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It was an exhilarating kind of feeling. Not quite an adrenaline rush, but somewhere between nervous anxiety and excitement. It was the first day of spring semester classes and Angel was buzzing with anticipation.

This was Angel’s junior year so she was used to the first day of classes routine, but today was different.

Angel had just transferred last fall to Jordana University to start her junior year and complete her Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry.

The fall semester was amazing with Angel making tons of friends, having lots of fun and still managing to pull off a 3.8 G.P.A.

Making friends was never a hard thing for Angel. She had always been very social, confident and intelligent.

She was able to get along with everyone. If you were shy, she would bring you out of your shell, if you were a jokester, she would make you laugh.

Angel was the kind of person that was able to give everyone just what they needed.

No, making friends was definitely not what was making Angel feel this way. No, it was that buzzing anticipation that all students feel on the first day of classes.

As confident as Angel was, she was still new to this school and this was her first time having a class in this building.

Angel smoothed down her shoulder length brown hair that framed her caramel face. She looked at herself in the mirror.

Some considered her 5′ 9″ frame tall, but Angel considered herself average height. She shifted and ran a hand over her 40 D sized breasts making sure to remove any stray lint all the way down to her flat stomach.

Her face turned up into her signature smirk as she turned and admired her fit/average frame and muscular legs.

“I may be nervous, she thought to herself, but at least I look good and confidence is always key.” Her amber brown eyes took one last look in the mirror and she left the bathroom to head for her class.

Angel had just sat down in her second Tuesday class, a dissection lab, and decided to mildly peruse her classmates. Scanning the room while waiting on class to start, she noticed the typical college students. A jock here, a stoner there, and a girl that was used to getting everything she wants, the average joe’s and the teacher’s pet.

Before she could finish perusing, however, a new girl walked in and sat down next to Angel.

She was around 5′ 6″, with an athletic build, small breasts and brown skin that was a few touches darker than Angel’s light complexion. She had a cute face that she hid behind glasses and a waterfall of long silky dark brown hair. Angel immediately relaxed; she could tell by the way the girl walked in the class and the air about her that she would at least be able to make one friend in the class.

Soon after everyone was seated, the teacher started the dissection lab. While taking notes from the teacher’s power point, Angel couldn’t help but glance and notice that the girl sitting next to her with the brown skin, had a tattoo.

Angel couldn’t quite make out what it was, but it looked to be a symbol of some kind. While Angel leaned over to try and get a better view, the teacher decided at that moment to call on their group.

Angel snapped out of her reverie and answered the question. The teacher continued giving notes and asking questions of the groups until the class period was over. Angel gathered her belongings, turned on her mp3 player and walked back to her apartment.

When she got back to her apartment she noticed that her roommate was there.

“Hey Mickey!” Angel shouted. Angel’s roommate’s real name was Madeline but she liked to be called Mickey.

“Hi Angel, how was class?” Madeline said.

“It was ok, my biology class was surprisingly interesting considering how much I was against it, but my dissection lab was gross.” Angel laughingly replied.

“Why was it gross?” Madeline asked while placing her food in the microwave.

“We are going to dissect a rat!” Angel exclaimed while mashing her face up.

“Yuck! I’m so glad I am a business major.” Madeline said shaking her head with a laugh as she removed her food.

“Yes count yourself lucky that you don’t have to take all these expensive science classes and stare at guts for an hour. When is your first class anyway?” Angel inquired removing a bowl from the cabinet.

“Some of my business classes don’t start until next week, but I have this psychology class tonight from 7 to 9.” Madeline said with a pout.

“Haha! And I will watch TV and think about you.” Angel said with laughter. She then stopped and turned to Madeline with a serious look on her face and said, “So Mickey?”

“Yes Ang?” Madeline answered hesitantly.

“How’s the love life going, I know something was going on with you and Javon before winter break but I was trying to stay out of it.” Angel put gently.

“You’re right, there WAS something going on, but I ended it.” Madeline said shaking her head and putting it down.

“Why? Now I know he acts like he is the suave super player but that’s my best friend, and I know when Eryaman Escort he really likes someone and believe me, he WAS and IS really into you.” Angel said turning toward Madeline.

“Why would he like someone like me?” Madeline asked.

“Are you being serious with me right now?” Angel asked, her voice rising with hysterics.

“Yea,” Madeline said looking up slightly puzzled.

