy flows more and more and you near your orgasm. I run the feather down your tummy and then pull it between your legs as it runs through your slit and brushes against your clit. This drives you to the brink and you can’t help screaming out as the orgasm finally hits you. I continue to drag the feather across your pussy but now I bend my face forwards until my lips surround your aureole and suck in your nipple, drawing forth the first burst of milk! I greedily suck and nip and pull gently on each nipple pulling all your sweet nectar into my mouth and down my throat! Oh god, how I love your taste!

Dropping the feather, I replace it bahçelievler escort with my fingers as I drive them up and forward into you until they stroke your g-spot; as I tenderly massage that sensitive tiny area, your arms fly around my neck for support and you press your pelvic bone hard into me and hump my hand to drive me harder and deeper inside you. Wave after wave of orgasms roll through you until you can stand the feelings no more.

You reach down to grab my steel-hard cock and, none too gently, you push me back onto the middle of the bed and, straddling my hips, you quickly position yourself over me and drop completely onto my rod. I am buried deep as you start to ride me, that on each deep thrust, your cervix is rubbed by my cock head and this only drives you to a more frenzied pace!

I can feel my climax nearing but try to hold off for yours and I have little time to wait! You plunge down hard on me and your pussy muscles powerfully milk my cock as your shake and cry with the strongest orgasm yet!

“Cum in my now! Please!”

Without hesitation, I drive up into you as hard as I can, as my cum shoots up inside you over and over again; I just never knew I could cum this much!

You finally throw yourself forward onto my chest – our sweat streaked bodies holding tightly to one another as we struggle to catch our breath. Wrapping my arms and legs around you, I roll to the side and holding you close, reach down to pull a sheet over us as we whisper “I love you” into each other’s ears and drift into a fulfilled sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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