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He rolled towards her on the futon they were sharing and kissed her. It was the second time they’d kissed in two years. Between the two kisses had been two very messy, painful relationships and a full two years of pent up teenaged sexuality expressing itself. Two years ago, when they had laid on this very futon, Dylan had been shaking when Jayden kissed him, afraid of making a mistake and repulsing the first girl he’d ever been this close to. Since then, though, they had parted and explored their hearts, their bodies, their adulthood, in separate spheres.

They had stayed close friends but kept their most intimate selves for others. Different lovers had broken their hearts, and they had broken other’s hearts as well. How did it come then, he wondered, that they were laying on this same futon again, and he was now kissing her confidently, without a tremble in his body?

It was Jayden’s ass that did it. They were hanging out with friends earlier that night. They’d visited the Wal-mart, the Village Inn, all the 24-hour haunts available to under-21s in their town. In the parking lot on the way back to Jayden’s car a female friend had slapped her ass playfully. The sharp smacking sound it had made got Dylan’s attention, and he couldn’t help but imagine the red glow that must be emanating from the skin under Jayden’s jeans — the blurred outline of a hand, punctuated by the brisk December weather. “Ow,” she had exclaimed, touching the harassed spot herself and slapping her friend back playfully. “That stings!”

After that, Dylan couldn’t stop thinking about it. He was strangely quiet as Jayden drove around the city dropping off the carload of friends, but no one seemed to notice as they were waving their raucous goodbyes. The scattered group of friends and acquaintances had gotten together again for a short reunion after the first semester of college life. After the last old schoolmate had been dropped off, Dylan slipped from the back seat to sit next to Jayden for the last leg of the ride. She turned down the car radio and glanced at him. “Are you coming back to my house?” she asked.

“Sure,” Dylan said. He had hoped she would do this. They had planned to spend some time alone together catching up, but one person after another had called to hang out, and the evening had quickly turned into a group event. Jayden lazily turned into her subdivision and onto her street. She left her car in the driveway and they used the key to the front door to get in so they wouldn’t wake her parents. When they had crept downstairs to the familiar, well-used rec room, she sighed, “It’s so strange to be at home with my parents again. I hate having to worry about them.”

“Tell me about it,” Dylan said. Spending time at home had been unbearable for him in high school, much less now, when he had tasted the ease of freedom for a few months.

The two of them plopped down on the futon and Dylan wrapped his arms around his old friend. When they first met, she had to coax him to do so, prying his arms away from his body so she could snuggle into the hollow of his chest. Now he didn’t feel natural without entangling himself with Jayden a bit. They had meant to catch up and talk about their new lives at school but the conversation didn’t flow as easily as they expected. Dylan got up to get himself a Coke as Jayden unfolded the futon. “I have to sleep on it tonight anyway,” she said. He downed his pop in seconds and they lay down together again. After a few silent moments, he found himself kissing her.

She kissed back immediately, and he was suddenly at ease. Dylan had been half afraid that Jayden would push him away or freak out, but now he knew for sure that they were on the same page. And Jayden seemed to be racing through the book. Before Dylan could get used to the fact that they were making out, Jayden was pulling his shirt off and feeling the warm skin of his chest with the soft pads of her fingers.

Dylan slipped his hands under the oversized t-shirt Jayden had pulled on when they got to her house. She always changed into pajamas when they hung out in her basement. It made him think that her clothes must be particularly binding for her to want to get out of them so quickly, but then he wasn’t complaining. All the better to touch her in.

The kiss was amazing, in Jayden’s opinion. She hadn’t had such a fantastic kiss in a long time. Dylan’s lips were perfectly soft, and his tongue seemed to know exactly where to go. Their mouths flirted, playing with pressure and timing, and she was ecstatic. She really hadn’t been expecting it, but this was the perfect way to perk up her holiday break. Jayden flashed back on all the nights they had spent in her basement during high school, too young or confused or committed to really do anything and she thought, perfect timing. And then she thought, I want more. She broke the kiss to pull of Dylan’s shirt and he whispered, “I’m not sure you know this, but I’ve been wanting to do this all night.”

