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My name is Lisa and I have been curious about other women for a long time now. My best friend Suzie doesn’t know this but after her divorce she moved in with me until she could find a place of her own. Suzie is thirty six years old and stands at 5′ 8″ and has a great little body on her. She has 36c boobs and nipples that stand out like bullets. She also has very shapely legs and an ass to die for. I on the other hand am thirty four and have 34c boobs with little nipples. I stand at 5′ 7″ with red hair down to my shoulders and have a nice ass and legs but not as nice as Suzie’s are.

We had been out for a few drinks about a month after you moved in with me and were now on the way back to home. As we walked or should I say staggered down the road holding hands a few lads who walked past us and started saying things about us both. We stopped and looked at each other then we start to kiss each softly at first as the lads began to shout and wolf whistle at us. We began to kiss each other a little harder and more passionately now as our hands began to explore each other’s tits and ass. We were both getting turned on with what bursa eskort we were doing and with the lads shouting and encouraging us to do more.

I pulled you up against the nearest wall where I lifted my leg up and put it against the wall. I lifted my short skirt up and slid my hand down my panties and slowly began to finger myself. You stood there against the wall and watched what I was doing then put your own hand in your own panties and fingered yourself right along with me. The lads went quite as they watched what we were doing and my panties by now were getting so wet that I had to stop what I was doing and took them off. I then walked over to one of the lads standing there rubbing his cock through his pants and push my soaking panties into his face then walked back to you wiggling my bare ass for the guys as I walked back to you.

“Let’s get back to your place I want you to fuck me with my strap-on.” You say as I walk up to you.

When we got back to my place we are only in the door less than a minute before you have me pinned against the wall and our lips are locked and we are French kissing. bursa bayan escort As we kiss we rip at each other’s cloths and tare them off each other as quick as we can before you lead me to your bedroom and pull me on to your bed. It’s hot and we are both in a very horny mood. I take your handcuffs out of the night stand beside your bed and cuff you wrists to the bed. I stand over you and start to play with myself.

I rub my hands over my tits teasing my now big hard nipples. Then I wet my middle fingers and run it all over my tits and tweak my nipples. I teasingly run a finger from my tits all the way down my body until I reach my pussy. I place a finger over my pussy lips and slide it up and down before pushing it inside my now dripping cunt then take it back out and slide into my mouth and close my eyes as I taste myself. I just love the taste of my own pussy juice.

“Let me at you bitch.” You say as I stand over you looking at you as I taste myself with a naughty smile on my face shaking my head.

“No you fucking slut you are just going to have to wait bursa ucuz escort until I am ready to let you out of those cuffs.” I reply.

“Are you calling me a slut?” You ask me.

“Yes, you are my little slut” I reply again still standing over you tasting my juices from my fingers as my juices began to run down the inside of my thighs.

I get off the bed and go to the draw were you keep your toys and take out the biggest vibrator which is about 7″ long and get back on the bed and step over you again and start to slide the vibrator over my wet pussy which sends you crazy with lust. After about a minute I slide the vibrator inside my soaking wet cunt and begin to fuck myself with it as I pull at my nipples. I start to moan as you shout at me again to let you go.

“Cum for me you bitch, cum all over my body.” You scream at me.

I look at you and I shake my head as I take the vibrator out of my pussy and slide 2 fingers all the way in to myself. I shuffle up the bed so my pussy is over now over your tits and I start to moan again a little louder now and roll my eyes and tilt my head back as orgasm begins to rack my body. As my orgasm hits me my juices spray all over your tits and face before I drop to my knees over your tummy. After I come down from my high I reach behind me and pick up the strap-on which I then lay in between your boobs.

“Now who is going to fuck who first?” I ask you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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