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Susie enjoyed the congratulations of her teammates. She loved being a part of this soccer team. They accepted her for who she was, no questions asked. It was of course, her talent that had led them to accept her at first. But at least they hadn’t judged her because of her looks. Not that that would get her to shower with them. She really disliked the way she looked and desperately wanted it to change.

Susie looked young for her age. Her breasts were small. Her figure was slim, boyish even and when she had first started to get pubic hair, it had revolted her and she’d shaved it. It was a habit she’d never broken.

Talent had got her into the team and her performance on the field had one her trusted friends. But none of that had changed her opinion of her body (that it wasn’t feminine enough) and she always waited until last before getting into the showers. She hated the fact that they were open, but that was the way they were and everyone else in the club seemed to deal with it just fine.

Today she had played really well, scoring her first ever hat trick for the club and thus helping to set the team up for a run into the finals. Her team mates were congratulating her and she was about as happy as she could be. But she was still dawdling about, taking ages to pull of her boots and kit before heading for the showers.

Linda, the team captain always made jokes about how she was so quick on the field but interminably slow when it came to getting wet after the game. “If I hadn’t seen you slide tackle through the mud and water, I would have said you were hydrophobic” she laughed today as she walked past, her naked breasts sitting pertly on her chest, towel clutched in one hand.

Susie eyed Linda’s breasts as she walked past. She wondered what size cup they would be. At least a B. Maybe even a C she thought, wishing that she even had a real need for a bra. She also peeked at Linda’s pussy. It looked so right, she thought, a neatly trimmed patch of dark hair that narrowed towards her lips which were also covered with a closely cropped covering of hair. She looked away quickly though. Even though there was a couple of lesbians and bisexuals on the team, Susie certainly didn’t consider herself one of them and didn’t want to get labelled out of turn either.

Figuring that everyone was out of the showers now, she peeled off her shorts, pants, top and sports bra, wrapping her towel around her as she entered the alcove. There were six shower heads in the space, all pointing into the middle and suzie took up the one that afforded her the most cover from the rest of the girls in the change-room. They were slowly leaving anyway, heading upstairs to the bar for after-game drinks.

Susie relaxed under the warm stream of the water, letting it rinse the tension from her body along with the mud from the soccer pitch. As she stood there under the water, hands supporting her weight against the wall, she thought back to just how good Linda had looked as she had walked past her, naked, confident and beautiful.

As she let her mind wander down this path yet again, the depression settled over her. She was no goddess. As her thoughts spiralled downwards around her self image, she found herself sliding down the wall to sit in the water pooling at the bottom of the shower where it drained away. Tears broke through her usual cheerful façade. She sobbed in the falling water, hating herself for crying, but unable to draw herself out of the mindset that had brought her there.

“Susie?” called Linda, coming back into the change rooms.

“Oh crap,” thought Susie, snapping back from her reverie as the call broke the sound of the cascading water. She started to pick herself up and attempt to compose herself but was only half way up when she saw Linda peer around the corner.

“What’s the matter, did you fall?” asked Linda, concern written across her features.

“No, its nothing, don’t worry,” said Susie, noting how glam Linda now looked, her long brown hair released to fall about her features, her body hugged by a nice little black party dress. She fought back a sob and the ever-waiting spiral of despair when her mind threatened her with more thoughts of just how much like that she would never look. She used her hands to cover herself up, knowing that it didn’t really matter … there wasn’t anything to see anyway.

“It can’t be nothing, you don’t just cry over nothing,” prompted Linda. Here, let me get you a towel. Linda disappeared and returned with Susie’s towel, holding it out for her to step into. Susie stepped forwards to have Linda enclose her in the towel. She was briefly thrilled by the smell of Linda’s hair and her proximity … a sheltering hug. She was surprised at the thought, but Linda stepped back to allow her to dry herself.

“I came down because they’re going to be starting the presentations soon and we all know you’re going to be best on ground and we started looking for you and you weren’t there.”

“Thanks Linda, it means a lot to me bostancı escort that you came down to look for me,”

“Hey you’re our star forward and all round party girl, we can’t kick on tonight without you!”

