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We were supposed to get dumped on tonight so I didn’t know if I was going to see her at all tonight or not. Chicago is notorious for bad weather forecasts especially with snow so I normally don’t pay attention do them any more. According to the weatherman we were supposed to get 8 to 12 inches.

Kat showed up right on time and was looking great. She drove down from Wisconsin where she was visiting here parents and after being up there for two weeks was ready to party. I met her a long time ago when she was in high school and I just graduated. We even dated for a few years but that was a long time ago.

Tonight our mission tonight was just to go out and get fucked up and have a good time. A friend of ours got us tickets as the House of Blues Foundation Room, which is the VIP section. Buckwheat Zidago was playing but didn’t start until 10 so we had some time to kill.

Kat was looking good when she walked in the house. She is about 5′ 7″ with long blond hair that goes past her shoulders and blue eyes. She had a good build and is athletic but still had plenty of curves like a woman and good sized chest and a flat stomach. She likes to wear low cut pants to show off her stomach and I don’t complain at all.

She also carried a 12 pack of beer in her hands so I gave her a big hug, a peck on the lips and then we broke into the beer. She said it was a long drive down so there were already two empties in the 12 pack.

We goofed around in the apartment drinking beer and telling stories. She was visiting from Southern California and was telling me about her crazy girlfriends out there and how they would get wild. She even has one friend Kathy who she kissed one time in a bar when they were teasing boys and they loved it – the boys that is. Kat admitted she liked it too although she would never do anything else with a girl.

We hung out a little longer and drank some more beers and then it was time to get ready. Kat and I always consult each other before we go out. She picked out for me some jeans, a blue polyester shirt, a motorcycle jacket, and some hot chrome shades that she brought with lightly tinted silver on the lenses. They were super cool in a retro but modern type of way.

Now it was my turn. Kat didn’t bring down much to choose from but what she brought was great. I picked out some low rise Britney Spears pants with the waistband cut off and the edge all frayed, black boots, and a small black sweater that wrapped around and left plenty of bare midriff, my favorite. She also wore a silver necklace with a long vertical pendant in the middle that hung down like an arrow to her cleavage. Not that she needed an arrow with that top. Kat’s boobs aren’t big but they are a good shape and in that top they looked really good.

She then spent about another 20 minutes in the bathroom getting all dolled up. When she came out she looked even hotter. She had her hair done up in that messy bed head kind of style that Heather Locklear would wear on Melrose Place. She looked the part – hot and naughty. I gave her another squeeze and peck on the lips that hung a moment or two longer and then we walked back to the spare bedroom where Kat was staying. As she turned and started walking my eyes followed down her curves and stopped on her belly as it disappeared into those low cut jeans. Her tummy was so flat and her pants were so low that there was a little gap between the hem and the tight pants as they stretched from hip to hip but try as I might I couldn’t see anything else as I peered down.

“Kat those pants are so low how do you wear underwear with those?” I asked.

“You can’t. My friend Kathy would never wear underwear so I tried it and now I hardly ever wear them.”

That really got my mind going but we had to take off if we were going to make it to the show on time. Kat put on her big light blue puffy coat and leather gloves and we headed out the door. It was starting to snow but it was really wet and not sticking too much. We grabbed a cab and a few minutes later we were at the HOB and checking in with the bouncer for the Foundation Room. When we gave him our names he handed us two tickets and told us they were already paid for and showed us to the elevator. We took it all the way to the top and got out.

Wow. This was some kind of room. It beşiktaş escort was all done in some dark real wood paneling with ornate trim and decorative details. Not that cheesy stuff you think of in someone’s basement. This place looked great. It had some wild artwork all over the walls and big rugs and a huge bar that took up a 1/3 of the cozy room. Most everyone was dressed really well. I say most because Kat and I looked like we stepped out of a music video and the rest of the room just looked classy. We didn’t care though we just wanted to let loose and have fun.

We ran into our friend that got us the tickets and we thanked him and he got us some drinks and showed us around. We went out onto the balcony that was 4 stories up and above the stage. It was a strange angle because we were up so high but there was hardly anyone around up there where we were so we had plenty of room to move about.

The show was great and Kat spent most of the time standing in front of me dancing around listening to the show and every once in a while leaning over the railing and looking down onto the people on the dace floor. It was packed down there and everyone in the whole place was having a great time.

The more I watched Kat dancing and leaning over that railing I got to thinking back to when we were lovers. We did it in some naughty places and Kat really likes to be the center of attention and I didn’t mind at all. One time when she was bending over I came up behind her and put my arms around her and whispered in her ear pressing my body tightly against hers. “Are you having a good time” I asked. She squealed back “yes” and then kissed me on the lips. This time she did it in a teasing kind of way. It drove me crazy.

