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When I saw her, I was smitten. I didn’t even know what that word meant until I saw her!

She sat down at the bar. She sat next to the ladies we had been talking to for a while that day. Apparently they were a group of high school friends on a cruise because they were all turning 40 that year.

She started to talk, and I was even more drawn to her. I couldn’t stop listening to her and staring at her. Thankfully she didn’t notice, and I started snapping pictures of her with my cellphone.

She was laughing, but somehow so serious at the same time. She was weaving stories about her life in prison! All I could think was PRISON? What? Why? She looked like a sophisticated, smart woman, she had a definite protective outer shell, she wasn’t snobby, not what someone would call classy, but she wasn’t trashy either, she oozed sexuality! Every pore of her being oozed sex.

Their celebration cruise, turns out, was also because she had just gotten out of prison! All I could think was, “Great, I’m attracted, seriously attracted, to a convict!”

Thankfully, my friend Mike walked right up to her, like he knew her, and said, “You were seriously in prison? For what?” Arms folded over his chest, the whole nine yards. I just sat there, my mouth gapping and dying to hear what she had to say for herself!

She got real “tough” and said, “My farm, I kept some seeds from Monsanto and they arrested me, I didn’t have enough money to fight them. I lost my farm and they put me in prison.”

Mike was bewildered, “That’s bullshit!” he shouted. She simply bostancı escort bayan grinned and quietly said, “It’s in the past, and it’s over” and she turned away from him, almost like “you’re dismissed.” It kind of made me laugh.

I had to talk to her! I had to!

And I did.

We made small talk, I was still secretly taking pictures. She was clueless and I actually felt a tad guilty for snapping all the pics. But I kept going, it was addicting, she was addicting! She was mesmerizing. I knew I had to have her.

She was small, no more than 5’3″ and her curves killed me, voluptuous breasts, smaller waist, amazing curve to her hips and an ass I wanted to bury my face in! I wanted to touch her so badly. I bought her a drink instead! I moved up next to her, God her scent was intoxicating!

We talked. A lot! We talked about stuff I’ve rarely talked about before. I was starting to wonder if she was some sort of witch, and she was casting a spell on me!

She was indeed bewitching me, the spell was cast and we left our group and started to wander about the ship. It was a beautiful night, the moon, although not full was beautiful. There’s something to be said for a beautiful woman in the moonlight. Again, I was smitten. I was rubbing her arms as she leaned back into me on the deck. I don’t think I’ve ever felt skin so soft. I couldn’t stop touching her.

I forgot time, I forgot my friends, it was just she and me when she softly said, “Would you come to my room with me and hold me? I just need to be held, ümraniye escort we can even keep our clothes on if you want, I just want to be held.”

I stuttered a bit and said, “Of course, we can just snuggle, if that’s what you want.” All the while my cock was rock hard wanting to dive into her needy little cunt like it’s never wanted to before. Ok, maybe in high school I felt that way once. This was different!

We get to her penthouse suite, on the door was the number 4, and I’m thinking, “She just got out of prison? How in the hell did she afford a penthouse suite?” Then I decided I didn’t care how, it was an amazing place, and I was just glad I was there with her.

I was grabbing a couple of bottles of water and I turn to find her undressing! I asked, kind of nervously, “I thought we were just snuggling?” With a flip of her hand she said, “Oh we are, I just don’t like to have clothes on in bed.” ~ gulp ~

She climbs into bed and I climb in beside her, I was nervous! Nervous as fuck! I hadn’t been with another woman, besides my wife in years. And here this little goddess was, right in the same bed as me, wanting me to “just” snuggle her!

I started to touch her, her skin was like silk… smooth, so soft, I hadn’t ever felt skin like that before, EVER! I just kept telling my cock, “Buddy, we are just snuggling here.” He wasn’t happy with me.

My hand trailed down her tummy, but we were just snuggling, and I found the apex between her curvy thighs. My fingers couldn’t stop. Jesus Christ she was drenched! Her escort kartal pussy felt like hot, wet, silk. In fact it was! I slipped a finger into her and she responded immediately, her hips were withering, she was gasping, moaning, begging me for more! I knew I needed to taste her, as her scent filled my nostrils, and then she came so hard that she squirted and soaked the bed!

I immediately dove down and started to lick and suck her pussy! She was humping my face and talking so dirty to me! I hadn’t ever heard that kind of talk from a woman before, but it entranced me and I couldn’t get enough of her cunt! I was feasting on her sweet pussy, sucking on her nice fat pussy lips. Not perfect little “princess” pussy lips! Perfectly plump pussy lips that I wanted wrapped around my cock!

My cock was throbbing now. I HAD to get inside of her! She came again, on my face, drenching my beard, drowning me in her sex. I came up on top of her and in one fell swoop I buried my cock into her needy little pussy! She screamed out. I was deep, balls deep. I started to fuck her so hard, and her tits, her huge fucking tits, were bouncing everywhere, it was so fucking hot to watch as I nailed this little bitch!

She just kept screaming my name, begging me to fuck her harder, faster, deeper, MORE! She wanted more!?! My new found little nymph wanted more, and more I gave her!

We were sweating and cumming, and fucking so hard! Harder than I have ever fucked another women. She was taking my soul! She was sucking the life out of me through my cock!

She was shaking violently, screaming at me to fuck her harder! We shattered together, into a heap of sex, and fuck, and cum, and sweat, and emotion, and connection, and bliss.

We drifted off to sleep, exhausted and very satisfied. The next morning we began again…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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