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Big Dick

Everyone having sex is at least 18. This story is a work of fiction. I made it all up. Check reality at the door and enjoy it for what it is. Special thanks to goducks1 for his help. My stories are much better because of his advice.


Chapter 12 – A Shower

Both Lisa and Heather go upstairs to take a shower. I will take one when they finish. An hour later and Heather comes down in an almost transparent teddy. Her hair is down, it’s been curled, and she put on some makeup. She is stunningly beautiful. Her nipples are poking out, and her breasts sway back and forth as she walks. No kidding, they are natural.

It does strike me as odd that a married woman is acting like this. I am helping her cheat on her husband. Heather will justify it somehow that I still have fuck rights. She is so predictable. I pass her going up the stairs, stopping just long enough for her to rub her tits on me and I give her a light and gentle kiss on the lips.

I don’t hear Lisa taking a shower. In fact, she is silent, and the door is closed. I knock on the door, and it opens from me knocking. She is on the floor, naked and crying softly. I can’t hear her, but I can tell based her breathing and her red puffy eyes.

I sit down on the ground and admire her naked body. I want to fuck her now, but the mood is all wrong. I don’t understand why she is crying. She still won’t look at me, which means I am the problem. My instincts say I should hug her, but somehow, with her naked on the floor, that seems wrong.

I quietly ask, just louder than a whisper, “What’s wrong, my love?”

Her head snaps up like she just realized I am there. Her arms come up to hug me, and then she yanks them back and wraps them around herself. When I try to get closer, she moves away. Ok, no hugs for her.

She looks at me with contempt in her eyes, “You’re going to fuck her, aren’t you?”

I know who she means, but I feign innocence, “You need to be more specific. Since coming here, I have slept with quite a few women.” Then I get defensive, “None of which I initiated. I see you smiling. I won’t deny that I didn’t enjoy all of it. Some were more unusual than others, but still, they were all pleasurable. Out with it, why is a beautiful naked woman crying on her washroom floor.”

Lisa is curled up, safe from me, yet only a foot away. I can tell that she wants to tell me something, but she won’t. She shut down and is going to keep me out. It’s time to break down some barriers. I stand up, take off my shirt, and drop it on Lisa. She looks up at me with a scared expression.

I drop my shorts, and they fall to the ground. I bend over, pick them up, and drop them on a now annoyed Lisa. I repeat that process with my boxers, but I drop them in her lap. I stand before her in all my naked glory. Her mouth is open and in awe as she looks up. I open the door and move into the shower. I did come upstairs for a shower after all.

I start a nice hot shower, and that begins a good fogging of the glass. I grunt a few times as I reach for my back. I hope that she will think I am in pain and assist me. The door opens, and Lisa slips in behind me. I smile at her action even though I can’t see her. Lisa picks up the dry washcloth, she pauses, no doubt realizing I lured her in. She then proceeds to clean me. It’s time I start confessing.

I speak to the wall in a slow, even, and soft voice, “I never stopped loving Heather. Even you must have seen the recent changes in her. However, the way she treated me will forever be a barrier in our relationship. She may go home to her husband at any time. You and me. We will remain.”

She throws her arms around my neck and hugs me hard. In doing so, her breasts are mashed up against my back. They are soft and puffy with a hard nipple at the center. I can hear her sniffling. I turn around, and she lets go so she can cover her breasts from me.

I give her that look of “oh really, after all, we have done,” and she drops her hands in shame. She looks down at the floor. I use my hand to raise her chin, and then I softly kiss her on the lips. This is not a brother/sister kiss, this is full-on romance. My tongue taps her teeth and is allowed in. She repositions her hands to get a better grip on me.

My tongue dances with hers as we explore each other. My hands explore her body, as well. I have not spent much time on her breasts, so I make up for it now. Lisa could explore me; I would let her. However, she seems more worried about me leaving. Therefore, her hands are held protectively around me like I might run off.

Lisa orgasms just from me playing with her nipples. She turns around and faces the back of the shower. She bends at the waist and spreads her legs wide. No words are spoken, but I understand what my responsibilities are. I aim my cock at her entrance and slowly push into my sister. I hear her breath being forced out of her. I now smell her pussy juices. The aroma hangs heavy in the damp air.

