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I am sure somebody’s watching me.

Sometimes I’m also sure that I’m crazy; you know, paranoid. But most of the time I feel eyes on me piercing the night; the hairs on the back of my neck stand up and send shivers down my spine.

I’m just an ordinary woman. I work at an ordinary company — nothing sinister or secret, no defense contracts; we make plastic lids and containers and I work in the billing department.

I’m not an extraordinary beauty; no super model or anything like that – no paparazzi after me. Sure, I have had men tell me I’m pretty, but so are millions of women.

I don’t have a husband to hire a PI to covertly follow me trying to catch me with a secret lover.

So why am I being watched? I ask myself this always.


“All operators report status.” The announcement crackled on the overhead speakers as it did every two hours.

“All data feeds functioning normally.” Came the response from each console operator, except one. “Sensor thirty seven — shows intermittent faults. No data loss — RAID algorithms compensating; recommend immediate swap-out.”


I got home from work at the usual time. Instantly, I sensed something was wrong. I got a sensation of being violated as soon as I walked in the door, yet nothing seemed to be out of place in my condo.

I have a tendency, a compulsion really; some might even call me obsessive about keeping my place neat. No clutter — a place for everything, etc. — and everything was in its place as I stood in the entryway and carefully scanned my apartment. Still, I felt that someone had been there while was I was gone.

I walked into the living room slowly, tentatively, observing; I had goose bumps and a chill raced through me – nothing seemed out of place. And still … I felt violated.

In the bedroom — was that a wrinkle on the bedspread that hadn’t been there when I’d left for work that morning? I started to tremble. Slowly, I went to the closet and opened the door with shaking fingers. No monsters, no lurking serial killer ready to leap out and rape me and slit my throat. But as I entered the walk-in closet, I questioned myself; were those blouses hanging that far apart when I dressed for work this morning?

I glanced at my watch. I knew I should hurry and get dinner ready, bathe, and dress for my guest who’d be coming soon. Yet, I still had the strangest feeling that someone had despoiled the sanctity of my home.

Dinner didn’t take long — most everything had been prepared the day before and just needed heating. I sipped a glass of wine as I worked and I daydreamed about John as I mindlessly put the finishing touches on dinner. I’d met John at the office — he was an executive in Marketing — and he seemed taken with me from the start; which was odd, I’d never had that effect on a man before. Still, he’d asked me out and we’d been on several dates already; we really seemed to hit it off. So earlier that week I’d asked him if he’d like to come over to my place for dinner. He’d said that he’d love to and I had been in a daze of anticipation the rest of the week. There was something very alluring about John that just plain turned me on whenever I thought about him.

I went to the bathroom and prepared to take a leisurely bath. I untied my dressing gown and let the silky gossamer material flow from my shoulders and flutter sensually to the tiled floor. Naked, I bent and turned the knob on the bathtub faucet. But my heart skipped a beat as the cascade of water left the spout and fell, seemingly in slow motion, obliterating a faint smudge near the drain in the otherwise spotless tub; a smudge I was sure had not been there earlier. Someone surely must have been in my house. I looked around the room for any other sign of invasion, but found none.

Calming myself, as best I could, I added fragrant bath oil to the stream of hot water that was slowly filling the tub. I felt tense and knew that I needed to unwind before John arrived.

Slowly, I settled into the steaming water and sighed as it swirled around my naked flesh. Taking in the scent lilacs, I closed my eyes, and let my head settle on the back of the tub; then slid down until the hot water reached my chin. With my toes I twisted the faucet and heard the water reduced to a trickle; then nothing, only silence – my ears alert for the slightest sound.

After a few moments, my mind let go of paranoia and shifted to thoughts of John. I had high hopes for our ‘date’ that evening and my imagination took me to possibilities I longed for; indeed, ached for. Behind closed eyelids I saw strong hands gently peel the thin straps of my black cocktail dress I intended to wear that night from my otherwise bare shoulders. My smallish breasts would not be ample enough to prevent the dress from gliding down my slim form and, in my mind’s eye, I saw it settle to the floor at my feet leaving me naked before John.

