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I lay on the bed waiting for you to come out of the shower. My imagination is running rampant. It was your idea to try something different. As I lay on the bed with just a towel around my waist I can feel my cock harden.

You emerge from the ensuite drying your hair with a towel. My cock begins to throb. I can feel it pressing against the towel.

You stand in front of the mirror and brush your hair. I catch you looking at me in the mirror and you smile. You are enjoying the fact that you know what is in store for tonight and that I don’t know. You are also enjoying keeping me waiting knowing how much I want to be touching you, kissing you.

You had made it very clear that tonight was your idea and that I had to be patient.

I slide my hand under the towel and slowly run my finger over the head of my now throbbing cock. I’m beginning to ooze precum as I watch you brush your hair. I can see in the mirror that you are also beginning to become more than a little aroused. Your nipples are now hard. I ache to have ataşehir escort bayan them in my mouth. To be sucking them. But I remember I have to be patient.

I watch intently as you slowly put one foot then other into your panties. You bend forward, exaggeratingly so, as you slowly slide your underwear up your legs and over your butt. I feel more precum ooze from my cock.

You sit on the chair, facing me you put on stockings. Slowly. Teasingly slow. You’re very much aware of what you are doing to me. Torturing me with lust and desire.

You stand and adjust your underwear. The underwear that I so badly want my face pressed against right now.

Not bothering with a bra, you slip on a light dress. You then sit on the dresser and look at me. With a lustful wink you ask, ‘ what do you think’? By now it is very obvious what I think. I have thrown the towel off and my hand is wrapped around my shaft and slowly moving back and forth. I stand and walk over to you. We kiss. A sensual, loving kiss at first escort kadıköy but it soon evolves into a hungry passionate kiss. I feel your hand wrap around my cock and you stroke it several times before suddenly stopping.

I take a step back and you begin to rub your stockinged foot against my cock and balls. I let out a slight moan. I lean against your foot as you grind it against me. I gently take your foot in my hand and run my tongue along your lower leg. I then close my mouth on each toe, in turn. Gently sucking each one.

You now have your hand inside your underwear. Rubbing. I gently let go of your foot and move in to kiss your mouth once again.

I then move to your neck. Kissing. Licking softly. You lift your dress, exposing your breasts and I quickly close my lips on a nipple. Sucking hungrily. I move to your other nipple.

I move my body closer to yours. You wrap your legs around my waist and pull me even closer to you. I can feel the heat coming through the material of your panties.

I bostancı escort grind my cock against them. We are both moaning with desire.

I kiss my way down your body. I pull your underwear aside and begin to lick your warm moist slit. My tongue moving up and down. You lift the dress over your head leaving you wearing just the stockings and underwear. You turn around and bend over. Bracing yourself against the dresser. I crouch behind you and once again move the material of your underwear to the side. Allowing my tongue to touch your soft , warm flesh. I slip my fingers in the waistband and pull them down before once again using my tongue. I bury my face in your arse. Teasing, licking, tonguing.

Wanting to be inside you so much.

We both stand and kiss again. This time you kiss down my chest. Over my tummy. You squat in front of me and quickly take my now dripping cock in your mouth. Between your lips and hand both milking my shaft, I am soon nearing the point of no return.

You quickly stand and turn, bracing yourself against the dresser once more. I rub the head of my cock over your arse before you reach between your legs and forcefully grab it and guide it to your pussy lips. I lean into you and quickly slip between your velvet lips. Finally we are as one.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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