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Something Wild: Hi! My name is Brigitte, and since I’ve had a lot of fun reading the stories here, I guess now it’s my turn to share a fun sexual experience of my own with everyone. This is something that happened to me while I was on vacation at Playa de Carmen in Mexico with my boyfriend last summer. I hope you’ll enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed doing it!

First, let me describe myself. I’m 25, and about 5’11”, and 121 lbs. I have long dark auburn hair. My background is basically South American, so I inherited sexy Latin eyes, and a nice curvy body, but I also ride my mountain bike lots, and work out every day, so I’m in fantastic shape, with a nice flat tummy, long toned legs, and a super tight butt. Personally, I think I have a sexy chest. Also, as my skin is really Mediterranean, olive-toned, I have a great tan, which since I laid out last summer in a teeny tiny little string bikini, also features extremely thin tans lines, which I think are really sexy. When I’m naked, they show off just how tiny my little bikini is; just two little triangles over the center of my boobs, and a thin string from my ass, up over my hips, around the front of my pelvis, joining together in a little tiny triangle just above my pussy. Laid out in the sun on a towel, with my top united, you’d almost think I was nude. Oh yeah, also I have a very sexy, tattoo of a little tiger, right next to my pussy.

My boyfriend’s name is Danny, and he’s a great guy, whom I now life with. We’ve been together about five years, since I was twenty, and we have a totally hot sex life. Before we met I hung out with some pretty wild friends, and I fucked eight or nine guys, a couple of which were just wild one-night stands in a parking lot somewhere. Since meeting Danny though, I had been faithful, despite still being pretty young when we met. But I guess I still had fantasies about new experiences, casual sex, getting laid by different new guys. Sometimes when we had sex, I’d imagine that he was a guy who had picked me up when I was out on the town at night, and taken me to his place for a casual fuck, or something wild like that.

I hesitated a long time before telling Danny about my fantasies, obviously worrying that he’d be jealous, but before our summer vacation, we started talking about my “chronic horniness”, as I put it. I started by telling him that it would turn me on to go out and have him meet me in a bar, like he was a strange guy picking me up. He thought that sounded fun, and so we tried it once. I got dressed up in a very short black dress, and went to a bar where we’d arranged to meet. He bought me drinks and asked me to dance, and I ended up having sex with him in the car. It was really fun.

Not long before leaving for Mexico, I told him about my fantasies of trying new sexual partners, and he turned out to be really cool about it. I think he realized that I love him, but that I’m still just basically curious about “experimenting”, since I hadn’t really Zonguldak Escort had enough experiences yet. So finally, after lots of assurance, we agreed that maybe while we were on vacation, where we didn’t know anyone, he would let with me do something about it, like going to bed with someone a couple of times, as long as I came home to sleep afterward. Our agreement seemed incredibly exciting to me, and after we arrived I began to check out all the hot young guys on the beaches. In fact, I started thinking about getting laid all the time, and at night we’d have great sex, and he would assure me that whenever I was ready, I could go for it.

The first chance that presented itself was when we went out dancing one night. I was drinking a few beers, and feeling pretty adventurous, when a guy I liked started flirting with me. We danced together for a while, and then I went and reminded Danny about our agreement and asked him if it was okay if I accepted an invitation to go and drink a beer on the beach with this guy, whose name I found out was Jeff, which he okayed.

We left and sat on the beach talking for a while, and then kissed a bit. It felt incredible to kiss a different guy, and I started getting really into it. He kissed my neck, which I just love, and we laid back on the sand so he could work his way down to my chest. I was wearing a little white tank top, and so I helped him out and pulled it up over my boobs, which he started kissing. I was almost on fire by that point, and definitely ready for business. Just to be clear, I reached down his shorts and felt his penis a little, and from what I could feel, he was ready too, but there were a few people around. So I sat up and asked him where he was staying. He told me it was some cottages just down the beach, and taking my hint, invited me back.

What he didn’t mention was that he was staying with three friends, and when we got there, two of them were sitting on the porch and drinking beers. At this I lost my nerve a little, and could only mumble “hello” as we slipped past them into the bedroom. It was obvious what we were up to. Once inside though, he got me right back in the mood, with some really exciting deep tongue kissing, both on my lips and then on my boobs again, and he had me out of my clothes completely very quickly.

He unbuttoned my cut-offs, and I kicked them side. Then I hooked my thumbs under my bikini bottom, and slid it off. He seemed very happy with the view of me totally naked in front of him, and stood up to embrace me. The feeling of standing there totally nude in front of him while he checked me out was terrific. I was in heaven, but I figured that he deserved some attention now, and so I pushed him back on the bed and slipped down on my knees in front of him.

This was the moment I’d been waiting for! I undid the front of his shorts and took out his penis. It was really sexy, thin but much longer than Danny’s, and very hard. I stroked Zonguldak Escort Bayan it up and down a few times while he ran his fingers through my hair, and then I let him push my head down onto it. I kissed the tip, still stroking the shaft, and then took it deep into my mouth. I like giving head, and he seemed to really appreciate it, sort of moaning in pleasure with his eyes half-closed. After a couple of really good deep strokes right up to the back of my throat, I withdrew, and took a minute to lick his balls as well, and rim him a little, all the while keeping my hand wrapped around that long dick, pumping slowly.

