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Growing up in rural Virginia in the late 60’s to very religious parents wasn’t very much fun. After graduating from high school I wasn’t going to hang around long. I was 18 and knew that there was more to life than what I had here. I had enlisted in the army and would be reporting in September, good by country life, hello to life in the big world.

The only friend I had was Tyler who lived across the road with his parents and twin sister Taylor. I had a mad crush on Taylor, a cute little blonde with nice long legs. She was tall for a girl about 5’11” the same as Tyler, 2 inches shorter than me. She wasn’t the hottest girl around, but man did I want to fuck her.

Taylor knew I was hot for her and she was a big tease, sometimes bending over so I would get a quick look at her sweet looking tits. They weren’t large or anything, maybe about the size of a nice peach. I say a 34c. She would catch me looking and just smile at me. Tyler also knew how I felt about his sister, and he would laugh at me when he saw me staring at her.

Tyler and I hung out all the time, even though we went to different schools, he went to the all white school, and I went to the black school. We would hang out after school, and during the summer we were always together. He and Taylor had just graduated also and were going on to college, so this was probably our last times together.

Tyler was a kind of stringy guy running on his schools cross country team. I was bulky playing football, but not well enough for any College’s to come calling. He was nice looking and had most of Taylor’s friends liking him. But I always teased him and told him if he let his hair grow he could pass as Taylor.

We spent that last summer riding our bikes, or swimming in the pond on the back part of their property. We would have wrestling matches with me winning most of the times, I would sometimes let him win so that he wouldn’t just give up trying. Plenty of our days we spent Ankara Escort in their barn jerking off to his father’s girly mag’s. We both had nice size cocks about 7″, and sometimes we would see who could cum first.

When we would be jerking off I would be looking at the pictures in the magazines but thinking about Taylor. Sometimes as I jerked I would glance a Tyler and think about Taylor since they looked so much alike. Sometimes I would catch him staring at my cock, he would turn beet red and look away. I can still remember those days, we would jerk off 3 times on some days.

One day we were skinny dipping in the pond, as we often did if Taylor did not join us. I was getting out of the water when Tyler jumped on my back knocking me down with him on top of me. We wrestled on the ground until I flipped him over and straddled his chest. I hadn’t noticed it but my cock had gotten hard, and was right in front of Tyler’s face. The next thing I knew he leaned forward and wrapped his lips around the mushroom head of my cock.

I guess because of a few things, like being a virgin, the warmth of his mouth, and seeing my black cock disappearing into his white mouth. I didn’t last but seconds, before I knew it, I was tensing up ready to cum. He must have realized it also, because he tried to pull back. But he had waited too late, and my cum hit him on his face, neck and chest. I was shocked at first, but seeing him with cum on his face was funny and I started to laugh. He smiled, pushed me off of him then started to laugh. We rolled around laughing for a few, then jumped up and ran back into the water. Getting out of the water, he grabbed my hand and pulled me to him giving me a hot wet kiss. I was turned off at first and was going to pull away, but it started to feel good and I started kissing him back.

Our next jerk off session was at my house, when my parents were gone to an evening Sincan Escort church service. We were sitting on my bed with our cocks out stroking them. Tyler reached over and moved my hand and wrapped his hand around my cock, and leaned over to kiss me. We kissed as he jerked me off. Then pulling away from me he got down on his knees in front of me and started to suck my cock. I was better this time and lay back closed my eyes and enjoyed.

When Tyler felt me ready to cum he was quick this time and I shot off on the floor. He got up on the bed and lay next me, kissing me as he jerked his cock. He came quickly, and we got dressed. Before leaving my room we kissed again and not realizing it but it was the start of a summer romance. We spent lots of times after that kissing and jerking off or just kissing.

Later we moved on to me pushing him against the barn wall and me grinding against him as we kissed. We were getting so hot doing this that sometimes we wouldn’t have to touch our cocks to make us cum. Tyler would usually cum before I did and I felt good knowing I had made him cum. One day while doing this, Tyler turned around and I was grinding against his ass, and damn if he didn’t make me think I was grinding on Taylor. I shot off all on his back.

This became our routine, Tyler would start off sucking my cock, then I would stand him up and grind against him until he would cum. Then I would turn him around and grind against his ass until I came. One day as we doing this my cock slipped in the crack of his ass, and he moaned. I asked him if he liked that, and he just leaned back and whispered “yes”, I came immediately.

Our next time together, after sucking on my cock, Tyler asked if I would fuck him. He said that he lay awake at night thinking of me fucking him and that he really wanted it. He reached into his pants pocket and pulled out a jar of petroleum jelly, and not waiting Etlik Escort for me to answer him started to lube up my cock. He turned around and leaned up against the barn wall. I stepped up and placed my cock at the opening of his asshole and started to push. He moved forward a little and told me to go slow.

I placed my cock back into position and started to push again but this time not as hard. I felt my cock head slip in and damn it felt good. I was finally fucking and it was the best thing I had ever felt. I stayed still and asked Tyler if he was okay. He said yes and wiggled his ass some and more of my cock slipped into him. I pushed some more till I was all the way into him. We started out slow, but soon picked up the tempo, and we were really fucking, Tyler was moaning, and we were both sweating. When I was ready to cum, I push hard against him, as he turned his face to me, we kissed long and hard as I came in his ass.

We spent the rest of the summer sneaking around fucking every chance we got. Maybe I shouldn’t say fucking, it was more like making love. I had fallen in love with Tyler and as the end of summer drew nearer we knew what we had was coming to an end.

The last week of August Tyler got his father’s car and on the pretense of him shopping for school clothes and I had papers to fill out at the recruiters office we went into town. While I got my paperwork done, Tyler went shopping. Went we met back up, we rented a cheap motel room, and for the first time had a relaxed session of fucking, for the first time while sucking my cock Tyler swallowed my cum, and I kissed him with a mouth full of my cum. My first taste of cum. We fucked at least three times, and I jerked him off one time. It was the perfect end to our summer.

A few years later after my time in the army, before marrying my future wife, on a visit home I went over to see Mr. & Mrs. Johnson to ask about Tyler and Taylor. Taylor had finished school and was living and working in town, engaged and ready to get married. Tyler on the other hand had dropped out of school moved to San Francisco and was living a life style that they did not approve of. If they only knew that he had started that life style with me. I never got to see Tyler again but he has and will always have a place in my heart.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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