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Double Penetration

Ad on dating site:

Bi-curious female looking for same in your city.

I am going to be visiting your area and would like to make a connection.

You should know that I am an incomplete thoracic paraplegic confined to a wheelchair.

I don’t mind if you are crippled also. Ask any questions you wish nothing is too personal.

Please contact box xxxxx



Hi, my name is Sue and I am also bi-curious.

Could we talk on the phone sometime and see if we could learn together?

My number is XXX-XXX-XXXX. Looking forward to talking with you.


Hello? Is this Sue? Yes it is. Hi Sue my name is Leah and I got your note. Hi Leah thanks for the call! I should tell you up front that I am totally blind, had to have my eyes removed and my lids sutured shut because of a bad infection. You said crippled in your ad and I wanted to be sure you had no objections. Leah said I am so sorry to hear what happened and no, I have absolutely no problem with you being blind. Should make things interesting. How long has it been? Almost two years Sue answered. I don’t like to use the computer even thought I have word to voice recognition and that is why I asked you to call. Thank you for doing so. Not a problem Sue said and I prefer to talk on the phone also.

Sue asked why are you in a wheelchair. Leah said she was hit by a car when she was 10 and her back was injured. They had to fuse the vertebra but damage was done to the spinal cord. She could move nothing, and had no feeling, from below her breasts and since it was over 15 years ago her legs were very small and atrophied. She had some feeling in her pubic area and down the inside of one leg to above her knee and had bowel and bladder function thank goodness. Sue said wow, you have put up with a lot for a long time. Leah was quiet for several seconds then said well if we are going to get to know each other, we had better be very open and honest with each other. Sue said I agree fully.

Leah said I like very much being paraplegic and I have become a devotee. She heard Sue gasp and wondered if she had said too much. Sue then said I am the same way!! I love being blind and have been a devotee for some time before that also. Both women could not believe what was happening. Sue got brave and asked if it was a sexual thing and Leah said you bet always Horney and ready. They laughed and Sue said me too although I have not been with anyone since I became blind. I had just decided to get out again when I ran across your ad.

Sue then asked why are you bi-curious? Leah said she had never been with a woman and had several approach her obviously thinking no man would want her since she was in a wheelchair. I wanted to find someone under my terms to try it out with. What about you she asked. Sue said she had only ever had sex with men but had a girlfriend that was bi and she was always raving about it trying to get me to join her. I was getting close to trying it with her then she moved out of town to a new job. Since I had worked myself up I thought I would look around.

Leah asked Sue if she had any preference about body type and she said no, I am a small woman so not interested in some one that is overweight. Leah said she felt the same way. Sue added she liked to look at things and people with her hands now very much. She said she hoped that Leah would not mind her using her hands on her legs and the rest of her crippled body even though she could not feel much. That would be quite a turn on for her. Leah said absolutely she would love it; she loved to be touched everywhere. Sue giggled and said she loved, and missed, the feel of her male partner Cumming in her hand and how warm and slippery it is. Same for it being in her mouth. Leah said I know what you mean, since my pussy does not work that well I have learned to use my mouth and been told it brings a lot of pleasure. I have tasted my pussy on my partners cock and love the taste of both me and him. Speaking of that, I sometimes need some extra work and stimulation to cum. Would you mind having to go a bit extra to do that for me? Sue said absolutely not, I love playing with my partner so it will be fun. It will just be new for both of us not having it be a man with a hard cock.

Leah said Sue, I would love to get together with you some time in person and we have a good old fashioned sex gab. I love talking about it and I think you do also. We can see what happens from there but I bet we will both want to go further. What do you think? Sue said I agree. When can we do it? Leah said she could come over any time or day just let me know when is good for you. Would you drive over Sue asked? Yes, I think it would be easier to have a car and trying to rent one with hand controls is a real problem. Sue said she was free any time or day as she did not work. Leah asked how Sue felt about being seen out in public and she said I am ok with it now. What about being with me in my wheelchair. Sue said no problem at all, to be honest the more I go out now the gaziantep rus escort sexier I feel so it will be great to be with you and we both enjoy it.

