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This story won’t make a lot of sense without out reading the first chapter.


“Well,” She started

“Back in August after the school holidays I made a new friend, Tash. I had seen her around school but we had never spoken. Anyway we met at this party and got chatting. She had moved down from Brisbane with her family. She didn’t have a boyfriend which surprised me because she was absolutely gorgeous, long straight brown hair, light olive skin and sweet brown eyes. Smaller than me, with a more petite body.”

“We had a few drinks, danced a few times and chatted about all types off stuff. She had wicked sense off humor and we really hit it off.”

“So over the next couple of weeks we started hanging out together at school and I got to know some of her friends who were all really nice. Derek complained a couple of times that I was spending too much time with her and my new friends.”

“Anyway, one lunch time Tash told me her dad was having a big barbeque at their place on the weekend for all his ‘big wig’ business buddies and asked if I could come along and give a hand, just help to serve food and drinks, that sort of thing. I told her that would be great.”

“So the following Sunday I drove over to their place. They had an awesome house in the Eastern suburbs with an in-ground pool. I met her mum who was frantic in the kitchen getting ready and then her dad who was busy organizing stuff outside. They seemed really nice.”

“Just as we were heading back inside when this really hot looking guy comes out from around the side of the house. He looked at me and our eyes met, he smiled and Tash introduced me to her brother Aaron. He was really good looking, dark hair and the same eyes as Tash, he was reasonably tall, slim but well built.”

“Aaron continued smiling as he shook my hand and thanked me for helping out, and that he was looking forward spending more time with me during the afternoon. Tash sighed and rolled her eyes at him letting him know that I already had a boyfriend.”

“I could feel myself blushing, Tash grabbed my hand and pulled me back into the kitchen to help her mum.”

“The afternoon was great, we mingled with their guests serving drinks and nibbles. Aaron was in charge of the bar and every time I looked across he would be looking at me. I needed a new drink so I went over and had a chat with him. He was really nice, asked about school, family, where I came from, he seemed genuinely interested in the Station and farm life. I found out that he was nineteen nearly twenty and at Uni doing law. He was easy to talk too, no bother, just like Tash.”

“At the end of the day they all hugged and kissed me good bye. It made me a bit homesick realizing how much I missed my own family”.

“The next day I went to see Derek, he was in a foul mood, pissing and moaning about this and that, he complained that I didn’t even come and watch him play football because I was at Tash’s house.”

“After such a great time the day before I just wasn’t interested, and told him I was leaving. And get this, then he had the gaul to ask for sex, yeah right, like that was gonna happen.”

“So is that when you broke up with him?” I interjected.

“Nah, I was just annoyed at him at that stage.”

I took a drink from my beer, wondering where all this was going as Steph continued.

“That night I got a call from Tash telling me that her parents were going away the following weekend and she was having a few girlfriends over for a sleep over and would I like to come.”

“I knew that Derek wouldn’t be happy but I was still pissed off with him, so I agreed to come.”

“The following week dragged on forever and sure enough Derek had a huge dummy spit but called back later to apologize, we agreed that we would spend some time together on Sunday.”

“I got to Tasha’s late after netball, the other girls were all ready there. Tash met me at the door hugged and kissed me, I could smell the champagne on her breath. Evidently they had already started.”

“Tash led me through to the back family room and called out to Aaron to get me a drink.”

“My heart skipped a beat and I said to Tash that I thought it was a girls night, she just waved her hand in the air and said he was fine, he had nothing on tonight and that he would keep out of the way, anyway she added, we need a ‘whipping boy’ to get drinks and organise food, we both laughed but I couldn’t help feel a twinge of anxiety at seeing Aaron again.”

“There were three other girls whom I all knew, Sophie, a petite girl with mousy blond hair, pretty face, friendly but quiet, almost a bit shy. Karen with dark curly and bright blue eyes and a loud personality. The third girl was Sarah, a blond, blue eyed bimbo, or so I thought. Tash had told me that she was actually highly intelligent and put the bimbo act on just for fun.”

“It was a typical girl’s night, we ordered in pizza, watched a chic flick, had some drinks, gossiped and laughed a lot, by about 10:30 we were all a little drunk so we moved into Tasha’s room and got into our pajamas. Tash had told me that I could share her queen sized bed and escort bayan gaziantep yavuzeli had organised mattress’s and quilts on the floor for the other girls.”

