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It’s been a long week of meetings and pressing the flesh to close a deal for my agency and this is the first day I’ve had to myself, with nothing to do and nowhere to be. What’s more, I was away from home, so this actually felt like a little bit of a holiday right now.

After 5 nights straight in a mid-range business hotel, I was glad to be staying with a friend too. Dave has a nice pad, plenty of room to mooch about and very comfortable, with all the trimmings of an upmarket neighborhood mansion style home. Oh, and his daughter Brie, who was a nice piece of eye candy herself, also had her girlfriend Honey staying over, and whoa, she was smoking hot. So two lovely young ladies, I think they’re around 21 years old, floating around was nothing to complain about either. Catching glimpses of jiggling asses and bouncing breasts as they did their TikTok dances, or strut around the house in either tight, short athletic wear, or super baggy track pants and tops. Either way, it was a lovely distraction, but of course I had to be subtle. This was Dave’s daughter after all. He wouldn’t be pleased if he thought I was ogling her or her friend.

How does he handle it with Honey around? I’d find it hard to resist. He must be jacking off thinking about her all the time. I know I’m thinking about doing it tonight.

The day was warming up, but that still, lazy kind of vibe was in the air. No one in a hurry to do anything. I was laying on the sofa in the living room, a large space with an L-shape arrangement of two long sofas in the center. On the other seat were Brie and Honey, swiping through their phones, laughing about one thing or another, chatting. Brie was against the end closest to where I was laying, her back most to me, and Honey, on the other side, was sitting cross legged against the end. She was was in a short, form hugging skirt and a loose t-shirt that was shorter than her torso. It hung gloriously from her breasts to just above her waist, and had short little sleeves, with large armholes. There was definitely no bra under that t-shirt, which I thought might be a little tease.

I was reading, it was a pretty good novel, but I couldn’t help the odd glance at all that skin on display, with Honey’s long legs, and Bries shapely calves and pretty feet also in view.

Just as I glanced up for the 100th time, Brie sits up and declares she’s going to do her yoga class out on the sun deck. Honey looks up and says she wants some cardio, so she’s going to use the pelaton in the gym. Yeah, this place also has a pretty sweet gym set up.

As she get’s up, her short skirt rides up higher and she flashes her light pink undies. On full display is that lovely intersection of thigh to pussy and puffy little mound outlined by the stretched fabric of her pretty little panties. My cock goes immediately semi-hard. Now that’s a dream you never expect to actually happen – a little pantie flash from a sexy thing like her. Oh man, it was heaven.

I hear a gasp and awkward little laugh, tearing me from my thoughts as she pushes her skirt down, wiggling her butt to work the hem line lower. I look up. Busted! She’s looking right at me, face blushing. Oops!

Brie, oblivious to what just happened is walking away and Honey quickly turns to dart after her, skipping across the room, her ass in motion – oh boy, that is pure bliss. The two girls head out of the room, Honey to the gym, Brie to the sun deck.

That was a close call. I feel a little embarrassed getting busted like that, but it was an accident, not me being a creep. Except maybe the bit where i kept gawking at her pussy as she was pulling her skirt down. I do hope that’s not going to make things awkward later.

Lost in my thoughts for a few minutes, I hear my name at the door. Honey is back, biting her lip a little, blushing a little.

“Ah, sorry Chet, could you help me set up the Peleton,” she asks nervously. She doesn’t really know me, we haven’t really spoken much, and never without Brie around, so I get why she’s a bit nervous. A 50 something year old guy in your space, that you just busted copping an eyeful, and now you have to ask him to help you.

“I’m trying to set up the Pelaton, but I can’t work it out, the seat is too high and the handlebars are really far,” she said, sweetly.

“Oh sure,” I replied. “Sorry, I think I left it on my settings from this morning. I’ll set you up.” As I get up and approach her, she spins on her toes and skip walks down the hallway, moving quickly ahead of me. Wow, that ass, I’d never get tired of seeing that. Fuck I’d love to slap it. The way it lightly jiggles as she walks, so cheeky, in the way a toned, muscular little bubble butt should do, tightly contained in her body con skirt. The high waist only amplifying the sexy curve of her back into those bubbled cheeks.

He pony tail bobbed as she moved, amplifying the float of her stride, her loose cut off tee, sitting a couple inches above the waist line. Christ she is hot. How does Dave not fuck her every time she’s over? He definitely must jerk off to her at least. She’s the görükle escort only reason I’m still here I realise, after my ‘one night’ stay. Thankfully I had nothing on and could extend my trip for a few days. I would love to have a crack at that. Well, a man can dream.

