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Two weeks of fun in the sun. Sea, sangria and sex. That was how the trip was sold to us. But four days into the trip, the most action I had managed was a few snogs and the odd handful of tit in the clubs. The rest of the boys hadn’t much luck either.

I did pick up this fantastic looking bird on the second night. She had legs that went on forever, long blonde hair and massive tits. She had given all the signs that she wanted it. When I asked her if she wanted to go to my place or hers, she said she couldn’t stay out all night because her parents would wonder where she was. It turned out she was only fifteen. She got really upset when I told her she was too young for me. She hurled abuse at me as I walked away.

I was an early riser and quickly got into the habit of waking up before my mates and popping down to the hotel restaurant for breakfast. On the fifth morning, I was sitting at my table overlooking the pool and I spotted two of the best-looking girls I had seen on the island so far. They were lying topless in the early morning sun.

They were both gorgeous, which almost goes without saying on this island, but what was interesting was how similar they were. As far as I could tell with them lying down, they were both the same height and the same build. They both had the same dark brown hair cascading down around their shoulders, and the same size tits resting flattened out on their chests.

I couldn’t take my eyes off them. They must have been having a conversation that I couldn’t hear because they sat up and started to gather their things together. It was an amazing sight to see two almost identical women stand and then bend over together. Their bikini bottoms stretched over their arses as they picked out their valuables. It looked like they planned to spend the day by the pool because they left their towels on the loungers.

They walked past me and up to the bar. Both had slipped on loose blouses but I still got a good look at their tits bouncing gently as they walked. They ordered drinks, and then headed back towards me. One of them stopped as she passed.

“Mind if we join you?”

“Sure,” I said. “Have a seat.”

“Come on, Julie,” the first girl said. “Park your arse.” Her accent was coarse and northern. I guessed they were from Manchester or thereabouts.

Julie gave me an apologising look and sat down.

“This is my sister, Julie,” said the first girl. “And I’m Lucy.”

“Hi there, Lucy. Julie,” I said. “I’m Jon.”

“Pleased to meet you, Jon.”

“I should have guessed you were sisters. You look so similar. You’re not twins are you?”

“No,” said Julie, speaking for the first time. Hell, they even sounded the same.

“There’s a year between us. I’m the eldest,” said Lucy.

Lucy went on explain they weren’t actually staying in our hotel. They had a small villa just off the beach, but preferred to catch the rays somewhere they could get a drink and meet new people.

“We’ve been here for a couple of days now, and we’ve met some of the most boring people on the planet,” said Julie. “Most of the men we’ve met don’t get up until it’s time to start drinking again.”

“And then they drink so much that they escort bostancı couldn’t fuck if their life depended on it,” her sister added.

I sipped my drink, not sure of how to answer her.

“Do you know how many times I’ve been fucked since I’ve been here?” asked Lucy.

“Er, no.”

“Twice! Twice! This island is supposed to be “Fuck City,” and I’ve only got laid twice. Julie hasn’t even fucked anyone yet. Can you believe that?”

I was having trouble believing that. Even by the standards of the island, these two were something special. What was wrong with the men they had met? Didn’t they have a libido?

“So you must be getting desperate?”

“Too right!” said Lucy. “I’d jump you now if I could.”

Julie sat still, looking embarrassed and sipping her drink. I smiled at her, and she smiled back nervously. What differences there were between them were certainly in Julie’s favour.

“Let’s go back to our villa,” Lucy said suddenly. She stood, as if she didn’t expect any answer other than yes from me.

The girls collected their stuff from by the pool, and we went back to their place. It was light and airy, with plenty of room. They even had a private pool, although not a very big one. We were barely through the front door before Lucy was peeling her blouse off and heading poolside. She dived straight in, swam a couple of lengths then got out and lay down on a lounger. I was still in the house. She beckoned me to join her.

“She’s keen, your sister,” I said to Julie.

“She’s not like this at home,” she replied. “Still, they do say that this place brings out a different side of you.”

“Will I be safe if go out there?”

“Probably not. Her man back home isn’t that keen on sex. I think he works too hard. While she’s been here, Lou has only been interested in sex, sex and more sex.”

“Really?” I said in mock surprise.

“I think she comes on a bit too strong personally, that’s why most men back off from her. I think she’s scaring men away from the both of us.”

“I’m not sure I want to risk going out there.”

“Go on.” She laughed and slapped my arm playfully. “I’ll bring a drink out. You won’t come to no harm.”

I joined Lucy on the patio and sat on a lounger next to her. She grabbed a bottle of suntan lotion and smothered her front with it, making sure to rub it in well. Then she handed the bottle to me.

“Do my back?”

She lay down and I poured the creamy white liquid in a long line along her spine. Starting at the top, I rubbed the lotion in. I covered her back with small circular motions and smoothed the oil all the way down her back towards the bikini bottoms that covered her gloriously round arse.

“Ooh, this is lovely, Jules. I should’ve had Jon do me front too.”

Julie put my drink on a nearby table, and then lay back on a lounger feigning disinterest. Massaging Lucy’s back had my once dormant cock on the rise. She must have noticed it too. I finished rubbing in the lotion and she sat up and pushed me down onto my back.

She poured a blob of the cold white lotion onto the small hairy patch on my bare chest and rubbed the lotion in as slowly as I had done ümraniye escort for her. The bulge in my shorts grew larger. She rubbed the lotion slowly, very slowly, all over my chest and stomach.