Jayden smiled. “I might have guessed,” she said. His hands touched pendik escort the skin under her shirt and traveled across her skin—smooth sailing, she thought. Dylan was always so good with his hands. Jayden remembered one of the first nights after they had started their cuddling rituals, when Dylan had finally gotten the confidence to start initiating touch. She was surprised at how good he was at it, like he had some natural talent at pleasing her skin that didn’t need to be taught. Jayden would lay in his arms, letting Dylan have as much of her body as he was willing to take, while she tried to at least pretend to concentrate on whatever movie they were supposed to be watching without letting her eyes close or roll back in her head with pleasure.

Now Dylan was working the same magic on her body, with two years of practice to boot. She could already feel the muscles between her legs start to tense and swell, and things starting to get just the least bit slippery. Dylan pulled her on top of him so she was straddling his hips, and she let him pull off her shirt and unsnap her bra. Jayden bent down to keep kissing him and her breasts brushed his chest ever so slightly, sending sensations through both of them.

She put her hands on him, felt the warm taught skin of his chest and stomach. His muscles contracted under his skin where she touched him, and she could feel him start to get hard between her legs. Jayden ran her hands down Dylan’s chest to his tight abs and traced the perimeter of his narrow waist. She slid her fingers under the band of his boxers and pulled away from his mouth. She kissed his neck, his collarbone, his chest, as she moved her hand farther into uncharted territory.

Damn, he was thinking. Half-naked Jayden on top of me. He enjoyed the thought for a moment and then he thought, I want more. She was pulling at the button on his fly now, and while she busied herself with it he took the chance to slide his hand into her pants, between her skin and the soft fabric of her underwear. He focused on the hidden skin. It was incredibly soft, and smooth, all the way down to her lips. She felt hot, almost red, and for a moment his mind flashed back to the red mark he had imagined on her ass earlier that night.

Dylan had to force his hand into Jayden’s tight pants, but when he did he was rewarded by the slick wetness between her legs and a soft moan emanating from her throat. She had stopped moving her own hands now, concentrating on his instead, and her hands rested just above the button on his jeans. Dylan struggled to unbutton her pants so he could get some leverage to touch her, but she seemed impatient. He had just gotten her fly unzipped when she shifted and started to pull off her pants herself. Dylan chuckled, “In a hurry?” he asked.

She glared at him, “Well, I’m not one to wait,” she said. Totally naked, he thought. She was still straddling him, her firm, cream-colored breasts hanging inches above his chest, her legs open, and the space between them smooth from waxing, hot, and wet.

She was still impatient. Dylan’s reverie seemed to have taken too much time. Jayden leaned over, her breast brushing his chest again, and whispered in his ear, “Touch me.” He didn’t need to be asked twice. He slid his hands up the inside of her thighs- they were so soft, it felt like she was wearing tight silk over them. His hands reached her cunt and she drew in breath. He slid two of his fingers between her lips and felt the wetness that he had caused in her. His fingers slipped inside her easily. He didn’t push far or hard, just tested the waters by letting the tips of his fingers slide in and out of her. Jayden groaned into his ear and licked the edge of its lobe.

He lingered for a moment outside of her, sliding his fingers up and down between her clit and her vagina, hardly letting himself enter her. She bit his ear. Dylan laughed a little, then plunged his fingers deep inside her. Her head dropped by his ear as she moaned loudly. Her fingers grabbed tufts of his hair and a shudder went through him as she pulled at his scalp in pleasure. He thrust his fingers into her again and she let out another moan.

Dylan had always thought she would be loud, but hearing it in the flesh had its definite benefits. He felt immediately addicted to the sounds she made, and he fucked her harder with his fingers just to hear her make them. “More,” Jayden said, “I want more of you.” He put three fingers inside her. Her pussy was tight around his fingers, and he slipped in and out of her with ease because she was so wet. All Dylan could think of was how much he wanted to come inside her, feel that tightness around his dick while she moaned in his ear. But that would never happen, not with Jayden.

After a few more seconds, she seemed impatient again. She pulled his fingers away from her and then started to take his pants off. After she had thrown them on the floor beside the futon, she moved back up his body, her hips over his hard dick and her mouth on his. Then he started to get nervous, maltepe escort “Jade, what are you doing? Wasn’t there supposed to be some kind of pants rule you observed?”

Jayden laughed, but when she saw the worry in Dylan’s eyes she stopped. “Yeah, I had one in high school,” she said. “A lot has changed since then.”