“We settled our selves down on the beds, I was feeling a little drunk and the conversation turned to boys and sex. I was shocked at first at how openly the girls talked about it especially Sophie. Her and Sarah were comparing different boys they had had sex with, who was a better kisser, who had the bigger dick, who lasted longer, who gave the best head. They even got into a discussion on different techniques for giving head and hand jobs. Karen and Tash would chip little bits in every so often and there lots of laughing.”

“Wow, do girls really talk about that stuff?” I interrupted again.

“Well, these girls did.” She continued on.

“I had never considered myself as a prude, in fact I had always prided myself on being open minded but I was starting to realize how innocent and naive I really was. I had only had one boyfriend being Derek.”

“After a while Sarah blurted out “lets play Truth and Dare” all the girls eagerly agreed. I was a bit worried, I had heard about it but had never played. I think Tash picked up on my nervousness and put her hand on my knee and whispered that it would be fun and to relax.”

“Sarah and Sophie had jumped up and were at Tasha’s desk frantically writing on bits of paper, giggling like crazy and whispering between themselves. Karen explained the rules of the game.”

“Firstly, what ever happens away, stays away, meaning, every thing stays between us. There are two bowls, the first has questions, the second has dares. We take turns in picking out one of the questions and reading it out loud, each girl then has to decide out loud if they will answer the question truthfully or choose a dare. Once every one has decided, a dare is taken out of the second bowl and read allowed. Each girl that chose truth has to answer the question ‘truthfully’ and the girls that chose dare has to do the dare. That simple, I’ll add at this stage I was just about shitting myself my mouth was dry and my head was spinning.”

“Sarah went first and the first question was ‘are you shaved or natural?’ Sophie answered first for truth, Karen said truth, Tash said truth Sarah said truth, they all looked at me and I said truth too.”

“Sophie admitted taht she shaved and had been for over a year, she loved the way it felt and the guys really got off on it, Karen was natural, Sarah had a landing strip, Sophie wanted to know it was for a Cessna or a Boeing. Tash admitted that she shaved once but preferred waxing, although it hurt like hell it lasted for ages. Sarah joked that Tash and Soph could do each other. I admitted that I didn’t have very much pubic hair anyway so I just did my bikini line.”

“No big deal so far.”

“The next question was ‘do you prefer circumcised or skin?’ Everyone again picked truth. Sophie surprised me again by saying she didn’t care, a dick is a dick. Tash, Karen and Sarah all agreed that circumcised was better. I had only ever seen one real dick before, being Derek, and he wasn’t circumcised. I decided that from pictures that I had seen I preferred circumcised, just like yours.”

She reached out and gave my semi hard dick a squeeze.

“The next question to come out was ‘have you ever pashed a girl?’ Sophie and Sarah both chose dare the rest of us chose truth. Karen said she hadn’t and that she was just into boys. Tash then surprised me by saying that she had and it was fun. I admitted that I hadn’t.”

“The dare was pulled out and Tash laughed as she read out that Sophie and Sarah had to ‘give head’ to the bottle they were drinking from for a whole minute. The girls screamed with laughter as it had been them that wrote the dare. They got started and really got into it. sliding their lips and mouths up and down the bottles whilst we watched and cheered them on. It was quite erotic in a strange sort of way.”

“Karen pulled the next question out which was ‘do you own a vibrator?’ Once again all the girls squealed with laughter and picked truth, including myself. Sarah admitted that she didn’t but would like to, Karen agreed saying she was too embarrassed to go and buy one. Sophie said she had bought one a year ago and Tash admitted that she had two. I of course said I didn’t own one. The girls were giggling away and Sarah asked Tash what sort she had and where did she get it from. Tash gave a wry smile and got up and went to her wardrobe, she rummaged around for a moment and then came back with two vibrators in her hand, throwing the larger one to Sarah. She caught it and held it up. It was pink and the top half was very realistically shaped just like a real penis. The head was molded and veins running across the shaft. There was nub sticking up from the base at 45 degree angle with little rabbit ears at the end and small beads around the base.”