Its Wednesday now, what about I get over there this Friday afternoon. Could you call around and find a place for me to stay that is wheelchair accessible with a roll in shower and we will both be comfortable in? Sue said I think I know just the place, will check and get back to you. Leah said great and I am looking forward to meeting you and starting a new chapter. Let’s just be open and honest with each other and be ourselves.


Leah had a big smile on her face after talking with Sue. She had been on her bed and when she checked she found her pussy dripping as aroused as she was. Her clit was sticking way out of its hood and as she ran her finger over it she felt a jolt hit her. Leah decided she was going to try and hold off having any orgasms until this weekend with Sue. Sue had been sitting in a chair and only had a robe on. She felt her nipples and they were very hard and she was very wet. She ran her middle finger into her cunt and found her g spot. A couple of flicks and she came noisily. She hoped she could hold off any more until this weekend with Leah.


It was a little over 4 hours for the drive over for Leah. Her van was easy for her to drive with hand controls. There was no driver’s seat, she just pulled her wheelchair into position and latched it down. They had agreed that Leah would call Sue as she got into town and stop by and pick her up. She did so and the directions were easy to get to her place. It was not a large town. Sue was waiting by the front door of her apartment and Leah parked and got out to go help her get to the van. Sue had a suit case and was able to carry it while holding on to the handle of Leah’s wheelchair and be led to the van. Leah opened the passenger door and helped her get in. She was able to hook the seat belt up by herself. After they got in the van they spent a few minutes saying hello and Sue leaned over and hugged Leah. Sue was wearing dark glasses as most blind people did. Leah said to her that it made no difference to her if she wore the glasses or not, she was not offended looking at her. Sue said great, I don’t like them at all. She removed them and turned her head towards Leah. Leah said she was a very beautiful woman and took her chin in her hand and pulled her face towards her and gave her a light kiss on the lips and on both eye lids. The lids were only slightly sunken with nothing behind them to hold them out any. Sue seemed to be very touched by the gesture.

They got to the motel and Leah went in to register and get help with the bags. The manager was very nice and welcomed her asking if she wanted to go look at the room first. Sue had told Leah all about it and she said no. She asked the manager if there was a parking place she could use as no one could drive her van since there was no driver’s seat in it. She also needed help getting the bags up to the room. He called a young man over with a cart and told him to show the lady where to park. Leah got back to the van and he got the bags on the cart then showed Leah where to park. It would be very easy for them to get to the van.

Leah got Sue out and she took hold of the handles of her chair like she was pushing it. The bell boy showed them to their room which was on the fourth floor with a nice view. Leah took a quick look around at the king sized bed, roll in bathroom and shower, large tub with water jets and handicap john. She gave a good tip to the bellman and then asked Sue how she could help her get orientated to the room. It was a nice big area with a separate bedroom, sitting area and bathroom. Sue said if you could just lead me around pointing out where the furniture and doors are that will get me started. Leah did that and they spent 15 minutes getting situated.

Leah said she needed to use the bathroom and Sue said can I go with you and you tell me what you are doing. Good idea Leah said and headed towards the bathroom. She was talking and Sue followed her voice. Leah explained she pulled up facing the john and then just moved herself forward and sat backwards on the seat. She said she mostly wore dresses or skirts that were short but large enough to pull back to her waist and up and very seldom wore underwear. Sue laughed and said that’s good information to have. She heard Leah pee and moved over close enough to put her hand on her shoulder. Leah reached up and covered it and leaned her head over on their hands. Sue heard her tear a piece of toilet paper and wipe herself. She flushed and Sue could tell she was backing back on to her wheelchair.

