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Author’s note: Thanks to everyone who read the beginning of this piece—and if you haven’t, please do. I’m still discovering that Dean and Beth are innocents who are learning together. Their shyness and excitement is mine, and I am learning right along with them.

* * * * *

Dean Allen woke up with a very erect penis. He thought back to yesterday and the plans he’d made with Beth tonight. He could see her cunt right in front of his face, the way it had been yesterday: her soft, pick labia, slightly swollen, glistening as she moved first one, then two fingers in and out in a rhythm that captured his attention and held him prisoner. Instantly, instinctively, he lowered his face and tasted the warm juices just beginning to wash over him. His lips parted her pussy lips and his tongue flicked tenderly in and out until he found her clit. He closed his eyes and sucked gently on her pleasure center, imagining her sucking on his cock. He’d reached down and stroked himself for a minute, then stopped. He wanted the focus on Beth–the way she’d focused on him.

He released her button and lapped hungrily at her pussy, long tongue strokes taking his mouth from her anus to the top of her manicured strawberry blonde pubic hair. He tasted her getting wetter and wetter, and had to swallow her juices a number of times just to keep the situation manageable. Dean barely realized Beth hand her hands behind his head, guiding him maybe, teaching him what to do and when to do it. When she quaked and gushed onto his face and into his accepting open mouth he lapped harder and swallowed often.

And these three things he remembered most clearly: looking up from her pussy to see the underside of her beautiful breasts, small round, standing straight out pushing her stiff nipples out even further; how wet the paper on the examining table had become just beneath her ass and his chin; and how the room and his world roared in silence when she squeezed her legs around his head, covering his ears, and burying his face and mouth into her pussy.

Now he threw back the covers on his bed, spread his legs and stroked his cock. He wanted to feel the way he felt yesterday when Beth was watching him. He’d been shy at first, but felt powerful when he shot his load onto the table, white globs staining the white sanitary paper already rolled out for the next patient. He ran his hand rapidly up and down the length of his penis thinking of Beth coming over tonight and wondering where their adventures might take them. The feeling was building up in his balls. His sac tightened and in a second he watched his come spurt in the air. He pulled the head of his penis toward his face and crazily tried to shoot into his own mouth. He fell well short; his semen landed on his stomach and chest. He’d never tried that before and wondered why he’d done it now.

It was ten o’clock. His parents would already be on their way to his cousin’s wedding a couple of hours away. Dean begged off, using the Tiger doubleheader today as his excuse. His mother had been disappointed and concerned.

“We’ll be gone overnight, you know,” she’d said.

“I’ve stayed alone before, Mom. Besides, you let me go to college and I’m on my own then, right?”

His father sided with Dean.

At that time he’d had no plans; yesterday he’d arranged for Beth to come over. Dean would call her when the team got back, probably around eight or so and she’d come over. They would have the whole house to themselves and could do whatever they wanted, all night if they wanted to. Or, and Dean added this intentionally, they could just get a pizza and watch movies. It was completely up to her. It always would be.

The Tigers played at one and four. Dean had a hard time keeping his head in the game. As the assistant he coached at first base. He looked across the field at coach Miller and wondered what his reaction would be if he ever found out what was going on with his daughter. If you can get fired from a volunteer position, Dean guessed he would be fired. Probably nothing more, Beth was eighteen and he was nineteen.

Beth was parked at the curb by his house when he arrived home shortly after eight. Dean was afraid it might be awkward at first, after all the chances they’d taken yesterday, all the things they’d done and talked about. He pulled his car into the garage, took a deep breath, and got out.

Beth was walking up the driveway. She wore a black skirt and white blouse.

“I took the liberty of ordering the pizza already. It should be here in about twenty minutes,” she said. She was smiling. Dean took that as a good sign.

“Great. That’ll give me time to get cleaned up.” He was stopped, waiting for the garage door to close. Beth put her arm around him and kissed him on the cheek.


Most of the pizza was still in the box, uneaten. Dean and Beth were in the living room on the couch. Some version of “Law and Order” was on the TV, but neither was really watching it.

“We took some real risks yesterday,” Dean said just to get the Anadolu Yakası Escort conversation going. There hadn’t been a lot of talking to that point. Beth sat beside him with her legs folded neatly beneath her. Dean sat upright, feet on the carpet, and was looking at the TV when he’d spoken.