“He likes you because he sees the same things that I see. A gorgeous young woman who takes care of herself, is intelligent…..” Angel began.

“Is fat,” Madeline interrupted.

Angel slightly growled, “and why are you thinking this again?”

“My sister took me shopping yesterday and……” Madeline began.

“Ugh, when are you going to stop listening to her,” Angel interrupted.

“Little miss I’m so skinny and perfect is miserable, that’s why she says those things Mick. I mean come on she’s thirty and is still competing with her 19 year old sister. Oh you bought Madeline and iPhone mommy, get me one too. Really!!!” Angel said before sighing.

Angel really disliked when people tried to bring her friends down, especially family members. Madeline’s sister was an extreme case. Not only was she the bitch from hell to her sister, but she had also tried to sleep with one of Angel’s ex-boyfriends when she was still dating him.

“Look, Mick you are not fat, you are curvy. You really need to stop listening to your sister.” Angel moved closer to Mickey and gave her a hug.

“Do you know how many women would kill to have your figure and your smooth skin?” Angel said and Madeline laughed.

“Not to mention your hair I mean come on, do you know how much I have to pay to get something remotely close to this?” Angel questioned.

When Mickey shook her head no Angel replied, “150 dollars minimum and that’s on a good day with a sale and that’s not counting getting it put in.” Madeline continued to laugh.

“Don’t let your sister suck you into her misery and take you away from a good guy.” Angel began.

“I mean come on,” Angel said while nudging Mickey in the ribs with her elbow, “he’s going to school to become a doctor, A DOCTOR!! Do you know how many women would kill for a good man, especially a good black man, who’s going to school to be a doctor, A DOCTOR!”

“That is true,” Madeline said nodding her head in agreement and smiling.

“I mean do you know what your fights would be like,” Angel asked and watched Madeline shake her head no.

“He’d be like I’m so sorry for forgetting to pick up dinner last week honey, here’s a Porsche.” Angel said mimicking a man’s voice. It was so comical that Mickey burst out laughing at Angels joke.

“Eh, maybe he’d get me a Porsche for getting you guys together,” Angel said with smiles.

“Anyway Micks, give him another chance ok.” Angel said finishing her speech and hugging Madeline one last time.

“Alright, alright” Madeline said going into her room to study.

“Clearly I am going to have to get sneaky and play match maker with those two”, Angel thought as she walked into her own room. She quickly unpacked her bag and started working on her assignments.

When she looked up at the clock she realized that it was around five. Her cell phone immediately rang. It was her best friend Javon.

” Speak of the devil,” Angel thought.

“Hey Jay.” Angel said excitedly as she answered the phone.

“Hey Angel, I got an hour before I have to go to my research project, do you wanna get a bite to eat?” Javon asked.

“Yes, you know it’s my dinnertime! What did you have in mind?” Angel said placing her books to the side.

“The Dining Court.” Javon replied.

“Ok, I’ll meet you there in 5 minutes.” Angel said getting out of bed and getting ready.

Angel met Javon at the buffet style dining court and while there they said hello to a few friends. After about twenty minutes of hellos and catching up, they found a table off to the side where they could chat, eat and watch the sunset over the campus.

“So Jay, how was your first day without me as your lab partner?” Angel said with a pout.

“It was a little weird. The guy I have now seems to be pretty cool and knows his stuff, but it is weird not having the “clique” in lab anymore.” Javon said with a sad smile.

“Yea, I know. We are all separated. I guess we are only going to be able to see each other in lecture now.” Angel began and pouted. “But no sad thoughts…tell me about this girl you’ve been ditching me for.”

“Haha, shut up, I am not ditching you, and besides there is not much to tell.” Javon said taking a sip of his crystal light lemonade.

As Javon began to fill Angel in on what was going on with his love life, Angel couldn’t help but notice that the girl from her dissection lab was also eating in the dining area.

Angel watched as she laughed and joked with two friends as she ate fresh sushi from the Japanese culture and food section of the cafeteria. The way she dexterously used her Sincan Escort chop sticks to eat the sushi made Angel’s mouth water. The girl took little bites of the sushi roll, almost as if she was making love to her food.

Her face had a look of pure heaven as she bit into each…savory…bite.

“Mmm.” Angel thought, “It’s like she knows, I’m watching.”