Her hands reached my shorts, and she whispered in my ear. “You wouldn’t want to waste this, would you?”

She placed her hand firmly on my rising cock. “Come inside.”

She beckoned me to follow her and when we got to her bedroom, she pulled me down onto the bed. She pushed her tits together, inviting me to suck on them. I never decline that kind of invitation so I dived in and attacked her nipples with my lips and tongue.

She threw her head back and groaned in pleasure. She reached down between us, and soon had my cock in her oily hand, rubbing it vigorously. With the other hand, she pulled my shorts down my legs as far as she could reach. I eased her bikini bottoms off while she reached over to the bedside table, took a packet from a drawer and ripped open a condom for me. Lucy knew exactly what she wanted.

I reached down and found her clit, which I rubbed and flicked. She moaned even louder. I whispered to her that her sister would hear if she wasn’t quiet.

“Let her,” she panted. “I don’t give a fuck, she’ll only be jealous. Come on, fuck me. Fuck me hard and fuck me fast.”

I fumbled about trying to get the condom on, and then took my cock in my hand. I rubbed it around her crotch until I found her entrance. I slipped in with ease and began thrusting just as furiously as she wanted.

It wasn’t long before she let out a high-pitched yell and came. Her whole body tensed beneath me and her cunt muscles sucked hard on my cock. That was too much for me, I filled the condom so full that I thought it might overflow.

I rolled off, and lay next to her. She gently caressed my balls. The door opened slightly. It was Julie.

“That sounded like the earth moved for somebody.” She laughed.

Lucy sat up. “Piss off! He’s mine.”

Julie left, still laughing, and then returned with a box of tissues. “Thought you might want these to clean up with.”

She left the box on the dresser by the door and returned to the pool. Lucy and I cleaned up before rejoining Julie on the patio. We sunbathed for a couple of hours, until Lucy made it clear she wanted to fuck again.

As I followed Lucy into the villa, Julie said to me, “Careful. She might wear you out, and that wouldn’t do me any good.”

I finally left the villa about five in the afternoon, having fucked Lucy four times. Only that once the whole afternoon did Julie give any indication that she might have liked some too.


I arranged to meet the sisters later that evening at a little bar near my hotel. I decided not to tell the other guys about them yet. Or tell the girls about the guys for that matter. I wanted to see if I could shag Julie before I shared them.

The girls turned up on time and we had a couple of sangrias before we moved to another bar, then another. Julie was drinking two for every one of Lucy’s. She seemed much more relaxed than earlier.

Lucy said to me as we entered the fifth bar on the night, “You must be having an effect on kartal escort bayan her, she hasn’t enjoyed herself this much in ages.”

As the night turned into the morning, Julie flirted with me more and more. When the bar finally closed and we were back on the street, Julie said that she wanted to have a walk on the beach.

“I’ll bet that’s not all you want?” Lucy said.

“Shut the fuck up you.”





“I’m going back to the villa,” said Lucy. Before she left she whispered in my ear. “Give it to her as hard as you gave it me. Harder even. She could with a good shafting. It might loosen her up a bit.” Then she left me alone with her sister.

Julie and I set off, walking along the beach in the moonlight. When we were away from the sea front bars, we stopped. Julie said she needed to pee.

“I’ve always wanted to do this.” She giggled and squatted down. She lifted her skirt up and pulled her knickers to one side. In full view of me, she pissed all over the sand. When she had finished she stood up and slipped her knickers off completely.

“You can have these.” She stuffed the tiny white garment into my pocket.

We carried on walking along the beach, finally stopping beneath a tree. Julie gave me one of those kisses; the kind that tells you exactly what’s on her mind. Her tongue forced my mouth open and then explored its depths. I reached down a hand, eased her skirt up and stroked her nice, firm bum. I grabbed myself a handful tit with the other. My first assumption had been wrong; Julie had bigger tits than her sister.

Putting her weight against the tree, Julie ground her body against me. I realised I hadn’t brought along a condom. Lucy had supplied them earlier and I hadn’t even thought about it. I told Julie as much.

“Don’t worry. I’m safe.”

“How do you know I am?”

“I don’t. But I don’t care either.”

Her words should have worried me, but I was too drunk to care. I was about to fuck the second of two sisters in the same day. That was what mattered.

We lay down on the sand and Julie lifted her top over her head. Her nipples stiffened when the sea breeze hit them, and more so when I went down on them. Her lovely little pussy dribbled when I slipped two fingers inside her. She was even wetter than her sister had been the first time I fucked her.

I split the attentions of my mouth between her nipples and fucked her as best I could with my fingers. A few moments of this and she was screaming with her first orgasm. She let out a sigh when she came back down to earth. I kissed her stomach.

Julie moaned. “Oh, Jon. Please fuck me. I want you to fuck me like you fucked my sister.”

I fumbled my cock out of my trousers and stuffed it inside her. There was no finesse, no technique, just pure lust as I fucked her and she fucked me back. When we had finished, I walked her back to the villa groping her arse all the way. Lucy was waiting for us.

“Have a good time?” she asked.

“He’s as good as you said he was.” Julie replied.

Lucy gave me a kiss, full on the lips. Julie did the same.

“Tomorrow, you’ll have to fuck us together,” said Lucy.

“Tomorrow, I’ll introduce you to my mates and we’ll all fuck you.”

“That should be fun,” said Julie.

We agreed to meet the next day at the hotel pool. I went back to compare notes with the guys. I doubt that their day had been as much fun as mine.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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