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It was a few days before anything else happened between Derick and I. He really stuck to the deal. If I didn’t get to see anything from him, he didn’t come looking for a show from me. The anticipation was killing me as I waited for the next video and the longer he went without, I kept hoping he’d fine release in me while Mom was unavailable. I was getting sick of hoping and then getting nothing for it. One good thing for me was I had my two videos I could watch whenever I wanted. He didn’t have videos of me that I knew of so he was apparently just doing without. It wasn’t like it was a long time. He probably didn’t even notice.

I spent the days with friends. We’d go to the mall, or the beach or to some of the summer movies. I had a boy ask me for my number at the mall one of those days. He was cute and my friends couldn’t believe I turned him down. I couldn’t tell them I was interested in an older man with a giant cock and that was what was occupying my sexual time. They just thought I was crazy. I told them he wasn’t my type. They just rolled their eyes and shook their heads. I think if they knew what I had been doing with my new Stepdad they’d freak out and I wouldn’t have friends anymore. Maybe I should have given the guy my number. I could have used a good fuck and maybe when he came to pick me up, Derick would have been jealous I was going out with another guy and finally done something about it. Of course I thought of all this later when the guy was long gone.

I was over my shock of the video and what my mom had done with Derick. The more I watched it the more I wondered how it felt and Derick’s voice echoed in my head, “You’ll like it” over and over again as I watched. But as much as I played with my new toy, I never brought myself to put it in my butt.

Four days had passed since the last video and I was eating breakfast when Derick came in the kitchen and the first thing he said was, “Meeting your mom for lunch today.”

“About time? How are you managing?” I said.

He laughed like I was kidding but I actually wasn’t. As much as they had been doing it before this schedule change and since they got married I thought a four day wait would have killed him.

“No serious. I bet you’re excited. Practically ready to explode,” I said.

“Umm, not really. Just been a few day,” he said, looking at me confused.

“It’s been four… four days.”

“Wow, okay… didn’t know you were keeping track,” he laughed.

“I have been. And you know if you need some release in-between, I’m available,” I said, talking before thinking.

He almost choked on his coffee and I realized what I had said.

“You know, like a handjob again,” I said, trying to cover.

“Oh, right… a handjob… but didn’t you say that wasn’t going to happen again,” he said wiping his mouth.

“Well… yeah, but that was when Mom had a reason. What’s her excuse this time?” I asked.

“No excuse… we just haven’t.”

“And you’re okay with that?” I asked.

“Really haven’t thought about it, Keri,” he said and by using my name I knew I had hit a cord.

“I find that hard to believe.”

“It’s the truth and we should drop this,” he said, finishing his coffee and leaving the kitchen.


He left a few hours later for the lunch date and I canceled all my plans with my friends for the day. Telling them, I wasn’t feeling well. I was too excited for the new video and couldn’t focus on anything but. Time seemed to crawl and I was going nuts for the noon hour to be over and my inbox to alert me I had a new message from Derick.

It never came.

I’m sure you can understand how upset I was. I waited the entire day and no email from him. He and Mom came home at the same time and I had to control myself not to yell at him, I was so upset. Dinner was torture. I kept staring at him and he acted like everything was right with the world. They were all cute and cuddly with each other because I knew they had sex at lunch and it was probably spectacular after the four days off. I was so distraught I barely ate my dinner.

Finally, Mom went to bed and I found Derick watching TV. I walked right up to the flat screen and turned it off, turning on him and fuming.

“What the hell? Where’s the damn video!?” I asked.

“Keep your voice down,” he said.

I glared at him with daggers and folded my arms under my breasts.

“We didn’t make one this time,” he said.

“You better be fucking joking,” I hissed.

“Listen here, little girl. You don’t dictate what I do with your mother or when I record it and I don’t dictate to you what you do when I watch,” he said throwing my words back at me.

I wanted to gouge his beautiful eyes out of his head. I think my face was beet red from the heat I felt. He was punishing me for not putting the toy where he wanted me to. That’s what it seemed like. I don’t know how I did it but I gathered myself and took a deep breath before speaking.

“Are you doing this because I wouldn’t put the toy in my ass?” I asked.

“Maybe, bahis firmaları you’ll never know since you didn’t take my suggestion.”

