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Big Tits

This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.

Please note that all characters are clearly over eighteen and written as such in all stories.

* * * * *

“Oooh, oh… That feels…strange.”

“But good, I hope.”

The slim stud whimpered and pressed his face down into the pillow, the curtains drawn, even though it was a bright, sunny day. His hide was splashed through with black and brown patches over white, a tri-colour stallion, though he was shyer than his bold markings presumed, a splotch of brown over his right eye and pink nostrils where his skin was a lighter shade, showing through softly.

His partner, however, was every bit more powerful than his lithe and slender forth, though Krish didn’t mind that, not at all. Dale was strong, more studly than him, though everyone thought that a horse was a stud, to be fair. His cock was larger than that of most furries, but he didn’t like to show it off too much. Even then, the grey length was trapped between his body and the bed, hidden as his strong boyfriend slowly but gently fingered his arse.

How there was so much gentleness and sweetness in that big stud Krish would never know. Dale was the stallion that all the colts and fillies had been eyeing up, but, for reasons only known to strong, quiet Dale himself, he had chosen Krish, asked Krish out. They’d only brushed shoulders a few times at the gym istanbul travesti while Krish had been trying to loose that tiny bit of fat left around his stomach, leaning down all the way (hey, if he was going to be slim he might as well be fit too, even if he didn’t particularly want to put in the work to bulk up), though that had been enough. They’d hit it off like a house on fire and that had been that for a shy romance between them.

Still… The bold, bay stallion with a long mane that cascaded down his neck, like something or someone off a romance novel cover, knew what to do, how to treat a “colt” like him. It excited him to be thought of as small, weak, yet submissive too, while Dale took good care of him, his finger buried in Krish’s arse.

“Ah… Ohhh…”

“Easy, colt, relax now… Let me get in there nice and deep. This is gonna feel real good.”

For Dale knew what Krish did not when it came to backdoor play, just where all the really sensitive nerve endings were deep inside, not just the ones around the entrance to his backside. Even the underside of Krish’s pale pink dock was sensitive, Dale’s fingers dancing, teasing over it, tickling lightly while Krish wobbled through a shaky nicker.

Oh… Was it supposed to feel that good? Like his heart was singing and gut tightening, at the same time? His head swam and he bunched up the bedsheets, digging his fingers into them for some sense and semblance of something to hold onto, something to root him in the moment and ground him as another digit, well-lubed and gentle, was eased up into him.

Stars exploded behind his eyes and he nickered without istanbul travestileri realising what he was doing, shoving his body roughly back up onto his knees, driven by ragged equine need alone. His cock throbbed furiously, drooling pre-cum, while he rocked back and back, Dale chuckling at his eagerness. But his boyfriend more than knew how to ride out an eager, randy stud like Krish, all to give him pleasure, so very much pleasure. His heart swelled over with love for him, drawing him back, easing his fingers back and forth, though Krish had already taken his cock many times over. The two of them, that day, were there for something entirely different, a different kind of first time for Krish as he was given the deepest, most intimate massage that any stallion could have gotten for himself.

Yet the tri-colour stallion didn’t know what was coming, snorting and nickering, only held in place by Dale as the stronger stallion wrapped an arm around his closest thigh, locking him in against him. He had to hold him there, had to try, chuckling all the while, for Krish was in for a real treat, one that made his muzzle quiver and wrinkle, lust pouring through him, dock twitching up and up and up.

Krish’s body, after all, did not have to be under such strict control when Dale was there to hold him, to tease him, to let him know that everything was okay. Krish snorted heavily, but could do no more than that as Dale, once more, curled his fingers up against the smaller stallion’s prostate, showing him just what pleasures lurked back there.

He couldn’t handle it — yet he had to. Whipping his head back and forth, Krish travesti istanbul squealed and would have kicked out if he had been free too, shocked at his own reaction. Yet the driving throb of pleasure was not something that could be quelled so easily, grunting, whimpering, even squeaking where he was not able to get out a fully whinny.

Though it was his inexperience that did not lead him to understand how his orgasm was building, more and more pre-cum pouring from his cock, heralding the encroach of something more. He howled and rocked his hips desperately back at Dale, losing all sense of himself in the moment, yet Dale understood what he did not, bearing his fingers down on Krish’s prostate, that pleasurable patch within his backdoor entrance that, truly, could only be found by a skilled, loving partner.

And then Krish knew no more, pleasurable waves wracking his body, a stronger orgasm than he had ever experienced slamming into him. His hips juddered and shook, cock shooting long, thick ropes of seed, pouring so much out that it would have amazed him to know that there was that much contained within his balls, all that could be milked out of him with the right prostate massage. He whimpered and grunted, rolling his hips, but he was lost in a moment that was of his lover’s design, something that Dale delivered to him in the arms of experience, showing him something new.

Only when his boyfriend was a quivering mess in his arms and on the bed did Dale let him, sliding his fingers back out, his pony-hole stretched lightly, though it would soften and ease again very soon. Drawing in Krish’s back to him, he spooned his boyfriend, a cheeky smirk on his lips, though Krish was still too dazed to understand.


Dale chuckled.

“Don’t worry, there’s plenty more where that came from.”

Whatever it was, Krish could only look forward to it!

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