“I just don’t want you to do something you’re going to regret later,” he said. “Remember how you always talked about how you wanted the first time to be special and in love and stuff?”

“Oh God, Dylan,” Jade sighed, “Look, I don’t want to have sex with you, ok? I’m just playing. You can trust me to protect myself, don’t worry, ok?”

“Ok,” he replied, still unsure.

“Dylan,” she said, sternly, “Seriously, I’m fine with this ok? Just trust me.”

“Alright,” Dylan said. He pushed himself onto his elbows and pulled Jayden’s head down to kiss her.

She ran her hands down his chest and hips again as she kissed him back, their tongues flirting. She reached between his legs to reassure him about her confidence in the situation, but pulled away from his kiss. “I’ve gotten you all out of the mood,” she worried. Then she leaned forward and whispered in his ear. “We’ll see what I can do about that.”

She ran her fingers between his legs, around his dick, under his balls and at the same time ran her tongue down his chest. She reached his hips and then lifted her head. She lingered over him and trailed the length of his penis with her tongue, base to tip and back again. Dylan started to feel his blood pulse again. Jayden looked up at him, her eyes big and intense. “I’m gonna suck you off now,” She smiled and bit her lip. She took his hands. “Put your hands in my hair,” she said. Dylan entangled his fingers in her soft golden locks and she took his dick between her lips. He put his head back as Jayden forced him deep inside her mouth, hot and wet like he knew her cunt would feel, but not as tight. She ran her tongue around the head of his dick while it was still inside her.

Jayden felt him getting harder and bigger in her mouth. Felatio had never been one of her strongest suits, and she felt her jaw start to ache after a few minutes. She was getting even more turned on despite herself. Every time Dylan jerked her hair in response to her tongue, a hot shocking shudder traveled from her scalp through her chest and ended between her legs with a rush of heat and excitement. Just as she was starting to hear Dylan moan in time with her movement, the pain in her mouth got to be too much. “Damnnit,” she said. “I’m sorry, I just can’t anymore.” Dylan seemed somewhat disoriented. “What? Oh, Jade, it’s ok kitten.” He sighed heavily.

Jayden looked at him dejectedly. “No, no it’s not. This isn’t what I want.” She kissed him firmly, searching his mouth and pressing his tongue into action aggressively. “Just wait,” she said. She went to the corner where her suitcase had been planted for her stay home and pulled a condom out of the side compartment. She hopped back on the futon next to Dylan and ripped open the package with her teeth. She laughed. “Good thing I’m prepared,” she said.

As she rolled the condom over Dylan’s stiff cock he stopped her hand. “Jade,” he said, “I thought you said you wouldn’t…” She stopped him with a finger over his mouth. She leaned close to his face, breathing her hot, sweet breath on his neck. “Listen,” she said, no joking in her voice, “I know what I want right now. It might not have been what I wanted in high school, but it’s what I want now. I want you to fuck me, sleep with me, make love to me, whatever, I just want you inside me. Now. If that’s not what you want, you’re welcome to stop me, ok? But I know what I want, and this is it.”

Dylan pulled Jayden’s head away from him so he could see her eyes. They sat, locked in a gaze for a second, then he took her hand and put it back on his cock. She rolled the condom over his hard flesh. He held her by the waist and rolled her onto her back. He kept his eyes on hers, his deep brown eyes meeting her blue ones, never faltering. His hands moved down her firm legs, the smoothness of her skin sliding beneath his palms. He hooked his hands under her knees and pulled her legs up, leaning against them so the backs of her knees rested against his chest and his dick hung directly over her. He wrapped his hands under her waist and pulled her onto him, keeping eye contact with her as he entered her.

She was still wet- so wet and hot and deliciously tight that he wanted to fuck her into oblivion right then. But he didn’t. He penetrated her slowly, pulling her body as far onto him as he could each time. Finally, after what seemed like an excruciatingly long time, she broke the eye contact, looking up and stretching her arms above her head to grab at the edge of the futon mattress. She whispered, ever so quietly, “Dylan, please.”