“Wow… just wow…” I said.

“You missed an incredible session,” he began. “Those four days made us both really horny. Pretty crazy stuff went on and the load I shot was crazy big.”

“I hate you,” I said.

He laughed. “Yep, your loss. You think the two videos you have are good you should see this one,” he said.

“What?” I blurted. “You just said see this one. Did you record it?!” I asked walking up to the chair he was in.

“Whoops, I let that slip,” he chuckled.

“You did… you have it… I want it.”

“What are you willing to do for it?” he asked, leaning forward in his chair.

Oh my hell, he was playing me so hard I was tempted to just walk away, but I had to see this video, this load he mentioned. I had to.

“What do you want?” I countered.

“I think you know what I want.”

I contemplated his demands. He wanted me to put the toy in my ass and I wanted to see this video. Was that a fair trade? The toy was pretty big and I had never put anything in my butt before. Didn’t really know how. Didn’t really want to.

“There has to be something else I can do?” I said, dropping to my knees in front of him and putting my hands on his legs.

He grabbed my hands and stood up with me quickly.

“What do you think you are doing?” he said, letting me go.

“I think you know what I was going to do. Wouldn’t that earn me a look at that video?” I said.

“That’s not how this deal works.”

“I’m willing to change the deal,” I said, moving toward him again.

“I’m not… not yet anyway,” he said, sitting back down and mumbling the last part under his breath, but I caught it.

“Gawd, you’re impossible!” I said, walking out of the room.

His only response was turning the TV back on.

I went back to my room fuming. He had some nerve, trying to force me to do something I didn’t want to do. Problem was, I was so wanting to see another video of him and after what he said about it, I was even more desirous to see it. That bastard had me and I think he knew it. I kept trying to justify giving him what he wanted. Telling myself the toy wasn’t that big, it wouldn’t hurt that bad. It would be over quickly and then I could get the video. But then what else would he want? What else would he hold over me to get the next one? If I gave in, I set a dangerous precedent, one I wasn’t willing to accept.

I left my room through the window and out onto the roof for some fresh air to clear my head. My face was still hot from anger and frustration. I climbed up to the infamous skylight and looked in. Mom was sleeping soundly in the dark below. It was light outside still and I could see into her room pretty well. I noticed on the nightstand next to the bed was Derick’s phone. Probably the one he used to film him and Mom. I was betting that video I wanted was on that phone. I got back into my room and went out into the hall. I could hear Derick still watching the TV and snuck down the hall to Mom’s room. Letting myself in, I snuck up to the side of the bed and snatched the phone from the nightstand and snuck out without her knowing. I had the same kind of phone and knew if I hooked it to my computer I could get photos and videos off of it without having to unlock the phone. I worked fast. Hooking it up and clicking on the folder. He had a lot of photos on his phone and it took me a little bit of time but I found the video I was looking for and copied it to my computer, unhooked the phone and snuck it back into Mom’s room.

Derick would be so pissed off if he knew but I wasn’t going to give in to his demands and now I didn’t have to. Back in my room, I locked the door and was shaking with excitement because of the sneaking around and anticipation to watch the video. I got my flash drive and the toy out of their hiding places and sat on my bed. With the mouse hovering over the file I felt a rush of adrenalin as I double clicked. Immediately as the video began, I saw exactly what I wanted to see. Derick’s cock in all its glory arching away from his body as he looked down with the camera. Mom was on her knees, smiling up at him and shaking her head.

“Are you going to film every time now?” she asked him as she grabbed his massive cock with one hand.

“Sure, why not? It adds a certain excitement.”

“I guess,” she responded and opened her mouth, sucking his head in.

Jealously rocked me once again as I watched my mother get to suck the thing of my dreams. She, once again, surprised me with her skills. She took an amazing amount of Derick’s length and width into her mouth. Over half of his cock disappeared and then reappeared over and over as she sucked him deep with each bob of her head. She stroked his shaft, caressed his balls, licked his shaft and head, doing all the things I wanted to do. Things I tried to do tonight, but he wouldn’t let me. I was kind of understanding why. Why he wasn’t fucking me, why he wouldn’t kaçak iddaa let me suck him or touch him much at all. He was getting everything he needed from my ‘pornstar’ mother. Judas! This woman, my mother, was skilled beyond my wildest imaginations. She treated him to the sloppiest and best blowjob I’d ever seen.