As my imagination took me places I’d never been with John, pendik escort my fingers settled into familiar territory; between my thighs. My breath quickened and my heart raced; I moaned softly as I envisioned John’s hands, feather light tracing a path down my arms. In my fantasy I longed for him to take my breasts in his powerful hands. In reality I shuttered as my fingers connected with the sensitive nub between the swollen folds of my womanhood. The familiar warmth in my loins spread as I imagined John’s lips tenderly kissing the nape of my neck. I could almost feel his lips as they traveled slowly downward to my breast where his tongue would swirl around my rigid nipple. My fingers continued to work my nub and I felt heat and tension build deep inside me.

I lost track of time as I saw John in my mind’s eye; saw him lay me gently on my bed and bury his face between my thighs. I lost track of everything else except the fire burning in my belly and my desire — no, my wanton lust — for John; for John to take me, to consume me, to penetrate me with his need.

My fingers and my raging fantasy had me near the pinnacle of climax when I suddenly gasped as I thought I heard a noise coming from somewhere in my apartment. I sat up startled; I looked around the bathroom but saw nothing. But I knew for certain I’d heard a noise.


“All operators report status.” The announcement crackled again on the overhead speakers.

“All data feeds functioning normally.”

“Sensor thirty seven swap-out completed — functioning normally.”


“Who’s there?” I yelped. I listened and heard only water sloshing around me in the tub.

I thought about settling back into the warm water but my mind was racing and I knew I wouldn’t be able to relax and get back ‘into’ my sensual fantasy. I knew I had to check my apartment and determine what, or more likely who, made that sound.

I stepped out of the tub and wrapped a towel around myself. Clutching the towel, I crept into my bedroom; water dripped on the hardwood floor and I made a mental note to polish the floors later knowing how it would leave water marks if I did not.

No one in the bedroom.

I went to the doorway leading to the hallway and peeked around the corner; no one there either.

I slipped silently down the hall, and looked into the powder room — still nothing. I entered the living area, which is open to the kitchen, and assured myself that no one lay in wait for me there, as well.

So what had made the noise? Surely I had not imagined it. Then I heard a something coming from the kitchen. Unless someone was kneeling behind the breakfast bar that separated the kitchen from the living area, it was empty; still, I knew something was amiss.

Entering the kitchen I saw a cloud of steam rising from the large pot of water I had gotten ready earlier for the pasta. But I’d left it on simmer, not on high heat — hadn’t I? I looked at the dial for the burner and saw it was indeed on high causing the pot to boil vigorously which made the lid rattle.

I reached out and turned the knob to ‘warm’ and looked around my kitchen and living room and shouted. “Who did this?!”

Of course they did not answer. They never revealed themselves. Whoever “they’ were.

Regardless, I stood deathly still and listened for a response; for any indication of what ‘they’ were up to. When the shrill doorbell split apart the intense silence I almost passed out with fright.

My head reeled momentarily until I realized it must be John. I ran to the door with my heart pounding and threw it open without even thinking that it might have been one of ‘them.’

It was John.

“Oh John! Oh, I’m so happy it’s you!” I said in a rush of fear and excitement and relief.

But John just stood there silently. His eyes were cast down slightly with his gaze clearly focused upon my body and still he said nothing; no ‘hi, how are you’, not a ‘hello, it’s me.’ Nothing; then his mouth opened just a bit as if he were about to speak, but still, he said nothing.

I followed his gaze and looked down at myself and saw myself standing in front of my dinner date still clutching a damp towel; the towel did not quite cover my breasts. Tears welled up and streaked down my cheeks; and I too was silent, too mortified for words. I just stood there and shuddered as the tears poured forth.

“Peggy, are you alright?” John said at last; a clear note of concern in his voice.

“No … yes … I don’t know …. oh John, I’m so sorry.” Then I sobbed uncontrollably and babbled about hearing things and people watching me. I knew I was being completely incoherent, but I could do nothing to stop it.

I was about to collapse on the floor right in front of John, but just in time, he stepped into my apartment and took me by the shoulders and steadied me. Then he put his arm around me and walked me into the living room and settled me on the sofa. Somewhere along the maltepe escort way I lost my towel; and so, there I sat, naked in front of my dinner date as I continued to sob and mumble.