As she was doing so Sue said if there is ever anything I can do to help please ask. Leah said thanks, that is good to know as sometimes I do. Leah said there is a small balcony and we are in the shade shall we sit outside? Sue said great idea. Sue reached out and found the handle and followed Leah out. Leah put her hand on a chair and Sue sat. She had a short sundress on and it rode up as she did. She made no effort to pull it down and crossed her legs slowly. There was enough room that Leah could pull her wheelchair alongside Sue facing her. Leah took her hand in hers and they just sat quietly for a few minutes. Finally Leah asked Sue if she was nervous and Sue said a little. She continued not about the sex part but being blind I always wonder what the other persons reaction will be for a while. Leah said I know just what you mean. Being confined in a wheelchair I always wonder what the other person is thinking. I laugh to myself thinking I wonder if they know how much I really love being like this! They both laughed. Leah said I hope I don’t offend you in any way, but I want you to know how much I am going to enjoy your blindness and being with you that way. I am sure it will add greatly to our experience and enjoyment. Sue said thanks I understand just what you mean and believe me, I will be the same with you. Please share as much as you are feeling both sensory and mentally with me as we go along. You are my eyes and I enjoy hearing what is going on. Leah said I will and you do the same please. We will have to see how dark the room gets late at night so I can be in your world for a while also.

Leah asked if she liked/enjoyed sex. Sue said oh yes; I started young, had my tubes ligated as soon as I could and never looked back. Not sure why I quit since I became blind but hope this works out great between us. I like to talk dirty during sex. The only thing I don’t like is being used as a sperm repository and the person does not care if I get off or not. It is not that hard to make me cum and I am multi orgasmatic. There is nothing I don’t like being done to me except pain. I even like it during my period, really Horney then! What about you?

Leah said yes I have grown to really enjoy sex the past couple of years. I was almost 22 before I had my first experience. I thought no one would be interested in sex with me and I am sure I missed a lot of chances being so naive. Finally another crippled male friend spent a lot of time talking with me mostly just explaining how sex worked between two crippled people. I finally let him see my breasts and he showed me his penis and let me make it hard with my hand. I then let him touch my breasts while I masturbated him and he came. I found I loved the feel of his cum in my hand. I told him he could not get between my legs because I could not feel anything anyway. I finally sucked him off one night and loved it. On another time I was able to deep throat him and really enjoyed it. He left for school and I was more open to advances. I let a couple of men get closer and I sucked them off only. I told them I could not have intercourse.

I work for a couple of orthopedic doctors that also have a physical therapy clinic. I met a leg amputee that really turned me on. He was the first man that I let see my crippled body naked and I gave in one night, I mean I really wanted it, and let him fuck me. He was able to make me cum the second time and I found I could be somewhat normal. We did not do a lot of different things and I finally noticed how Horney I became during my period also, although I have never fucked at that time. I would like to try it then. I also like the dirty words and the six words of sex; harder, softer, faster, slower, higher, lower!

Sue was smiling and moved over close to me and we kissed with some passion for the first time. When we broke the kiss she asked if we could go inside and could she undress me and look at me with her hands. I said you bet and we moved into the bedroom. I showed her the belt that was attached to the metal frame by the left handle, went across my shoulder, down between by breasts and attached to the metal frame just below my right arm. It kept me upright and sitting in my wheelchair so I did not fall out. Without it on I have to hold on to keep myself upright with no muscles in my back or legs to keep me sitting. I sometimes wore a back brace that was attached to upper leg braces. I could lock it at a 90 degree sitting angle and it held me upright in my wheelchair. I also showed her the belt that went around my thighs just in back of my knees and the belt that went around my calves and the wheelchair frame to keep my legs from coming off the foot rests when hitting bumps.

Leah told Sue that she had a knit, sleeveless sweater on and a short skirt that came to above her knees. She liked to show her legs off. Sue sat on the bed and Leah rolled her wheelchair up close in front of her. She let Sue find her and she found the bottom of the sweater that was not tucked in. She lifted it up and off of Leah’s head and put it on the bed. She went back and her hands found the top of the skirt and Leah said it was velcroed shut at the waist and that the skirt was cut all the way to the hem with a few Velcro closures along the line. Sue found them and pulled them open and asked if Leah could raise her butt. She said yes and did saying pull when she was up high enough. Sue then reached up trying to find Leah’s bra. It did not take long to understand she did not have one on and came in contact with one of her breasts. She used both hands to explore it along with the nipple and areola.