It took up the first five minutes of the video before she stood up and crawled onto the motel bed. Derick’s cock was huge, just throbbing with blood and covered in my mother’s saliva as she let him go. He kept the camera on her and approached the bed she was now lying on. On the bed was the toy. She picked it up and started sucking on the tip and then running it between her large breasts almost like a hint. Derick climbed on the bed, and instead of kneeling below her, straddled her middle. Pressing his cock down with his free hand, he put it between Mom’s large breasts. She put her hands on both of her boobs, pressed them together and used her fingers laced together to keep his hard cock from flipping out.

Then he proceeded to tit-fuck her. His cock was so long she could open her mouth and take a couple inches in with each thrust and suck on his head. It was one of the hottest things I’d seen before. I mean the blowjob was amazing and had me all kinds of worked up, but watching him slide his awesome cock between my mom’s breasts was a visual treat. Mom had the prefect breasts for it. She kept him lubricated and Derick went to town rocking up and back as he straddled her body. He worked that perfect dick on and on and I thought he was going to go until he climaxed from the rate he was moving and the amount of time. But he stopped short. Mom released her breasts and his hard, pulsing cock flipped up from her cleavage and wobbled to a stop in front of the camera. I had to close my mouth to stop the drool from falling on my computer.

I paused the video and admired the cock that was taking up most of the screen. Quickly removing my clothing, I grabbed the toy and started sucking on it as I looked at the frozen image in my screen. I didn’t suck very long. It wasn’t the same as a real dick but I did run it between my breast a few times, knowing full well I’d never be able to please him that way like Mom did. Not unless I got some DD’s implanted.

I started the video again just as I eased the toy into my sex and shoved it deep. It was difficult to see what was going on in the video because they were both moving around and the video was jumpy until it final rested back onto my mother, on her hands and knees with her ass toward the camera. She had the toy inside her pussy, sliding it in and out as Derick filmed her. She was looking over her shoulder at him in a very sexy way I’d not seen before ever.

“Do you want me?” she asked him.

“You know I do,” he responded and the camera got closer as he moved toward her

“Where are you going to put that?” Mom asked him as he took the toy from her and pulled it out.

“Where do you think?” he replied.

“You better eat me first,” she responded.

The camera went black. He must have set it down on the bed while he ate my mother. I could hear her moaning and cooing a lot and several minutes went by before the images returned. Mom was still on her hands and knees, her head down and her ass was wet and partially opened from what Derick had done to her. He made sure I got to see him ease the rubber toy into my mother’s bottom though. She took it with no hint of resistance or pain. On the contrary, she moaned with pleasure as the rubber tip disappeared followed by several of the ribs, deep into her bowels. Her wet pussy lips glistened under the toy as Derick pulled out a few inches and eased it back in. The visual was much greater than the video before. This position showed everything and I had to admit it was amazing to watch and turned me on big time. When he pulled it out, Mom’s lips opened slightly under the toy and when he shoved it in her pussy would close slightly. Her tight ring around the shaft of the toy pulled her skin as the ribs popped in and out of her body.

I sped my own thrusts up, fucking myself with the same toy faster than Derick was doing Mom in the butt on the screen. My heart raced, my nipples grew, and pleasure coursed through my body as I fucked myself, watching Derick anally toy my mother.

The knock on my door scared the shit out of me. I quickly paused the video and spoke.

“What do you want?” I knew it was Derick.

“Have you reconsidered my proposal?” he asked through the door.

“I have not. Have you reconsidered mine?” I asked.

“Not going to happen. Your loss by the way. The video is amazing, trust me,” he said.

I didn’t respond. He wasn’t lying though. I had paused it with the toy deep in Mom’s ass and I smiled at the screen as I heard him walk away from my room. Oh man he’d be livid if he knew.

Once I was sure he was gone, I hit play and started working the toy fast and deep inside me. A few minutes later I came hard as I watched Derick feed his cock into Mom’s pussy under the toy in kaçak bahis her ass. The visual was too much for me and I came and came, falling on my bed and convulsing on the toy in my sex. I was so gone I didn’t even bother pausing the video and just climaxed to the sounds of my mother being doubled up again by the long toy and my stepfather’s massive cock.