After about five minutes of giving him head, he lifted my head up, which I took as a sign that he was ready for the main event. So now it was my turn on the bed, and he quickly took his place on top of me, inserting his penis right into my vagina. He fucked me like that for a few minutes, and then lifted my legs up over him arms and really got deep inside me. With his length, this felt absolutely great, and after just a few strokes I had a crushing orgasm. While I came, he held me really tight, and just grinded his penis in. Fantastic. “Mmmm, thanks”, I told him. Then it was his turn, and he decided to turn me around, and put his penis back in from behind. After about three minutes he grabbed my hips tightly and started coming in me, his penis throbbing wonderfully. Wow! I was absolutely glowing after that, and just collapsed on my back feeling great. It was wonderful.

We lay there on the bed for a couple of minutes, and then he asked me if I wanted a beer, and that sounded great, so I said yes and he put on his trunks and went out to get one. As soon as he slipped out, I could hear the howls, and hoots of the guys, and I was sure that his friends were all congratulating him on his success with me, which actually really turned me on. I started thinking that these were all college guys on summer break, and probably all spending most of their time trying to get laid just like this. This made me feel even sexier, so I had an idea. I decided to say what the hell, and go outside. I guess I was feeling so sexy, I just wanted to be part of the celebration too!

“The lucky lady” they greeted me.

I giggled, accepted a beer, and sat down on Jeff’s lap. Barefoot, with my legs bare, my body nude, and three guys staring at my boobs, I felt like a celebrity. Especially since everyone knew I had just gotten laid, which really turned me on. Anyway, it felt incredible to be out nude in the hot, tropical air.

“How was he?” asked on e of the guys. I smiled and gave a thumb’s up, and gave him a deep kiss. He ran his hand over my legs, and up around my waist, which felt incredibly sensual. At that the other guys noticed my tattoo, and asked about it.

“I got it because I’m a tiger,” I told them. The guys got up really close to check it out, which meant they were literally staring right at my pussy. Escort Zonguldak Let me say, sitting there nude with three guys crowded around my vagina was making me incredibly horny, and plus Jeff was literally stroking his hand over it. All these guys were hot, and I was feeling totally uninhibited. They were having a great time too, and it was hot and humid, so I asked them if they all wanted to join me to go skinny-dipping.

No surprise that as soon as I said that, everyone was stripped naked and were we heading to the beach. We stormed into the water and splashed around in the warm Caribbean a little, all three guys taking extra care to splash me, and pick me up and dunk me, which of course gave us lots of slippery, sensuous skin contact.

Finally I waded back to the shore and sat at the edge of a catamaran that was beached on the sand there. The trampoline was warm and soft, and so I laid back bouncing on it a little, while the guys came up in front of me.

“This would be perfect for sex, ” I suggested. At that one of Jeff’s friends eagerly asked if I’d like to give it a try. I agreed, and he stepped up in front of me, and placed one hand on each of my hips. He was a big stocky jock type, and his penis was sort of short, but super thick. I kissed it a little, but he was already totally erect, so he pushed me back and slid it into my pussy.

Sure enough, fucking on the trampoline of the catamaran was great, and we bounced lightly up and down with each thrust. He actually felt even better inside than Jeff, with his huge girth, and pretty soon I wrapped my legs around his back while he pumped me to a nice slow burning orgasm.

Next we rolled over, and I rode on top of him. In this position I could bounce up and just slide up his shaft, and then come slipping down. It felt great, but pretty quickly he grabbed my hips and me held firmly in place while he pumped his orgasm into me. “Mmmm, thanks,” he murmured.

Meanwhile Jeff and his friend had come up and sort of knelt on each side of me. I felt sorry for Jeff’s third friend, since he hadn’t had a turn yet, and so I invited him to be next. He lost no time rolling me onto my back, and pushing his penis into my pussy. His penis was long and firm, with a big bulbous head. The head felt very nice going in, and also really stimulating as it stroked up and down the inner walls of my vagina.

While we fucked, I reached out and stoked Jeff’s thigh, and pretty soon he had another raging long erection. This was cool, because I wanted to try sex with two guys at once. I wrapped my hand around his shaft, and he raised himself over me to slip his penis into my mouth. I sucked it while his friend went to town on my vagina, and then I asked them to let me turn over.

This was the grand finale, one guy fucking me from behind, while I gave Jeff and his friend blowjobs. First Jeff came in my mouth, literally holding my head in place with his long penis all the way inside. Then his friend came in my pussy. I finished by sucking the stocky guy a little more, and then letting him take another turn in my pussy.

So in one night, I got to try three new guys, and of course when I went home I had a nice bedtime fuck from Danny. It was a really fun night, and definitely something wild.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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