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Chapter 161 – My enticing Daughter I never knew of (IV)

Last week, my delightful young colleague Mira from the Philippines – and now also role-play daughter – and I had wanted to enjoy a nice massage by the hands of our favorite masseuse: petite, blind Hanh. But somehow, there had been a misunderstanding, as Hanh had to go to a belt-exam at her judo club over lunch, so that her gorgeous god aunt Yen, who also was an excellent masseuse, had offered to treat us, which turned out to be even hotter than a tender hour with Hanh might have been. Mira had instantly been impressed by Yen’s mature, well-ripened beauty, and over the ribald hour, the older of the two had effortlessly become the younger’s mother.

In our role-play, of course, which none of us took entirely seriously, as it had developed on a whim. But it was super-hot to spice up our affair between colleagues by adding such laden roles. As juicy and supple Mira’s little butt naturally was: arousal was also fueled by taboo transgressions, I found. And that our gorgeous mature friend Yen was now playing along, eager to complete our small family, made everything even more tantalizing and beguiling – while we all knew that we couldn’t be entirely consistent. The question why Mira’s parents weren’t living together, for instance, would have to remain unanswered.

Interestingly, Yen had invited us to her home this week, where she would serve lunch. She hadn’t mentioned sex or sensuality explicitly, but that was a given; particularly after what had transpired on the massage table the previous week. Yen was somewhat enigmatic but also rather sensual, charming, and hot; especially for her age. She was pushing 50 but still had a fine, firm figure, smooth skin, and a wonderful erotic aura. She was one of the most delightful women I had ever met. She knew how to dress and her hair was always nicely done. She mostly wore dresses or skirts, and now that I was thinking about her, she really seemed to blossom twice a year.

Two years ago, we had met at her house, when she had asked me to massage her slightly handicapped daughter Linh, my former student – who had had a stroke at the age of ten. Then, 18 months ago, Yen had introduced her god-child Hanh me to, and a summer massage-fling with the two of them had ensued, whereas just over a year ago her nephew, Charlie had stepped onto her sex-stage. While she had massaged him after a sports injury, he had come on her wrist – after which she had jerked him off once more, because she not only really liked but also felt sorry for the hapless virgin. This encounter had developed into a full-blown love affair, which was crowned when she had ridden him into the sunrise at the hot springs west of town, gyrating her perfect naked midsection under her red-white-and-green summer skirt with his cock inside her.

As far as I knew, this was the only time they actually did it, though. Both were probably guilt-ridden as a result, but I couldn’t imagine they wouldn’t want to do it again. Well, bisexual Mira would probably not be able to replace Charlie in Yen’s life, even though she was fairly androgynous and had a long clit, almost like a small penis, and a new bob haircut, with which she looked like teenage tomboy. Yen almost seemed to have a crush on Mira who, in real life, must have been in Yen’s good book for a while now, as the former was Hanh’s girlfriend, caring for her with all the love she had. And her tongue and long clit, which must have been one of the main attractions in Hanh’s life. After what had happened last week between the two women, I suspected that they had seen each other at Hanh’s house multiple times before but just didn’t know how to approach each other.

Well, the beginning had been made now and, obviously, Yen was eager to continue their relationship. Her older daughter Linh was 22, studying pharmacy in Hanoi, while the younger one was in 9th grade but liked to spend time at her grandparents’ house, which wasn’t far away. Apparently, Yen’s husband had day-shift at the oil refinery this week. Upstairs, the house offered a massage table in the spacious bathroom, which also had a bathtub. Once, Yen had towered there over me like the Colossus of Rhodes, while I had been lying on the massage mat on the floor, and heartily micturated upon me. That kind of debauchery would have been easier to facilitate at the empty hotel, where our orgy posse was still meeting sporadically, but Yen’s house was more charming.

Our role-play was based on the assumption that Mira, my young adult daughter, had just accepted a position in the real estate industry here in our nondescript town, as a company from the Philippines was expanding into second- and third-tier cities here in Vietnam, which was plausible enough. As a result, Mira was now working together with my long-term affair Nguyet. Eventually, I envisioned multiple threesomes with her, too, possibly at the various empty buildings that her company was managing. Nguyet worked – now even together with Mira – at a model Taksim escort home in the suburbs, where my daughter was even staying at the moment, upstairs in the rarely used third bedroom, until she would have found her own apartment.

