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This Friday, my lovely wife came home from work and announced, “I want to quit”, but this time she added an extremely interesting twist, “I’ll stay home, clean house every day, do the yard work, and … be your sex slave.”

This stopped me in my tracks as Trixxxie had not made the sex slave offer in decades, since before we had our kids; when we were still teenagers.

“How serious are you?” I asked.

She steps in close, grabs my hands, places them on her ass, steps in to bump her pelvis against mine, and says “Very.”

“You do realize that a slave can’t say no?” I ask.

Trixxxie replies, “You can’t ask me to have sex with other people, in public, or dress too revealing…”

“A slave making demands to her master? Is that how you think this is going to work?”

“I want to make sure there are rules in place, so I can say yes to all your wishes.”

After a couple of seconds of rubbing our bellies together, I offer this compromise, “Let’s take a week or two of sick time, we will write down the rules you want and sign them, and give your offer a try. Does that work for you?” This compromise results in her undoing the buckle of my belt, unbuttoning the fly of my work pants and slipping her hand in to find my stirring dick. Her tongue slips into my mouth and we tongue wrestle while she fondles my manhood.

“Why do we need to write down the rules, and sign them?” she purrs while teasing me.

“I want to make sure we are on the same page and that I know where your limits are for this trial run. The rules will change if you quit. Is that fair?”

“What will the rules be if I quit?”

I explain, “That is something we will discuss then, let’s do the rules for now. Grab a paper and pen.”

She turns to get these items from the office desk but keeps my dick in her hand pulling me after her. She turns and smiles at me and asks, “You coming? Or are you cumming?” and winks.

“Whichever you prefer! You seem to be in control here!”

She drags me to the office desk to retrieve the pad and pen and then sits me on the couch. She sits next to me and turns toward me and crosses her legs. This pulls the fabric of her pants tight into her, showing me the outline of her panties and body through the light linen fabric of her clothing. She “accidently” drops the pen between her legs and draws her fingers across the tight crotch of her pants. She looks at me, knowing my eyes are riveted to her hand to see what she will do next. She slowly runs her fingertips across her clothes and stops with her fingers right above her love hole. She holds her fingers there maintaining pressure on the fabric, pressing just enough to push the fabric into her lips. She watches my face until I raise my eyes to meet her gaze and watch her wink and blow me a kiss.

“Do you like what you see? Do I get to write my own rules? Or am I going to leave you drooling?” she asks.

“Start writing.” Is all I can say in answer.

Trixxxie writes:

No sex with other guys

No sex where others can see

No clothes that are too revealing

“What do you think?” she asks.

“What is too revealing for your clothes?”

“Anything that shows areas that are meant for you only.” She explains.

“And this is for anytime we go out in public; not when we are at home or alone?”

Trixxxie agrees with this and I have her add that to her notes. I then ask her, “Are those your final rules? No other restrictions?”

She agrees, then signs and dates her notes before handing the pad to me. I sign it and ask “When do we start? Now? In the morning? Monday after we both call in?”

“Tomorrow when you wake up is early enough. Tonight is our last night as equals and I’m gonna use you.” And then her hand reaches up and unzips her pants before she slides her hand into the front of her pants.

“How are you going to use me?” I inquire.

“Cook me dinner while I change.”

Instead of cooking, I decide to heat a couple of frozen pitas in the interest of using the time for fun. When the microwave beeps, I hear, “Not ready yet. Stay there.”

After what seems like forever, Trixxxie walks out of the bedroom wearing a sheer white swimsuit cover-up over a very tiny white string bikini. She strolls toward me and does a quick pirouette to show me the whole package. She stops after the turn and lifts the hem of the cover and looks me in the eyes as she says, “Your suit’s in the bedroom, change and meet me in the hot tub.” She grabs a pita with one hand and rubs the front of my pants before she rubs against me as she passes.

I swallow my dinner in a couple of bites and rush to change into her choice of swimwear for me. As I head for the backyard I grab a wine bottle from her fridge and a couple of beers from mine. I drop the bottles into a cooler and top it with ice and rush out the door onto the porch. I quickly decide to return to the house as the concrete of our Arizona home’s patio scorches the bottoms of my bare feet. Arizona in the summer can be brutal outdoors, but sancaktepe escort that leaves more time for bedroom Olympics indoors during the afternoon. After slipping on some sandals I try the door again. As I approach the hot tub, I see my wife grinning as she comments, “A little warm out here?”