“Sarah played with the settings and turned it on. It evidently had three settings, depending on which buttons you pressed you could make it twist and rotate or just escort gaziantep yeni bayan vibrate or both. Sarah past it to me, I could feel my face burning, I had never seen a real vibrator let alone touch one. It was made of silicone so it was soft and smooth yet firm. The other vibrator that Tash was holding was also pink, fairly thin and smooth. Tash told us that the silicone one was a Rabbit I-Vibe and it was absolutely awesome, the smaller one came as a free-bee with it from the Adult Shop up on Glen Osmond Rd. The thought of entering an adult shop absolutely terrified me.”

“We carried on, the next question was do you spit or swallow? Fact was for me, I had never had a guy come in my mouth. I wasn’t adverse to it, in fact I wanted to try it but every time Derek got close he would pull away. I did try to hold on to him once but he managed to pull away at the last moment and ended cumming on my face and neck. I thought it was pretty funny but Derek didn’t. I still laugh about it when I think of how embarrassed he got.”

“At this point I didn’t want the other girls to know how inexperienced I was so I chose dare as did Sarah. The others chose truth. Sophie said she swallowed adding that what’s good for the vagina is good for the mouth. Karen said she didn’t like the texture and spat, Tash admitted that she happily swallowed before pulling our dare out of the bowl.”

“Our dare was to go topless for the next round. Sarah and I looked at each other. I could feel my face going red again, Sarah had a long T-shirt whilst I was wearing a tank top and boy short knickers. The other girls started egging us on and at the same time we both pulled our tops off exposing our boobs, the girls started cheering. Sarah had an athletic body, her boobs were bigger than mine, maybe nearly a D cup, round and soft with small pink nipples. They bounced lightly as she laughed.” I was conscious of the girls looking at my breasts. Sophie let out a slow wolf whistle.”

“Its not like I hadn’t got undressed or seen other girls in the showers after sport and stuff but this was different.”

“It was my turn to take out a question, I nervously put my hand in the bowl and took out the bit of paper, I read it out aloud ‘have you or would you do a threesome?’ Karen went first saying dare, Sophie, Sarah and Tash said truth. Again I wanted the girls to think I was more experienced than I was so I chose dare. Tash and Sophie both admitted that they had been in a threesome but they wouldn’t tell us the details, Sarah said that she hadn’t but would in the right situation. I must admit that I was again a little shocked at how open and experienced these girls were.”

“Karen pulled a dare out of the bowl you have to French kiss the girl on your left for 30 seconds she read as she blushed, remember, she was the one that said she was only into boys. The other girls squealed with laughter. This meant Karen had to kiss Sarah and I had to kiss Tash. Karen and Sarah went first. Karen was really tentative and Sarah smiled as they came together. Their lips touched and they started kissing, slowly at first. Sarah took the initiative and opened her mouth gently pushing her tongue into Karen’s mouth. Karen was a good sport and kissed her back, their tongues playing with each other whilst Sophie counted out loud. I had never seen two girls kissing before in real life, it looked really hot and I could feel my nipples getting hard. When they got to thirty Karen pulled away, her face was flushed and lips wet. Sarah told her she was a great kisser and if she ever wanted to do it again just let her know, she pulled her T-shirt back over her head and I glanced one more time at her largish boobs noticing that her small nipples were very hard. I’m sure the other girls noticed too.”

“All eyes were on me and I turned to look at Tash, my heart was racing. Let’s give them a show she whispered to me. She leant in and I licked my lips, our lips met and she kissed me ever so lightly, she parted her lips and her tongue caressed my lips before slowly sliding into my mouth. She tasted like champagne and I could smell the sweetness of her breath. Her tongue explored my mouth as I pushed my tongue into her mouth, our lips pressed together. She sucked my tongue into her mouth, her hand cupped the back of my neck pulling us close, my bare breasts touching up against her covered ones. It was so amazing. The touch and feel, the smell and taste of kissing another girl, her mouth was soft and wet as our tongues played together. My nipples were rock hard and actually starting to ache, and I could feel my pussy getting wet, I pushed my boobs hard against Tash, to get some relief as we tongued each others mouths.”

“I wasn’t even aware of the other girls as Sophie called 30 seconds. I could have kept going but we pulled apart, I opened my eyes and Tash was staring directly into them she looked different, I was now feeling quiet drunk and felt the urge to lean in and kiss her again.. I looked at the other girls, they were all staring too. Sophie had a dead straight look on her face and mumbled “Oh my god that escort gaziantep zayıf bayan was so hot.” I pulled my tank top back over my head. I was conscious of my wet pussy and had to change my position so the girls wouldn’t see the wet patch on my knickes.”

