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Big Dicks

As she felt the tip of his rock-hard shaft begin to separate her wet and swollen pussy lips, she thought for a moment how this had started and smiled at the irony of it. Who would have thought she would be fulfilling one of her hottest fantasies at a “study group” the night before a big exam? She had come here expecting several of the other students in the class to be going over their combined notes from the first half of the semester, but no-one besides her and the one hot guy in the entire class had shown up. Now, an hour later, they had jammed the door to the study room closed with a chair and she was as hot and horny for a strange new cock as she could remember having felt for years. She had learned to tell a lot about how a man would feel inside her from how he felt in her mouth as she sucked him beforehand. This one was definitely going to feel a better than just good, and she wanted the whole, thick, delicious specimen buried in her as far as it could go.

She had always imagined that if she ever really decided to do it with a younger guy then it would be much more planned out. She’d expected to talk with her husband while she was getting ready to leave and to have him at home waiting excitedly for her to return from a sexy outing that he knew was taking place. Well, he was at home alright, but he was babysitting the kids and trying to be supportive as she approached her first mid-term exam in over ten years. He had no idea that a scenario they had openly fantasized about for years was actually being played out right now. As she guided the young guy’s bare cock all the way up into her she knew how turned on her husband would be when she told him the details. She decided then and there to make sure this was truly a night to remember. This dark-haired soccer player between her legs couldn’t be much over twenty, and she was going to enjoy every ounce of his youthful vigor. The way he had flipped her over onto her back while they were kissing and yanked çekmeköy escort her legs apart to shove his cock in told her that he was selfish enough to give her the kind of hungry fucking she really enjoyed. It was a good thing she had been so damned excited and wet already or the ample chunk of meat pushing into her might have been a lot harder to handle.

He wasted no time hitting a rhythm with his powerful thrusts, and she responded by raising her hips to meet his incoming strokes at just the right moment to maximize the penetration. She pulled herself down a little lower to see whether it would feel even better for her from a different angle, and as she felt his penis start to touch her g-spot she was glad she had. Less than twenty seconds later she felt the onset of a huge vaginal orgasm start to hit her. As it grew she squeezed herself as tight as she could around his member and could practically feel the bulging veins of his cock slipping in and out as wave after wave of pleasure jolted through her tightly contracted pussy. It was impossible for her to control her excited moans when she was this deep into hot sex, and she made no effort to even try to. The sound of her long, drawn out “oooooooohhhhh” made it crystal clear to the young guy that he was doing something right, and he continued pumping steadily into her until she finally looked up at him and smiled in a way that said “Oh my god, that felt sooooo unbelievably good!”

She knew that if she turned her focus more onto his pleasure at that moment she’d have made him come in no time flat, but that wasn’t what she wanted just yet. Instead, she pulled him out of her and quickly got up on her knees with her rear end facing him at the edge of the table. He promptly responded to her inviting pose by inserting his cock from behind in a way that took her almost immediately to the brink of another deep orgasm. She knew that most guys cevizli escort considered this view of her ass, her back, and her dark brown hair to be one of the sexiest things about her. Just as she had hoped, the excitement made his cock just a tiny bit harder and thicker, and it couldn’t have felt any better. She laid her arms and head on the table and gave her pussy completely over to the solid pounding she was receiving from behind. She couldn’t even tell if she was having multiple orgasms or one long, extended one that had multiple peaks of pleasure, and honestly she didn’t care. It just felt good, and she was so horny she wanted it to go on and on and on.

This young guy was good – much better and more experienced than she had figured he would be. He intuitively sensed that she liked the way he held her hips and pulled her close as he ground his cock deeply into her. Between her slick, soaked pussy and his abundant pre-cum they were both so wet that he could slide in and out of her for a long time with ease. He told her the sensation of his cock coming nearly all the way out of her so the tip rubbed against her outer lips felt incredibly good to him. She reached one arm behind herself and grabbed his wrist as he held her hip and continued moving in and out of her. She had this good looking young stud amazingly turned on. He was in as much of a sexual frenzy as she was, and as she realized how hot she had made him she suddenly wanted nothing more than to feel his throbbing cock exploding into her.

She lifted herself upright on her knees with his cock still buried deep and reached her arms around to pull his head closer to kiss him. She bent her head back and pulled his lips to hers for a searing kiss that she knew would convey the sexual passion he had aroused in her, and then she pushed him down onto his back. In a single, swift motion that he could never quite figure out afterwards erenköy escort she mounted his cock from on top and was leaning over him with her full breasts brushing against his pecs and her soft hair framing his face as she looked straight at him and told him it was his turn.

She kissed his lips gently as she ground her pussy back and forth above him. She noticed that his hard dick felt pretty darned good from this angle too, and then she felt the unmistakable signals that he was soon going to cream inside her. It turned her on so much to have him be so close to coming, and the pre-orgasmic swelling of his cock ignited her into one more orgasm of her own. She practically cried with pleasure as he hammered those final thrusts into her. He came for a long time, moaning deeply as she continued to kiss and fuck him. She watched with fascination as the pleasure flowed across his face and the huge tension that had built up was released in jet after jet of hot semen that now lubricated the skin between them even more. When she was sure he had finished, she kissed him one more deep, satiated kiss and laid her head on his chest to rest for a moment while he was still inside her. She chuckled to herself as he told her it had been the best sex that he had ever had and asked hopefully whether sometime they might do it again. She knew that if circumstances were right she could maybe fuck this young stud one more time, but any more than that and he’d be declaring his love to her and causing problems she didn’t need.

She answered him with smiling eyes and a sexy “we’ll see” that neither promised too much nor shut the door on future possibilities. It was good to be the experienced, older woman she had become, and she reveled in the sexual power and prowess she was so confidently wielding. As she looked at her watch and realized the time she was also glad she had already mastered everything she needed to know for tomorrow’s exam. She put her clothes on, organized her things and sweetly kissed her young plaything goodnight. As she drove home she knew she had another round of super-hot sex to enjoy with the man of her dreams, and he would be intensely excited by this episode of casual sexual abandon she had just enjoyed. She would never have guessed that a pre-exam study group could turn out to be so much fun!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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