Saying so, she pulled the towel away, adding “And so you’d better get dressed and get up there, because I don’t want to miss too much fun and I sure as hell am going to buy you a drink for that hat trick today!

“Oh sure, now that’s taking it a bit far,” laughed Susie, reaching for her underwear. She was usually one of the quiet girls more towards the fringes at the after-game festivities, mainly because the boys didn’t seem to take a lot of notice of her and the other girls, well, they didn’t seem that keen on her either. Funny how she didn’t really want them to, but would at least have been flattered if one of them had wanted her.

“Yes, perhaps it is, but at least it brought out that gorgeous smile of yours again,” replied Linda.

Susie blushed at the compliment, pulling her jeans on before grabbing her top and slipping into that as well. She put on her high-heeled boots and grabbed her kit bag.

“I just might have to set you up and get you laid tonight,” joked Linda as they left the change rooms. “Dump your kit in my car, I’ll look after you tonight.”

“Um, no thanks and thanks?” laughed Susie. “I think I can wait on the whole getting laid thing. Anyway, you’d probably just depress yourself trying to get someone to do it to me.

“Oh, you’d be surprised,” Linda said slyly, but with a hint of an understanding of why she might have found Susie crying in the shower. She watched as Susie climbed the stairs ahead of her, taking more careful note of the younger girls appearance than normal. She was very slim, attractive but with a very young boyish figure. When it came down to it, she just looked young for her age. That was sure to be of benefit when she was hitting 30, but at 18 it made Id checks a certainty. The two girls were greeted by a round of cheers as they appeared, drinks being thrust into their hands. Susie happily accepted the drink she was offered, havng just been announced player of the day!

Susie and Linda partied hard that night and Susie opened up more than she had for some time. She really got along with Linda, who seemed to be making an effort to see that Susie had fun which was nice of her. Despite her promise to try and get her laid, Linda didn’t seem to make any effort to actually go through with it, which relieved Susie more than anything else.

At the end of the night, they went back to Linda’s car ready to go, but Linda was too drunk to drive so suggested that they both catch a cab to her house and stay the night. They could come and pick up her car later.

Susie made a call home to make sure that her parents knew where she’d be and then the girls jumped in cab. They giggled and joked their way back to Linda’s house where they switched on the telly to watch some music videos and Linda fetched them a couple of drinks to finish the night off.

They were bopping away in the living room with the music going, half paying attention when a video clip came on with two skanky girls dancing with each other as if they wanted to be doing a hell of a lot more than that. Susie found herself watching it closely and Linda too was watching what was going on with more than just a little interest.

“Man, that’s just what Jenn and Sarah get like when they’ve had too many drinks or thing no one is watching,” Linda said.

“Really? I knew they were both into chicks, but I can’t say that I’ve ever seen them doing anything obvious other than the occasional quick kiss hello and goodbye,” replied Susie.

“Oh they don’t do it that often, but I went out with them one night and we went to a club where there were more than your usual number of chicks looking for chicks if you know what I mean. They got right into each other … it was like they were practically fucking on the dance floor. It was quite a turn on really.”

“Wow, I don’t know what I’d do if I went into a gay bar,” said Susie.

“Well, I kept to myself a lot and didn’t really give anyone a chance to hit on me either,” laughed Linda.

“Yeah, well I think I’d be just like that. Then again, maybe I’d be flattered enough that anyone was interested and give it a go,” laughed Susie.

“Don’t sell yourself short there young lady!” Linda jokingly admonished her. As she said that, she finished off her drink and let Susie know that she thought it was time that they grabbed some sleep. Susie finished her drink quickly and followed Linda to her room. Once their, they pulled out an extra mattress and threw some linen on it for Susie to sleep on. Linda started stripping off her dress to reveal a black satin bra and matching thong.

Susie found herself again staring at her friend’s gorgeous body, wishing that things were otherwise for her. As she watched, Linda released her bra before büyükçekmece escort pulling a t-shirt over her head. She slipped off her thong and threw it in the corner. Susie got just a peek of her pussy before she decided that if she stared any long she’d be caught big time and so looked away.

“Hey, do you want to borrow something to sleep in?” asked Linda, noting that Susie only had her jeans and top that she’d been partying in all night.