Nguyet, who had taken up her affair with her young colleague Hoang again a while back, didn’t seem unhappy that we hadn’t seen each other for quite some time. But she surely was looking forward to the moment when her new young Filipina colleague would join her to take a look at some property and bump into me there, from which a tantalizing array of rousing encounters would ensue. Both, Nguyet and Mira, had a knack for arranging titillating erotic situations and slipping into different roles, which they then eagerly developed. An affair with Nguyet was for Mira definitely in the cards, but it would take time.

When I got to the model home where Mira was working and staying, my daughter was waiting outside, like she wanted to underscore the last point; that it was too early to interact with my long-term affair Nguyet. Naturally, my sweet girl had taken the utmost care again to present herself in yet another beguiling outfit: As the weather wasn’t too warm, she was sporting a light beige sweater as well as a dark-green miniskirt with vertical and horizontal red stripes. Said skirt had a column of five golden buttons on the left-hand side, of which the one at the very bottom was already open. Since my daughter knew I liked nylons, she was wearing her dark-brown pair again, plus her black ankle boots. The icing on the proverbial cake was, however, her raspberry beret. She seemed proud of her outfit – the way she smiled at me – and she was damn right.

I had always liked berets, although that little antenna had never made sense to me. Anyway, young attractive women could wear anything, in the end, and it was always great to see when ribald sexual encounters helped them develop into self-confident and happy creatures. Just like Nguyet, Mira had undergone an amazing, emancipatory journey: from a pretty but slightly awkward tomboy into a still somewhat androgynous lady who wasn’t ashamed of her small bosom, boyish figure, or large clit anymore. Ok, her ass had actually grown over the last two years; not so much in width but height, so that it now resembled a TV screen from the 1960s. A lot like Nguyet’s.

“And today we’re going to Yen’s?” she asked again, after she had declined the second helmet that I had offered her.

Probably because of the beret.

“Sure. I mean, she invited us… it would be outright rude to decline…”

Mira nodded and sat down behind me. I put the helmet back onto the hook near my left shin, while she wrapped her arms around my stomach, pressing harder than any previous time. As we were driving, I paid her one or two compliments regarding her clothes, which prompted her to nibble on my earlobe when we had stopped at a traffic light with no one around. Yen had told me not to bring beer, and she hadn’t instructed me to drive into her compound quickly, either, like she had always done when I had shown up at her house with Charlie. Maybe she didn’t think the neighbors would get suspicious if a middle-aged man visited her with his adult daughter.

And so, we just rolled onto her yard five minutes later. Yen came out of her house in a salmon-colored sleeveless house dress, which looked awesome. The fabric seemed rather thick and soft, and she looked decidedly youthful and rakish. A white bra-strap was already smiling at us, almost like Yen had arranged it that way. What contributed to her juvenility was her ponytail – I had to admit that I almost found her hotter than my daughter. Mira didn’t take off her beret when we stepped inside but, of course, we relieved ourselves of our shoes, as is customary here in East Asia. Yen led us through the living room into her kitchen, where bowls and chopsticks were already waiting on the table.

Mira didn’t sit down, initially, but looked around and even chatted a bit with her newly-found mother. As Hanh, our petite masseuse, was her girlfriend, Mira’s Vietnamese was perhaps almost as good as mine. Which wasn’t entirely consistent with our role-play, but I didn’t think any of us cared too much about such details. Yes, in some ways, the two of them were chatting like mom and daughter, I realized, while I was sitting with the oval table to my left and my back against the wall. I cracked a beer open, and Mira came over to take a sip once the foam was gone. Yen seemed to want to chop some more vegetables, but then nodded at the ashtray on the window sill, saying that I could smoke.

“Jesus, she looks hot again…” I said, looking up at my daughter, who was standing to my right, still holding the glass.

My daughter’s miniskirt was really something. It was super-short, and I asked myself if the two women had made plans a minute ago. Or earlier, like the day before. They had perhaps befriended each other on some social-network site, like Facebook or Zalo. Last week, Taksim escort bayan Mira had just wanted to watch how I banged our mature friend, but when we had left and said goodbye, Yen had insisted that she wanted to turn the tables today and witness my thick noodle disappear inside my daughter’s slender torso. While I was still fascinated by the nimble movements of Yen’s perfect butt at the counter, straight across from me, Mira bumped into my upper arm with her midsection and asked why I wasn’t ‘doing anything’.

