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Big Tits

Part 1. The Road Trip

“Summer break! At last!” Jane cried out, as we walked home following our last day of classes. “I have been ready for this for a month!”

“Me too!” I added. “I’m really looking forward to our road trip. I’ve always wanted to see Yellowstone and Mt. Rushmore! This is going to be great.”

Jane and I have been living together since last Christmas. Her parents, who are quite wealthy, decided to buy a house for us close to the University where we were both studying. I met Jane on our first day of classes and have been smitten ever since. (See previous stories for full details!) We have just finished our first year and we were both holding down 4.0 GPA’s.

“So, how did you think you did on your finals?” I asked Jane. “I think I aced mine!”

Jane laughed and said, “Yeah, I’m pretty sure I aced mine too. I can’t wait for our grades to be posted! I think we need a celebratory roll in the sack!”

“I agree! I think I’m, finally, fully recovered from our weekend with Astrid! You two used me up that weekend but I think I could do a pretty adequate job of plowing into your beautiful ass if you ask me nicely!”

Jane laughed and turned me to face her while holding both of my hands and batting her eyelashes said, “Oh Tony! I would be forever thankful if you could find it in your heart to make mad passionate love to my undeserving anus!” She then tilted her head to the right, gave me her big puppy dog eyes and pouted sexily with her lower lip protruding from her mouth.

Jane’s performance deserved an Oscar as I laughed and pulled her into a rib crushing hug. “I’ll give your request all due consideration. You know how I hate fucking you in the ass!”

I released her from the hug, let go of one of her hands and then proceeded to walk us home. When we got there, we went upstairs and dropped our daypacks in our study room and then Jane took me in her arms and kissed me deeply. When she broke the kiss I asked, “Do you want to shower?” This was usually a pretty safe assumption because Jane always liked me to take her ass after a shower while she was bent over at the vanity.

“No! I’m feeling rather like an exhibitionist. I want to crawl up on the table in our bedroom by the windows facing the street and have you fuck me there!” Jane replied.

“Okay! Wow! I hope the neighbors won’t mind! Maybe Pearl will get an eye full!”

Jane laughed and then pulled me into our bedroom and stood next to the table she wanted to have sex on. “Unzip me, please!” Jane requested. She had on a lovely yellow and white sundress that I always had liked. I pulled the zipper down and then slid the sleeves off of her shoulder and let the dress fall into a puddle around her feet. I wasn’t surprised to see that Jane had no undergarments on as she had, pretty much, abandoned wearing them with the beginning of warmer weather. She stepped out of her dress and crawled onto the table with her ass right at the perfect height for me. I also noticed that she had a butt plug inserted into her asshole.

“Anticipating this action, were you? Have you had that plug in your butt all day?”

Jane looked at me over her shoulder, smiled and then winked at me. “You might say that! I’ve been rather horny during finals week and decided to get a head start on today. Are you ready to fuck me?”

“I don’t know, let me check.” I then began pulling my clothes off. When I dropped my shorts my erection popped up pointing straight ahead of me. “Yeah, I think it’s safe to assume that I’m ready to fuck you!”

I bent down and began licking Jane’s dripping pussy. She tasted as sweet as ever and I gave her a good working over with my tongue. Jane was moaning and groaning in appreciation of my work. I then straightened up and sank my erection all the way into her sopping pussy and began fucking her hard. Every time I bottomed out into Jane’s vagina I pushed the butt plug into Jane’s ass. She was crying out in pleasure as I pounded into her for a few minutes. I enjoyed the reflection in the window of Jane’s breasts swaying and swinging as I fucked her.

Finally, I pulled out of her pussy and reached down and began playing with the plug in her ass. I pulled it out until the widest part had her anus stretched to the max and then I would push it back in. I did this for several minutes until Jane threatened me with bodily harm if I didn’t fuck her ass immediately! I pulled the plug and set it down on the table, spit in my hand and rubbed my saliva all over my cock and then pushed into Jane’s awaiting anus. As I pressed in we both moaned with pleasure as the sensations felt so good. Once I got all of the way into Jan’s backdoor I began sawing in and out of her with a nice easy tempo, savoring how great it felt to be back in Jane’s ass.

It was, kind of, weird to look out on the street as cars drove past and people walked up and down the sidewalk while I was sodomizing Jane. I was pretty certain nobody would be able to see us since the sun was on that side of the house. Jane then reached up and grabbed the window frame üsküdar escort that divided the two parts of the double hung window. Her tits were swaying and her nipples were very hard as I continued pumping in and out.