When I regained my faculties the video had ended by itself. After the climax eased down, I was out of it for a while. I thought about watching the rest of it. I still needed to see this massive load Derick had mentioned, but instead I saved it to my flash drive, put everything away and went to sleep very content and fulfilled. The climax was another memorable one. One my anticipation from all day had made incredibly satisfying.


I woke up feeling guilty. I told myself I wasn’t going to lie to him again and this seemed like a lie. I had stolen the video off his phone, watched half of it and basically broken the deal we had. I owed him a show at least. One that he didn’t even know he deserved. I knew a quick way to fix everything. Fuck my ass with the toy while he watch. He’d get his thrill, send me the video to my email and I’d be no worse for wear other than maybe a sore ass. How bad could it be? Mom seems to like it. She really seems to like it. I was only eighteen though. Did I really need to be messing with anal at my age? Isn’t that something older people get into once they’ve had a kid or two?

I was afraid he’d find out somehow that I had stolen the video. There had to be something else I could do to make him send it to me. Problem was, he was getting everything he needed from Mom and I’m sure I had nothing to offer she couldn’t do better, especially after seeing her suck his dick and she’s already enjoying anal play with him. He wants to see the same from me and that seemed to be the only thing he wanted.

I decided to let it ride and not do anything. The tension between us was almost tangible. He thought he had the advantage and that I’d break soon. Every time I saw him he had this confident look on his face, thinking I would give in to his wishes soon. A few days passed and he had another lunch date with Mom. Of course I didn’t get an email with a video this time either. The next morning after Mom was already at work he knocked on my door.

“I’ll make you a deal. Two for one?” he said after I told him to come in.

“Excuse me?” I asked.

“I have two videos now. I’ll send them both to you.”

“If what?” I asked.

“You know what?”

“I want to hear you say it,” I said, lying on my bed in just a night shirt and panties.

“Fine… I’ll say it. Keri, if you fuck yourself in the ass with that toy I bought you, I’ll send you two videos of my big cock fucking and cumming all over your mother.”

Wow, he really said it.

“So there it is. Right out in the open. Please leave,” I said going back to what I was doing before.

“Fine, but you know it’s only a matter of time before you fold,” he said before closing my door.

Our relationship had hit a stalemate. This was not what I was expecting. I thought I’d be fucking him by now for sure, especially after the handjob and then him making me cum in the shower with his hands. How did we get so off the rails? What had happened? The little voice in my head told me, “You know exactly how to get back on track, Keri.” I did. I just had to do what he wanted and I could have a new video along with the other that I had stolen already. The one I had yet to finish watching. Who knows, maybe if I fucked my ass with the toy he would be so turned on watching, he’d give in and finally fuck me. Maybe that’s what he’s been waiting for all this time, to see if he could get me to do it.

I grabbed my computer and googled ‘how to have anal sex’. I figured it would be the same as inserting the toy. Dammit! Was I really considering this? I asked myself as the results loaded on the screen. Apparently I was.

I had watched Mom take the toy a couple of times and after seeing that and reading about anal on my computer, I saw one glaring similarity. Lubrication. Both times Mom was very wet and ready. Preparation was another big step to making it not horrible. Apparently it was a bad idea for me to just try and fit the toy into my virgin ass. I was supposed to work up to something that wide. Besides my fingers, I didn’t have many options for beginning. In frustration, I shut my laptop and cursed my predicament. One part of me said to just ignore Derick and stop all together thinking about him and his videos. The other part of me knew I might be able to do that for a while, but in the end, I’d fold just like Derick said I would. I was terrible weak for his incredible cock. Something I had a feeling I couldn’t overcome.

I set the laptop on the bed and got up, walking to my door. I peeked out but didn’t see Derick. Locking the door, I went to my hiding places and retrieved the flash drive and the toy. My heart was racing from the prospect of what I was thinking of doing. I hadn’t yet finished the video I did have. The last thing I remember, was Derick had inserted his wonderful cock into Mom as he held the toy deep in her ass doggy style. That image had made me cum and I lost it after that.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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