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Doggy Style

As Christian quietly removed his trousers, he stared in awe as Julie wordlessly pushed her sister down onto the bed, got down on her knees and began licking the snatch before her with long, slow licks. Tiffany squealed at the first contact and immediately began sucking on two of her fingers to keep herself quiet. After a minute or so, Julie began to stick her tongue deep into her sister’s hole, fucking her with her mouth, but not before penetrating it with one of her index fingers. Taking the well-lubed digit, she placed it between her own legs and began to rub her slit up and down before finally slipping it into her own cunt. Julie finger-fucking herself and going down on Tiffany, both girl’s muffled moans quickly filled the room.

Outside, Christian was pulling on his dick in as if in a frenzy. The sight of these two beautiful vixens making love before him was driving him absolutely nuts and, aside from wanting to jump through their window and fuck them both sideways, the only thing he could think of was cumming as soon as possible. Recalling how good it had felt being fucked by his friend earlier that day and knowing that his ass still had some lube in it, Christian, on his knees, silently spit on his index finger and reached between his legs. Making contact with his asshole, he rubbed the saliva around his opening, his body instantly covering in goose bumps at the sensation. Bearing down, he then slowly inserted his finger, finding that his earlier suspicions about the sunscreen held true and he was not met with any resistance. Basking in the pleasure of his ministrations, Christian managed to get in up to his second knuckle, the tip of his finger just reaching the base of his prostate. Adjusting to the feeling of having something in his rectum, Christian moved the finger very slightly in and out of his ass, eliciting the now-familiar sensation of deep pressure and almost sick pleasure in his core. Still watching the twins, his eyes never having left them, Christian very slowly began to work his cock again, knowing that even the smallest increase in either intensity or momentum would bring on his orgasm.

Inside the house, Julie was still working away at her sister’s pussy, having moved from her tongue-fucking to sucking on Tiffany’s clit. Tiffany, meanwhile, has already had an orgasm and seemed to be well on her way to another one. Her beautiful, lightly-freckled face covered with just a hint of perspiration, Tiffany had her eyes closed and her mouth open in a series of quiet, rapid moans. She was also busy working on mauling both of her ample tits, squeezing her nipples with two fingers and pushing them together on occasion. Julie was also breathing quickly, making sounds of pleasure into her sister’s snatch as her fingers rubbed her own clit at an ever-increasing pace. Christian sensed that both girls were going to cum very quickly and he prepped himself to be prepared to let loose his load at a moment’s notice. As if on the cue of his thoughts, Tiffany let out a loud moan and leaned forward a bit to put both of her hands behind her sister’s head, her body tensing with an orgasm. Shaking with pleasure, Tiffany mashed her pussy into Julie’s face, who just kept her suction cup hold on her twin’s clit.

Normally would have wanting to cum with Tiffany, Christian had been all set to let his own orgasm overtake him, however he was intrigued that Julie hadn’t cum yet and decided to hold off. Still rubbing her own cunt vigorously, Julie patiently waited for her sister’s climax to end. Smiling up at her when it was finally over, her mouth glistening with juices, Julie stood up, pushed Tiffany back into a lying down position, and got onto the bed to straddle her face. Letting out a loud cry, Julie finally began to cum, rubbing and letting her vagina drip all over her sister’s face. During this, Tiffany was rubbing her sister’s ass as best she could and tried to lick her pussy whenever it came within reach of her tongue. After a minute or so, Julie finally came down off of the peak of her pleasure and stopped her pelvic onslaught. Crawling down her sister’s body, a huge smile on her face, Julie stopped when her face was just over her sister’s. Staring into each other’s eyes, lovingly, they broke into a tender yet passionate kiss, one another’s pussy juices on their lips.

Seeing this, Christian realized why he had intuitively waited to cum. With a silent groan, he let his seed fly, sending five or six thick ropes of cum onto the grass before him, his rectal muscles contracting tightly around the finger they contained. Nearly bowling over from the pleasure, Christian just knelt there for a moment, basking in the sensations coursing through his body and appreciating the incredibly sexy sights before him. A few minutes later, the girls stopped their kissing, gave one another a hug, and got up to pick up the small mess that they had made. Snapping out of his dazed voyeurism, Christian decided that he’d better get to bed as well, especially before anyone happened to notice him. Quietly he picked şişli escort up his trousers and snuck back to the barn, not putting them back on until he was out of view of the house. Slipping inside his and Dustin’s quarters, Christian heard his friends’ soft snore and realized that the evening’s activities were most-definitely known to him alone.