“And getting hotter by the second,” is my reply as I see the cover-up hanging next to the bubbling spa. Trixxxie has a wine glass in her hand and holds it out for a fill-up. “I see you thought of me, or do you only have beer in there?” as she nods to the cooler in my hand.

I put the cooler on the table next to the spa and pour her glass to the brim. “You trying to get me drunk?”

“Yes, yes I am. That glass is just a start.”

She rises from the bubbling water to show me the extra small bikini is one that I had cut the liner from to make it sheer when wet. She sits on the side of the spa and lifts a leg to the side showing me her stubble covered pussy. “Looks like you need to shave me; it’s been a week.” Her fingers move around the sheer fabric, never quite touching her sex and she laughs as I stand there with my jaw on the ground.

“Show me your swim suit” she tells me as she directs me to spin around with her unoccupied hand.

I drop the towel from around my waist and look her in the eyes and stick my tongue out at her as she laughs at the tiny Speedo she had somehow bought for me. I spin around as directed, stopping when she can see my ass and I pull the material up to create a thong for her enjoyment. As I continue my turn my erection starts to build and the head of my dick starts to peek from the top of my swimsuit. I look at her and see she is noticing my arousal and watch her smile, lick her lips and look me in the eyes as she reaches to untie the string of her bikini bottoms. She stares deep into my eyes as her swimwear drops and her fingers slip into her box. She smiles as my dick peeks further from my swimsuit, but it is getting very uncomfortable for me, so I push the Speedo down, grab a beer from the cooler and join her on the side of the spa. As my feet and legs enter the water of the spa, I notice the water is actually a little cooler than the ambient air. The air in our desert backyard is 110 degrees, while the spa’s water is only 105 degrees.

“Don’t stop there,” I plead. She laughs at me and slips into the bubbling water. I rush to join her and reach to hold her hand to find it’s already moved from her snatch. My fingers slip into her inviting love box. She rises from the smooth seat of the spa and my fingers slide back to her tight little asshole. She lets my fingers rest against her back door and looks at me, finishes her wine and holds it out for her refill. I kill my beer and fill her glass to the brim again. I hold the bottle up and tell her, “Better drink up, you still have more in the bottle.”

“You really are trying to get me drunk, aren’t you? Do you think you need me drunk to get in me?”

“No, but it will be easier to play here,” I say as I push my finger into her tight brown hole.

Trixxxie reaches up to untie the bra of her bikini, turns to reach for a bottle on the table next to the cooler. She hands me a bottle of anal lube she has sitting there and says, “This will help. Do you want to lube me up?” and lets her bra float away on the bubbling water.

Speechless, I grab the bottle and pour it on the crack of her bare ass and start sliding my finger in and out of her. “Better?” is all I can manage to spit out.

“Mm-hmm,” is all that she replies as she starts to move to fuck my fingers at her own speed. Suddenly she stops, turns and pushes me down onto the seat of the spa. She quickly slides onto my lap and puts my excited manhood against her now vacant ass. She swallows the last of this glass of wine and puts the glass in my hand. I slowly shift to reach the wine bottle, being careful not to slide from the entrance to her ass. I fill the glass and turn to sit again, allowing my dick to slip into her ass. She moans as I enter her and she stops to relax her muscles and ease me further into her. She leans back against my chest and puts my hand between her legs, inviting me to rub her clit. She rides up and down on my dick, easing me deeper into her tight ass. As she reaches the full depth, I continue to massage her clit until suddenly she stiffens and I feel her asshole spasm on my now spurting cock.

She spins in my lap to kiss me deeply and I groan as I slip from her tight cavern. She removes her tongue from my mouth and asks, “Did you ever think you’d get to fuck me there?”

“I was beginning to wonder. Now I’m wondering what else you are willing to give up when you are my slave.”

“You’ll have to wait and see” she teases. She stands, swallows the last of the wine and turns to ask “What’s next?”