Slowly, I push into Lisa. She is zenci escort gaziantep bayan tight, much tighter than I expected. It must be due to her schedule with long workdays and not catching weekends consistently. It must be nearly impossible to start a relationship.

I am all the way in when Lisa moans. Her hair is wet now and stays out of the way. I pull out of her tight pussy, leaving just the tip in as I again thrust my man meat into her love box. Lisa moans in satisfaction as I slowly press my cock deep into her body.

My hands are holding her hips in place. They don’t need to; she has a good position. It just seems natural. This isn’t the tightest pussy I have been in this week, but it’s the most satisfying. The girls, Carla and Vicki, were both tighter and amazing. Yet, I would rather have Lisa. I know this is partially because she is my sister. It’s more than that, though. I feel something different for Lisa. I have always longed for her approval, and now I am getting it.

She was unobtainable, and now I am balls deep into her. I tease her body by slowly pushing in and pulling out. She loved the teasing so much, she orgasmed right there, just a few strokes in. I stop so she can enjoy this and not miss a thing. She giggles from the experience.

Lisa explains, “My first orgasm always comes quick. I don’t hold it so I can last much longer the second time. Please continue.”

I do continue. The hot water is still coming strong, and my strokes are now long and much faster. I can’t last an hour in here, but I will give her a good fucking. I want her to remember me long after I am gone. I want her needing this feeling, so she comes back. I don’t ever want her to get away from me again.

I speed up after ten minutes of sliding my cock into her heavenly body. Heather came to check on Lisa, saw us, and left without saying a word. We will need to discuss Heather, but now is not the time. I speed up some more, and I can feel the need to blow a load in my sister crawling up my body. I slow it down; I am not ready, and neither is Lisa.

I am slapping into her body pretty good. Lisa is moaning in pleasure as I continue to quickly thrust my shaft into her pleasure hole. We are a perfect coupling, and our parts are a precise fit. Who knew, my most compatible partner is my sister.

After I rachet up the speed some more, her moans turn into grunts, and they’re raising in pitch. It’s cute how she responds to a good fucking. My legs are getting unsteady, I need to end this quickly. I move my hands to her breasts and squeeze hard. I also move to my fastest fucking speed. I try to hit the top of her slit so I can graze her clit.

It only took two grazing shots of her clit, and her scream had to be heard by Heather. That will be embarrassing when it comes up in conversation. I, too, scream out a quick shout as my first rope flies out of my cock. My vision quickly narrows, but I hang on so I can continue shooting my sperm up into my sister with hard thrusts. My hands are back on her hips, and they are holding up her collapsed body.

I have no idea how I am still standing. My knees are locked, or I may have fallen as well. I wipe the sweat off my forehead as I run us both under the now chilling water before escaping the frozen shower. I lay Lisa down on the floor. My vision is back, and I am in control again. I turn off the water.

I look down at Lisa, she is awake, eyes on me. She has the most perfect smile I have ever seen plastered on her face. I sit down next to her, and she reaches out for me. I pull her up and into my arms. She sits in my lap. She wants to talk, but nothing comes out. She accepts just being loved by me.

I kiss her gently on the lips. I see something in her eyes that I have never seen before, love. I thought I saw that with Heather, but it was really lust. At the time, they look the same. Now that I have seen both, I know them for what they are.

We have both recovered from our fun. I stand up and then help Lisa get up, she is exhausted. We put our underwear on and go downstairs to bed. Heather is sitting on the edge of the bed in panties and a bra. She does not look happy.

Heather starts off with a scowl on her face, “I take it neither of you needs me anymore, huh?”

Yikes, how do I respond? Heather now means less to me; I don’t want Lisa to think I love her still. Yet, I can’t say anything, or I may piss off Lisa. I am in dangerous territory here. How do I respond? Easy, I don’t. Lisa sits down in Heather’s lap and wraps her arms around her body.

Lisa says softly, “Just because I like my brother way more than I ever dreamed of, doesn’t mean that my feelings for you have changed. I do think your decision to divorce him is looking worse every day, but that’s between you two. You’re still my friend … if you can live with this.”

Heather looks at her friend with a curious look on her face, “Are you kidding? He is probably the escort bayan gaziantep finest man I have ever met. I encourage you to keep him. I’m sad and jealous that I can’t make him a larger part of my life. I fucked up, that’s my problem. I still love him, and maybe in time, he will again care for me like he used to. I know that won’t happen, but it gives me hope.”