“Peggy, what’s wrong?” He said softly as he knelt in front of me. “What can I do to help?”

I could say nothing intelligible and was suddenly aware of my nakedness which added to my already overwhelming sense that my entire life had been laid bare to whoever had been spying on me; just as my body was being exposed in the most embarrassing way to the man I had hoped would make passionate love to me that evening.

“Let me get you some water.” John said; he then rushed out to the kitchen.

When he returned he handed me a wine glass filled with dark liquid.

“Here, take a sip of this — I found an open bottle of wine on the counter.” He said, holding the glass to my lips.

I took a sip, then put my hands over John’s hand which was still wrapped around the glass and drink the whole glass in one go. I sputtered and choked

“Thanks.” I finally managed to speak. “More please.”

John hurried back to the kitchen and grabbed the bottle and returned to refill my glass. I chugged the second glass, too, and felt my head swim.

“Thank you. I feel a little better now.” I said.

“What happened?” John asked, still trying to figure out why I’d answered the door half naked and weeping.

“Nothing … I mean, I don’t know … they’re watching me and they were in my house and then I heard a noise … and, and …” I began sobbing again; my naked body quivered as I wept.

John did the only thing he could — he wrapped his arms around me and drew my body close to his and he hugged me.

“It’s OK … everything’s alright.” He whispered.

I sobbed because ‘they’ would not leave me alone; because ‘they’ had ruined my evening for which I had held such high hopes. I hated ‘them!’

I felt John’s strong hands upon my naked back. They moved slowly up and down my spine; soothing, calming, reassuring, taking the tension away – taking the fear away. I sighed and eventually stopped crying.

I put my arms around John and hugged him; squeezed him as if my life depended on never releasing him.

“Everything is alright, Peggy. Just calm down and tell me what happened.”

“I … I, don’t know exactly. I heard something … and somebody was in my house while I was at work … I just don’t know.” I managed to say in a shaky voice.

“Did you call the police?” John asked, sounding alarmed at my telling him of intruders.

“No, no … I can’t really prove they were here, but I am certain they were.” I said, knowing instantly that I must have sounded a bit like a lunatic to John; I knew for certain that I sounded crazy to myself.

“Listen, maybe you should lie down and rest a bit.” John suggested. His voice betrayed that he was having second thoughts about being with me. “Where’s your bedroom?”

“Down there.” I said, indicating the hallway.

Suddenly, John’s powerful arms swept me up off the sofa and he took me to my bedroom. As John carried me down the hallway I felt something hard pressing into my ribs, but forgot about it as he gently set me on my bed. He sat on the edge of the bed next to me and took hold of my hand to reassure me.

“Peggy, do you have anything you can take to relax you? Some medication, perhaps?” He asked.

I could tell John was thinking I must have escaped from an asylum and therefore must be on psychotic medications.

“No, just aspirin. I don’t need pills, John; I just need you to hold me.” As I spoke, I reached up to put my arms around him and pull him to me.

Before I could reach around him, John quickly removed his sports jacket and tossed it on the over stuffed chair in the corner next to the bed. Then he leaned toward me and put his arms around me once again. I clung desperately to him and whispered into his ear.

“John, please love me, please make me safe; I need you so much and I’ve dreamed so long of making love to you … please.”

My lips kissed his neck just below his ear and I felt him respond. His mouth was next to my own neck and his warm breath made me tingle all over. I felt his lips gently tug my earlobe.

I frantically ran my fingers over John’s muscled back and felt his reassuring strength and power. Without thinking, I yanked his shirt up so I could take comfort in feeling his bare flesh against mine. My fingernails raked over his back as I felt myself getting lost in the realty of my earlier dream world.

“Oh John, please please take me … I need to feel you in me … please save me John, please love me.”

I almost swooned when his hands cupped my breasts and his lips devoured my stiff nipples.

My hands deserted his back and began to fumble with the buttons of his shirt as he suckled at my breasts; he alternated between nipples and even sucked in the whole of my small breast into his mouth making me gasp with delight.

I tried to push his opened kartal escort shirt back over his shoulders, so he rose up and removed it completely. As he did so, my fingers found the clasp to his trousers, undid it, and pulled his zipper down. I heard him catch his breath when I reached in and grasped his hard member.