“Are you sorry?” she asked.

Dean knew she was looking at him now. He turned toward her. “No, I don’t mean it like that. I’m just saying…” He didn’t know what he was saying.

“Yeah, I guess we did. You made me feel very brave yesterday. You made me feel like I could do anything.”

“I can’t believe how comfortable I feel when I’m with you,” Dean said. He was in unchartered territory. He’d never had the opportunity to have this talk with Amy.

“And,” Beth continued, “I still feel pretty brave today.”

“Oh yeah?”

“For instance, I would not be opposed to seeing your penis again, and touching it. I’ve wondered for a long time what a penis feels like. And I would like to try that thing you said yesterday.”

“What thing?”

“You said you were thinking about being in my mouth when you came. I’d like to try that.”

“Beth, I want you to know…” Dean started.

Beth put a finger to his lips. “Wherever this takes us we are going together. That’s what I want you to know.

Dean leaned back on the couch. Beth watched as he unbuttoned his shorts and slid them off. The leather couch beneath him felt a little cold.

Beth was fully facing him, kneeling and hunched over. She reached with her right hand and held his cock. He was fully erect, a little pre-come dotted the tip and rolled down the side of the head when she started to slowly jerk him off. “You were doing it like this yesterday. Remember? I was watching wishing it was me.”

Dean tilted his head toward the ceiling. He was…was…what? Scared? Beth was going so slow, gripping his unit just right, not the way he did it, but just right nonetheless. She looked at his face for approval and Dean closed his eyes hoping this would never end.

He felt her breath at the head of his cock, then he was in her mouth. Beth parted her lips and tentatively put about half an inch inside. Dean felt his cock against her tongue, but the tongue relented and slipped underneath him, allowing her to take more. She sucked a little and seemed very unsure.

“That feels incredible, Beth. Just keep doing that. My God, you are sucking my cock and I feel great. That’s it…oh yeah, just like that.”

Beth kept her hand on the base of Dean’s shaft to control how much dick was sliding in and out of her lips. He moved his hips forward and back. Each time his shaft left her mouth wetter and wetter. Beth took her mouth off his cock and got off the couch, sliding down on her knees so she was between his legs. “I want you to watch me sucking you,” she said. “I going to put you in as far as I can.”

Beth’s face fell on his cock and he was further inside her mouth than before. Saliva moistened his rod and Dean thought of a piston pumping in an engine. Her head bobbed to take his thick meat. She let almost all of him out, then tightened her lips and swallowed most of him, only to let up and start all over again. Dean watched this pretty girl struggling to please him. He resisted the urge to put is hands on her head and take control.

“Stroke me while I’m in your mouth,” he said.

Her hand pumped and her head met each stroke. Dean thought is cock was getting thicker each time she let some of it out of her waiting lips. He was hard, wet, and about to explode. He stopped her.

“What’s wrong?” Beth asked, kneeling back on her heels.

“I’m going to come soon. And I mean soon.”

“I know. Is that why you want me to stop?”

“I don’t want you to stop. I’m just warning you. You can finish me with your hand if you want.”

“And if I don’t?” Beth put his prick back in her mouth, sucked the length of his shaft twice, released most of him, and sucked only on his head. Dean grabbed the base of his cock and pumped into her mouth.

“Oh, my God.” The words were his, but it sounded like someone else’s voice. “I’m coming.”

Beth could feel first, and then taste, Dean’s seed as he sprayed into her mouth. She pulled away, swallowed, then dove back for more. Semen spilled from her lips and coated his cock. She gently took in his whole length again and again. Dean spurted each time her lips touched his pubic hair. Finally he stopped coming.

“I think you always come as much as you did yesterday. I don’t know, but I think that was a lot. God, I couldn’t keep up. I guess I need practice.”

Dean leaned forward and kissed her. Beth started to pull away, unsure how he would take to tasting his own semen. Dean insisted, and kissed her. Beth opened her mouth and let his tongue inside without saying a word. Dean kissed her hard.

“I can’t believe how much you make me come, either, especially since I masturbated this morning thinking of you.”

“You did? What were you Bostancı Escort thinking about me?”

“How great you tasted yesterday. It was almost like you were there with me this morning.”