“Sure, that’d be great,” replied Susie, taking the t-shirt that was offered to her. She peeled off her jeans and top, removed her padded bra and pulled on the t-shirt, leaving her panties on. She was acutely aware of just how much her nipples were sticking out, and as she laid down, noticed that Linda had been watching her change. She knew she shouldn’t think anything of it (there was nothing else in the room to look at) but couldn’t help think that perhaps it would be nice if Linda were looking … and interested. It went back a little to her earlier thought … that if the boys weren’t interested and a girl was … maybe it would be worth a try.

The two girls chatted for awhile before sleep overcame them and Susie found herself becoming more and more curious about loving a woman as her mind faded out towards sleep.

“have you ever kissed a girl?” she asked Linda, emboldened by the darkness and the fact that no one could see her blush at being so outrageously forward!

“No, but I’ve thought about it,” replied Linda. “It doesn’t turn me off, I just haven’t come across the right person at the right time to try it with I guess. One day I will, I’m sure. Why do you ask? Have you?”

“Hell no!” laughed Susie, “I don’t think I can say that I’ve really even kissed a boy! I was just curious though. Since you’ve been around the club longer than me I didn’t know if you’d experimented or not. I was just going to ask what it was like if you had.”

“Ahh well then, in that case, sorry, I can’t help you,” giggled Linda.

With that, the two girls drifted off to sleep. Susie found herself dreaming about breasts. She was in a lingerie shop and she was shopping for breasts. There was a row of display mannequins with a whole range of different shaped and sized breasts. She wandered around the display room fondling and caressing them. Some had nice pert nipples and some had enormous nipples.

She found herself pulling and tugging at the nipples to see how they looked erect. Finally she found a pair that she thought were perfect. About a b-cup, verging on a C, they were firm, hung nicely in front of the chest with nice neat nipples, coloured a very nice pink and that stood out quite well when they were played with. Curious, she bent her head to the left breast and sucked on it, loving the feeling of the erect nipple against her soft moist tongue.

She found herself a sales assistant who detached the breasts from the mannequin and then in some mysterious way that could only occur in a dream, attached them to Susie’s chest. She looked down at her new breasts, thrilled and amazed. She reached her hands up to fondle them and moaned in ecstasy as she experienced her own touch. She left the store to look for someone to suck them. It was only when she’d left that she realised that she hadn’t dressed before leaving! And with that realisation, she woke up. About the first thing that she noticed was that her panties were really slimy. She’d been getting excited whilst she was sleeping and dreaming of breasts.

“Are you ok,” she heard Linda asking her. “You were making some pretty weird noises … happy but weird.”

Susie looked at the clock, noting that it was about 4am before telling Linda about her dream. Linda laughed at the mention of the breast shop and told Susie that someone must have been slipping her lesbian hornbag juices or something the way she had been going tonight.

“You might be right given the state of my underwear,” laughed Susie. I can’t believe I woke up wet after dreaming about all those tits.”

“Well I have to confess that it excited me a little when you were talking about touching all of those breasts,” replied Linda quietly. “If there’s one thing that tempts me when I think about having sex with a girl, its to get to suck on another girl’s titties. There’s something about that that just makes me gooey”

Susie couldn’t believe that Linda was telling her this. More, she couldn’t believe how much it turned her on to think about what it might be like to have her suck on her tits.”

“So have you ever felt anyone else’s breasts?” asked Linda.

“Huh, like I told you before, I haven’t even really been close to a boy, let alone a girl.”

“Oh I just thought that maybe you’d done it at some point because you seem to be so anxious about the size of yours,” Linda said quietly.

“Well, I’ve thought about it,” replied Susie, but it’s a bit hard to walk up to one of your friends and say, “Can I touch your titties, I want çekmeköy escort to know what they feel like.”

“I guess that’s true. You could … um … I wouldn’t mind … um, would you like to touch mine?” stumbled Linda tentatively.

“Really?” asked Susie, not entirely sure how they’d managed to come around to this and hoping not to sound too excited at the thought.

“Well, sure, I don’t mind if you want a feel just to know what its like,” replied Linda. “Come over here.” Linda sat up in the bed and swung her legs over the side, sitting, waiting for Susie.