“Just a sec, Peggy.” He said as he stood up next to the bed. “Let me get these off.”

He bent down and pulled both his slacks and underwear down in one swift motion. As he stood up again, I rose up, leaning on an elbow, and wrapped my fingers around his stiff shaft. Before he could do anything, I leaned in and took his warm meat in my mouth. I sucked him in and flicked my tongue all around the sensitive head of his manhood; he moaned.

I felt his hands on the back of my head urging me to take him deeper. I’d never sucked a man before; but I had read about it online at naughty web sites, so I thought I knew what to do. As he pulled my head closer, his shaft slipped further into my yearning mouth and I sucked harder and manipulated him with my tongue until I heard him moan even louder.

“Oh fuck, Peggy, that’s sooooo gooooood.” He said, followed by a loud groan.

His cock — yes, I thought of the naughty words that I’d read so many times – his cock began to fuck my face. Yes! Fuck! He fucked my face; and I loved it!

I wrapped my hands around his rear and dug into his flesh while his cock penetrated my mouth over and over. He moved faster and kept telling me how fucking wonderful it felt. Suddenly, I felt his ass muscles clench as he thrust very powerfully. His cock inside my mouth throbbed and I simultaneously felt and tasted his hot cum. It was so deep in my mouth that I swallowed reflexively to avoid choking.

“Argggggggggh!” John let out a mighty groan as he came.

I was at once elated at having given my first blow job and terrified that John, having already cum, would not be able to fuck me which I so frantically craved. I remembered reading that some men could hold an erection even after cumming, so I continued to suck John in hopes of keeping him aroused. I moved my head up and down the length of his softening cock until I felt it begin to stiffen again. I sucked him a little longer to insure he’d maintain his erection; then I pulled back and looked up into John’s eyes.

“Please John, I need you inside me. I need to feel your cock inside my cunt … please hurry!” I couldn’t believe such nasty words had just been uttered by my own lips.

Without further thought I pulled John down on top of me and spread my thighs wide apart so that his still hard cock settled into the very wet and slippery folds of my cunt … yes, cunt!

My hips bucked under him so that his cock rubbed roughly against my swollen clit. I yelped with pleasure and delight. I squeezed John’s back tightly smashing his chest to my breasts and whispered into his ear.

“Put it in me John … put your fucking cock inside me … now!”

I felt his hips rise allowing his cock to slide down below my clit where it hovered at my opening monetarily before pressing between the swollen sensitive folds of my cunt. Then I felt the wide head of his cock pop inside me in an instant. But I wanted him buried deep inside me so I thrust my hips upward and felt his hot meat burning deep in my gut. The muscles inside me clinched his cock and he grunted in delight.

“Shit Peggy … you’re so fuckin’ tight!”

“Fuck me John … please fuck me hard.” I pleaded. And so he did.

John pulled back and slammed into my hot wet pussy over and over. I felt wave after wave of pleasure; the tension of an oncoming climax built rapidly in my loins.

“Harder John! Rip me apart … oh gawd! John!” I yelled as I went over the edge. The orgasm that overwhelmed me was nothing like anything I’d ever experienced; infinitely more intense than orgasms generated by my own fingers when fantasizing.

As I came down from the mysterious place I go when cumming I realized John was still pounding into me. My legs were locked in place around his back and I felt myself heading back towards another glorious orgasm.


“Attention, attention! All operators, we have an emergency priority alpha command, I repeat, a priority alpha command.” Came the crackle from above. All heads turned and stared at the speakers set into the ceiling panels.

“The Chairman has ordered immediate termination of the project. All stored data must immediately be wiped; all operators will follow emergency termination protocols.” The voice droned.

Immediately, console operators began frantically entering commands in their consoles.

“All field ops must be contacted immediately and ordered to implement protocol alpha tango delta one one alpha. Shut down is T minus twelve thirty one, and counting.”


Just as I felt myself about go over the edge again John froze stiff as a board. At first I thought maybe this is what he does when he cums. But then he turned his head; cocked it to the side as if he were listening to something. He put his hand over one ear like TV broadcasters do. Then he said something; and it was so odd because he clearly wasn’t talking to me.

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