“OH TONY, THIS FEELS SO GOOD! I WISH PEOPLE COULD SEE US WHILE YOU FUCKED MY ASS! IT MAKES ME HOT JUST THINKING ABOUT IT! FUCK ME HARDER TONY!” I did as I was asked and began to pound into Jane while she reached down to play with her clitoris. I could feel my orgasm begin to tingle in my balls and I know Jane was close. Finally, my climax had come and I grunted and let loose with my sperm into Jane’s colon. Feeling my release drove Jane over the edge and she climaxed also. As I pulled out of her bum Jane turned around and gave me a big hug while she was on her knees on the table. We held each other until our breath returned to normal and then we kissed deeply.

“Oh Tony, that was wonderful as always! I love being your anal slut! I don’t know why I was getting all hot and bothered to think that people could watch us. I think I get kinkier as the days go by!”

“My budding exhibitionist! Nothing you do surprises me anymore! I think we should shower, eat dinner and then start figuring out what we need for our road trip!”

Jane agreed so we jumped in the shower and then wandered downstairs to fix and eat dinner. While we ate, we wrote a list of items we thought we would need. We decided that we could use a large ice chest and that we could fill it as needed while on the road, a lantern, a foldable table, chairs and a portable barbeque grill. We planned on our trip taking 2 weeks and we intended to take two lane roads as we went north along Lake Michigan in Wisconsin and then west across the southern portion of Michigan’s upper peninsula to Duluth, Minnesota. From there we would continue west through Bemidji to Grand Forks, North Dakota. We would continue across the north of North Dakota, across most of northern Montana to Great Falls and then head south to Yellowstone. We hoped to stay in Yellowstone for a few days and then head back east across northern Wyoming to the Black Hills in South Dakota and Mt. Rushmore. Then we would dip down to Nebraska and catch Highway 20 (since that is Lake St. in Chicago!) across Nebraska and Iowa to Illinois and then home.

The next day we bought our big ice chest and groceries for the first few days. We then packed the van and headed to Jane’s parents’ house for dinner. It was nice to see her parents and we talked well into the night about our road trip and about our upcoming trip to Europe. By midnight we were all yawning so we all went up to bed. In the morning Jane’s parents waved goodbye to us as we headed off on our adventure.

We managed to get as far as Crystal Falls, Michigan and found a camping place. We set up our camp and fixed dinner. It was nice to walk and stand after so much sitting. We grilled some steaks and made a salad for dinner and ate heartily. We performed our evening ablutions in the community restrooms and then turned in for the night.

The camper van had a pop-up roof that enabled people to stand upright while inside the van. There was also a small table, a two-burner stove and a small ice box that we used for storage. The bed was the equivalent of a double bed and was in the back of the van over the engine. It was considerably smaller than our bed at home but that wasn’t an issue as we usually slept next to each other. All of the windows in the back had curtains and there was a curtain that slid across the van right behind the driver and passengers seat. A couple of the windows in the back had screens plus the pop-up had screens also so we could get a little airflow.

When we crawled into bed we were both naked as that is how we usually slept together. We kissed for a few minutes and then Jane whispered in my ear that she was horny. She sat up, turned herself around and then straddled my face with her pussy. She lowered herself onto my mouth and I began tonguing her to the best of my ability. She then bent down and took my quickly growing penis into her mouth and began licking and sucking me. I managed to give Jane three orgasms before she, finally, caused me to erupt in her mouth! Sated for the moment, Jane lifted herself off me, crawled into my arms and we fell asleep.

The sound of the birds and the early morning sun heating up the inside of the van caused us to wake-up a little earlier than we had planned. We got up, threw some clothes on and began to make breakfast and coffee. After breakfast, we returned to the community restrooms to shower and brush our teeth. We then repacked the van and got back on the road again. It was fairly warm so we had both of our windows down to cool off. Jane had tied a scarf around her head to keep her hair from becoming a tangled mess. We talked and laughed as we drove taking in the surrounding area commenting on some of the funny names of towns, lakes and rivers that we saw.