We stood up and kissed some more. She was teasing my tongue with hers and I couldn’t handle it. It was the sexiest most erotic kiss I had ever had. After 20 seconds of this I was rock hard and I told her to stop. I had know Kat for 15 years and we had always been close friends and I have many fond memories but I had never remembered her being that good of a kisser, certainly not THAT good of a kisser.

“Where did you learn to kiss like that?” I asked. “From some boy?”

“No, silly” she said. “Boys can’t tell show you how to kiss like that. I learned that from Kathy.”

Damn, I had to meet this Kathy girl and tell her how grateful I was.

“What’s the mater don’t you like the way I kiss?” Kat said in a teasing kind of way.

“No, I love it. It’s just that well, you can’t kiss me like that…not here…well not now” I replied.

I don’t remember anything of the show after that. Or rather anything that happened on the stage after that. There definitely was more of a show but all the people on the 3 floors below us and most of the people in the Foundation Room missed it too. Not me.

The main show ended and we went back to the bar for another drink. Kat stopped me from ordering her another drink and she instated she had too much to drink and that I get her a water. I told her we still had another club to go to and she said great she just needed to slow down. I asker her if she was afraid if I was going to take advantage of her and she just winked.

When we left the HOB it was almost 1:30am and the snow had really started to come down. It was a spring snow and was heavy and wet. There was probably a good 4-5 inches on the ground that was sticking and it put Chicago in new scene. It was so bright out form all the snow reflecting and quiet too with the snow absorbing a lot of the street noises. The club we were going to was only 4 blocks away so we decide to walk in the snow.

Kant and I were holding hands and holding each other close because it was so slippery out. The lighting was amazing with all the street lights being diffused by the snow and while waiting for a light to change I tuned to Kat and gave her another kiss. She kissed me back and I was getting excited again. She had snowflakes all over her puffy powder blue jacket and in her hair and the big snowflakes were melting on impact as they touched her skin which make her glistening wet. Her hair was staring to get wet and that made her look even more naughty and she was wearing those chrome sunglasses now that were beşyol escort lightly tinted so I could see her beautiful blue eyes behind them at the same time seeing a panoramic reflection of the city covered with snow. It was so surreal and I really felt like we were in a music video now. The colors and sights and tastes touch were heightened as the sound of the city got drowned out by the heavy snow.

We crossed the street and on the next block they were working on the building and there was scaffolding over the sidewalk and a big cement curb between the traffic and us.

We were still holding clenching each other’s hands as I backed her up against the boarded up building and stuck my tongue deep into her mouth. She responded by sucking on my tongue and then pulling back and teasing me some more. That got me even more excited.

I pulled my tongue out of her mouth and slid my middle finger in her mouth and whispered in her ear.

“I want you to suck my finger as seductively as you can.”

With that she started sucking on my finger sliding it in and out of her mouth and wrapping her tongue around it and at some times sucking it really hard. I was about to loose it. We were so hot at this point that I could see the snow steaming off of us in the glow of the streetlight.

I pinned my body and my hard cock up against her side and had my other hand on her ass that was still against the plywood of the building.

“Make my finger sopping wet” I told her.

Then I pulled my finger it out of her mouth and put my hand on her belly and slid it down into her low cut jeans sliding my finger deep inside her with one motion. I put my tongue back in her mouth as I grabber her ass with one hand pressing against my other hand with my finger sliding in and out of her. She rocked back and forth as her tongue explored my mouth and water drops ran down our face. She was sopping wet and we were getting close to the boiling point. Cars were honking as they drove by and we could her people yelling but we didn’t care and it got us even more excited. I didn’t want to wait. I couldn’t wait. I whispered in her ear again “I want to fuck you right now” and with that I pulled my finger out grabbed her hand and we headed to the club.

We had our name on this list there too and once they found our name they let us right in. The club was crowded but not packed. We looked hot but were sopping wet compared to everyone else there. As we made our way through the club only one thing was on our mind. Where can we find a dark and quite place to fuck.

Normally I am not so crude or so spontaneous but my blood was on fire and Kat was so hot that I couldn’t think of anything else.

As we wound our way through the club we were clenching each others hands back and forth sending a silent Morse code through touch that only each other could understand, or so I though. What I didn’t realize is that everyone that looked at us knew EXACTLY what we were thinking. Those two are going to hook up and soon.

I was so blown away by how sexy Kat was kissing and how she learned it from a girl that I thought I would play with her a little bit. As we found a darker place near the corner of the dance floor there were two girls that stared at us when we walked by. One of them was staring at Kat.