Now Heather is back to normal, “My husband’s out of town, and you wanted to go up north to do shopping. How about we go a bit farther north to my place. Free rent and an awesome bed. I know exactly where the stores are, and which restaurants are good.”

This is working out perfectly, “Sounds like a great plan. We can drop your car at the mall, go shopping, have a nice dinner, and then go back to your place. Sunday, we go back home after getting your car. It will work out great.”

Lisa falls asleep in Heather’s arms. I pick her up and lay her down in the bed on the far edge. I then crawl into bed and roll Lisa back towards me. I am on my back, which means that Heather can do the same on her side of me. She gives me a friendly smile. Heather turns off the lights and crawls in bed with me. She never said a word, but she held me tight until she fell asleep.

With Pauline, Gail, and Lisa, there really isn’t room for Heather. She is married and divorced me. I don’t need her. Do I like Gail for her money, or do I love her for being her? I need to think more about that.

Chapter 13 – Shopping and a Party

The next morning, we have a neighborhood breakfast again. This one is simple; someone went to a bakery and bought half the place. We explain our plans as does everyone else. Our next meal together is Monday morning. I really do like these people. We have become close and I know them very well now. We will be best friends forever.

It’s a long drive up North, it’s starting to look familiar. I drove with Lisa first, per her request. Lisa drove with Heather second. I finish driving with Heather last. We mostly listen to the radio, not much talking. Somehow, it’s just more enjoyable with someone else next to you.

We stop for lunch along the way and then go straight to the mall. It’s surprisingly easy to blow a lot of money quickly. However, we now have blinds, shades, drapes, rugs, lights, chairs, tables, dressers, and beds. All the main things a house need. Then we go and buy everything a kitchen and washrooms need. We have some stuff, but we still need a lot more, including cleaning supplies. We are all tired and look forward to a nice meal.

Lorenzo’s is awesome. Great pasta, great sauce, and fantastic wine paired with the meals. The garlic bread is perfection. Sweet butter and garlic aroma on bread that is toasted, so it is crunchy and heavenly light. The salad is partially wilted and uses their signature house dressing that is both sweet and tangy. Since I am driving, only one glass of wine for me. We all have plenty to eat and leave with a big smile on our faces and full stomachs.

On pulling up to Heather’s house, all smiles evaporate. All the lights are on, and the driveway and street are full of parked cars. The loud music can be head from outside although it wasn’t as bad as a college party. Every blind and drape is closed, they don’t see us walking up. Heather is in tears and mad as hell. I stop her at the front door.

It took a lot of effort to restrain Heather before I can say, “Heather. I want you to stop crying and put a smile on your face. I don’t want you saying anything. We will go in there with both of you on my arms like we were invited. Then I will ask for your husband, dear two-timing Teddy, so we can get to the bottom of this. They may be a perfectly good reason for him having a party, it may be for business, or he has clients over. It could be innocent.

When we finally walk in, Heather says under her breath, “Innocent, my ass.”

At that moment, I had to agree with her. The living room is full of pillows, and everyone is naked. They are in one of a variety of sexual positions. This is a full-blown orgy. As we walk in, some guy yells out, “Cool, more fuckable women. May, get them, bitches, naked, and join in. I want the young one.”

Without showing my anger, I ask, “Before we join you, where might we find Ted?”

Everyone points up, as in upstairs. I have no doubt that means the master bedroom. Both Heather and Lisa are glued to the floor. I pull them with me as we start walking up the stairs. They are still looking back at the debauchery.

I am serious when I ask, “Would you like to go back? They will scratch any itch you have.”

They snap out of their daze and drag me up the stairs. Each bedroom is occupied, and the doors are closed. Heather opens the doors to the master bedroom and swings both doors open. Sure, enough, Teddy is in bed with three women, and they are all naked.

Heather bursts out into tears, the three women scream, and Teddy is mad at us!

Teddy yells at us, “Leave! Go! I will explain tomorrow. This isn’t at all what it looks like.”

I inquire, “Do these three women know that this is your wife?”

The three women say, “Hi Heather. We know that he’s married, we all are. Aren’t you all swingers as well? Damn woman, it’s about time your home for a weekend to help take care of your man.”