“I’m here with you now.”

Beth got off her knees and sat beside him on the couch. Dean, in turn, dropped to his knees on the floor and climbed between her legs, one of her knees touching each of his slumped shoulders. Beth hiked her skirt up to her waist. Dean was pleased to see she wasn’t wearing panties. “Unbutton your blouse,” he whispered.

Dean pushed himself up toward her small breasts. His cock rested on her public hair. He knew how close he was to being inside her, but wanted to wait. He closed his eyes and gently teased her left nipple with his tongue, flicking at it like a cat sipping water from a bowl. He was slow, rounding her breasts paying special attention to her nipple and the underside of her firm breasts.

“Suck on my tits, Dean. Suck on my tits.”

The word was out there now. Tits. She called them her “tits” and now he would, too.

He nursed her left tit, then moved to the right, sucking it as well. Beth pressed to him and formed her hand to push the breast into his mouth. They were small and soft, round, pert. Her nipples and areolas were light brown and contrasted beautifully with the white of her skin. Dean sucked firmly. His hands moved over her thighs and hips. His cock throbbed on her belly. Beth spread her knees farther apart so he could be closer and suck harder. Her back was arched, her head thrown back.

Dean moved to her belly and kissed it over and over. His right hand stroked his cock and he felt the urge to spill. Going still lower he lapped her labia, still jerking himself off. His attention was split between her juicy muff and his hand, but finally his hand won out. He sat back on his heels and rubbed himself faster than he ever had before. In a minute he was shooting wildly onto Beth’s stomach and she was slowly rubbing it in like lotion. When he finished he was focused on the pussy in front of him.

He kissed her thighs and she spread even wider. He teased her muff by brushing over it with his nose and tongue on the way to the inner thigh of her left leg. Kissing back and forth, teasing in the middle. After a few minutes Beth shifted and his lips met her labia. The moist juice from her teased cunt ran off the edge of the couch onto his softening prick, and this made him more determined. Again she guided his head with her hands and showed him where to go and how hard. The sounds of lapping disappeared and everything was in his head; Beth shivered and squeezed her legs together, silencing everything. She shook and came again and again and again before letting him up to breathe.

Dean’s face was soaked. The couch was probably ruined. Beth was wet from her tits to pussy. They were breathing heavily, trying to slow down. Dean’s cock was at half-mast, sore but willing.

“How about a glass of wine?” Dean asked. He really didn’t like the taste of wine but thought Beth might. She said she would.

They sat at a small round table in the kitchen lighted by just one candle. Dean was a little self-conscious about still being naked. His staff was flaccid and laid silently between his legs. Beth did not appear to mind the situation at all. She looked comfortable and beautiful. Dean sipped his wine and glanced frequently at her breasts. He’d never imagined such small breasts could be so perfect. Perfect. Big tits had never really gotten him off, but he’d never considered he might be a tiny titty man. Now he knew the truth.

Beth saw him looking at her. “Pretty small aren’t they,” she said, and sipped at her wine.

“I don’t think so.”

“Most girls are bigger up there than I am, but I guess you realized that yesterday. God, I’m still talking about yesterday and we just made love again. Or sort of made love, I guess. But yesterday…”

“In my book we made love. I don’t know if you have to fu—” He stopped. “I’m not sure we have to have intercourse to ‘make love’, but I think we’ve made love twice: tonight and yesterday afternoon.”

Beth offered her glass in a toast. He met it with his glass. The candle flickered a little and went dark. Neither moved; only the glow of the television in the next room gave off light.

She looked away, in the direction of the TV. “I’d like to spend night if you want me to,” she said.

Dean laughed. “I want you to.” He stood up to get more wine.

Beth saw how soft he was. “You have a beautiful penis.”

“Even when it’s soft?”

“Especially when it’s soft. I bet I could get you all in my mouth when it’s like that.”

Dean poured each of them another glass. “I’d like to watch you do that.”


Beth was in the shower when the phone rang. Dean hesitated to answer it at first because he’d promised to join her there. He looked at the caller ID and picked up the receiver.

“You don’t fully understand what you are supposed to do when you Ümraniye Escort are home from college for the summer.” It was his father.

Dean laughed. “What do you mean?”

