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“Note to Readers this is the third chapter of an ongoing story. If you haven’t already read the other chapters I suggest you do before continuing with this and the following editions.”

Thank you GrrrreatImagination for editing my story.

All characters are 18 years and older.


(Cousin catches them)

Tammy grabbed the top of the dishwasher as Brendan slid his cock deep within her pussy. “I didn’t realize that you wanted desert so soon,” Tammy groaned as he thrust inside her.

“With how good your pussy feels Mom, I want it all the time,” Brendan said as he reached under her, untying her robe and then taking it off her.

“Let’s move this to the table,” Brendan said as he withdrew his cock, picked his Mother up, Tammy was shocked with the boldness Brendan suddenly was displaying, she wrapped her arms around his head kissing his cheek. He carried her to the table, laying her down upon it.

Her pussy was wet, glistening with her juices as Brendan lined his cock up to it, pushing easily inside her. Tammy moaned loudly when he buried himself all the way into her.

Brendan began pumping fast in and out of into his Mother’s pussy. “That’s it baby, fuck mommy hard,” Tammy moaned.

“You like my hard cock fucking you, don’t you Mom?” Brendan asked as he fucked his Mother harder.

“God yes baby, I love how your cock fills me,” Tammy moaned as he heard his breathing intensify, “Yes, yes, yes, Yes give me your hot cum,” Tammy screamed

Pushing as deep as he could into her, Brendan unloaded his third load of the night into her cunt. Tammy milked his cock with her pussy as he held it deep inside of her.

He didn’t leave the volume of his previous orgasms, but his cock was still covered in their juices as he pulled it out.

“Let Mommy clean that beautiful cock of yours again,” Tammy said as she got off the table and down onto her knees. Brendan grabbed his softening cock and guided it to her willing mouth. Tammy was able to take most of it into her mouth due to it not being completely hard. She licked and sucked it until all their cum was removed. She pulled her mouth off it making a plopping sound as she did.

“That was even better than the first time,” Brendan exclaimed.

“Yes baby, you are getting better with more practice. You’ll be even better with all of the practice that you’ll get this weekend,”

“Actually, he looks like he doesn’t need a whole lot of practice. From what I saw, he is better than anyone that I have I’ve ever been with,” came a voice from the kitchen. doorway.

“Oh my God Heather, how long have you been here?” Tammy screamed. As she quickly looked around for her robe before realizing it was laying on the floor in the kitchen.

“Long enough to watch Brendan fuck you and for you to clean his cock,” she replied.

Tammy feeling helpless cried saying, “Please don’t tell your Mother, she’d disown me as a sister. I can’t believe you witnessed all of this, I am so ashamed of myself.”

“Aunt Tammy, I promise you that I will not tell anyone under one condition,” Heather replied with a devilish grin on her face.

“Anything you ask for, please I don’t want anyone to know about this,” Tammy pleaded.

“Ok, I promise not to say a word if you let escort bayan şanlıurfa me eat your pussy and you eat mine,” Heather countered.

“Heather, I can’t do that I am your Aunt after all,” Tammy shouted.

“So fucking your own son and sucking his cock is fine? I guess I will have to tell my Mom then,” Heather snarled.

“God, no please don’t tell Heather, you are right there really is no difference, ok I’ll do it,” Tammy reluctantly said.

Smiling, Heather replied, “I thought that you would see things my way, Aunt Tammy. You know how much I love to eat pussy, I just never thought I would have a chance of eating yours.

“Well, let’s go into the living room then, these hardwood floors would be too cold for any of us to enjoy,” Tammy said as she walked out of the


“You’re going to be rock hard cousin, after watching this,” Heather said to Brendan as they headed for the living room.

Heather always admired her Aunt Tammy, thinking of her as a role model more so than her own Mother.

She removed her shirt as soon as she arrived into the living room and shook back her shoulder length brown hair. She unfastened her shorts pulling both them and her panties off. She unclasped her bra, revealing her 32B tits standing before her Aunt naked.