“Earth to Angel.” Javon said breaking Angel out of her daze.

“What?” Angel said shaking away the fog.

“What were you staring at?’ Javon asked confusedly.

“Nothing I was just thinking of how much I want some sushi.” Angel replied. “But what were you saying?”

“I was just saying that things with Danielle are not that serious.” Javon reiterated.

“Hmph, somehow I don’t believe that Mr., I can’t call or communicate with my friends because I’ve got some new secret chick.” Angel said jokingly.

“Haha whatever! We just went out and had dinner once, nothing major, she is not my girlfriend. We are just having a little fun is all,” Javon said smirking a bit.

“Fun eh? Well like I’ve said to you many times, you need to give up your player card and settle down with a girlfriend.” Angel said pushing Javon’s shoulder and stealing a glance at the girl.

“Maybe I can have a little fun.” Angel thought.

“I tried that remember,” Javon said staring at his glass of water, “But someone’s roommate shot me down.” Angel could tell by the way that Javon said this that he was angry about it.

“Well maybe you should try again with that person’s roommate,” Angel suggested gently giving Javon her full attention, “Sometimes all a girl needs is a little romance to bring her out of her shell.”

“Romance? Pfft, what do I look like buying flowers? I mean it’s not like I’m settling down.” Javon said clearly uncomfortable with the idea of commitment.

“You sound like a commitment phobe,” Angel said under her breath.

“What?” Javon asked.

“Nothing,” Angel said innocently.

“Speaking of settling down,” Javon said changing the subject, “What about you, I haven’t seen you around much, so that must mean you are dating.”

“I am exploring my options.” Angel began with a smile. “Unlike you however, I want to be in a committed relationship. All these dates are a complete waste of my time and money.”

“I don’t want to be a serial dater, I just want the one.” Angel said with sigh.

“Or have a little fun along the way.” Angel thought to herself with a mental shrug.

“Ugh, you sound like my mother,” Javon said around a spoonful of food.

“She must be a smart, insightful woman,” Angel said beginning to eat her own meal.

An hour later Angel and Javon parted ways and Angel started the short walk back to her apartment. She noticed as she was gathering her plates to leave that although the girl’s friends were still at the table, the girl had already left.

Even at 8pm the campus was still alive and vibrant. There were students walking to go get food, going to the library, talking on cell phones, playing music and of course the campus police monitoring on bike patrol.

The University had put in place many lanterns so most of the areas at night were well lit. Angel’s apartment was considered off-campus but it was only a few blocks away from the school so she felt fairly safe walking at night.

The way the lights were placed, made Angel feel as if she was walking in a quiet park back home. It made her think back wistfully to the many visits to the park she had with her mother and three older brothers growing up.

Enjoying the night, Angel decided to take the long way home.

On her walk, she ended up finding an almost hidden spot near the campus library to sit and people watch.

Fully engrossed in her latest romance novel, she was caught completely off guard when someone tapped her on her shoulder. It was the girl from her dissection lab.

“Is anyone sitting here?” The girl asked Angel.

“No, by all means sit down.” Angel said and made room for the girl to sit.

“Oh my god, I can’t believe she is sitting here.” Angel thought

“Thank you. I always like to come here and sit on warm summer nights.” The girl commented.

“I didn’t know that anyone else knew of my little spot.” The girl said as she got out her own book to read.

“This is my first time coming here. I saw this little spot on my way home so I decided to stop and smell the roses so to speak.” Angel began.

“What is that you’ve got there?” The girl said pointing toward Angel’s book.

“Oh it’s just a novel by J.R. Ward. You probably wouldn’t be interested in this kind of thing.” Angel said nervously tucking her hair behind her ear.

“Try me.” The girl said smiling and moving closer.

“Well, its centers around a brotherhood, a brotherhood of vampires that fight these not quite human evil creatures.” Angel said.

When the girl gave her a quizzically look she quickly added, “I know that sounds weird, and it’s not like Etlik Escort I want to get bit by a vampire or anything. I just you know, like the romance.”

“I can understand that.” The girl said opening her historical fiction novel.

“And the sex scenes are hot.” Angel added with a chuckle. “What book are you reading?”

“Oh, it’s just a historical fiction novel for class. I kind of like reading historical fiction, guess I’m a nerd.” The girl said pushing her glasses up and looking more jock than nerd.

