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Dawn crept across the well-kept grounds of La Société des Sortilèges Modernes. Part teaching academy, part private club, part genteel cabal, La Société was an Order of Sorcery. Lisette, the youngest adept, awoke when the sunlight brightened her room in the women’s dormitory. In one sense, she didn’t really want to get up; it had been a short, busy night for her. Last evening Lisette had encountered a set spell designed to manipulate a previously unappreciated nubbin between her thighs, revealing a pleasure principle she’d never known about. The thought of figuring out how to learn more about the extraordinary sensations she’d enjoyed impelled her to rise from her bed.

Lisette performed morning ablutions, then dressed for the day. Proper morning attire was expected of members attending lectures, so Lisette garbed herself appropriately for Paris of 1870. She placed her corset against her small and puffy-nippled breasts, and concentrated on the lacings behind her back. “Voilà!” she said firmly, setting in motion the cantrip that tied up the lacings for her in a trice. She put on a day dress, sky blue linen with lavender ribbons, the combination being a variant of the Order’s official colors of blue and purple. Finally, she settled the amethyst and gold pendant that was her focus stone around her neck, and picked up her wand.

All the novices and a fair fraction of the adepts in the Order lived on the grounds, while most of the masters had their own homes elsewhere in the 14th arrondissement. Those living-in ate in the dining room of the main chapter house, to which Lisette directed her steps. Some of the members were already taking petit déjeuner, including her best friend, Amélie.

“Bonjour, Lisette!” Amélie said brightly. Lisette sat down at the little table, one of the serving maids brought croissants and coffee, and the two young women began to eat daintily. It was no surprise they were friends. They were practically the same age, and had been recruited as Novices at practically the same time when their Talent had been identified. Lisette was better at mathematics, while Amélie was better at physics, and the two tutored each other, growing close as the years of their apprenticeships passed. It suddenly occurred to Lisette that it would only make sense to ask Amélie to help her unravel the mystery of the pleasure principle she’d encountered.

As the two walked towards the lecture hall, Lisette broached the subject. “I encountered an unusual set spell on the grounds late last night. Later, I’d like to show it to you. I understood how the spell worked, but not why it worked.”

“But of course, mon amie.” Amélie reached over and tucked a wayward lock of blonde hair back into her friend’s hairdo. Lisette generally wore her hair in an upwards style, while Amélie kept her red tresses in an elaborate bun on the backside of her head. They entered the lecture hall, and hurried to find seats since the room was filling up. A distinguished calculation engineer had been invited to speak, and the membership was very interested in hearing his speculations of how the Order’s two specialties of sympathetic magick and elemental control could be used to enhance Babbage Engines.

After the stimulating lecture, Lisette and Amélie were approached by one of the Masters, Madame Bouchard. “Are you ready to head out on today’s consultation?” she asked.

“Oui, Madame, the two adepts affirmed together. Shortly, the three were traveling by carriage to a factory south of the city. The Société had a reputation as experts in the borderland where science and sorcery meet. Furthering this, they had connections with several industrial design firms in and around Paris. One such had provided Madame Bouchard with a number of suggested spells within the Order’s Lore that would greatly improve the factory’s operation. The three sorceresses would not be paid for this consultation, per se. All mages were considered gentry, and the touchstone of being in the gentry is that one did not do anything for pay. A member of the gentry might do something for the intellectual challenge of it, but never for a salary. In theory, it was perfectly acceptable to accept a free-will gift from someone grateful for a mage’s assistance. In practice, the design firm’s bill for services rendered included a standard provision for a generous honorarium to be presented to the mages, and thus were appearances preserved.

On some of the most sophisticated spells, the adepts just helped Madame Bouchard gather the needed etheric energy for her castings. Others they did themselves, such as creating set spells of sympathetic magick to transfer kinetic energy from steam engines to precision tools without needing mechanical transmission. “The spell I want to show you tonight is of this sort,” Lisette mentioned in passing to her friend, “motion transmitted by magick from a model to something else.”

By the time the three mages had finished their work and returned to the Order’s estate. It was past escort the usual dinner hour. Madame Bouchard bid her students good night, and repaired to her own home. The girls had a simple dinner of soup and bread, kept warm for them by the housekeeper. “So tell me more of the spell that puzzles you,” Amélie ventured.

