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Her throat was sore, so she asked me to fuck her throat gently, “Kind of like sucking on a cough drop, but hotter.” I complied of course, I mean, who the hell wouldn’t do what she asked?

She woke up far earlier than usual this morning with her voice hoarse with sleep, but it stayed like that until noon, when we’d usually roll out of bed. I woke up briefly to her tossing and turning around nine AM. She finally got up to use the bathroom and I could hear the creaky apartment floor squeak to show her walk to the living room and turn on the radio. I stayed in bed for another hour before getting up to see what had gotten her out of bed so early.

I wandered into the living room to see her sipping from a mug and filling out a suduko in the paper we’d grabbed the other night to check show times for this weekend. The makeup she wore to the party we went to last night was smudged but still on her face, blonde hair in a messy loose ponytail. I could tell she’d neglected to put in her contacts, by the way she squinted at the paper.

She stretched in her happy-cat manner while I watched; further smudging her makeup as she rubbed the back of her hand against her eyes, then arching her back and yawning. She opened her arms to me, and I sat down beside her with my arms around her neck, teasing her by playing with her hair and lightly pulling on it. She moaned softly then suddenly pushed me away. My initial confusion dissolved as she turned her head to the side and started coughing like her throat was coated in sandpaper.

When she stopped a few seconds later, she turned to me with a pouty face. “I’s getting sick, honey,” and hugged me. I hugged her back and tried tugging her hair again in a continued attempt to turn sick into horny. She giggled at my obvious intent and bit my arm gently. She then pulled my hand from around her waist to her mouth, and started sucking on my fingers.

“Mmmmm, dis iss good pfor my troat,” she lisped around my hand. “We don’t have any popsicles anywhere in the back of the freezer do we?”

“I don’t think s- mmmm…” I trailed off, unable to continue speaking when she started licking the fleshy bit between my thumb and pointer finger.

She looked at me thoughtfully for a moment before responding rather

cheerfully, “Well, I suppose you’ll just have to fuck my throat then.”

My eyes shot open and I searched her face for a moment before deciding she was serious and that she’d probably been plotting this since she realized she was getting sick. I smiled as she kept her eyes locked adana escort with mine, then she put her tea down and tossed the paper onto a chair while she slid herself onto her knees on the floor in front of me.

“Ughh” she groaned, “I wanna stick my tongue in your mouth, but if I’m getting sick I don’t want you to catch it too…” she said poutily while lightly stroking my calf.

My eyes rolled back, “Aww… okay.”

“But you should stand up so I can get these damn boxers off you.”

I stood up, my morning wood throbbing to nearly full attention and rising to come inches from her face as I helped her tug them down. I didn’t even realize I’d fallen asleep with my boxers still on, we’d been out pretty late last night, and we were both kinda’ trashed by the time we got home. Her robe was on over her shoulders, but was belted loosely enough not to cover her very effectively. I pulled the fabric off her left shoulder until she was entirely exposed, kneeling on the cotton of her bathrobe as it pooled around her, only the belt still tied around her waist as the fabric fell away from her form.

I stroked her cheek for a few moments while my other hand fell to cup one of

her breasts. As she started to moan I outlined her lips with my fingertip.

As her lips began to part, I stopped squeezing her tit and gently pulled her

hair, her lips opening more as she prepared to take me into her mouth.

“Mmmmmm…” I managed to articulate as best as I could when she wrapped her

lips around me. “How come you’re the one that’s sick, but I’m the one that’s

being spoiled?”

She momentarily pulled her mouth away, using her hand to stroke me slowly.

“Because you know how much I like going down on you, and it is good to keep

orally occupied when you’re sick. This is the closest to hard candy we have, and personally I think it’s tastier,” she said with an arched eyebrow, then flicked my head with her tongue before continuing her fantastic blow job.

Chuckling, I pulled her hair a little rougher, pulling her further onto my shaft, as she moaned onto me, almost making me shudder from the vibrations it sent through me. Slowly, my hand still in her hair, I started to thrust into her waiting mouth, pushing just slightly down her throat while she pushed her face forward to take me even deeper. Her enthusiasm was contagious as I pushed myself deeper and faster while she continued to use her tongue to stroke me inside her hot mouth.