“I had to read a few good historical fiction novels for my historical fiction class. You should try Fellow Travelers by Thomas Mallon, hmm or better yet try The Well and The Mine by Gin Phillips. Fellow Travelers centers around McCarthyism and paranoia in the 50’s and The Well and the Mine centers around and impoverished family.” Angel suggested.

“I’ll look into that.” The girl said writing the book names down on a scratch sheet of paper.

As she wrote the name down, Angel could not help but notice that the girl had a tattoo.

“Is that a tatto?” Angel said picking up the girl’s wrist.

“Yea, its the gemini symbol. I’m a gemini.” The girl said with a blush as Angel’s warm hand touched her wrist.

“Wow, this is pretty cool, I always wanted a tattoo.” Angel said stroking the tattoo.

When Angel looked up to ask more about the tattoo, she noticed that the girl’s face was extremely close to hers and she looked turned on.

“She’s so beautiful.” Angel thought.

The girl sucked in her breath as she stared deep into Angel’s eyes.

Both girls unconsciously moved closer to each other.

“What is your name by the way?” The girl asked.

“I’m Angel.” Angel said breathlessly. “What’s your name?”

“I’m…” The girl began.

Before the girl could finish her sentence, Angel’s phone abruptly rang. It was her mother.

“I’m sorry, I have to take this.” Angel said gathering her things and standing up.

“Yes mom?” Angel said answering the phone. Angel was so thankful that her mom called.

“I can’t believe I almost kissed a girl.” Angel thought.

“Angel, Are you home yet?” Her mother asked.

“No, not yet mom.” Angel said heading toward her apartment.

“I was just sitting here watching the news. Do you know that there were fifteen robberies around Jordana in the past 3 months?” Angel’s mother Olivia said.

“Mom most of those things are nowhere near Jordana. Anytime something like that happens close to campus we always get text message alerts. The school is really good about that and I haven’t gotten any alerts about any robberies.” Angel said placating.

“I’m just worried about you living in that big city.” Olivia said with motherly love.

“This is the city things like that happen all the time in the city. But I’m a tough girl mom, I can take care of myself.” Angel said.

“I just worry that’s all. I’m your mother, shouldn’t I worry about you?” Olivia asked.

“Yes mom but I’m fine. I’ll be home soon. I’ll call you when I get there alright?” Angel said trying to get her worrying mother off the phone.

“Ok. Stay off the phone, so you can focus on your surroundings.” Olivia suggested.

“Yes. Mom.” Angel answered with a chuckle.

“Love you.” Olivia said.

“Love you too.” Angel began. “Oh and mom…?” Angel said remembering something at the last minute.

“Yes honey?” Olivia replied.

“Stop watching the news!” Angel said and ended the call.

Angel knew that she told her mother she would head home but she was enjoying her evening. She was a little mad that her mother’s phone call interrupted her conversation with the girl, but she knew her and the girl would see each other again soon.

Walking along, Angel was enjoying the cool breeze and scenery until her cell phone rang. She knew by the ringer exactly who it was and began to smile a bit.

“Hey Gorgeous.” Andre said.

“Hi Dre!” Angel said excitedly with a roll of her eyes.

“Have you been thinking about me?” Andre said with a smile in his voice.

“You know I would have, but my day was just sooo busy.” Angel began sarcastically.

“I never get a chance to think about you until the nighttime, which is the only time I ever see you.” Angel finished with a huff.

“You know I have to work and make this money. I can’t live the lifestyle I live without it and besides you’re a pretty girl, and you deserve nice things. Expensive things.” Andre hinted.

“I am a woman not a girl Dre. A girl can’t do the things I do.” Angel said seductively.

“Oh, really?” Andre asked.

“Yes, really and besides I buy myself nice things all the time in your absence….” Angel said. After a short pause, Angel continued, “So what is it that you wanted?”

“I just wanted to see what your plans are for tomorrow night so that I can stop by on my way home after work.” Andre said.

“What time would that be?” Angel asked while crossing the street to her apartment.

“I’m closing so it will be around 1am or 2.” Andre said distractedly.

Angel could tell that he must have stopped working just to call her.

“Booty call hours but without the sex.” Angel joked.

“Well we could rectify that tomorrow if you like?” Andre reasoned with a chuckle.

“I’ll pass on that, but I should be free to see you tomorrow…” Angel began.

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