“It’s a set spell in the clubhouse of the ‘Friends of the Society,’ presumably as a perquisite for our tenants. Other than that, I’d like you to experience it so you don’t have preconceptions about it,” Lisette asserted.

“Very well, ma soeur,” Amélie acquiesced with a smile, “but I’m am tres curious now.”

Lisette insisted they wait until the lights were extinguished within the clubhouse. They took advantage of the pause to put on more comfortable clothes, then walked together across the grounds. The new keys they’d been issued after their adept trials were sufficient to open the back door. Soon the two were in the short side corridor that led to the sitting room that was their destination. With her Othersight, Lisette could see that the set spell was active, waiting in abeyance. “Now I’ll mention, the sympathetic motion I told you about…it effects women’s bodies,” she cautioned. “Don’t panic.”

Amélie looked quizzically at her friend in the glow of her magelight that floated above them. Nonetheless she followed Lisette’s lead in entering the room at the end of the corridor. She sucked in her breath suddenly when she felt the spell reach out to set something between her nether lips into motion.

“Look here,” Lisette directed as she opened a hidden catch in the huge gaslamp on the central table. Amélie peered inside, seeing the carnelian carving of a vulva, a little nubbin vibrating rapidly on tiny jeweled movements.

“The feeling…it’s nice…but strange,” Amélie reported.

“The feeling gets nicer – and stranger – the longer it goes on. Inducing it seems to be the reason for the spell.” She guided Amélie to one of the several couches in the room. “Sit with me.” When they were seated, Lisette took Amélie’s hand in her own. “The spell seems just to be sympathetic motion. The feeling seems to be inherent in us, not in the magick.”

“In us?” Amélie closed her eyes, assessing herself. “It’s hard to explain, but with every passing moment, I want this sensation more and more.”

“Me, too,” Lisette agreed. “But that doesn’t go on forever. Something else happens.” She gave a little moan that roused up Amélie.

“That look on your face, I’ve seen it before.”

“When was that?” Lisette let her eyes close as the sensation mounted.

“Last autumn, after they opened Parc Montsouris, I peeped on a trysting couple hidden from all others by the trees. The woman looked just like that, when her paramour did this.”

Lisette’s eyes reopened wide! Amélie had slipped her hand into Lisette’s blouse and was brushing the nipple there with satin smooth fingertips. “Mon Dieu!” she exclaimed. “C’est incroyable!” She trembled in the face of stimulations both above and below.

“And then they did this.” Amélie bent her head towards her friend and kissed her lips. Her tongue darted out to tease, just as woman in the park had done. Lisette groaned from deep in her throat as she reciprocated. Her hand sought, and found, Amélie’s breastbud. Her other arm encircled Amélie’s back, drawing her close. All the while, the set spell vibrated that sweet place between their lower lips inexorably.

After a minute, Lisette broke their kissing long enough to gasp, “What did the couple do next?”

“I don’t know. They looked at each other suddenly as if they’d decided at the same time to do something. But they scurried off as if desperate, so I never found out what.”

“I’m feeling desperate,” Lisette averred. She fastened her mouth on Amélie’s once more. This time she let her tongue be even bolder. Lisette felt her own body starting to tense up, and she could tell from the tension in Amélie’s arm around her back that the same was happening to her friend.

Amélie broke the kiss this time. “Something’s happening!” she panted. Her body twisted in place.

“Me, too!” The two young women clutched each other tighter as their bodies ascended to the final peak. Then they jerked in each others’ arms as a series of spasms brought them back down from the heights.

“That was wonderful!” Amélie exclaimed as she shivered in Lisette’s embrace.

After a moment catching her own breath, Lisette tugged on Amélie. “Come to the next room for a minute. I want to show you something else, but the spell won’t release us until we leave the room.”

Amélie was far from sure she wanted to leave the room, but allowed herself to follow Lisette’s guidance. She was guided into the nearby library. There were several comfortable chairs for reading and chaise lounge. That was where Lisette seated them.

“I told you what we experienced seems to be inherent in us, not the magick. I want to show you bursa eve gelen escort how I know that.” In a quick motion, she slipped her hand past the hem of Amélie’s skirt, past the edge of her culottes, and into the slit between her labia. As Lisette expected from her own experience, she found it all slippery wet. She began to pet the stiffened little nubbin she found there.