Susie made her way across the mattress on the floor, feeling her way in the dark to Linda’s bed. Her hand came in contact with Linda’s leg and they both flinched a little at the touch. Susie used the leg as a reference in the dark and knelt up before her friend, positioning herself between Linda’s knees, a hand on each thigh. Linda’s hands found Susie’s in the dark and gently lifted her right hand to her breast. Susie instinctively closed her hand around the breast, feeling the nipple erect and sticking out through the t-shirt into the palm of her hand. She sighed as she felt the firmness and weight of the breast in her hand, her left hand automatically reaching up to cup the other breast. She squeezed, them pulling them together, running her palms over the nipples. Linda sighed in response, enjoying the sensation of having her breasts caressed so tenderly.

Susie felt Linda move, but was reluctant to let go now that she had these gorgeous orbs in her hands. She realised though that Linda was trying to pull her t-shirt over her head and released them long enough for them to be freed. She didn’t hesitate now, taking the bare breasts within her hands, their warmth radiating through her palms which in turn sent their heat into Linda’s breasts.

Susie was acutely aware that now that Linda had removed her t-shirt, she was naked. She would have loved to have looked down at her pussy to see if she was wet. Susie’s panties were so wet they served little purpose and she wondered whether Linda could detect the smell of her sex as easily as she herself could. She felt Linda’s hands closing over her own and the two girls played with Linda’s breasts together. Then Linda’s hands moved up Susie’s arms and onto her chest, to pull at her nipples, erect and seeking fulfilment. Susie gasped at the sharp pleasure/pain that she experienced when Linda tweaked her nipples and it wasn’t long before she felt Linda tugging at her t-shirt in the dark, prompting its removal.

Susie knelt there before Linda, her tiny breasts exposed to the air, her nipples taught and the other’s girl’s breasts within her hands.

“I want to suck your nipple,” Linda said quietly. “I want to lick it with my tongue.

Susie was unsure. She had been carried away with the sensations until now, but Linda speaking had broken the spell somewhat.

“Um, I’m not sure,” she replied, her hands releasing Linda’s breasts and falling to her thighs where they stopped, hesitant.

“Oh please Susie? Please let me suck them? Get into bed with me? I’ve never done this and I promise I’ll be gentle, but I have to know what it tastes like, what it feels like. I’ve never wanted a girl before, but tonight I want you. I want to touch you. I promise that I’ll stop if you’re uncomfortable, if you ask me to.” All the time that she spoke, Linda’s hands caressed Susie, tracing the shape of her face in the dark, briefly touching her lips, her breasts, her shoulders and arms.

Linda felt Susie stand and she moved over on the bed, hoping. Susie sat down beside her and as Linda lay down back against the wall, she too lay down on the bed. They arranged the quilt so that they could both be under it and not too cold. Their hands caressed each other’s breasts and then Linda moved her head closer and down towards Susie’s breasts. Susie lay on her back, letting Linda make her move.

Linda took Susie’s nipple in her mouth, sucking on it and drawing it out to its full extension. The sensation was lovely. Both girls sighed at the pleasure they were receiving and giving. Linda knelt up so that she get lean over Susie and reach her other nipple to suck on it as well. As she did so, Susie took Linda’s dangling breast in her hand again, squeezing and pulling, pinching the nipple. She couldn’t believe how it felt to have her breasts sucked and to be fondling the tits of her goddess of a soccer captain.

“Put your tit in my mouth,” she said to Susie, wanting to feel the erect nipple on her tongue like she had in the dream and wanting Linda to feel her sucking at her tit.

Linda didn’t hesitate and dangled her breast over Susie’s mouth which opened readily to receive it, her tongue reaching out to flick and lick at the erect nipple. Susie felt Linda’s other hand upon her left breast, feeling it, caressing it. Then the hand passed across her ribs to her stomach where it gently caressed the smooth taught skin. The hand traversed her belly towards her panties. Susie didn’t know what to do. Her mouth was full of breast and she was loving it, but she wasn’t sure that she should keep going. As the fingers of Linda’s hands brushed across the fabric of her panties, she started to panic a little. They moved up and started to work their way under the top of her panties and Susie couldn’t take it.

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