Sitting on the rock in the heat listening to my sister tell me about kissing this girl whilst half naked with a group of girls watching on had my dick rock hard again.

Steph looked down “Does thing ever go down?”

“Not when you’re sitting next to me naked telling stories like that,” I replied.

She reached her hand over wrapping her fingers around the shaft and lightly started stoking me, with her free hand she took a mouth full of beer.

She continued on with her hand wrapped around my dick gently stroking it up and down.

“The game went on for a while and I did my best to keep up but the rest of the night was a bit of a blur. I do recall that there was hysterical laughter more nudity including a group boob flash at Aaron. The next day the girls said he nearly creamed himself.”

“When I went to bed I was feeling drunk and some what horny, not that I was in any state to do anything about it plus I had head spins. I really liked sex, a lot, but it was then I realized emphatically how naïve and inexperienced I was. The other girls were still chatting in the back ground but I couldn’t really make out what they were saying or keep my eyes open any longer.”

Steph went quiet for a moment, still gently stroking my cock.

She leant down and took my dick into her mouth sliding her lips down the shaft whilst massaging the base of the shaft and my testicles with her hand, her tongue swirled around my engorged head. After few moments she lifted her mouth from me, continuing to stoke me softly with her hand.

“So, the next day I went and saw Derek, I was still feeling horny, sort of like a heightened state of arousal. I kept thinking of the night before and it was getting me pretty worked up. His parents were out and I took him straight to his bedroom. I made him lay on the bed whilst I did a slow strip tease for him. I could see that he was hard and started to remove all his clothes. We were both naked and I straddled him and leant down to kiss him. I wanted him to kiss me like Tash had the night before but he was clumsy and didn’t really get into the tongue thing. I went down his body and took his dick in my hand and studied while I jerked him, like I said he wasn’t circumcised and he had thick pubic hair and hairy balls. I figured he was about 6 inches long. I sucked him into my mouth and concentrated on my technique, I wanted him come in my mouth to taste what it was like but after a couple of minutes he pulled me off and rolled me on to my back.”

“I thought for a moment he was going return the favour but that wasn’t to happen and probably never would. He reached into his bed side table and pulled out a condom, even though I had been on the pill since I was sixteen he insisted. We had never had sex with out one. He climbed over me and slid his dick in and started to hump. He went for about a minute groaning a couple of times, I was just starting to get into it when he grunted and came, collapsing on me. I could feel his dick starting to shrink as he pulled out and rolled off me pulling the condom off and throwing in the bin. He got dressed and went back to the lounge to watch the footy. I hardly got warmed up.”

“I think that was that point when it hit home, things weren’t the way I wanted them to be. You know that saying ‘Are you living the life want? If not, why not’, well that how I was feeling”

“I got dressed and headed back to the school, feeling frustrated and unsatisfied.”

“I was nearly back to the school when a light came on in my head, I made a bold decision. I turned around and headed back towards Glen Osmond Rd, to the Adult Shop.”

“I had never been into a sex shop and was a nervous as hell but determined not to chicken out. I figured it was Sunday and hopefully the shop would be quiet or maybe even empty if I was lucky. It didn’t take long to get there and I pulled up the rear entrance.”

“I had always thought of Adult Shops as dark, seedy places run by short, over weight middle aged, balding men but Tash had said she was served by a lady who was helpful and very professional.”

“Mustering all my courage I got out the car and went in through the back door.”

“The shop was clean and well presented, there was a middle aged woman at the counter who smiled when I walked in. I walked along the isles mesmerized by what I saw. There were all sorts of things, whips, chains, double ended dildos, butt plugs, costumes masks, lubes, massage oils, games, everything you could imagine, or more in my case, I only worked out what some of the things were later. Across the back wall were racks of adult DVD’s and magazines. The lady at the counter came across and asked if I was looking for anything in particular. My heart was racing but I held firm and told her my friend had told me about a Rabbit I-Vibe, she smiled and said it was one of their best sellers. She led to the side wall where there was an assortment of vibrators, different shapes, styles and colors. She reached up and took one off the shelf. A Rabbit I-Vibe, pink, the same as Tasha’s, she mentioned that it came as a package deal and also got down a smaller one too. She showed me how to put the batteries in and gave me free pack plus a free tube of lube. I left, feeling very proud of myself for taking such a bold step.”

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