Again, I’m pulled from my thoughts as I enter the gym. She’s climbed up onto the seat of the bike set up, and I can see the issue. I approached the bike and tell her the seat height needs adjusting first. As she goes to get off, I tell her she can stay up there, it will be easier to set the height correctly, as I instinctively reach under the reach at the front and the back, just as it dawns on me how uncomfortable this might make her feel. This old guy’s arm reaching between her parted legs, to hold under the seat, while my other hand reaches down to the seat stem collar to loosen it. This of course, draws my face close to her waist and thighs.

Oh she smells like heaven. The light scent of her perfume clinging in the air around her. As I look up, she’s blushing slightly, but stays in place as I gently ease the seat down, until it’s the correct height.

“There you go'” I say, awkwardly, taking my hands away quickly. I hope she doesn’t take that as deliberate provocative move. She giggles slightly, nervously. I look down her legs to the peddles, I can see the cleat is on, so drop down to my knees to clip it off, as she doesn’t have cycling shoes on.

“Thanks,” she says. ” think I’ve got it from here.” Smiling at me as I shift my gaze from her foot, where I’m holding it on the peddle. Oh, how good it feels to be touching her.

I slide my gaze up her beautifully toned calf, her knee, her thigh… oh lord, her skirt had ridden right up as she straddled the seat and he legs are slightly parted. It’s those beautiful panties again…

“Hey!” she breaks my trance. “That’s twice today I’ve caught you looking up my skirt,” chiding me gently. Is she teasing?

“Oh shit, I’m sorry. You’re right. I’m really sorry,” holding my hands up in contrition. “But in my defense,” I claim, “the first time you kind of flashed yourself to me, accidentally. But yep, the this time it was my fault,” I declare.

“I should have looked away. But you’re sitting in quite a short skirt at my eye level as I was adjusting your pedal. The sight of those sexy legs disappearing under your skirt, and it was right there where my eyes were. I shouldn’t have looked, but I couldn’t resist.”

She just flashed a smile, satisfied she’d made me squirm. She must know she is incredibly hot, but she doesn’t have that bitch vibe that sometimes goes with it. she still has an heir of vulnerability. She’s friendly and sweet.

I continue, “I’m really sorry. Let me just fix the handle bars, and I’ll leave you alone.” I moved to stand in front of the handle bars, and beckoned her to lean forward, to adjust the position of them.

Still smirking, savoring the skewering of her prize, she leaned forward. The wide neck of her loose t-shirt gaped, hanging low, revealing her sensational breasts and and the view down to her taught tummy

The sight of her bra-less tits, perky and full, pendulous and loose. My cock went from firm to rock hard in a second. I was just standing there, gawking for I don’t know how long, because she looked up me and saw where my eyes were looking, transfixed.

“Oh my god, are you looking down my top?” She cried, but not in anger or annoyance. But incredulous nonetheless.

Snapped out of my trance again I replied, “Oh fuck, sorry. Ah, um, ye, yes I was. I was, you have the most sensational breasts.” What could I say? I went beet red.

Taken a back at my frankness. Her face broke into an incredulous grin. “You are such a perve, you know that.”

“No. I’m not, honestly. Well not normally” I stammered. “I mean, that was totally accidental, I didn’t mean to look, I was looking at the handle bars and you leaned forward, and they were right there in my line of sight. And then I couldn’t tear my eyes away,” I justified.

A pause, she’s just looking at me, waiting for me to go on and make it worse. Squirming again.

“And besides, I have never claimed to be a gentleman,” I tried my cheekiest, naughty boy smile that has got me out of so much trouble over the years.

“So you like my breasts?” She asked, smiling, teasing me. She was going to really make me work to get out of it this time, I could tell.

“Yes,” I replied. “They are incredible,” I continued. Why not be honest I figured, I’m busted anyway. She might as well know what I think. And who knows?

“Hmm, I can tell'” she nodded, casting her eyes to my crotch. “You kinda gave it away.”

I looked down. Oh fuck, my raging boner was tenting my running shorts. Looking back up at her beautiful, blue eyes, now slender almond slits, “Well, I’m going to blame that on you'” I responded, trying my cheeky charm again, smiling back at her, blushing myself.

