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Finally, she thought, as she pulled into her driveway. Putting the car in park, Hollie got out of the car and unlocked her apartment. Her roommates were out of town for the week, so she had the place to herself. She had had such a long day at work that all she wanted to do was to take off her clothes and soak in the bath tub until all of the tension was gone from her body. She could think of another activity she could enjoy that would help her relieve tension but she thought she would have the bath first. As soon as she got inside, she put her purse and keys on the rack and then proceeded to rid herself of her shoes, jacket and scarf. Putting the shoes on the rack and hanging up her jacket and scarf, she made her way to the bathroom, shedding clothes as she went. By the time she got to the bathroom, all she was wearing was her black panty set. It was her favorite. The bra had a front clasp that showcased her breasts and the string bikinis made her look soo hot, that she thought the only thing she looked hotter in was her black thong. She leaned down to turn the water on and then proceeded to fill it with bubble bath.

Hollie went into her bedroom and collected her bathrobe from its hook, and checked her messages. She then went back into the bathroom and stripped off the rest of her clothing. (If you could call her underwear clothing) She stepped into the tub and turned off the water. She washed her face, and dunked her head. Then she just laid there and let the heated water relax her tense muscles. As she was becoming more and more relaxed she let her hands roam over her heated body. Her nipples became tight with arousal, and that tight aroused feeling was stirring in her belly. She slowly ran her finger tips over the curves of her breasts, careful to avoid touching her nipples. They wanted to be touched soo badly that she almost couldn’t resist. But she knew from experience that if she wanted to bring herself to orgasm she had to do it slowly and she had to tease and torture her body into coming. She lay there in the bathtub for a while, how long she didn’t know, and then as the water was beginning to cool, she got out and dried herself.

Hollie donned her short silk bathrobe and walked into her bedroom. Her bedroom was her nest, so to speak. She had just gotten done remodeling it. She still had her twin bed, but everything else was different. The colors were dark purples and blues, and some greens. She had a popazon chair and her desk. A feeling of comfort overwhelmed her as she walked into her bedroom. She slowly walked over to her night stand and withdrew a 7 inch purple dildo. She untied the belt on her robe and turned on the dildo to the lowest vibration setting. Slowly, she began to run the vibrating shaft along her body. Over her breasts, but avoiding the nipples, down through her cleavage and over her stomach then down over her navel and up again. Her other hand was slowly caressing her breast, kneading it. Still not touching the nipple. She drew the robe off and then slowly sat down on the bed. Her pussy was dripping and all of a sudden she couldn’t wait any kartal escort more. She had to touch herself. She was going insane. Hollie lay back against a mound of pillows and drew her legs apart. She used the head of the vibrating cock and ran it up and down her sopping wet slit.

“Mmmm,” she moaned, breaking the silence in her apartment. She had waited all day to do this to herself. She would much rather have Dave do this to her, but he wasn’t there, and she couldn’t wait. Just the thought of him made her even more wet. He always knew exactly how to touch her so that when he finally let her come it was such an explosion that nothing else in her life compared. He was so gentle with her. He would tease her, and coax her until she was begging him to let her come. He could keep her on edge for hours until he was finally ready. He would tease her with his cock, up and down her pussy, with her bucking madly beneath him. He would lean down and grasp her wrists and brace them on both sides of her head. Then he would lean down and slowly lick her nipples. He’d say: “are you ready Hollie? You have to tell me what you want. Do you want my cock inside this tight little pussy? Do you want me to suck your nipples? Hmm? You have to tell me baby.”

She would be so far gone that all she could do was moan. Not a single coherent thought in her head, just a basic need to be filled by the man above her. The man who made her lose control. So she would lie there, beneath his body, waiting for him to fill her, then he would lean down and lick her nipple again, slowly and say: “tell me! I can’t do any thing unless you tell me what it is you want.”

Hollie would finally manage to mumble out something that would indicate what she wanted, and he would comply. He would ever so slowly begin to push his throbbing member into her tight wet pussy.

With all of this in mind she slowly began to feed her hungry cunt with the dildo. With one hand slowly rubbing her clit and with the other she rhythmically pumped the dildo in and out of her pussy until she couldn’t stand any more. She latched on to one nipple with her fingers and pinched it. She pulled the dildo out of her pussy to rub it over her clit very slowly. Then she would ram it back in. She pushed it in and out, in and out. Her fingers were pinching her nipples. Her body arched as she ran her hand back down to her clit. As soon as she began to rub it she started coming. She imagined how Dave would feel and how he would nuzzle her neck with his nose. Finally sated, she lay there on her little twin mattress and thought about how Dave would have held her afterwards. And then she slept.


When she woke up, the sun was down and the house was dark. She pushed the covers back and walked to the bathroom, still naked. After going to the bathroom, she leaned down over the sink and turned on the faucet, so that she could splash her face with water. Just as she stood back up, arms came around her and pulled her into a hard naked body. She started to fight, but the arms just held her tighter.

“Shh… don’t fight me, angel”

“You maltepe escort bayan scared the shit out of me! How long have you been here?”

“Long enough.”

“Long enough for what?” she asked him, as she wriggled her ass against him.