“Hey, c’mon, dad…” she nodded, looking down at me.

Glancing at my daughter’s slim frame, I noticed that she was wearing a bra, and that her body seemed to be trembling. And so, I put my right arm around her butt and pulled her closer. I smelled laundry detergent or soap but, sure: her nylon-clad thighs looked outright delicious.

“I thought we would eat first,” I defended myself feebly. “And we’re here for the very first time together…” I reminded her.

“Yen… mom just said that the food will take a while…” she replied quietly.

Ha! As Yen had heard her name, she turned around and smiled at us encouragingly. My sweetie was kneading the seam of her skirt here near my side and then nimbly opened the second button from the bottom. Step by step, she slowly lifted the hem up with her fingers, until I could see that the top-part of her tights was darker than the rest. Oh, perhaps she wasn’t wearing the infamous pantyhose that she had been sporting the day we met…

While I was extinguishing my cigarette in the ashtray, which I then maneuvered back onto the window sill, Mira stepped even closer and then placed her hand in my lap, where she could feel my cock twitch from time to time. It looked like she wanted to go for a spin already before lunch. As she was leaning forward, her small boobs were right in front of my chin, and so I caressed them a bit through her sweater and bra. I invited her to sit on my thigh, which she – after careful consideration – didn’t do. Instead, she also opened the third button from the bottom on her skirt. As the speed with which things were unfolding was almost frightening, I tried to divert her attention:

“Did you bring that skirt from the Philippines, or is it new?”

“No, I brought it… just like the beret…” she chuckled, licking her lips lasciviously, before she lifted her right leg over mine.

As I had grown curious whether she was wearing pantyhose or tights, I lifted her skirt some more ever so slightly. I was looking at a pair of hold-up stockings and black lacy panties, above and to the sides of which her white flesh, including some blueish blood vessels, was greeting me. The elastic tops of her tights were perhaps an inch and a half wide and had some floral pattern woven in. Oh, good Lord, Jesus Christ, was she hot! Her little pussy boat was sailing calmly, and I couldn’t see any pubic hair sticking out. Like Yen was completely unaware of what was going on here at the table, she quickly dried her hands and then went to the bathroom in the back of the house, which prompted my daughter to open my pants.

Instantly, she reached inside my underpants, after she had sat down on my thigh, facing me. She pulled her skirt up further to allow me another good look at her boat-hull, panties, lacy tights, and white flesh. Her cheeky, mischievous face looked awesome, and when she began to swing her pelvis, I almost lost it. She pulled the waistband of my underwear, which wasn’t very tight, down and seriously started to stroke my cock. But just as I was wondering why she was still wearing her beret, she let go of my dick and lifted up her sweater to present me her slim belly and black bra. She cocked her head enticingly and then looked down at my cock again, but let go of her top when she heard Yen approach.

She got up and positioned herself again on my right.

“Dad, I just love your cock…” she sighed.

Yen chuckled when she saw my dick peeking out from my pants but instantly came over to kneel on the floor between my legs. I lifted my ass, so that she could pull down my pants and underwear, and I noticed that awkward feeling of naked skin on a vinyl chair. Mira lifted her sweater again and opened her bra in the front – like the last time at Hanh’s house – before she leaned forward to let me suck her little titty. After Yen had licked my cock for a while, she took it in her mouth, pressing her lips onto the shaft and bobbing her head. I realized that the stove was still quiet over there, like the two of them really had agreed that we were going to have a first romp before lunch. Which was fine with me; yes, they would empty my sack and have all kinds of fun along with it.

With my dick inside Yen’s mouth and my daughter’s tit in mine, Yen’s kitchen was filling up quickly with a chorus of heartfelt, smacking sucking sounds. When I stopped for a moment to catch my breath, Mira pulled her panties down and I was able to, first, see her light brown bush snap out, before her long Escort taksim clit followed suit, which prompted Yen to stop her blowing to mirthfully bury her nose in the relatively sparse furry triangle above her daughter’s legs. Snorting with laughter, Yen then ruffled our girl’s pubic hair, like she was positively in love with it, and then, as the capstone, lifted her salmon-colored dress to show off her simple white but perfect cotton panties, which Mira touched but then let me pull down with one hand, switching from the left to the right a few times on Yen’s divine thighs.