Sitting up, she dismounted the bike, standing before me. “It looks uncomfortable, trapped in there.” She paused. eskort bayan Speaking a little more gently

“It is, it can be painful sometimes,” I advised.

“Really?” she countered, genuine surprise and interest. Those gorgeous ocean blue eye slits opening wide.

“Yeah, sometimes. When it gets really hard without relief. It’s pretty painful right now.” Go for gold I thought to myself. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

“It does look hard. Is it as hard as it looks?” she asked, still gazing at it, flashing her eyes back up to mine, and back to my rock hard cock.

She fell for it. Did she lick her lips ever so slightly?

I pushed on, “Why don’t you touch it and find out?”

“Nice try,” she smirked, eyes back to slits, No trust in them, she had my number.

But then she sidled forward, biting her lip. “You think I won’t?” She asked.

“I wish you would.”

“Hmm. I bet” She slowly reached out her hand and brushed it along the length of my cock, through the light fabric of my shorts. Her eyes lit up again, as she gasped, laughing lightly, “wow, that is rock hard!” She exclaimed. “I didn’t know old guys could get hard like that,” she stated as as she started to fumble with the drawstring to untie my shorts. “Maybe we should let it out?” She whispered, mischief all over her face.

Holy shit, I thought to myself. Was this really happening? I was preparing for a massive tease here. Was she going to pull it out and then tell me to fuck off? Laugh at me like I’m some old sleazy joke? She seemed pretty intent though, as she slowly dropped to her knees and gently pulled my shorts down to release the beast. She was taking her time, obviously relishing what was going to come next. I couldn’t believe my luck. Was I about to get a blow job from this gorgeous 21 year old minx?

On her knees, looking back up at my dumbfounded face, she smiled in delight, licked her lips to moisten them, holding my hard, hard cock with confidence. Its purple mushroom head throbbing, she lifted it slightly and ran her tongue along the underside, from the base, all the way to the head. Her wet, wet tongue, lathering saliva along its length. She paused under the head and tickled it there, little licked back and forth on that tender spot where the skin meets the head. She repeated the action and as she paused at the head the second time, opened wide and wrapped her lips over my helmet, enveloping it with the warmth, wetness of her mouth, tongue still under the head and she sucked with a perfect seal from those luscious lips.

I could have exploded in her mouth, right then and there.

Her expert attention to the most sensitive areas of my cock had me on the edge in no time and she seemed to know just how to keep me there. My god, where did she learn this. No girl could do this when I was her age. She licked around the folds behind the head of my cock, underneath, sucking the whole shaft into her mouth. She would pull up, and slide back down, pull it out and suck on the head, then slide down its length again. She knew a blow job was about suction and teasing all the different zones, not just a vigorous mouth fuck, though she did give a little of that too. She even went deep throat a couple of times, until I couldn’t hold it any longer.

I was so on the edge and overcome I couldn’t even warn her. I just let out a long grunt and moan, before blasting hot cum into her mouth in ropes and spurts. She tried to take it all in, swallowing so much of it, but excess was escaping, dribbling onto her chin in a foamy mess.

She licked it clean, slurping up the residue of sticky salty cum. She smiled as she rocked back on her heels, still holding my now softening cock. Wiping her mouth with her other hand, panting, gasping back for air.

“Wow,” she exclaimed, laughing. “That was a lot. Seems you haven’t been seen to in a while.”

My face displaying the ecstasy I felt, “Oh my god. That was unbelievable,” I confirmed. “I don’t know how you learned that, but wow. You know how to suck a cock.”

She giggled, rising to her feet, she ran her hand up under my t-shirt, across my rippled abs and chest. With the warmth and softness of her touch, I started getting hard again right away. “Now it’s your turn to show me how you can pleasure a girl,” she replied.

Oh yes I thought. I’m going to get to taste that pussy I’ve been dreaming of since I first laid eyes on you.

I stepped out of my shorts and kicked off my shoes, to get more comfortable. I slid my hands up under her top to grasp those sexy tits. I wanted to grab them before she changed her mind, or I woke from what must surely be a dream. Squeezing both breasts at once, kneading them together, then tweaking her nipples. She squealed slightly, sighing, enjoying the touch.

I slid my hands around the side of her tits and up her sides, under her arms, palming her skin and pulling her top up as I went. She reached up to pull the top over her head and I dove onto her luscious tits with my mouth. They were firm, but had a softness. They swung altıparmak escort so naturally and her nipples were large, with half an inch of areola around them. Aroused, the nipples were bullet hard, pointing up, like six shooters, almost to the sky.