We both saw them but we weren’t really too interested. I spoke into Kat’s ear a little louder than normal because of the music in the club. “I want to do an experiment.”

“What?” she relied with a puzzled look on my face like she didn’t quite hear what I told her.

“I bet you can’t get a girl to kiss you within 30 seconds of you meeting her.” I told her.

“What?” she exclaimed with a puzzled look on her face.

“You have to walk up to any girl in this club and get her to kiss you on the lips within 30 seconds of you two meeting or you loose the bet” I explained.

“What happens if I don’t take the bet?” she replied.

“See, I knew you were chicken. You didn’t learn how to kiss from kissing a girl!” I said to her while looking across the room to the blonde that was starring at us.

“Bullshit!” she exclaimed in a competitive way. With that Kat pulled away from me and turned around scanning the room. It didn’t beykent escort take long for eyes to lock onto the blonde and she squeezed my hand once more before letting go and strutting across the room. That was another thing that Kat knew how to do. She could strut across the room in a sexy and in charge kind of way that get her the attention she loved.

Well she won the bet. She walked right up to that girl and put both hands on side of her face and kissed her right on the lips. I couldn’t see from my angle if they were using tongues but I was convinced they did. Their heads twisted from side to side and they didn’t part for 30 seconds or longer. I could see how that could tease the boys and I though that was almost the most erotic thing I had ever scene.

Apparently I wasn’t alone. I scanned the room and there were lots of eyes on them. Living in Chicago and going out to clubs you see stuff like that from time to time but the fact that Kat had only been in the club for 5 minutes and was sopping wet and marched across the dance floor to kiss that girl made it hotter than anything I had ever scene and from the looks of it, hotter than anyone else had ever scene either.

I looked back that direction and Kat was talking to both the blonde and her brunette friend. She was even holding the blonde’s hand. The brunette looked my direction and started coming towards me.

She started to say her name but I didn’t really care to hear it and I stopped her by kissing her on the lips. I didn’t use my tongue and I wasn’t that interested in her although she was a good looking girl. I just didn’t want to know her name and that is the only way I could think of to shut her up.

She asked me what our deal was and I told her that my friend Kat likes to kiss girls and I told her I didn’t believe her so I told her to show me.

I started kissing the brunette again but glancing over at Kat whenever I got the chance. We were exploring each other’s mouths with our tongues but the whole time I wished I was still kissing Kat. I slid one hand down on the brunette’s ass and she put her hand on my ass too. By this time we were really close and she could feel my rock hard dick against her body. I must have been hard for the last 1/2 hour by now and felt I was close to exploding. I hadn’t seen much action in a while and NOTHING to this scale.

We were still kissing as the brunette moved her hand around and started rubbing my cock from the outside of my jeans. She started to slide her hand down my pants and just got her hand on my dick as I saw Kat stick her finger in the blonde’s mouth and then I knew I had to go.

I told the brunette I had to go right now and said I would be back as I hurriedly made my way across the dance floor.

I grabbed Kats hand and puller her finger out of the blonde’s mouth and told the blonde we had to go but would be back. I squeezed Kats hand as we made our way to the ladies room.

We got in the first stall and I whispered in Kats ear, “I want you to suck my cock and get it sopping wet.”

With that she got on her knees and started undoing my belt. My dick popped out and as she put her lips on it she pushed her sunglasses back to keep the hair out of her face and looked up at me. She was sucking my dick in such a seductive way I knew I didn’t have much time. I put my hands down on her face and pressed my thumbs against the sunken part of her cheeks and felt my cock in her mouth. Then I pulled her up and put my tongue in her mouth again. Her mouth felt hot and salty from the sweat from making each other so hot. “Turn around and drop your pants I am going to fuck you right now” I said.

Kat turned from me and faced the back of the stall and put her hands to her hips and started to undo her zipper and squirm out of those pants letting them fall to the floor. I puller her hips and slid my hands up on to her tits catching her nipples between my fingers. I took one hand and put It between her legs and guided my cock into her pussy. I made it almost all the way in with one stroke because she was so wet. She was so hot and so wet and I pumped up to the hilt with my second stroke. I fucked her really hard and she was making all kinds of noise and I’m sure the rest of the ladies room could hear us but it even turned us on even more. We didn’t last long but it was the best orgasm of my entire life. I filled her with so much cum that I thought she would be leaking for the rest of the night.

She turned back around and we kissed again as we got dressed.

When we walked out of the stall the whole ladies room was staring at us and the blonde and the brunette were right there.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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