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This ‘moment in time’ follows on from ‘Summer Outing’. Our ‘September and May’ couple have enjoyed a delicious, delightful afternoon making love and fucking under the oak tree, (a story for another day), interspersed with food and drink, and dozing in the warm English summer. After returning the boat to the hirer they have returned home, happily, basking in the aftermath of their lovemaking. The following takes place that evening.

I am in the bath, leisurely soaking, lots of bubbles and soft enticing perfumes. Because of the amount of bubbles, nothing of me can be seen below the water line, which lies just around my waistline, leaving my breasts visible. The bathroom is filled with candles and an incense stick is burning on a shelf high above the bath, which makes me, as well as you, quite light headed. I have a glass of wine on the deep window ledge, which runs along the side of the bath. In the background you can hear soft music playing from the bedroom. The door of the bathroom is partly open enabling me to see you as you approach from the bedroom, which is bathed in a soft glow where one single lamp is alight, shining on the bed where the covers have been drawn back, awaiting us after our bath.

I hear your movements and watch as you emerge from the bedroom, towards me, your skin glowing in the soft lighting, your long slim legs and long red, wavy hair catching the light, and your deep green eyes sparkling at me. I can still see them even in this half light. You enter the bathroom, and as I hold out my hand to you, smiling at your presence, you look around the room at the candles, and taking my hand lightly, and whisper, “This is wonderful love, ” and as your eyes settle on me, add, “Enchanting is perhaps a better word.”

You continue to look down at me, your eyes finally settling on my breasts. Slowly you kneel beside the bath, and leaning over softly take the nearest nipple in your mouth and gently suck it in.

Moaning in delight at the feel of my nipple in your warm soft mouth, I reach for your face and gently ease you off, shuddering as it leaves your mouth with a ‘plop’. You frown at me, but drawing your face to me, I kiss your lips, feather touches, lip to lip, teasing you, then the tip of your nose. “Plenty of time for that, later, child. The water is getting cold. In.”

You smile happily and standing, reach for my hand and step into the warm silky water, settling yourself with your back to me. I hold you away from me, not letting you nestle too close between my legs. Oh no, not yet. Later. You sigh at the feel of the water, and murmur at me to soak your back. I was more than happy to oblige, and sit up carefully, beginning to sponge the warm water over your shoulders, watching enchanted as it drifts down your skin in silvery rivulets, glinting in the candlelight. Your soft moans of pleasure bring a smile to my face. “You like, child?” Your response is a simple, “mmmmmmmmmmmm. Very much.” We continue this way for a while, as I gradually move the sponge further over your shoulders so that the water now runs more over your breasts and stomach. I can’t see them, but that isn’t necessary. Your shivers of pleasure tell me all I need to know.

I put aside the sponge and placing my hands on your waist, pull you slightly back closer to me, but still not completely between my legs. You say nothing, attuned enough to my ways to bursa escort know that there is probably a reason for it.

I squeeze some soap gel into my hands and begin to gently spread it over your shoulders and back, working it gently into your skin with my fingertips, a gentle but meaningful pressure. As my hands descend over your shoulder blades and spine, I move them sideways, under your arms and over the sides of your breasts. You move slightly, but not unexpectedly, and moan at the feeling of my fingers sliding over your skin, briefly touching your nipples. Back and forth I move, then away as I use more gel, and this time move directly round to your breasts, covering their whole shape, spending a lot of time on your nipples, rubbing my palms over them in a circular motion which soon has them hard and searching.

You are moaning and your back is arching, pushing yourself into my hands. “Love…… what…..?” you begin to question. “Shhhhhhhhhhh child, be patient, enjoy the feeling. There is time enough for it all.” You relax against my hands letting the weight of your breasts drop into my hands, a soft pliable feeling which gives me great pleasure.

“Do you want more, my love?”

“Oh God, yes!” you moan, “More.”

And so I know you are enjoying what I am doing.

My hands gather more gel, and now begin to work on your lower back and hips, sliding around the front to your stomach, just below your breasts. My fingers at once are firm and work like, and suddenly become feather light finger tips scraping down your ribs and sides, and one finger the length of your spine, dipping below the waterline into your crevice which makes you moan again. I continue to caress your skin, occasionally returning to your shoulders and breasts in a continuous movement of sensation and caress, but each time, my hands dipping lower and lower below the water, one into your crevice, and one low on your stomach, teasing your fiery curls.

I smile as your legs begin to part each time my hand dips, and you try to raise your hips as my other finger curls low under your bottom, moving against me. You are moaning quietly, whispering, “Yes, oh love, yes, mmmmmmmmm, yes, yes.” Nothing urgent, just letting me know that you are very much liking what I am doing.

I lean forward slightly, carefully and lightly press my lips to your shoulder sucking the skin at the base of your neck where it becomes your shoulder, sucking, nipping and softly kissing that velvety skin. Your head moves sideways to allow me more access to that most sensitive of spots, and you moan again. “Love, please.” I smile behind you, and simply say, “Soon, child. Soon.”

Briefly I remove my hands from you and reach for the tube of waterproof lube waiting on the window ledge, knowing the water will decrease your natural lubrication. I want all the movements to be soft, easy and gentle. Squeezing some into my hands, and spreading it over them, particularly my middle fingers, one arm once again slides round your stomach the hand gently applying the lube over your lips, making you moan yet again at the sensation, the arm then moving up around your waist.