Undressing, making sure to wipe any cum off of his penis head with his underwear, Christian got into bed and replayed the evening’s events over in his head. Tiffany and Julie are fuck buddies. They’re not lesbians because they want to have sex with men who will appreciate them. Why hadn’t he gone and told Dustin about the twins’ sex session as it was going on? He knew that he would have loved to see it, too, and he would definitely be pissed if he found out that he’d missed it. Christian knew that he himself had a thing for Tiffany, and he knew that he had it pretty bad. Julie was fantastic, too, but he felt something with Tiff that he’d never felt before. Not knowing what to think or to do, Christian just went to sleep, hoping that things might be clearer in the morning.

Dawn broke all too soon for young Christian and it was all he could do to kick himself out of bed in the morning. Bleary-eyed and groggy, both he and Dustin stumbled to the house for breakfast after sleepily pulling on their work clothes. Breakfast was the same as any other day, with no weirdness between Christian and Dustin or between the girls. Upon further reflection, Christian didn’t know why he thought the girls might be awkward around one another, given that it was obvious they’d had many sexual adventures before last night. Still pondering what the heck he was going to do given the various sexual and romantic scenarios around him, what he felt was an answer unexpectedly presented itself.

“Well, I hope that you’re not going to be too tired to drive today Dustin,” said Uncle Demetri knowingly, observing his employee’s obvious sleepiness. “Because you and I are going into town today to work on that tractor.”

“Huh?” asked Dustin in a daze. “What? Oh yeah, no, that sounds fine. I’m not too tired. Just need to get some food in my belly and some fresh air.”

“Good, good,” said Demetri. “And that means that we just have to find something for Christian to do… Well, I guess that you’ll have to be paired up with one of the girls, so you can either help Julie with the baking for Saturday’s market, or you can help Julie work on building the deck.”

“Well, as much as I love it in the kitchen,” Christian began, his heart soaring. “I think I’ll have to go with the porch building, seeing that Dustin would never let me live it down if I chose baking over manual labor.”

“Well, I suppose I shouldn’t be too surprised,” Christian’s uncle said, smiling. “Just make sure you can keep up with Tiffany. She’s a better carpenter than I am.”

“That’s so not true, dad!” Tiffany said, blushing and giggling. Then, looking at Christian: “You’re just trying to scare the poor guy.”

“Well, of course!” her father replied. “My time is money! I want you to work him hard!”

‘I’d like to work her hard,’ Christian and Dustin both thought at the same time.

Demetri and Dustin took off into town right after breakfast, leaving Christian to help the girls clean the kitchen. During that time they laughed and joked about things going on around the farm, Demetri’s mannerisms, and just about their shared experiences since the start of the summer. Christian was pleased to see that they could all get along so well but was also pained by how infatuated he was with his cousin; the prospect of never being more than just a distant relative of hers cut him to the quick. However, deciding to just enjoy the time they would have together Christian put such negative thoughts aside and just figured that if more was meant to be then it would happen on its own.

After getting things set up outside and Tiffany explaining to Christian the general plan for the day, the two got to work. Within minutes, Christian saw that his uncle’s earlier boasting wasn’t too far from the truth: Tiffany was mighty handy with a hammer. Thanking his lucky stars that he’d learned the basics of hand and power tool use from his biological dad once upon a time, he did his best to keep up and to impress the girl of whom he was so fond. Aside from their discrepancy in innate skill, Christian was also at a disadvantage in that he couldn’t keep his lustful eyes off of his step-cousin. She was wearing her typical denim cutoffs (that were cut VERY high), a pair of steel toed work shoes, and a thin, well-fitted button-up shirt that clung tightly to her big tits. And if that wasn’t bad enough, Tiffany also had her haired pulled up into two loose pigtails, allowing Christian to perfectly see her perfect face and those freckles on her cheeks and nose that drove him crazy.