I reached down ankara escort to tug on her nipples and she moaned again. As her open robe was no longer blocking my view, I could tell she was already pretty hot and bothered as her pale chest had already started to turn pink, knowing it would eventually gain some red splotches once she’d gotten more worked up by giving that sore throat of hers some respite.

But, ooh, that was some good respite she was giving. I couldn’t decide if I should have her finish me off, or take her for a ride on the couch. I figured I’d wait it out and see if she had anything to say about either option. I was pulled from the vivid image of my potential future plan to have her riding my lap on the couch when she took me all the way into her mouth and held me there, still stroking whatever her tongue could reach with its movement restricted because all of me was filling her mouth and throat.

“God, that feels so good…” Her eyes twinkled as she looked up at me, but she didn’t stop for an instant. “If you plan on continuing, I hope you’re of the opinion that swallowing will be good for your throat too, otherwise you better get yourself up here.” She looked up at me(her steeled gazed locked to mine and mocking turned away, slowing down her motions, but didn’t stop. I moaned, both in anticipation and frustration. I wasn’t entirely sure what that answer meant, but I was comfortable knowing I’d be coming deep inside her somewhere very shortly.

Her mouth was moving more slowly, but she didn’t decrease the depth or enthusiasm with which she moved her head back and forth, swallowing the entire length of me before pulling away, her tongue still swirling around me inside her mouth as she sucked only on the head.

I couldn’t believe how lucky I was as I pulled her hair, and pushed myself all the way to the back of her throat again. The hair pulling had its effect as she moaned loudly with desire onto my dick, and the combined sensation of feeling her throat tremble around me, and hearing her moan muffled by my hardness filling her whole mouth was almost too much. I looked down to catch her eye, and she realized how desperately I wanted to come, and her mouth pulled off me when I released her hair. thinking rationally wasn’t easy, when so overwelmed by wetness and warmth, captivated by the sounds she made.)

“How soon do you think you’d be up for round two?” she asked, with my cock now in her hand as she licked it, rather popsicle like, waiting for my answer.

“Very antalya escort soon,” was about all I could muster with what felt like no blood left in my upper body.

Her eyes sparkled to match her wicked smile the moment before she took me into her mouth again. We moaned in unison as she started to play with my balls, cupping them gently, and I pulled on her nipple, not so gently. The urgency was apparent in both of us as she hastily swirled her tongue against me, and tugged on my balls, two of her fingers pressing right behind my sack, occasionally swirling in small circular motions.

I tugged on her hair more, helping speed up her motions as I guided her head with one hand, the other still playing with her tit. The amazing sensations of her mouth wrapped around my cock as it twitched slightly in her mouth, and the feeling of her fingers pressing just behind my balls while she teased the pair brushing against her palm was too awesome to last for a whole lot longer.

The pressure increased where she was pushing on my taint, just teasing the outside of my anus. Keeping hold on her head, I pressed the back of her head to keep her from pulling off me. She continued to moan, tongue flickering, breathing hard around me, echoing through me. My breathe coming in gasps and moans as I felt myself erupt, her lips around my shaft. Come surging, spurting into her hot mouth, leaking from the sides of her mouth and dripping down her chin. Some dripped to land on her neck and breasts, while I continued to play with her nipples, my firm pinch finally softening to gentle tugs as she kept sucking on me, trying to draw every last bit out of my balls.

Finally I had to pull away before I just about fell over. I quivered a little bit from each of the slow long licks she gave me, as my thinking head reeled, and the other felt so sensitive after such an intense orgasm. I sank into the couch and stroked her hair while she chuckled up at me. She wiped the come off the sides of her mouth and rubbed the few drops that got onto her chest into her skin, leaving no visible trace of our fun except her flush and my inability to speak coherently.

“Get up here,” I finally rumbled, pulling her onto my lap. She was just about settled in, curling against my chest, when she sat up and turned away, coughing into her hand again.

“Aw baby. How ’bout some soup?”

She smiled weakly before having a smaller coughing fit. Grumbling, “Aww, soup? I wanted sex.” I started laughing, hugging her to me again and pinching one of her nipples again until she groaned.

“Why don’t you finish your tea, then I fully expect you to jump on me, alright?”


Thanks to my editors, Jeckcrowe and Jubilation of Venom. This is my first story from the male perspective, so leave me comments telling me what you think.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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