As I gently pull you closer to me, my other hand dips below the waters, my fingers which have been lubing the dildo, now searching your crevice gently, a slippery finger tip dipping and gently pushing against your hole, bursa escort bayan making you gasp and utter, “Yes!”. You think you know what is coming, and I smile again at my surprise. Using the arm around your waist, I begin to lift your weight to allow my finger to push gently against your opening, until the muscles relax and very softly I slide in.

I feel your back arch and a sound leave your mouth as it gapes open at the loving intrusion. Gently we begin a rhythm, my one arm softly lifting you up and down in the water, which takes your weight, my other hand gently sliding in and out of your rosebud, delighted as I feel it relax and allow me in deeper on each push. You are moaning quietly, continuously now, your head lolling back against my shoulder, completely overcome by the exquisite sensations, the warmth of the water, the feel of it against your skin and sensitive areas, my arm around you, my finger inside of you.

Moving my head close to you, I whisper to you, “Are you are ready, love, do you want more?”

You sigh softly, “Mmmmmmm, am I ever ready.”, making me smile at your eagerness and lip-smacking sexiness.

Now I pull you closer to me, and removing my hand from your ass, chuckling at your protest, I lift you even closer, and with my other hand gently guide the narrow dildo I am wearing on the harness, to replace my finger. Delighted at your cry, “Oh god, love, yes,” both my hands now settle on your hips and gently hold you against me, easing you up and down on the slippery dildo.

Easing my body lower in the water, I whisper, “Come back with me child, follow me.” My hands move to your shoulders, taking the weight as you lie back against me, the dildo moving deeper inside you at the moment. Lying low in the water, my legs bent under yours, my feet braced against the sides of the bath, I move my hands round to your front allowing my fingers to explore your curls and dip into your very wet pussy, a different wetness; slick, slippery and quite delicious feeling. Your arms are lying over mine, your hands holding on to the bath grips, using the position to push yourself back and forth alternately against the delicious filling in your backside and my fingers in your pussy, stroking up and down your lips.

I move my head to gently kiss your cheek now resting against mine, and you turn your head slightly so that our lips can meet in a soft kiss, your moaning and murmuring vibrating against my lips, and rippling through my own body. I move my hands to your thighs and urge you to lift them. “Place your feet against the bath handles, love, that way you can fuck against me.” You do as I ask, knowing that as you lift your legs this way, it will open up your pussy completely, wide and ready for my fingers.

In this position I now begin to feel the sensations deep inside me, making me moan softly, your movements being transmitted into me through my end of the dildo, and each time you push back, the harness rubs against my clit.

I move my hands back to your pussy, one teasing and brushing your curls, occasionally brushing your clit, the other one inserting, one, two then three fingers into you, matching their rhythm with the one you are making yourself, pushing yourself back and forth on the dildo and into me, as you brace against the bath sides.

Now I am moaning with bursa merkez escort you, my head lying back, as the sensations begin to rush through us. But the movements are soft, gently, exquisitely arousing. As you push back and forth against me, I can hear the sloshing sound of the water as it splashes and moves around, and with it, the squelching sounds of my fingers as they move in and out of your pussy, and in the middle of all this, the waves of feeling emanating from my own end of the dildo as your beautiful ass pushes back into me, time and time again.

I can hear your moans now, louder, an urgency creeps into your voice. “Love, I need…… please, I need……”

“Yes” I gasp, “so do I”, and at that moment, my other hand searches for your clit and gently presses against it, flicks across its tip, then gently strokes it, a series of movements that result in soft squealing noises and moans from you.

I feel the clenching sensation growing within me, and push my hips up against you, as you brace your feet one more time, pushing back into me. As the orgasm ripples through us both, your hands reach down and cover mine, one urging my fingers deeper into you, the other pressing hard against your clit, and we are there. My cry comes from deep inside me as I surge upwards, as you call out my name, pushing against me as we come, not violently, but in gentle waves that ripple through both our bodies, over and over, churning my senses as our movements churn the water, sending it spilling over the side of the bath, as our love spills over into each other.

I hear you gasping at me, “Oh darling, fuck me beautiful, just fuck me and keep on and never let me go….” Making me smile at the pleasure in your voice.

Slowly our movements cease and I feel your weight relax completely against me, your breathing still laboured, matching mine, and you speak again. “Oh love, that was ………. wonderful.”

I remove my hands from your pussy and bring them both around you, holding you to me, as you drop your legs back into the bath and allow yourself to gently slide off the dildo, a movement which makes me shudder as it is echoed inside me through my end. You feel the shudder and carefully turn in the water within my arms, and lie against me, your hard, hard nipples rubbing against mine as the gentle movements in the water lift you back and forth against me, allowing you to move against the dildo and the harness, eliciting more shudders from me. You smile teasingly and I feel one of your hands take hold of the dildo and gently move it against me. I moan quietly, “Nooooo, love, don’t tease, no fair.”

Together we unbuckle the harness, remove the dildo from me without too many shudders, and then settle back in the water, with you lying in my arms, my legs wrapped around yours, and your arms around my shoulders. You reach for my face and pull me against you, your tongue pushing deeply into my mouth, sliding over my tongue, your sighs stirring my lips in gentle caresses.

My arms hold you close against me, as we continue to kiss, deeply, softly, not to arouse, simply as the only way to finish what we have enjoyed and shared, before we move on to other equally delightful activities. You lift your head from me, and look into my eyes, holding my face in your soft warm hands, just looking. I tilt my head to one side and lift my eyebrows quizzically, but you simply smile, shake your head and lower your face back to my shoulder, and for a while longer, we wallow in the water, and the extra warmth we have brought to it, oblivious of the water overflowing the rim of the bath, dripping on to the floor. None of that is important. Only our love.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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