“Sacré bleu!” Amélie swore. “It is the same feeling. How have we missed this?” She nibbled her lower lip as she contemplated what her friend’s hand was doing. Then she raised her eyes to Lisette’s. A smile full of emotion and mischief was on her lips. “Do you suppose that trysting couple rushed away to do this?”

“I…think maybe so. Let’s go back to my room,” Lisette whispered.

They dashed together hand in hand across the manicured lawn. Once they arrived in Lisette’s quarters, clothes flew in every direction. But once they were actually nude together in the bed, there was a pause. Each looked at the other’s face in the moonlight for a minute, uncertain to how to begin anew.

It was Amélie who took the initiative. Her shy hand slipped across the sheet and into the crease defined by Lisette’s blonde-furred lower lips. “You’re all slippery,” Amélie said, confused for the nonce.

“You are, too,” Lisette countered, letting her hand prove it by reaching across the small distance separating them and spreading Amélie’s juices onto her thighs. “I think the sensations induce the appearance of this slippery liquid, though I don’t know why.”

“Let us make more, then, mon amie, even if we don’t know why.” Amélie suited action to words, rubbing Lisette’s nubbin tenderly. Lisette returned the favor, and soon enough each was writhing helplessly in grip of the other’s insistent caresses. They leaned their head in towards each other, letting their tongues pleasure their lips. This time Amélie reached her fulfillment first, Lisette a minute or two later.

The two paused to catch their breaths. “That is so vachement chouette!” Amélie declared, and Lisette could only agree. After a bit, Amélie tilted her head a bit and regarded her friend. Her other hand moved forwards to brush lightly against Lisette’s nipple, and was rewarded with Lisette’s coo of appreciation. Amélie giggled, “We have more bits that like to be touched than hands to touch with, I think.”

Lisette nodded, smiling. But then her eyes opened wide and she sat up. “Are we not sorceresses?” she asked rhetorically. “Help me gather etheric energy aligned with sympathetic magick.”

Amélie also sat up in bed. Although uncertain about her friend’s intent, she turned her mind to the task to calling etheric energy to her. Lisette reached between her own thighs and harvested a bit of her juice and rubbed it on Amélie’s sweet spot. Then she moved her finger an inch lower and took fresh liquid from Amélie’s womanhood and spread it on her own pink pearl. “Thus we invoke the Rule of Contagion, ‘once together, always together.'” As Lisette joined in the questing for sufficient etheric energy, she murmured the intended metes and bounds of her spell.

“I will that a link be forged between my womanly parts and Amélie’s, to last for one day. May my vulva be a model, and her vulva be the object to be manipulated. May touches I feel be transmitted to her. Further, may her vulva be a model, and my vulva be the object to be manipulated. May touches she feels be transmitted to me. I invoke the Rule of Sympathy, ‘like influences like.’ Nubbin influences nubbin, nether lips influence nether lips, vagina influences vagina. In this, Amélie and I shall be as one; the pleasure of one of us will belong to both of us.”

Suddenly, Lisette thought of something that needed to be added. “Save only that the need to pee is something we shall not share.” Amélie stifled a snort, then firmed up her concentration on the task at hand. Lisette fell silent and the two sorceresses concentrated for a minute or two. Then, when they had gathered all they needed, Lisette set the spell in motion. “Voilà!”

They were both quiet for few moments, the Amélie said, “Let’s see what we have wrought.” She put her fingertip on her nubbin and wiggled it. Lisette squirmed in pleasured reaction.

“Just as we hoped,” Lisette confirmed. “Now you link our breasts the same way.”

“It’s a good thing we have no duties tomorrow. It’s going to be an interesting day.” She bent her head towards Lisette’s torso. “I’ll apply some fluid to invoke contagion.” Amélie applied her saliva liberally to one of Lisette’s nipples with her tongue.

Amélie felt Lisette sieze her head and hold it against her breast. “Oh là là!” Lisette exclaimed with passion. “Your mouth there is much better than your fingers!” After a beat, she added, “And that is saying something.” Held fast in Lisette’s embrace, Amélie obliged with more tonguing. On sudden inspiration, remembering what the organs were designed görükle escort for, she suckled the nipple her mouth was bound to.