Heather would have killed her had I not held her back.

Heather screams, “This party is over. GO HOME!”

One of the three women says to Heather, “Screw you, bitch. No wonder he never brings you. You’re nothing but an ice queen.”

I use my commanding voice, “All of you, out. Lisa, call 911.”

Ted has had enough of this. He stands up and lunges at Heather. I pull Heather around me and stop Ted with an arm to his chest. He has been drinking and isn’t thinking very well. He is half a foot shorter than me and about fifty pounds of muscle lighter than me. Yet he ducks under my open hand, steps in and with all his might, he punches me in the ribs.

I laugh at him, “Teddy, you had better bring a whole lot more, or this will be a very short fight.”

He swung at me four more times before hitting me in the face. One punch to the stomach and Teddy is down on the floor, crying, and fighting for breath. I only knocked the wind out of him.

They live in a high-priced neighborhood. Add to that a domestic dispute and a sex party, well, the whole police department shows up with guns drawn, scaring the crap out of the people in the living room. The police soon figure out all the drama is upstairs, and a one-sided fight happened. No charges are filed, and Teddy is asked to leave. He goes with the three women.

Heather is a bundle of nerves, crying, and hysterical. She doesn’t want to stay in the house, it smells like sex, and the bed is wet. I don’t want to be in the house either. We go to a motel and Heather is inconsolable. She does eventually slow down the crying. We hold her in bed until the early AM when she and then we finally fall asleep.


The next morning, we shower and go down for the free breakfast.

Heather announces her decisions, “I’ll stay here again tonight. Tomorrow I hire a lawyer, a moving and storage company, and then I quit my job. I will put most of my stuff in storage and the rest I will have shipped to the house. Hunter, I know how you feel about me. I won’t stand in the way of Gail, Pauline, or Lisa.

“I would like to spend some time with you still, but I know my place. I’ll find another man. Hopefully you can help keep my spirits up so I can. If I get depressed, no man will want me other than another depressed man. I don’t want that. I’ve been a bad person, maybe a change in job and surroundings will help change me.”

She starts crying again. Lisa gives me the look.

I try to sound sympathetic, “I have no idea what will happen with Gail and Pauline. I know where I want Lisa, close to me. You and I will never be what we once were. Like I said; that boat has sailed. However, I don’t hate you. I can see a date night from time to time. We can remain friends. If Gail, Pauline, Carla, and Vicki don’t work out, I may need a wife.”

Lisa laughs at me, “Oh Hunter, you are so cute. Pauline will find a guy.” My hopes soar. “Mostly because she doesn’t want to hurt Gail who is head over heels in love with you. She may date in college, but no way she finds a man better than you. I will bet any money on that fact.”

We spend the rest of the day shopping again and have a nice meal before heading home. Heather is very emotional as we leave. I hated to leave her, but tomorrow is a critical day for us.

Chapter 14 – Home Again

I wake up early Monday morning to the standard procession. However, more and more food shows up. I am shown the crowd of people outside. Oh, shit, we aren’t prepared for a group this size, and it is growing.

When Mandy woke up, people were outside. She made everything she could, and they are handing out eggs wrapped in pancakes with a sausage link or a strip of bacon and some hash browns. Yes, it is weird, but we don’t have enough paper plates to go around or silverware. It was handed out in paper towels, and nobody complained.

When we finish, I go outside, and everyone looks to me with questioning or worried eyes. Lisa and the others follow me out, and they too look at me for direction. This is a lot of people. I freeze from fright.

Lisa solves my problem. She stands next to me, takes my hand, and with her other hand, she waves to the group. They all wave back. She then kisses me with easily the most sensual kiss I have ever received.

I blush, stammer, and then say in a loud voice, “I noticed you all wave back at my girlfriend yet don’t kiss the man next to you. I’m sure glad you don’t repeat everything she does.”

The crowd laughs hard. That calms me down a lot.

With a more commanding voice, I say, “You’ll notice that there are only four houses in this area. For the last month, my neighbors and I have been fixing up these houses. We’re going to have you finish them up today and tomorrow. This is a placement test of sorts. If you said you were a plumber, but we find out you have no clue, we have needs in painting, clean up, demolition, and landscaping that you may want to do.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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