I pull her naked body close and kiss her innie belly button, sticking my tongue into this hole. My fingers run down her body, across her pubic stubble and ümraniye escort rub her clit. Her legs part and I ease my fingers into her still wet box, and slide my finger against her g-spot. A quiet moan escapes from her lips and she stumbles back against the side of the spa and slides down. She spreads her legs wide to allow me access to her beaver. I slide to my knees, dive underwater and bury my eyes between her thighs and go to town on her clit. She stops me, rolls over and climbs onto the side of the spa again, putting that just fucked ass up, allowing access to both holes and I slide my tongue and fingers over her pussy and ass. My fingers slip into her cunt, rubbing both her clit and g-spot while my tongue splits her cheeks where my cock had recently played. It doesn’t take long for her to start to moan and then twitch. Amazingly, my cock is erect again. This hasn’t happened so quickly in many years, but I take advantage of this surprise and slide my cock into her willing pussy. I pump in and out of her until my cock starts to twitch and them spasm as I fill her fuck hole with a load to match the one left in her next door hole.

“You ready for bed?” she finally sighs. “I’m worn out. You fucked me silly.”

“You tired already? For my eighteenth birthday we made love seven times.”

“That was over forty years ago” she responds. “Not only were we younger, we were much more energetic.”

“We took a lot more time that day. You stopped by at sunrise and didn’t leave until well after midnight. You also didn’t let me in your butthole and I didn’t eat your hot little box. We didn’t know near as much about sex then.”

Trixxxie tells me, “I’m beat, and I have some plans for tomorrow that you will enjoy just as much as you did now.”

“Well then, Miss Slave, we will adjourn until tomorrow.” And we stroll naked and hand in hand across the yard into the house and our bedroom.


The morning comes soon enough and Trixxxie plants a kiss on my lips before rolling over to head to the bathroom. I roll over and watch her naked butt go around and into the bathroom. It takes her forever to return, since she goes to the kitchen to start her coffee, as she hadn’t set it up after our games last night. She stops in the walk-in closet and steps out in a tight pink pair of boyshort panties that clearly outline her pussy lips and a sheer pink blouse.

“You like?”

All I can muster in response is a big nod and “uh-huh.”

She slides in next to me and slips her head down to give my semi-erect dick a quick kiss and lick.

“You’re not too worn out after last night, are you big boy?” she asks.

“No, I’m fine.”

“Trixxie puts a finger on my lips and says, “Shh, I’m not talking to you. I’m talking to Mr. Dick here. He’s the one who will need to please me.”

“Oh, I see. You think that he can make you cum like my tongue?” I reply.

“You I can deal with. This guy is the one who has been too shy to climb in me for a while now.”

I stick my lower lip out and pout, “Last night he was in you three times and even in strange territory.”

“Mmm-hmm” is all she says as she slides my rapidly rising dick into her mouth. A few times in and out of her face and then her tongue runs from the head down across the shaft and ends with a kiss for each ball. Trixxxie stops lavishing attention on my manhood and pushes me down and crawls up to plant her pink clad pussy on my face. She slides her boyshorts over to expose her pussy and plants it on my happy face. It doesn’t take long for her to start to press her pelvis into me, forcing my head into the mattress. Soon she rolls off to remove the panties to allow better access to her dripping snatch. When she pushes me back down and hops on for me to resume my attentions, I reach up inside her blouse and fondle her breasts, rolling her nipples between my thumb and forefinger. This only excites her more and she responds by moving her ass onto my willing tongue. Her wetness tastes like heaven and I run my tongue around every hole I can reach until she sits up and slides back to slip me into her wet box. She bounces up and down until I fill her with another load of cum. As I finishing pumping my jism into her, she slides forward and plants her box on my face again.

She tells me, “I didn’t finish, you’re gonna make me cum too.”

I slip my tongue into her and make my way out to grab her clit with my lips and suck on it till it peeks out from its hood for more attention. It doesn’t take much more sucking and licking for her to start to shudder. She moans as I slip a finger into her tight ass just in time to feel it squeeze me as she cums and floods my face with her juices.

“You ready for breakfast?” I ask.

“Will you bring me my coffee and a breakfast croissant sandwich?” she asks.

“Here I thought you were the slave, not me.” I quip.

“I’ll make it worth your while” she promises and sticks a finger into her dripping box and offers me a taste.

I tuzla escort have no words in response to this wanton woman and do as she bids.

When I return with her breakfast, she is laying there, legs spread, resting on a towel with a couple of razors next to her. She smiles at me and sits up to enjoy her meal and says, “Get the video camera and set it up. You can film me shaving my beaver for you and we’ll see what else I will do.”