Lisette whimpered in pleasure and need. “So good…” All of a moment, she remembered why Amélie had put her mouth on her breast in the first place. Reluctantly she released her friend’s head and let her apply her tongue to the other breast. Then Lisette brought her own mouth to Amélie’s breasts in turn, spreading saliva and pleasure liberally. Together they sought etheric energy for a second time, and Amélie performed the second spell.

Although it was past their bedtimes by now, neither could think of sleep until they had assessed the impact of their spellcraft. The friends contrived a new position, with Lisette propped up somewhat on pillows. Amélie was curled up in a passive position, cradled within Lisette’s arms and legs. Amélie suckled on one of Lisette’s nipples and nipped at the other with her fingertips. Lisette put her right hand between Amélie’s thighs, her left on Amélie’s head to touch and play with her ears and the nape of her neck.

By unspoken acclamation, they let their loveplay begin languidly at first. By the power of their mutual spells, each touch and caress given was also one received. Lisette let her finger explore Amélie’s secret places, gently entering each fold of her labia, tracing their margins around and around. Of course, she was also exploring her own self no less, and her passion rose once more, sure and strong.

Amélie let Lisette’s puffy areole fill her mouth, then drew it back out again against a heavenly suction. She knew it was heavenly, because of course, she was also sucking on her own breast by magical similarity. Gradually, their loveplay became more ardent because to tease the other was to tease oneself. Amélie tongue-lashed Lisette’s nipple frantically, and Lisette applied an irresistible vibration to the hidden shaft behind Amélie’s nubbin. For a third time, they brought each other to blissful release.

The next thing either of them knew, it was morning. They were still partially tangled up in each other, and they sorted them selves out, giggling all the while. They went to the bathing facility on this, the girl’s side of the dormitory, for a luxurious bath. With the magick of elemental fire at the Order’s command, wonderfully hot water was available in abundance. As they soaked individually in nearby copper tubs, Lisette felt a sweet tweak on her left nipple. She glanced over to see Amélie’s naughty wink, which seemed to say, “Nobody else knows our secret.”

After a leisurely soak, their breakfast was hasty. The excited glances they shared over their meal reinforced that their mutual interest in continuing their experiments was rising again. This time they repaired to Amélie’s room. There, each undressed the other with growing excitement.

They tumbled into bed together, and Lisette took the initiative. She attended to their still-mutual pleasure by attending Amélie’s more conventionally shaped nipples. After many minutes, Amélie murmured, “You were so right last night. Your mouth is better at this than your hand.”

Amélie’s declaration stuck in Lisette’s mind like the afterimage of a lightning bolt sticks in the eye. An inspiration formed, and Lisette found herself suiting actions to thoughts without a pause for consideration. She scootched down, rolled between Amélie’s thighs, and buried her face in Amélie’s red fur. Lisette’s tongue flicked out, eager to determine if the superiority of the mouth as a pleasuring tool held true for nubbin as well as nipple.

Amélie squealed out loud at the sweet intensity of this new sensation. Lisette, able to herself feel everything she was lavishing on Amélie, tried every new thing she could think of – she used tiny flicks, broad licks, and gentle suction on just the tip to induce pleasure in her friend. It was true: her mouth was the better, more versatile tool for dispensing pleasure down here, too.

When after a while Lisette needed to pause and catch her breath, she saw the dribble of slippery juice oozing from Amélie’s vagina. The sight rekindled her curiosity about why this liquid appeared during their loveplay. Lisette applied logic as a matter of habit. “It makes sense that its lubricious nature is not accidental,” she thought. “If that is so, then something needs to be lubricated. The usual reason for lubrication is that something needs to be able to slide compared with something else. Since the source is the vagina, perhaps the sliding motion occurs there.”

Once again suiting action to thought, Lisette slowly slid a finger into her friend’s vagina. “Oh!” Amélie murmured, surprised. But Lisette knew from her own reaction that the sensation was not unpleasant. It was scarcely as intense as the nubbin provided them, but it provided a more gentle sweetness that complemented the experience somehow. She left her finger in place, lightly stroking in and out, while she returned her mouth to its main duty. Amélie relaxed back onto the pillow with a sigh of bliss. She own fingertips brushed her own nipples. Thus the two lovers spent their literally magic day. They alternated gentle with ardent, activity with rest, pleasuring with studying, all of it deepening the bond between them.

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