She was much more sexually experienced than her cousin, Brendan, and her pride in this made her seem taller than her 5’1″ height. Their tits pressed against each other as Heather grabbed Tammy’s head pulling it into her lips, kissing her. She drove her tongue into her Aunt’s mouth while she squeezed and rubbed her ass.

Heather broke the kiss, leaned down and began sucking Tammy’s right nipple. Tammy moaned loudly when Heather began to bite and nibble it lightly. “Lay down on the floor Aunt Tammy, it will be more enjoyable that way.”

Heather followed her down and sucked Tammy’s left nipple as soon as she lay on the carpet. Heather then licked down her stomach driving her tongue into Tammy’s belly button.

Spreading her legs in anticipation, Tammy felt Heather’s tongue reach her pubic hair. Heather lightly circled her clit then traced her pussy lips with the tip of her tongue.

Heather spent nearly five minutes teasing her Aunt’s pussy and then suddenly sucked one of Tammy’s lips into her mouth. Tammy shrieked loudly and bucked her hips as Heather buried her face into her cunt.

Heather turned her head toward Brendan saying, “I have never tasted a pussy that was full of cum before, but your Mom’s tastes amazing with your cum in her.

She resumed eating her Aunt’s pussy as Brendan stroked his cock to the action. Burying her face she licked and sucked Tammy’s cunt.

Tammy instructed, “Heather spin around and let me eat your pussy too.” Heather, not needing more encouragement, spun quickly around burying her Aunt’s face in her pussy. Both women groaned loudly as they fucked each other with their tongues.

They both sucked each other’s clit into their mouths, biting them lightly. Tammy played with Heather’s asshole rubbing the tip of her finger all around it. Heather had her first orgasm when Tammy slid a finger into her ass. Heather sucked Tammy’s clit harder as her Aunt continued finger escort gaziantep sarışın bayan fucking her asshole.

Tammy’s face was suddenly covered in Heather’s juices as she had an intense orgasm. She licked and licked her pussy cleaning up all of her niece’s cum.

Tammy feeling her second orgasm approaching ground her pussy onto Heather’s face. Heather sucked and bit her clit, causing Tammy to buck her hips up and down as she screamed loudly creaming her niece’s face.

Heather spun around and kissed her Aunt. They both tasted their own pussy as their tongues tangled. Heather lifting her head up, looking Tammy in the eyes, stated, “Aunt Tammy that was electrifying, I sure hope we can do this again.”

“With the way you eat pussy, baby girl, it definitely will happen,” Tammy said as she kissed Heather once again.

“I guess this means you won’t be saying anything to your Mom,” Tammy kidded.

“Hell no after the way your pussy tasted and how you made me cum, I will never say anything,” Heather replied.

“Poor Brendan, look at him Aunt Tammy,” Heather, stated, when she noticed Brendan sitting on the sectional, stroking his hard cock.

“It sure looks like he could use some help, doesn’t it Heather?” Tammy inquired.

“Yes it does, so let’s help him,” Heather replied as she crawled toward the sectional.

Heather and Tammy leaned in front of Brendan and both began licking his cock. Brendan moaned in pleasure as both tongues licked every inch of his manhood. Tammy sucked his balls as Heather lowered her mouth onto his cock. She took as much as she could into her mouth, licking his shaft with her tongue.

She began sucking and sliding his cock in and out of her mouth very slowly. Tammy licked and sucked his balls, sucking each one into her mouth, soaking his sack. Heather picked up the pace and started sucking him faster and faster. Brendan was moaning and breathing faster the more she sucked him.

Sensing that he was about to cum, Heather removed her mouth from his cock saying, “Oh no cousin you’re not going to cum yet, I want that big cock in my pussy.” Heather said as she stood up facing away from Brendan and slowly lowered herself towards his cock.

Tammy, holding Brendan’s cock, guided it into Heather’s pussy. The head of his cock stretched Heather’s pussy lips as she slowly lowered herself onto him. “Please go slow, it’s been awhile since I had a cock in me and never one this big,” she pleaded.