He released himself onto her then. Holding her body still, he pounded her hard and fast. She seemed to let go of herself too, her fingers gripping the mattress kartal escort until her nails were white, and her moans growing louder and louder with every thrust. “Deeper, please,” she moaned. Dylan leaned farther over her, flexing her legs against her own body as he tried to give her what she wanted. Jayden found the armrest of the futon and pushed her arms against it, forcing herself against Dylan as he pushed against her.

Dylan would have kept fucking her like that all night, but he was already exhausted. Cursing himself for not being more in shape, he pushed himself deep inside Jayden and held himself there, taking a minute to regain his breath. She was breathing hard too. “Thank God you got tired,” she sighed, “I thought I was going to have to stop you so I wouldn’t totally collapse.”

Dylan laughed and pressed himself against her lightly. Jayden bit her lip and sighed. She let her legs drop from his shoulders, his cock still penetrating her. He brushed a piece of her hair off of her face. Her whole body was glistening with sweat and her hair was a messy halo around her face. The two of them smelled like sweat and sex and kissing, and seeing her in this disheveled animal state sent another rush of desire through him. She was watching his eyes and she could see the gears in his brain working. She pulled herself up and away from him and pushed him over. “Sit up,” she said. He rolled over and sat up in front of her, watching her stretch and desperately wanting to be inside her again.

She stood up on the futon and put one foot on each side of his legs. He caressed her calves with both hands, then ran his hands up her legs, viewing her entire succulent body from below. Jayden knelt on one knee, then both, letting her thighs and stomach slide against Dylan’s chest. She leaned down and kissed him, and reached for his dick. “Touch me while you fuck me,” she said, and used her other hand to place one of his on her body. Then she let herself slide onto him, her weight pushing him into her effortlessly. Dylan watched her face as she fucked herself on his engorged cock, watched each penetration cross her face with an expression somewhere between surprise and ecstasy.

He held her body with both hands, caressing her torso, cupping her firm, heavy breasts, teasing the tight knots of her nipples with his fingertips. Dylan brought her skin to his lips and moaned into it, breathing harder as she moved faster and harder above him. He put one hand behind him on the mattress and pushed himself up against her every time she came down onto him. He could hear her breathing quicken, a tiny shudder escaping her mouth with each breath. “Can you come with me?” she whispered to him.

“Yeah,” he moaned back, “Just keep going.” He put both hands on her waist and pulled her down onto him as fast and hard as the two of them could move together. As he started to come, he pulled her down even harder, his fingers gripping her sides as if he had to hold on to keep from falling.

Hearing Dylan start to come put Jayden over the edge. She put her head forward, her hair brushing his shoulders, and let her body release a succession of ecstatic shudders. She rocked her body forward so she could feel his dick pressing against her clit and let the hot waves of orgasm flow over her body. When she couldn’t last any longer, she fell back against the futon, panting hard.

Dylan pulled off the condom and collapsed next to her. They lay there for a while, gaining back some of the strength spent in their play. When Jayden climbed over him to grab her clothes, he watched her bend to pick them up, that perfect round ass greeting him with new waves of desire. He got up quietly, pretending to look for his own clothes, and sneaked over to the suitcase, pulling out another condom. He slipped it on silently, just as Jayden was pulling on her pants.

“Not so fast,” he said, walking up behind her and pulling them down again. She had been bent over a desk fumbling with her zipper. “I’m not done with you yet,” he insisted. “Put your hands on the desk.” She glanced back at him suspiciously, but did what he said. He ran his fingers between her legs, feeling the still wet cunt he had come inside less than an hour before. Dylan put his fingers inside her again and she moaned just a little when he did it. He stroked her back with the other hand, pushing her down a little more so he could see her better from behind. He caressed that soft, plump ass with both hands and then he put himself inside her again, his hands on the front of her hips, pulling himself into her.

Jayden let out a long low moan, too tired to push against him, she closed her eyes and enjoyed his body moving against hers, the flow of pressure inside her body sending waves of sensation through her torso. He reached around her and cupped her breasts, playing with her hard nipples as she moaned more and more audibly. She reached between her own legs, feeling his dick come in and out of her, stroking her clitoris in time with his motions. She felt herself coming again, as her moans continued louder and more urgently, and she felt the same familiar waves of sensation flooding her insides. Completely exhausted, she let herself collapse on the desk. Dylan pulled out of her and rubbed her back. “You ok?” he asked.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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