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You are a cowboy at a stud ranch that also offers horse riding lessons. I have booked in for a 4 day riding course. I arrive early on the first morning. I climb out of my car and look around me. I spot you and a group of other cowboys chatting and laughing. You look over to see who had arrived and you see me. We are strangers but from the way my body reacts from our eye contact, you wouldn’t think so.

I turn around and open the boot of my car to grab my bag. You amble over and offer to carry my bag up to the house. I hand my bag over and as I watch you walk away I watch your arse in those jeans, mmmmmm, damn it looks good in those jeans. I go into the house and up to my room and change into my jeans and a loose shirt.

To cut this story short, the attraction between us builds over the next few days. You would find any chance you could to ‘accidentally’ brush against me, touch my arse or be close to me.

On the last day after my last lesson, I wander over to the fence to watch a few cowboys hold a mare who is in heat and help the stallion to mount her. As I watch the stallion fuck the mare, I get really horny and my pussy gets really wet. As I am so engrossed in watching the horses I don’t hear you come up behind me.

You stand close behind me and blow gently in my ear. You startle me and I go to turn around but you trap me against the fence, your chest pressed against my back. You put your mouth near my ear again and whisper that you want to mount me like that stallion and move your cock deep into me and back out to slam back in again. Your warm breath on my ears are giving me goose bumps and I cant help it, I moan low in my throat. Your body against mine, your mouth so close escort ataşehir to my ears. I can’t stop the feeling coursing through my blood.

I push my hips back and press against you, feeling your hard cock press against my arse. You move my hair out of the way and flick your tongue against my neck. You hear me whimper and I push back more. You flick again, then place your lips on my neck and suck gently. I need to feel your lips on mine so I manage to turn around in your arms, my hip brushing against your cock. I hear you suck your breath in and I laugh huskily.

As I look up into your eyes, I slide my hand along your chest, down towards your jeans. I pull your shirt up and brush my finger tips over your warm skin. I slowly undo your shirt. Sliding my hands up over your shoulders. One hand curls around the back of your neck and into your hair, so I can pull your mouth down to mine. I stop your mouth an inch before it touches mine. I blow a small stream of my sweet breathe against your mouth. You start to lower your mouth the last little bit but I duck my head place my moist lips on your neck and flick my tongue against your pulse, which is racing.

I move my mouth up and nibble on your ear lobe and I feel a shudder run through you. I kiss along your jaw and then I place my lips on yours. Gently at first and then harder as my passion rushes through me. I open my lips a little and you thrust your tongue into my mouth, brushing over mine. I move my hands down your chest and graze your nipples with my nails. Down my hands go to your jeans. You grab my hands to stop me. Turning you lead the way to your horse. You lift me and put me on the horse and swing up behind me.

As kadıköy escort bayan we set off at a fast pace, my arse moves back and forth against your groin and I hear you groaning. We reach our destination in no time and you jump off the horse and turn to help me off. I start to slide down your body, but I wrap my legs around your hips and you carry me to the shade of a tree and lay me on the sweet smelling grass.

You pull off your boots and toss them over your shoulder. I laugh at your eagerness. You throw off your open shirt and unzip your jeans. You come over to me and sit down. You reach out a hand and place it on my belly. You can feel my muscles jump under your hand. Slowly you unbutton my shirt. As you expose an inch of skin, you kiss it softly. By the time you have my shirt open I am trembling so much. You slide your hand down my belly and reach my jeans. You open them and slide your hand into my panties.

As your fingers brush over my mound, I push up against you. Moving towards my feet, you pull my boots off and then tug my jeans down my legs and throw them away. You kiss your way up my legs and as you reach my thighs you slide your hands up and grab my panties and pull them down and off my body. You continue to kiss your way up my legs, avoiding my pussy and up to my breasts. You undo my bra and I am exposed. You take my nipple into your mouth and suck. I arch towards your mouth, moaning. You change breasts to give equal pleasure. I hold your head to my breasts wanting more.

Your hands run down my sides, tickling me. You touch my pussy lightly and then slide a finger over my clit. I’m moaning low in my throat. You slide a finger into my wet heat and I tighten escort bostancı around you. You add another and start to slide them in and out of me. You kiss your way down my belly and part my lips with your fingers. You flicker your tongue against my clit. My hips come up off the ground from the pleasure.

My fingers bury into your hair and I hold you there. It feels great having your tongue flicking over my hard clit and your fingers sliding in and out of me. You feel me start to tighten around your fingers and you slide one down to my arse and slide it into my tight hole. You shift your tongue to my opening and thrust it in and out of me. You move your finger in and out of my arse at the same time. Your other hand moves to my clit and you start to rub it lightly. I’m moaning your name so loud. Suddenly I shatter into a mind blowing orgasm.

While I am still trembling from my orgasm you turn me over onto my hands and knees. You thrust into me hard and lean down and say to me that you are going to fuck me like the stallion fucks the mare. You gently nip at my neck and then run your tongue down my spine. I arch back against you and you grab my hips and thrust hard again. You start to pick up a bit more pace and as I arch back against you, taking you deeper, you slide one hand closer to my arsehole and slip your finger in me again.

You pace is quick and hard. I’m moaning as I near another orgasm. Your finger in my arse and your hard cock are driving me mad. I scream as I shatter again. Suddenly I feel you pull out of my pussy and press against my tight arse. You hit my cheeks a couple of times and as you press forward you slide into my arse almost painlessly. You ride my arse hard, making me moan more. I reach under me and rub my clit to get me close again. I feel you stiffen as you pour your hot cum into me. The feeling sends me into another orgasm.

I collapse to the ground, exhausted from our wild fucking. We are both panting so much.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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