Both women had grins on their faces as Sue switched to the other breast. Sue finally said I think you told me in the bathroom you don’t have panties on. Leah said right, I don’t. I very seldom wear either. Sue said may I explore more please? Go anywhere you want Leah said. Her hands moved to her hair, short, and then face very lightly moving just her fingers over it. She spent about 5 minutes there. Next she moved down her neck and over her shoulders and down the closest arm. Leah moaned saying how sensual Sue’s hands and fingers felt. She moved her hands back up the arm and again down the front of her breasts. She heard Leah take a big gulp of air as she did and noticed how hard her nipples were now. She used the palms of her hands to stimulate them more.

Immediately after Sue’s hands touched Leah’s chest wall she told her she could no longer feel her touch. Leah explained that about two fingers width below her breasts was where the paralysis and lack of feeling started. Sue was kind of shocked by this. She moved her hands on down across her abdomen and waist to her legs. By chance Sue had separated her hands and one was on the outside and the other on the inside of her leg. Leah told her she could still not feel the hand on the outside but could just feel the inside the thigh one. It caused tingling sensations that were very sexually stimulating to her. As Sue’s hand got about 2 or 3 inches above Leah’s knee she said no more feeling the rest of the way down anywhere.

For the first time in a long time Sue wished she could see Leah’s legs. She could in her mind and her hands told her how small and crippled they were. As she got to her knees she removed the shoe and she lifted the leg and the foot dropped with the toes pointing straight down to the foot rest. She removed the other shoe and Leah told her that leg was almost 2 inches shorter than the other one. Sue now noticed the foot rest on that side was a little higher. She tried and could get her thumb and middle finger all the way around Leah’s calf and almost the same thing at her thigh; just skin and bone basically but very soft, flaccid and sexy feeling. The knee was knobby. Leah said she could not feel anything of what Sue was doing but was watching closely and it was very stimulating to see her do it and the love and care that was being exhibited. She asked Sue to move her hand up to her pussy which Sue did. She said it was sopping wet.

Leah said she was 5′ 7″ tall, weighed about 112, and has 36 C or D breasts depending on the time of the month. You probably noticed I have a lot of pubic hair. I also have had my tubes ligated and have regular periods with moderate to heavy flow at the beginning. I use either pads or tampons depending. Tampons dry me out a lot. My breasts and nipples are very sensitive and the guy that I was letting fuck me made me cum a couple of time by just playing with them. I think it makes up for the poor feeling in my cunt. Anything else you want to know she asked Sue. Do you masturbate yourself? Yes I play with it a lot but don’t always get off. I have a nice big silicone cock. Sounds like something I would like Sue said while laughing.

Leah asked if she could see Sue now and she said sure can, how do you want to do it. Leah said scoot forward again and let me unbutton your dress. She did and Leah unbuttoned the few remaining ones that were not fastened. She had already noticed that several were undone down the front and exposed some cleavage. When she had the buttons undone she put both hands inside Sue’s dress and took hold of her breasts. She also did not have a bra on. The move surprised Sue just a little but she did not show any objection. Leah lifted and massaged them judging they were the same size as hers even though Sue was smaller in stature than she was. She felt the nipples immediately get hard and could feel very large areolas. She asked Sue to stand and the dress slid down to her feet. Sue had a small thong on and Leah could see thinly trimmed pubic hair. Leah pulled the thong off her hips and let it slide to the floor. Sue reached down and the dress and thong from around her ankles putting them on the bed.

Sue said as you can see I am about 5′ 3″ tall, 105 pounds, 34 D breasts with very large nipples and areolas, they also are very sensitive. I think on my small frame they are very sexy. My periods are irregular since my tubes are also ligated and I went off the pill and have already said I get very Horney then. I have not had anyone that wanted to fuck me during my period but would sure love to try it then. I do also masturbate and have several toys that I have been using for the past year since I have started getting interested in sex again. I usually don’t wear a bra either but do wear some type of panty or thongs as I get very wet sometimes thinking about “stuff”. I like LITEROTICA a lot, don’t know if you are familiar with it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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