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I came into your apartment to find you, as usual, sitting at the computer typing something. I slowly walk up behind you and I begin slowly massaging your shoulders, my hands drifting a little lower each time I work them over your shoulders. I make a suggestion that you stop what you’re doing for a little while and take a break. You, in turn, ask me what I had in mind for you to do while you were taking the break.

I respond not with word, but with actions, I slide around to the front of you and I lean down, my month coming close to your ear so you can feel my breath even as I whisper several suggestions. Each suggestion makes your eyes more and more wide with amazement that I would say anything like that. I smile as I pull away slightly, bringing my face around so we’re looking into each other’s eyes. I can hear your breathing become a little more heavy as my hands slowly begin sliding down your shoulders, heading toward your breasts. I detour them into the valley between and keep going down over your stomach. When my hands find the bottom of your shirt, I begin slowly peeling it up off of you, letting my hands brush against you slightly as I do, over your stomach, up over your breasts, which are held back by your bra. I whisper for you to raise your arms as I get your shirt up higher and you do. I pull your shirt off and I toss it aside as my hands go back down your arms to your breasts, I begin working my hands up under your bra, teasing your breasts with my thick fingers from the base to the nipples.

I lean in and kiss you deeply, our tongues wrestling with each others even as you let out a sigh of pleasure escort ataşehir into my kiss. I continue to work your breasts over with my fingers, finally pulling my hands from your bra and undoing it. Meanwhile your hands have begun attacking my shirt and pulling it from me. I break my lips from yours for a moment as you pull my shirt off and fling it aside. After this, I begin kissing down your neck slowly as I remove your bra and drop it to the floor. My tongue and lips make their way in a slow line from your jawline down over your neck, then I kiss, suck and nibble my way along your collarbone even as my hands continue to massage your breasts slowly. I make my way down with my tongue and lips and I begin kissing and trailing my tongue around first your left breast, making a trail around the base, then a slowly spiral all the way around until I reach your nipple, which I begin slowly tonguing and sucking on as my hands begin sliding down to your pants. I undo your pants as I run my tongue through the valley between your breasts, and I unzip them as I begin to try to slide them off.

You arch up slightly to allow me to get your pants off and I take them to the floor almost immediately. I then slide my hands back up and I work your panties down off of you as well, tossing both them and your pants aside. I make my way down the insides of your thighs, kissing a trail alternating the right and left sides with my lips and tongue. I then dive down on you as I put your thighs up on my shoulders, letting you wrap your legs around my head as I begin slowly licking the moist, swollen lips of your pussy kadıköy escort bayan before I spread them open with two fingers. I lick and suck on your clit slowly for a moment before letting my tongue dive into you and lap up your sweet juices. I begin working my thumb over your clit, causing your breath to become short and your sighs to turn into moans of delight as I work you over, my tongue diving deep into you. I feel your hands on the back of my head as you begin moaning and calling my name, your body beginning to tremble slightly as I feel your insides begin to throb on my tongue. I slowly bring my other hand up and I work a finger inside you along with my tongue, probing around in your warm, wet tunnel as I feel you begin to build toward an orgasm. I pull my tongue out of you and I move up on you, now letting my fingers do the work along with my thumb as I move up and begin sucking on your nipples, first the right, then the left, slurping my tongue over them as I work my fingers in and out faster and harder.

I realize that this won’t be enough to make you cum, so I slowly begin to worm my way outta my pants, and your hands come up to help me get out of them, dropping them and my boxers to the floor to reveal my cock at full attention. I slowly slide down a little bit and I pull my fingers out of you, I replace them with my cock, pressing it into you slowly, letting every inch of it slide inside you with agonizing slowness. Finally you get a little impatient and thrust your hips up into me, burying my cock into you up to the hilt. I slide a hand down between us and I rub your clit gently as escort bostancı I begin thrusting myself into you. Your arms come up and willingly wrap around my neck as your moans increase in frequency and volume. I slide my hands up under your ass and I pull you outta the chair, then I lay you on the ground as I begin pumping my shaft in and out of you as I you wrap your legs around my waist, pulling me in even closer to you as I keep working away at you. I feel your hands, and your nails work down my back until you grab my ass and you flip me over so you’re on top. You brush a bit of your hair away from your face and you place your hands on my chest as you begin bouncing on my cock, riding me hard and fast, keeping me deep inside you as I feel my cock begin to swell as I feel it fill with cum. You slide a hand down between us and clamp it around my cock, telling me that you’re not ready to cum and you don’t want me cumming before you. You squeeze my cock hard even as you ride me, making me groan in pain as you deny me my release.

I feel you begin to tighten around my cock, trying to milk me even as you ride me and deny me a release of my cum. You moan and tell me that you’re getting closer, but still not there yet. You keep riding me as my hands caress your ass, pulling you down into me and bringing you up a bit as you continue grinding your hips down into me hard. I feel your pussy tighten unbearably around my cock even as I swell inside you. Finally you pull me up and I begin sucking on your breasts as you rock atop me while I sit up. You release your grip on my cock and wrap your arms around me and you throw your head back as you finally let the wave of an orgasm hit you and I do as well, cumming hard up into you as you let go all over me. I lay you back and I collapse on top of you, the two of us wrapping each other in our arms as we lie there before we fall asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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