She threw her legs over Brendan’s thighs to open up her pussy more to accommodate his cock. She slowly took more and more of him into her pussy.

“I can see why you fucked him Aunt Tammy, this cock feels so good,” Heather said as she slid him all the way inside her.

Groaning loudly, she started raising and lowering her hips, slowly fucking her cousin. Up his entire length then back down she slid her pussy on his cock. Heather leaned her back against her cousin as she continued riding his cock. Brendan grabbed and squeezed her tits hard as he enjoyed the feeling his cousin’s tight wet pussy.

Tammy was extremely turned on watching them fuck so she crawled between their legs and began licking Heather’s clit and Brendan’s escort şehitkamil cock.

“Oooooh, Aunt Tammy, that feels so fucking good,” Heather moaned as she felt her Aunt’s tongue on her clit.

“Please go faster, I’m going to cum,” Heather moaned. Tammy licked and sucked her niece’s clit faster as Heather screamed and coated Brendan’s cock with her cum.

Brendan began thrusting his hips upward, driving his cock into Heather as he was getting close because of effect of her tight pussy and his Mom’s tongue were having on his cock.

“Fill me with your cum Brendan, I am on the pill, please fill me up,” Heather pleaded as she rode his cock faster.

Furiously he bucked his hips as he drove his cock into Heather’s cervix causing her to scream in both pain and pleasure. He pounded his cock into her then holding it deep inside as he released his cum inside of his cousin. Spurt after spurt filled her pussy as he moaned in pleasure.

Cum was leaking out of Heather’s pussy onto Brendan’s cock which Tammy readily licked up. Tammy again licked Heather’s clit which caused another orgasm for her. He held his dick deep inside her while the recovered from their fuck session.

Heather climbed off of his cock, collapsing onto the sectional. “Want Mommy to clean your cock for you again?” Tammy asked. Brendan could barely reply when he felt his Mother’s mouth covering his cock.

The three of them laid on the sectional in silence after Tammy finished cleaning Brendan’s cock.

Heather was the first one to speak, “Aunt Tammy, I love you so much and I am very happy that we were able to have so much fun together, I hope that we can have more fun together in the future.”

“Baby girl, I know that we will have more fun together in the future, I think I have created a “Fuck machine” here, he will need more pussy than just mine,” Tammy said as she cupped and squeezed Brendan’s cock.

“My pussy will always be available for that cock! Shit if I had known it was that big, I would have been fucking it for years,” Heather exclaimed.

Her comment caused Brendan to blush.

“I was thinking about having a family pool party later this summer,” Tammy informed Heather, “But after today, I think I will have several smaller parties.”

“I will be here for certain,” Heather stated as she pressed her tits against her Aunt’s as she hugged her tightly.

“After today, I would love to move in with you, you know how much I hate living at Mom and Dad’s,” Heather commented.

“I am not sure that would work, honey, we only have three bedrooms and everyone in the family knows our house,” Tammy replied.

“She can sleep in my room, I have a full sized bed,” Brendan responded. “You can tell everyone I am sleeping on the bottom bunk in Zack’s room,” he continued.

“Hmmm, that sounds like a good plan, it would ensure that my pussy wouldn’t get worn out either, especially when Rick returns,” Tammy stated.

“Won’t Uncle Rick be upset with me staying here? And what if he finds about you fucking Brendan, won’t he be pissed?” Heather questioned.

Tammy laughing replied, “No he won’t be mad at either, I am sure he would love to fuck that tight young pussy of yours from time to time. He is the one who actually convinced me to seduce Brendan in the first place.”

“Well kids, I need to call him and give him all the details. I am sure he will have a good jack off session listening to it. Don’t do anything that I wouldn’t do,” Tammy remarked as she climbed the stairs to the bedroom. She smiled when she saw Heather get on her knees in front of Brendan lowering her head into his lap.

To be continued……

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