Little did Christian know that he wasn’t the only one who was distracted as the pair worked through the morning. Tiffany was escort bayan merter constantly stealing glances at her step-cousin as he worked, admiring his strong arms and his handsome face, which was even more attractive now that it had developed a fairly dark tan. But it was even more than that – Tiffany found that every time she had the chance to talk with Christian either one on one or with the rest of the family, she really enjoyed herself and felt something special between them. Christian had such a gentle and caring attitude about him, something that she didn’t often see in the other guys she knew, especially those with whom she and her sister dated. She couldn’t help but think if only she could find a guy like her cousin, she would be so happy.

Unbeknownst to both Christian and Tiffany, Julie was watching the pair of them from time to time through the kitchen window. At first she was just watching them out of interest’s sake, but as time wore on she began to let her thoughts wander and began to notice just how good the two of them looked out there. Both cousins were working hard, and as a result they were breathing quite heavily and were perspiring. As Julie was estimating how strong the pheromone concentration must be out on the porch, Christian stepped off to the side and pulled off his shirt, revealing his built and well toned chest, shoulders, arms and back. While Julie had seen Christian topless many times before, it had never happened when her mind was already thinking about sexual things. Looking over at her sister, Julie caught Tiffany stealing a glance at their cousin as well and noticed a lust in her eyes similar to Julie’s own.

Several minutes passed and Julie stopped her voyeurism to check on her baking and prep another dish for the oven. As she walked around the kitchen she noticed that quite a bit of moistness had accumulated between her thighs. Looking out the window to make sure Tiffany and Christian were still out there, she slipped her hand in her pants and brought it back out wet. Smelling her own juices and then sucking them off her fingers slowly, she savored the scent and the flavor, noting how similar it was to her sister’s pussy juice. Ever since Julie had tasted her sister’s snatch for the first time, she had fallen in love with female secretions, even her own. She knew that it was a wicked fetish that she would probably never share with anyone, but that made it all the more exciting and sexual for her. Sometimes Julie wished that she could reach her own pussy with her mouth so that she could be pleasured and taste her juices at the same time, but she supposed that that’s what she had a sister for.

Thinking of her sister, she went back to the kitchen window and saw, much to her delight, that Tiffany had taken off her over shirt and was now working in a bikini top, the heat clearly having gotten to her, too. Admiring her sister’s lovely tits, Julie also noticed that Christian had noticed them, judging from the bulge that had become quite evident in the front of his pants. At one point Tiffany had to go around to the other side of the house, and once she had gone Christian stuck his hand down his pants to divert his hard on down the leg of his jeans so that it wouldn’t stick out so much. With his hand still in his trousers, it was obvious that he then gave his cock a couple of quick pulls, his eyes closing in pleasure. Getting back to his work, Tiffany rounded the corner again and they continued on as if nothing had happened.

Julie absently put her hand in her pants again and found her pussy to be absolutely flooded. Dropping her cut offs and panties to the floor, she scanned the countertop for something to fuck herself with. While using one of the cucumbers was tempting, she’d never had anything that size in her vagina before and didn’t want to risk hurting herself. So instead she decided on one of the carrots she’d just washed. Lying on the kitchen floor, she took the carrot and rubbed it along her slit, getting it nice and slick. She also spit several gobs of saliva onto her other hand and then rubbed that on the dildo, making sure that it was nicely lubed. Taking the artificial cock in one hand and placing her other hand on her clit, she began to rub and fuck herself rapidly, writhing on the floor with pleasure. Visions of Christian and her sister filled her head as she thought about fucking them both, Christian’s big cock pounding her hole while Tiffany sat on her face. Bringing a pussy juice-soaked pair of fingers up to her mouth, Julie sucked them into her mouth, savoring the taste and driving her passion up to an even higher level.

Closing her eyes again, Julie grasped the carrot in both hands and began to fuck herself even harder. This time she pictured that Dustin was pounding her hole, Christian was fucking her mouth, and Tiffany was sucking on her big tits. She imagined Dustin’s eyes closed in intense pleasure, his passion for her and her pussy overwhelming him, his hands holding onto her legs which were up on his istanbul escort bayan shoulders. Dustin was fucking her harder and harder, trying to get his cock impossibly deep within her when Julie suddenly had an explosive orgasm. Completely unaware of her surroundings, she let out a loud, long “Fuck!” in an expression of her passion. Snapping herself out of her daze, she quickly remembered that Tiffany and Christian were just outside and scrambled to get her shorts on. Hearing footsteps running into the house and around the corner, Julie just managed to pull on her shorts and button them up before Christian’s, followed by Tiffany’s, concerned face came into view.