After we had eaten lunch and were back on the road again şerfali escort Jane commented that she was horny again. I told her it would be a few hours before stopped again. She smiled and said that that wasn’t a problem as she unbuttoned her shorts, lifted her butt off her seat and pulled the shorts off and left them on the floor of the van. As she performed this feat I kept sneaking glances to see what she was up too. She leaned over and gave me a kiss on the cheek, winked, opened the glove box and pulled out a fairly large vibrator. The thing was purple, had a barrel with a bunch of nubs on it that spun, a tip that moved around and another, smaller, vibrator that jutted off of the main body whose intention I could only guess!

Jane put her feet up on the dashboard, turned on her purple machine and began satisfying herself as I drove. Fortunately, we had chosen to drive on small highways and not interstate highways, I couldn’t imagine what a truck driver would have thought of the view of Jane masturbating in the front seat! Jane seemed to be at complete ease with her decision and happily brought herself to several orgasms. When she had finished, she wiped the thing off on a paper towel and popped it back into the glove box.

“Well that was handy having a vibrator in the glove box. Anything else in there?” I asked.

Jane giggled and said, “As a matter of fact there are!” She opened the glovebox and pulled out the purple vibrator which she placed on the dashboard and then she began reciting the other contents as she pulled them out. “There’s my big butt plug for when I’m terribly desperate, the small butt plug for when I’m feeling a little antsy, my imitation of your penis dildo and my little clit buzzer when I want to get off in a hurry!”

“Gee, we have a mobile sex shop!” I laughed

Jane laughed and said, “Well, a girl has to be prepared for all contingencies!”

We continued driving through the afternoon and Jane was still naked from the waist down. I told her we needed gas so she had better put her shorts back on. She acquiesced to my request as I pulled into a ‘stop and rob’ to get gas. Jane washed the windshield while I pumped the gas and checked the oil. When we had finished, we walked into the store to get something cold to drink.

“We sure kill a lot of bugs! The windshield was really plastered with them,” Jane said.

“I know! Some of them really explode when they hit. What would you like to drink?”

“I’ll take a large bottle of water and a red pop,” Jane replied. She was strolling down one of the aisles and then cried out, “Ooh! Chocolate and caramel syrups in squeeze bottles!”

I looked at Jane askance and asked, “What do you want with those?”

“Why dessert, of course!”

We checked out with our drinks and the syrups and got back on the road. We called it a day somewhere in Minnesota. We found a great campground on a lake and since it was midweek the place was empty. We got a place right next to the water and set up our table and chairs and began working on dinner. This night we had grilled chicken and a salad. When we were done, I cleaned the dishes while Jane went off to the restroom. I moved our chairs over by the lake to a small beach and sat down waiting for Jane. She, finally, returned and leaned down to kiss me before plopping down beside me.

“Have I mentioned, lately, how much I adore and love you?” Jane asked.

“I believe the last time you told me was about 5 hours ago. Have I mentioned how much I love and adore you?” I asked.

Jane laughed and said, “Well, coincidentally, it was about 5 hours ago too! I’ve discovered one thing I wasn’t prepared for on this trip that I discovered last night!”

“I can’t imagine that we forgot anything, so what was the thing we messed up on?”

“Opportunities to clean myself so we can have anal sex! Luckily this place is empty and I managed to hose out the old colon so guess what we are doing tonight!!”

“I can’t imagine…playing Yahtzee?”

“Some boyfriend you’ve turned out to be. A girl goes through a lot of trouble to make herself presentable and what thanks does she get? None. I just might have to go into the van and pout for a while.” I chuckled and then grabbed her hand and kissed it as she got up. “I’ll be right back.” she said.

After a couple of moments Jane returned but this time she was naked! She stood in front of me and I noticed she had something on her belly and nipples. When I looked closer, I could see she had covered her nipples with caramel sauce and drawn a small arrow pointing to and on her pussy with the chocolate sauce! “Dessert mister?” I pulled her to me and began licking the chocolate off her belly and vulva. I made sure to take particular care around Jane’s clit and cleaned it thoroughly until she climaxed. She then leaned over so I could lick the caramel from her nipples which were now nice and hard. When I had finished, she said, “You aren’t done!” and then moved over to her chair and kneeled in it sticking her butt out provocatively.

“You didn’t?” I asked

“See for yourself!”

I stood and moved behind her and discovered just a huge gob of KY! “I get the idea you want me to sodomize you here and now. Is that what you want?” I asked.

“More than anything! I want you to fuck me up the ass right now!”

