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I am behind you with my breasts snug up against your back, my arm around your waist. I wake up, feeling a stirring between my legs. We had just finished a couple of hours ago, but I was feeling aroused again. I take your cock into my hand gently and hold it, feeling the warmth of it. I slowly massage it, squeezing gently, feeling the tip, back to the shaft holding it, stroking the base.

You start to have some awareness that something is happening to you. But you are more asleep than awake. I feel you slightly stiffen in my hand. Less gently, but not too hard yet, I massage you harder. Mmmmmm, you are still sleepy, but wake up enough to start to understand what is happening to you. You stretch, groan a little bit in your stretch, and enjoy the feel of my hand wrapped around your cock. You get harder.

I want better access, and I want you in my mouth. I move to a sitting position to the side of you. Your eyes are still closed, just enjoying the sensations you are feeling as your body wakes up. You feel my lips at your tip, licking, caressing, licking around the head. My lips are at the base of your head, and I suck you in slightly. I continue to lick. You get harder. I am moving up and down the top third of your shaft, pausing at the head to lick, and then suck you back in. Things are getting wet, as I am salivating, enjoying having you in my mouth. Taking you in and out, in and out a little further, a little further.

Suddenly, I suck you all the way in, my lips at the base of your cock, and you arch your back and gasp. I move all of the way to the tip, your cock coming all of the way out of my mouth, kütahya escort some mewing sounds by me. I want you back. My mouth searches for your tip, finds it, licks, my lips cup the tip, and then I slurp you all of the way back in. In the meantime, I am getting very wet. I climb on top of you, knees around your head, and lower my pussy into your face. You know what I want. You know I will get even more excited licking and sucking your cock while you lick me. Your first lick, and I shiver; it feels so good.

I suck you all of the way in again, moaning, groaning, mewing, not able to get enough of your cock, drooling, licking, sucking, wanting, like a lollipop. I can’t seem to get enough. You are licking, stroking, your tongue feels the bulge of my swollen urethral sponge, and strokes it with your tongue…that slight sand paper feel of your tongue in my slit. You feel me stiffen, and then the surge. I squirt into your mouth, all over your face, moaning. It slackens off, and I am in a fervor with my mouth on your cock.

You feel my mouth shift off of your cock, and my lips and tongue caress your balls, sucking one in, and then the other. Licking, stroking, sucking, enjoying the feel of them in my mouth. You increase the pace of your licking and I squirt again, that warm woman cum in your mouth, on your face. My mouth goes back to the tip of your cock, and takes it back in. My hand cups your balls, feeling their warmth, massaging them

Then my hand moves away from your balls, you sense I am doing something, then my fingers seek your crack, that erogenous malatya escort area between your crack, perinineum, the rim of your ass, and I am massaging, slick feeling, you realize I had put lube on my fingers…my mouth is on your cock, my fingers in your crack, massaging, and the sensations are amazing…you are so aroused…as you continue to lick me…

You feel my fingers massaging your opening, the rim, slowly, in no hurry, and you feel yourself relax. I continue to move my lips up and down your cock, licking, and my fingers are massaging your rim then you feel my finger slip into your tight ass. Just a little bit. Just inside the rim, moving in circles a little bit. My mouth is still on your cock, and you are still licking me. I push my forefinger in a little farther.

My finger inside of you is poking a little, prodding, moving around in circles just inside the opening. I put my finger in further. I am looking for that rough surface; your prostate; the equivalent of the urethral sponge in me. I know what it should feel like. Similar to my g spot; that rough walnut shell like surface. Ahhhh, there it is! I slowly massage it with the pad of my finger. Slowly, lightly, gradually more firmly. I feel it swell, my mouth on your cock, you licking me, finger in your ass.

I increase the pressure, rub harder, increase the frequency. It feels so good to you. You feel your arousal level increasing. OMG to feel pleasure both on your cock and inside your ass. I am excited by what you are doing to me and I squirt again in your face. I pause my mouth on your cock, batman escort just holding it with my lips, and focus on the pleasure center in your ass. I am rubbing it harder and faster. You feel the excitement building. You know you are very close, but it feels different this time. It is not your cock that is as hard; not as engorged. It feels like something else is going to happen. I am rubbing hard and fast, like when you finger fuck me to get me to squirt. Building, building, building, and then you feel it; sweet ecstasy, an orgasm, wave upon wave of pleasure, without ejaculation. Oh fuck you think. OMGod, as you ride the wave. But I am not done with you. I want you to cum in my mouth. I keep my finger in your ass, but now it is still, and my mouth starts to move on your cock again.

My mouth is moving on your cock, you are licking my pussy, licking my g-spot, you know I like it, and I squirt again all over your face. I feel you get really hard in my mouth. You know you are really close. I am moving up and down your cock really fast now, rhythmically, licking at the top, sucking you in, taking you all of the way into my throat, my lips at the base, then back to fast strokes moving up and down your shaft, with you halfway in, fucking you with my mouth, you want me all the way in, you grab my hair and push and pull on my head to make the rate what you want it, to get you close to the edge, closer, closer, closer, and then you pull out at the last minute, and explode onto my face, pulsating, feeling the waves of pleasure, and I am mmmmm, mmmmming, enjoying getting squirted in the face, your cum, your seed on my face, into my mouth.

OhMyGawd, you realize you just had multiple orgasms…as a guy! It is a first for you, and a first for me. We are both spent, relaxed. I turn around to nestle my head on your shoulder. Gawd that was good, I say…sooooo relaxed…we doze…knowing in a few hours we will be at it again!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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