“What the hell happened?!” both asked, panting, looking around frantically.

“Oh, uh, nothing,” Julie stammered, her mind racing for something reasonable to say. “I, uh, I just forgot to put my second batch of pies in the oven and it, uh, made me mad.”

Seeing that her story was being met only by blank stares and realizing in horror that her carrot dildo was still lying on the floor, she continued: “Oh, and I dropped my carrot after I washed it.” And with that she picked up the carrot from the floor and took a big bite of it.

“Sorry to have alarmed you guys.”

A very unimpressed Tiffany and Christian stalked out of the kitchen.

As noon was quickly approaching, Christian and Tiffany only worked for another hour or so before quitting for a lunch break. Julie has been so kind as to both prepare them a lunch and refrain from scaring them half to death since the earlier incident, and the pair decided that it would be nice to find a quiet place away from their work site and the sun to dine. Tiffany suggested that they go down to a place which she called ‘The Gardens’, an area that Christian had never been to before. Walking through a bit of bush for about two or three minutes, the pair stepped out into a grassy opening that took Christian’s breath away. Surrounded by trees and a small stream, the gardens were fundamentally just that: a garden. However, while the basic layout had clearly been created years ago, things had been allowed to run wild for some time giving the place a very natural sort of beauty. Tiffany explained that the flowers and ground covers had been carefully chosen so as to remain fairly self-limiting, thereby allowing for a natural feel that wouldn’t become sloppy over time. Four large trees had also been left in the area to provide shade in what would otherwise have been an entirely sunny area. After questioning about it’s origins, Tiffany told Christian with pride that her great grandparents had cleared the trees from this area to build their house, barns, etc, and they’d created the garden to honor and respect the area.

Finding a nice spot under one of the trees, the two sprawled out on the grass and just lay there for a moment, resting from their morning’s labor.

“So how much are you like your father?” Christian asked, a joking tone in his voice. “Are we going to have a 20 minute half-hour lunch like usual, or are you a little less strict?”

Laughing, Tiffany replied: “Well, I’m probably just about as strict when it comes to working and productivity, but I’m also a little bit more aware of the notion of ‘rewarding a job well done’. I’d say that given that we’ve already put in the equivalent of a full days’ work, we wouldn’t be outside of our rights by flirting with a 35, maybe even forty minute break.”

“Wow, my stomach won’t know what to do with itself!” Christian laughed in response to her wit. “All that time to actually digest the food I feed it.”

“Well, what can I say, I’m a softy.”

Ironically, thought Christian, at that moment Tiffany decided to stretch her body, flexing her tight abdominal muscles in the process. As he’d now been acutely aware, Tiff was still wearing just her cutoffs and bikini top, a pink number that would have been modest on most girls, but that showed off his cousin’s assets very nicely. Feeling a stirring in his pants accompany his gawking, Christian brought his attention away from the girl next to him and sat up to look at the lunch they’d been made.

While Christian was not a vegetarian, both Tiffany and Julie were, and as a consequence no one could get a slab of meat prepared in their house unless he was willing to do it for himself. Fortunately, Christian was a fan of vegetarian cooking in general, and both Tiffs and Jules had perfected the art as far as he was concerned. Quickly devouring a hummus and sprouts sandwich, Christian looked up to see his cousin looking at him, smiling at his enthusiastic appetite. When he reflexively asked an innocent ‘what?’ with his mouth full, it sent her into fits of laughter. Leaning forward to grab her mid-section with one hand as she did this, Tiffany reached out and grabbed Christian’s shoulder with her other for support. Seeing her doubled over with laughter and having swallowed his sandwich, Christian began to laugh as well, placing his hand over Tiffany’s in the process. As her laughter began to subside, Tiffany brought her head up again and found herself closer to Christian than she thought she’d be, their faces very near. Very quickly the laughter stopped and Tiffany became aware that their hands were touching on Christian’s shoulder.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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