“It’s 10:30 on Saturday night. You’re supposed to be out. I told your mother there was no chance you’d be home, but she made me call you anyway. So why are you home?”

“Had a couple games today, remember? I guess the sun and everything…” his voice trailed off.

“How’d you do?” There was noise in the background. Dean could hear music, but couldn’t make out the song or even the musical genre.

“Split. Won 13-4, lost 3-2.” He thought of Beth in the shower. “Dad, I can barely hear you,” he lied.

“Okay. We’ll see you about noon tomorrow,” his father said.

“Only for a few hours,” Dean shouted, as if the music in the background demanded he speak more loudly.

“Why only for a few hours?” his father shouted back.

“College men go out on Sunday nights these days, Dad.”

His father was laughing when he hung up the phone.

When Dean opened the bathroom door the steam poured out like smoke from a van in a Cheech and Chong movie. Dramatically he waved his arms in front of him to cut through the steam. Halfway in he could see Beth on the other side of the glass shower door. She was soaping herself, paying particular attention to breasts and pubic areas. Dean watched her spread her legs a little and soap her vagina, inserting two fingers and then rubbing her mound. Her red bush was just a dark patch from his side of the sliding glass door. The doors were fogged and the fog got in the way, but he could see she was facing him.

“Room for one more,” Beth said. Her voice was much too loud as she tried to talk above the shower water.

Dean opened the door and stepped in. The hot spray felt good on his body. His penis lifted a little, but was not yet erect. Beth was turned to him. The soapsuds formed patches on her white skin. For the first time Dean noticed a series of small moles—three in a straight line beneath her left breast, two more, but not as close together, about three inches beneath her right breast, and three in no particular pattern on her stomach above her navel. He reached to her and pulled her close. She asked what took so long, and he said he got a call and had to take it. She didn’t ask anything more.

Beth and Dean lathered him up. She spent most of her time and attention on his chest. Dean washed his cock and balls, and soaped his ass. Beth’s eyes alternately looked into his eyes and at his chest. She shared the bar of Ivory with him, taking it from him without shifting her eyes for his.

Dean thought about the number three. This was his third shower of the day: he showered after beating off this morning; he showered while Beth waited for the pizza earlier this evening, and he was showering now. He’d also come three times today: this morning in his hand (and nearly in his mouth); early this evening in Beth’s mouth; and ten minutes later onto her belly. Maybe ancient civilizations were right–maybe three is the most perfect number after all.

Dean’s cock hung innocently between he and Beth. The steam in the shower was building again. He ran his hands the length of her torso, from her shaved underarms to the bottom of her thighs, and back up again. He soaped her breasts gently, kneading them, lightly pinching her nipples, erect, and a dark contrast to soapsuds. When Beth turned around he soaped her back, massaging between her should blades and working his way to the small of her back. He took the soap from her and worked up a great lather in his hands, then with his palms up reached between her legs and lathered the crack of her ass, up and down, up and down. His middle finger snuck between her cheeks but he wasn’t looking for a rear entry.

Beth pushed her bottom back at him. Dean buckled a little at the knees and pressed his still soft cock under her ass and between her legs. Beth spread her legs to accommodate. She reached down and began to stroke him, pressing her vagina against his rod, but not allowing entry. God, he wanted to be inside her right there, right in the shower he’d been in hundreds of times. His cock hardened and ached—ached from desire and soreness. He was getting hard, all right. Part of Dean wanted to just fuck her in the ass, or pussy, whatever, right there. If she was a virgin and there was going to bleeding or whatever, let it be in here. No mess. The decent part of Dean Allen relaxed his grip on her hips and bent to kiss her between the shoulders.

Beth turned and faced him. “We were going to…”

“I know.”

“Why’d you stop?”

“I don’t know. I’m not very, you know…hard. And I guess I pictured our first time a little differently.”

“Candles and soft music?” Beth asked, laughing.

“No, elephants and a Ringmaster, what do you think?”

Beth looked at his penis. It was flaccid again, or mostly flaccid. “I like Norah Jones and strawberry scented candles,” she said.

He grabbed the showerhead and they rinsed. Dean turned off the water, stepped out of the shower and tossed her a towel.

“Who was on the phone?” Beth asked. She seemed to be in no hurry to leave the bathroom. The steam still fogged the mirror and everything in the room had a sort of dew on it.

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