She takes a bite of her sandwich and a sip of her coffee and looks at me to ask, “What’s in my coffee?”

“Just a shot of Irish Cream to get you warmed up.”

She takes the mug and drains it before handing it to me and saying, “I take my coffee black.”

I take the cup back to the kitchen for a refill and hear, “The shot goes on the side.”

I fill her order and return and am stopped dead in my tracks when I see her running the razor across the stubble near her pussy.

“You’re gonna miss the whole show if you don’t start the camera rolling” she teases.

I hand her the coffee mug and a glass holding a couple of shots of the liqueur and pull the tripod and camera from the closet and focus it on her. She slams back the Irish Cream, shudders and takes a big sip of the hot coffee.

“That was a lot of booze, you still trying to get me drunk?”

“Whatever it takes to help you in your quest to be my sex slave” is my reply.

She lays back spreads her legs and starts to shave her stubble. She makes a face and I explain, “You don’t want to shave dry. That’s very irritating. Do you want shaving cream, shaving gel, or water?”

She holds out the razor and asks, “Will you?”

“For a sex slave you ask for a lot.”

“Yes, but I’ve been putting out a lot, too. Haven’t I?”

I take the razor from her and get some shaving gel for her tender areas. It doesn’t take long for her short hairs to disappear; but, as usual, I get distracted and leave areas unshaved. I slip a finger and then more fingers into her damp slit and remove them to wipe the remaining foam from her pubic area. I replace the fingers and start to slide them in and out and rub her g-spot. It doesn’t take long before she starts move with my fingers. I stop and ask, “You don’t like?”

“Why did you stop? Why do you think I’m not enjoying?”

“You’re awfully quiet. You need to give me some encouragement, if you want me to perform for you, Miss Slave.”

“Just do me.” She commands.

“There you are giving orders again.” I reply, while diving in.

A couple of licks to her pussy and she starts sucking my cock, but just for a second. “You’re hard and we’re wasting video” comes out of her mouth as she flips over and decides to play cowgirl.

“I guess you want to film a western. Ride ’em cowgirl! Yee-haw.” I holler.

It turn out we weren’t shooting a saga, just a quick short and we both end up taking a short nap.


“Good morning, again.” I tell her when she opens her eyes. “You ready for some shopping?”

“Shopping for what?”

“I thought we’d shop for some sexy nighties.”

“I don’t need any more, I have some I’ve never worn.”

I explain that, “Shopping doesn’t mean buying.”

“Well, okay. But what is up?”

When we get to the store and start shopping, Trixxxie points out a sheer baby doll nightie and asks, “Like?”

“Not sure. You’ll have to try it on. When you’re in the dressing room with all those mirrors, you’ll send me some selfies.”

“No, I won’t.” is her reply.

“You’re my slave, you can’t say no to me. You want to look at the rules?”

“No, I wrote them. I will do your bidding, Master.”

“I’m glad you’re learning. I’d hate to have to turn you over my knee when we get home.”

She grabs a large nightie, but I trade it for a medium. She objects, saying “That’s too small, too tight for this fat old body.”

“You’re not fat and that is the one you will try on. If it’s too small in the pics, I’ll trade it.”

She takes the aqua baby doll, turns and sashays to the changing room. After several minutes that seem like an hour, my phone chimes to let me know I have a text. Looking at the message I see a pic with her in the sheer nightie. There is nothing left to my vivid imagination and the reflection in the mirror behind her also shows her fine ass split by the thong panties of the nightie.

“See, just right. You getting as horny as you’re making me?” I text

My phone chimes again and this pic has her with a bright red mark on her ass cheek and a note “I’m a baaad girl. How are you going to punish me?”

“How are you bad?” I reply.

“I made this nightie all wet.”

“Damn, girl. What will I have to do with you? I’ll have to buy the outfit. Did you make it smell like you too?

The phone chimes with a pic of my naked slave sniffing the damp panties and winking at me just as she strolls into view. She has a sheepish grin as she sees me looking at her latest pic.

“You like?” she asks.

“You’re such a bad girl. And you know what I like. We will see what you need to do to work off the nightie; we will see about getting you off and the nightie off.”

I pay for the nightie and we head out to the car. As always, I open her car door for her and as usual she gives me a flash up her skirt. I notice her panties have disappeared and when I look at her she has that sheepish grin again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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