I held her waist, tore my hungry mouth away from her breasts and lifted her off the ground. Me being over six foot with a strong muscular frame, she was like a feather to lift. I walked with her held up in the air, dangling legs, breasts wobbling in front of my face, over to the bench press. I stood her back down, and slid her skirt over her hips and firm ass – realizing I hadn’t yet blessed that with a grope. I was like a kid in a candy store. I was going to have every inch of this goddess.

She was giggling, amused by how into it I was, how distracted and hungry to taste and feel every part of her body.

She sat down on the bench, lay back, exposing her pussy to me, still with her panties on. I knelt down in front of her, lifted her legs, bending at the knees, pushing them back to her chest, so she was in an upside down fetal position, legs in the air. I leaned in, pushing my nose into her snatch and took a big inhalation. Oh that scent of sweet pussy.

The animal was taking over in me now, I realized I hadn’t had a fuck for nearly six months. Where had the time gone? My wife too busy, too tired, me to busy, too tired. Probably bored of each other. But this, this had unleashed the raging tiger in me. I was going to feast!

With her legs in the air, she rolled back slightly and lifter her hips, so I could slide her panties over her hips. She allowed me to slide them back along her thighs, around her knees and down to the ankles. I tossed them aside – I’ll be getting them later as a souvenir – and I splayed her legs open, to see that bare naked, shaven, bald, smooth tight little pussy staring back at me. Oh this was going to taste good.

I leaned in and licked her from taint to clit. A long wet salivary lick, then another and another, working my way ever so slightly more between the outer labia, into the sopping, warm, wet cunt inside. I licked her up, then swirled on her clit, she cried out. I moaned into her, repeating the circling on her nub. my hands, pushing back along her thighs, out to her knees. I lifted her legs again, from under her knees, to fold them back, opening up her pussy, for a deeper tongue penetration of her hole. I licked around it, then curled my tongue like a rod and pushed it in. I licked up to her clit again.

“Fuck me” I heard her moan, a hoarse whisper.

I licked lower along her crack, along her taint. Pushing her legs back to access her anus, I licked my wet tongue and tickled her there too. She wriggled and squealed, I did it again, and pushed my thumb against her sphincter, just teasing.

She convulsed, clamped her thighs together, I prized them apart and lowered her legs, to get my tongue back on her pussy. She squeezed her thighs tight against my head, clamping it. She was shuddering, an orgasm rocked through body and he pussy flooded with warm wetness.

Wow, she’s sensitive I thought.

Not waiting for any further invitation, I got to my feet, and squatted low, bringing my now rock hard cock up to her slit, and brushed it along her pussy lips. I pushed her legs back again, still folded against her and pushed it in an inch, so my head was wrapped in her snatch. She moaned loudly. I gently pushed it further in, easing into this tight little 21 year old kitty. I pulled out slightly and eased back in, then gently thrust forward, pulled back, and thrust again. Oh my god, I was actually fucking this girl. I was going to savor this.

I thrust in and out, pushing in with circling motions of my cock, slapping my balls against her tight ass. then thrust again. Her eyes were closed, her mouth agape, little moans and squeaks escaping her. She was drinking it all in, letting me do the work. I paused and pulled out my cock. Her eyes opened in alarm, like she didn’t want it to end.

“it’s alright baby'” I reassured her. “I just want to try something else.”

She dropped her head to the bench and closed her eyes, “do anything you want'” she whispered, in heavy sigh.

Oh my god, that’s all the permission I need, There’s one thing I’ve been dreaming of for 20 years, and I thought never would happen. My wife would never let me try anal on her, and well, quite frankly, that’s not what I was thinking. I was going to live out my fantasy here and now. This little pert ass, on this sexy 21 year old, I’m going to put my cock in it, before I cum and can’t get it back up again.

I spied a yoga ball to my right. I put her legs down, took hold of her arm and gently pulled her up to sit. Wow, this naked little hottie, here in front of me. What a site, half fucked, and about to be fucked all over. I motioned her to the yoga ball and positioned her to kneel on it, while placing her hands on the bench press, to hold her self up. I came around behind her, my cock wagging, as a stiff rod in the air. Her sweet, round, toned ass, up in the air, arching her back. I positioned my cock, and gave it to her doggy for a few thrusts to get her used to the motion. She balanced herself, moaning. The motion of the ball was sensational, like elastic, pushing her pussy back up into me as I thrust down and in.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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