“Ooaah, dad, look! Mom’s bush is always sooo beautiful…” our girl was raving, and for a brief moment, all three of us were looking at our reproductive organs, until I reached between the more mature pair of legs to nick some juice, which I then licked off my fingertips.

Of course, Mira was right: Yen’s pubic area was pretty much perfect. Wild and elegant at the same time, one could see her reddish-brown outer labia well when she was standing, and often there was even a slim vermillion cleft between her inner lips. But still, there were also some long, pitch-black hairs to the left and right of said moist opening. The dense wool above formed a vertical trapezoid, first, before the hair petered out to the left, right, and above. But, yes: this gorgeous mature woman had a densely-woven, fifteen square-inch carpet above her clit that collected millions of savory molecules every single day.

Mira’s bush, on the other hand, was only brownish and rather sparse, while I preferred the stark contrast that pitch-black, dense hair offered to any kind of skin, as the natural aspects of a woman were emphasized more. Under the scrutinizing eyes of her mother, I still caressed our daughter’s labia now, of course, which were also slightly wet and sticky. Her nectar wasn’t as savory as her mom’s, but still divine. Apart from Nguyet’s, I knew no cunt that impressed and aroused me more than Yen’s: the latter was more harmonious and picture-book perfect, but then, Nguyet was slimmer and shorter than Yen, so that her large, dark, dense bush – which even hid her labia completely, as it extended all the way back into her ass crack – was the bee’s knees, in the end. Although inexperienced Sally’s black triangle was awesome, too, but I had barely seen and touched it yet.

Well, there was one more: Linh’s, my former student’s, who had fallen in love with a young spiffy officer when she was in 12th grade. Her bush was truly out this world; like a craftsman had purchased black grass carpet at a hardware store and then cut an eight-inch triangle to meticulously line her crotch, all the way down into her groins and even onto her thighs. Oh, Jesus Christ, I had to see it again at least once, particularly as the story how she had fornicated with her soldier was so cool: every Friday evening, he had whistled outside her parents’ home in the countryside, after which she had snuck out, using some excuse, to meet him in a nearby banana field, where she then had pulled her pants and panties down to kneel on some sort of camping mat in the dark. The poor chap had never really seen her bush! I made a mental note to write to her, as I was curious how her plan to move north to the Chinese border – even though she had been studying at the opposite end of the country, in Saigon – had worked out in the end.

In the meantime, I had pulled my daughter’s black lacy panties down to under her butt cheeks in the back, where they belonged. We were still kinda undecided how to proceed from here, looking left and right, like at a tennis match, panting. Yen was still holding up her dress, so that we could admire her perfect mature snatch, while Mira had grabbed the hem of her garment, until she now pulled her panties all the way down to step out; only to pull them back up on her right leg, as Southeast Asian women are wont to do. My eyes ambulated back and forth a bit more, realizing that we couldn’t possibly have lunch, until the peaks of our arousal had been ground off; especially, as our youngest had just given the signal to fuck with her lascivious gesture.

Cross-eyed, I ogled the two bushes some more, while our daughter was holding onto my cock, but then Yen pointed upstairs. Yes, there was no other way. The ladies let go of their garments, but then Yen took off her panties quickly and put them on the fourth chair. I thought of pulling my pants up again but decided that was nonsense. I undressed right here in the kitchen, after which the ladies grabbed my dick and pulled me towards the stairs. The two women even kissed now, like they were concluding a contract, during which I pulled down the zipper on the back of Yen’s dress, before I reached between my daughter’s sweaty legs and then quickly tested if she had closed her bra again.

She hadn’t. Initially, Mira had only offered her mouth to Yen and then waited; perhaps, as she was younger and shorter, but then they smooched for quite some time at the bottom of the stairs, while I was rubbing my glans against their thighs. Towards the end, Mira even put her hand on Yen’s dress in the crotch area, which stirred her mom to the point that she took her daughter’s hand and placed it under her skirt, onto the wet, pitch-black, yet still soft bush and sweet nether lips.

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