I dropped my shorts and aimed my stiffy right at Jane’s cute little bunghole and plunged right in! Jane gave out a low growl as I entered her backdoor and began pushing back against me. This girl does like anal intercourse! After a while, a guy in a small fishing boat came chugging by not too far from us and when he figured out what we were doing he yelled out ‘Yahoo!!!’. Jane looked over her shoulder to see who was yelling and then smiled broadly. I think the fact that someone saw us really excited Jane because she reached down for her clit and start chanting, “FASTER! HARDER! FASTER!”

It didn’t take too long for us to climax and we did so within seconds of each other. When my cock began to wane, I pulled out and sat back down in my chair gasping for air. Jane climbed off her chair and straddled my lap kissing me deeply. “That was so erotic being seen by that guy, though I was afraid he might stop and try to join the party. How about a swim?”

I agreed, pulled my shirt off and we both plunged into the lake. The water felt good and it gave us a chance to cool off and to wash the sticky residue off of Jane’s chocolate and caramel surprise off of her body.

“Thanks for dessert, by the way! It was most enjoyable. I was a little disappointed that there was no chocolate covered anus on the dessert trolley!” I told Jane while laughing.

“Well, out here in the wilds of Minnesota I thought it safer to go with the old standby!”

When we finished with our swim we dried off and got ourselves ready for bed. We snuggled together on our tiny bed and fell fast asleep. We were, again, awaken by the sounds of raucous birds and the sun heating the inside of the van. We made breakfast and coffee and after cleaning up we hit the road, yet again. The drive on this day was rather unexciting other than when Jane stuffed her large butt plug in her ass and ravaged her pussy with the ‘Tony’ dildo! She also decided that she didn’t need to wear any clothes while we drove. I was finding it difficult to drive with my naked girlfriend distracting me. I thought about spanking her but then decided why, she’ll probably like it!

We, finally, made it to our first destination, Yellowstone Park! We had decided we would stay at one of the parks lodges and opted for the ‘Old Faithful Inn’. When we called to book our reservation the only room available was a ‘suite’. It was much more than we needed but we took it anyway. The lobby in the lodge was quite a sight in that it was created by roughhewn timber and logs and looked very rustic. Very touristy but still pretty cool. After we got our key we hauled our stuff up to the room and then went outside to watch Old Faithful do its thing!

As we were returning to the lodge we ran into a couple of women that Jane knew from school. She introduced me to Debbie and Denise who were both graduate TA’s in the Literature department. We stood and talked at length about their trip and ours as we walked towards the lodge. We walked into the lodge and sat in the lobby talking.

Jane asked, “So, are you guys staying here?”

Debbie replied with a frown, “No. Actually, we don’t have a place to stay. We found out that our reservation got messed up somehow when we arrived today. From what we understand everything is booked for the rest of the summer! We were trying to decide whether Bozeman or Jackson would be our best chance for a room. I hope you guys managed to get one!”

“Yeah we have a room, and truthfully, it’s much more than we need. Tony, would you mind sharing with them?”

“I don’t mind. We were going to be here for 3 nights. How long were you two going to be here?”

Debbie said, “We were going to stay 3 nights also but we don’t want to be a bother.”

Jane replied, “Don’t worry about it. You guys really helped me out this year at school so I consider it a chance to give back to you!”

Denise chimed in, “Well, we can pay for our half of the room. The room can’t be cheap!”

“Don’t worry about that. My Dad is covering this and he would be really pleased to know that he was helping you out.” Jane said. “There is one thing you should be aware of…I don’t usually wear a lot of clothes while at home or at hotels so I hope you won’t be embarrassed.”

Debbie and Denise looked at each other and smiled. Then Denise said, “We have no problems with nudity. You two can even have sex as long as you don’t mind an audience!”

Jane smiled and said, “Okay, maybe you two can jump in and join us if you like or are you women only?”

“Nah, we’re both bisexual! We’ll have sex with anyone! The more the merrier!” Denise said.

Jane laughed and said, “Oh boy! I was wondering if Tony and I would be able to enjoy ourselves with roommates. I’m pretty horny right now!” And with that Jane started pulling off her clothes! Since all she had on was a t-shirt and khaki shorts she was naked in about 3 seconds. Denise and Debbie jumped up and began pulling their clothes off too. Jane stepped in front of me and said, “Come on Tony! Time to strip!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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