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I love John so much. We adore each other and during our relationship we have discovered so very much about each other and ourselves,

Before I met John and he has said the same, I really did not know myself. It was as if my inner thoughts had been put away in a secret cupboard, never to be opened.

But John changed all that as much as I have helped him to discover inhibitions that have remained stagnant for so long.

I truly believe that old Victorian traditions, although well meant, have hindered the process of development in human beings. For example my grandmother had, which would now be considered, as hilarious morals, when sex was never discussed; and to indulge in sex out of marriage was out of the question, although of course it was still ventured by lovers who could not help themselves, but were brainwashed to believe that is was wrong and disgusting, and to have a child out of marriage was the lowest of the low.

And yet, by the same token, certain Victorian disciplines by way of corporal punishment have richly contributed to our loving relationship. Looking at the history of school discipline in the past it was not unusual to be caned on the hand for talking in class during lessons. My father often told me how he was often caned, because he was a bit of a rebel and how, looking back he deserved it – as much as his mother kept him in control with a copper stick across his buttocks if he misbehaved.

Now it would be considered as abuse but then, corporal punishment was thought to be the correct procedure to tame a wretched and mischievous soul. And youths discovered to be stealing and such would receive so many strokes of the ‘birch’ as prescribed by a court judge, and sometimes placed into a ‘Borstal’ a corrective school for disobedient youngsters.

Perhaps the kernel, for want of a better word, was hidden in that corner of the mind which was forgotten about, unless spurred by a certain experience in life. John is convinced that in his case the corporal punishment he received from his mother when he was young was responsible for innermost thoughts which have since been cultivated and applied with wonderful results by my lover; who pampers and spoils me so much, who has ardahan escort inspired my sex life to a degree unknown with former lovers

I simply look forward to his spanking during our wonderful episodes of role play which has certainly revived an early passion almost lost after the first year of our relationship. I don’t know why but the flame almost went out until, one night, almost in a fit of anger, because we had been having an argument about him being jealous because I had been flirting with his pal -John bent me over his knee and spanked me, treating me like a naughty child and I was absolutely furious with him. I felt so demented that he did such a thing and I immediately hammered his chest with my bare knuckles.

But John is not one to bear a malice for long, he ended up crying on my shoulder apologizing for what he had done. And that is when it came out, the spanking thing and how it was once considered correct to punish one’s spouse that way, as shown in many old black and white movies.

And yet, out of all that something magical happened. I felt aroused by John’s masterful approach, so much better than the John of old, who was too concerned about rough treating me when we were having sex. Something I wanted when I was geared up by the strong spur of my passion, but something that never happened despite my hints. And then sex lost its lustre and appeal, it almost became a monthly occurrence like John felt it was his duty. It was like we were doing it by numbers and each time it was the boring same old, same old; when I would look at the ceiling and hope it would soon be done, pretending to reach an orgasm just to keep John’s ego up. I no longer had the spur to have oral with him, I simply pretended with my hand and it was as if, in the mode of his passion, he never realized. But for me I had serious thoughts about accepting a date invitation from this guy called Tom in the office , who was a real stunner, who caught the eye of most of the other girls. Who made me feel special because he turned to me rather than any of the other girls.

I had secret fantasies about him, fantasies which actually helped me enjoy John’s fuck, imaging it adıyaman escort was Tom inside me. That may sound awful I know but that is how it was. But given that, I still loved John and it was possibly just in the nick of time that we both discovered a new and wonderful element in our sex life. Something that was about to revive my passion like never before, something I could never, ever have envisaged derived from something which was considered as corporal punishment.

Something which would assimilate the semen of love – when, like old times, I was again indulging in the most wonderful oral delights, aroused by John’s spankings, sometimes with his bare hand, sometimes with a paddle endorsed ‘slut’ we bought from an online sex toy store company, along with a few more wonderful delights which would greatly inspire our newfound joy.

It was so very different now, our sex was again fresh and exciting, we could experience sensations and thrills never reached before, because of John’s inhibitions and mine, come to that. Because we were both entering a wonderful new togetherness like nothing before, even more than when we first met and fucked like hungry teenagers.

It was lovely, divine to feel John’s exploring hands not stop any more when they reached my most secret parts. It was sheer ecstasy feeling him explore me in different ways. Putting it bluntly there was no opposition from me when he put his finger into my ass, when he discovered a way to both stimulate me back and front and anal sex became a real pleasure, especially after a sound spanking in my tight jeans (whish John loved) over his knee and often in a lovely sixty nine position when he could spank and oral me as I gave him the most stunning blow job, his cock so wonderfully ripe and ready, a joy to behold, it was all a wonderful new adventure where no holds were barred. And I do love cock so very much and now, minus all those horrible inhibitions, I could simply let go to my heart’s content and discover thrilling new ways to share a pleasure hitherto unknown.

Quite recently John introduced me to those Japanese love eggs one can buy in Ann Summers. Wow” they are really something. When karabük escort after sucking me, he planted the eggs inside me we were entering a completely new adventure witch was sublimely wonderful. Remote controlled by your partner he can be in another room or whatever. The first time we tried I was in the kitchen doing the washing up and John was in the lounge watching football. We had recently had out spanking session when John had me handcuffed to the bed rail and, after some delicious oral stimulation, spanked me soundly until I yelled for mercy. I felt the numbness in my hind as he kissed and licked it all over, followed by one of John’s most intimate and delicious fucks, deep up my ass and then in my pussy as. All the time he massaged my nipples. It felt so lovely and I wanted to be all ass for him. That spanking really set me off big time and he could do literally anything he wanted with me, Which was food now we had shed all out inhibitions, when we agreed to say what we were thinking no matter how intimate and then try to act out those hidden fantasies.

After that after dinner evening fuck I assumed that we would have a lovely evening watching television and maybe just hugging on the settee which was always lovely with John.

Even when he put the love eggs into me I thought the idea was to rev up my sexual vibes for bedtime. So when I was in the kitchen and felt this magical surge vibrate in my pussy I was quite unready, which made it all the more wonderful.

“I thought you were watching football” I said returning to the lounge already eared up, feeling the warmth and the need for John inside once again. I usually have a high passion but this was gearing me up like an animal and I wanted his cock there and then full package. I wanted the kisses, the hugs, the touching and teasing and everything at once, and there was John standing there enjoying the power he had over me by way of the press of a button on the remote control pad.

What happened next was yum-yum in the highest degree and if we ever thought such extravagance could never be indulged just after a delightful fuck, we discovered some more about ourselves, our pass ion and our indulgence.

The result was out of this world, more spanking afterwards with the paddle and lots of oral indulgence; culminating in the most intimate French kissing when we shared the taste of each other’s love nectar.

And the best thing to come was all the wonderful variations of role play we could achieve.

Life is wonderful with John now.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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