“Long enough to watch you walk out here all naked and sexy,” he held her hips still and leaned down and kissed the indent between her neck and her shoulder, “long enough for you to make me so hard I can’t think straight.” And with that, he spun her around and lifted her up so that her ass was sitting on the bathroom counter. Her arms went up around his neck. He ran his hands down her body, when he got to her thighs, he roughly pulled her long legs up around his hips and pulled her body up tight against his. She wrapped her legs up around his waist . Then he leaned down and kissed her hard. She responded immediately. She’d been wanting this all day.

His hands moved up to cup her breasts, his rough fingers running over her soft skin, causing her to moan, and arch her body tighter against his. Her legs tightening, his cock was sliding against her. She took one of her hands from around his neck and wrapped it around his hard cock. She separated her lips and ran the tip of his cock up and down her wet slit. Dave trailed his kisses away from her mouth, and down over her jaw. Her head fell back and she let out a soft moan as his lips continued down her neck and over her shoulder. He nipped at her shoulder softly with his teeth, causing her to whimper in surprise.

“Mm… baby, I have to be inside you.” Dave whispers against her ear.

“Yes, Dave, please….” Hollie moaned. “Please Dave; put your cock in me. I have to have your cock inside me right now!”

No sooner did she say that, he leaned back and guided himself into her tight pussy. It was like wrapping himself in hot silk.

The feeling was so amazing. Hollie arched her body into his, moaning as he slid his long hard cock all the way up inside her tight pussy.

“Hollie, you’re so tight.”

“Dave…” she whimpered. “Dave you feel so amazing, so good.”

He pushed her body back against the wall, so that he could lean down and take her nipple into his mouth. His hands were at her hips, guiding her to his rhythm. Her fingers were twined in his hair. He pulled her towards him so that she was leaning back a little bit more than before. His strokes became deeper and harder. She raked her hands down his back. He was fucking her so good. His cock would slide out and brush her clit. Then he would ram it back into her.

“Oh God. Dave! Mmm… That’s so good. Just like that… YES, Oh God Dave, I’m gonna come, Mmmm… make me cum, Dave, make me come!” she screamed.

He brings one hand down between her legs and rubs at her clit. He leans in and captures her mouth with his. He’s so close. He wants to wait for her, so he brushes her clit again. “You like my cock in you like this don’t you baby? Do you like having me fuck you crazy?” He asked her. “Tell me what you want, let me hear you.”

“Fuck me harder!” she moans. “Make me cum. escort pendik Rub my clit.”

He bends her back and rams his cock in and out of her as fast and as hard as he can. His control is gone.

“OH GOD DAVE!!!! I’M CUMMING… OH!!! Mmmmmf!”

Her heals dug into his ass to hold him in, he leaned down and captured her moans in his mouth, as he claims his last kiss, before joining her in oblivion.


She lay slumped against him. Her muscles hurt from being screwed against the bathroom counter. But she couldn’t think of anywhere else she wanted to be. Dave leaned down and kissed her gently. “You ok, baby?” He asked as he lifted her up in his arms, and carried her into her bedroom.

“I’m in heaven!” she whispered against his neck. “That was so good Dave. I’ve wanted that all day!”

“Oh yeah? And what did you do about it, before I got here? Hmm?” He asked as he laid her down on her rumpled bed “Looks to me like you did something about it. Hmm? What’s this?” he asked as he picked up her purple dildo.

“You weren’t here. I thought you were working late, and I couldn’t’ wait. I needed it so bad.”

“And how did it feel running this vibrating cock up inside this tight little pussy? Huh?” He asked as he turned it on and began teasing it against her pussy. “Did it feel this good when you did it?”

“No” she whispered

“I can’t hear you baby.” He rubs her pussy with the purple dildo for a while and then began to push it up into her pussy. “Dave you don’t have to use that. You’re here. I can have the real thing.” As he pushed the vibrating cock up inside her tight pussy, he used his thumb to caress her clit. “How does that feel?”

“Dave! Please! I want YOU inside me!”

“Don’t you like what I’m doing to you?” He asks her as he pushes the dildo up inside her and rubs her clit. “Doesn’t this feel good? Huh baby?”

“DAVE! It feels amazing. But I want you inside me! Please Dave… OH…!” she broke off as he leaned forward to take her breast into his mouth. She runs her fingers through his hair. “Dave… You’re driving me crazy.”

“That’s the idea.” He laughed at her.

“You really want it bad tonight, don’t you baby?”

“Dave, if you don’t do something soon, I’m going to go insane.”

“Good!” He pulled the vibrating toy out of her pussy, and began to kiss his way down over her stomach. He brought his hands down and held her hips still. He lifted her so that her legs were up on his shoulders and she was completely exposed to him. “Is this better, Hollie?” he asked her as he leaned forward and took one swipe with his tongue right down her center. “uuhh… Dave!”

“Yeah you liked that, didn’t you?” He licked her again, and then he stuck his tongue up inside her, and latched on to her clit. She went insane. Bucking wildly. Coming almost immediately, she ran her fingers over her breasts and pinched her aching nipples. “Mmm… DAVE! Please put your cock inside me. I need you! I need you inside me. I need you to fuck me.” Without saying a word, he picked her up, and lay down on his back and placing her astride his hips. “You want me inside you again? Huh?”

“I want that so badly.” She cried out as she began grinding herself on top of him.

“Then ride me.”

“Mmm. My pleasure.” She moans, as she lifts herself up above him, and lowers herself onto his hard, thrusting cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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