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She slid her hand down her stomach, into her panties, and found her clit. She rubbed it slowly, letting the friction make her pussy wet. With her other hand, she tweaked her nipples. She was right-handed but only her left hand knew how to get her off.

Her mind was on his cock. It was the perfect size. Not huge, not small. Just right. And soooooo thick. She could still feel her pussy stretching around it. It had been about a week since he’d fucked her and she was craving him. He knew exactly how to get her off. Which was funny, because most guys had no clue. Women, on the other hand, were fantastic at it. Something about a pair of luscious tits in her face got her hornier than a bitch in heat.

Now she was rubbing her clit frantically, thinking of burying her face in a sweet cunt while he pounded away at her pussy. She could feel herself getting close, so close, so she stopped abruptly. She was frustrated, which was exactly what she wanted. She was going to see him tonight and knew that the best orgasm was the one she had to wait for. What she didn’t know was that he had a surprise for her. And it was a good one.

That night, she stood on her front stoop, low cut black dress concealed by her coat, sky high heels tapping nervously. It wasn’t that she wasn’t excited. She was just worried he was going to bail on her. He seemed too good to be true: hot, great body, amazing cock, and a genuinely good guy? Impossible. Well, he wasn’t always good. She giggled to herself, thinking back on how kinky he was in their chat, feeling her pussy begin to moisten.

His car pulled up moments later, pulling her from her daydream of being banged like a screen door in a hurricane. She hurried to open the passenger side door and slid into the seat. The firm seat under her ass, she became acutely aware of how wet she was. She was ready. She handed him her kink bag and he set it on the back seat before pulling away from the curb.

They rode in silence. Not because there was nothing to say, but because there was so much she wanted to say that she couldn’t form a coherent sentence. Her nipples were pebbles on her ample tits. She wasn’t really paying attention to where they were going, but noticed that they had turned right where they should have gone left.

“Where are we…?” she trailed off, seeing the high class hotel materializing before them. Suddenly she knew. He was doing what he had promised and fulfilling her fantasy.

After check in, he guided her to the penthouse, opening the door for her like a true gentleman. Unlike a gentleman, he squeezed her tight ass as she walked past him. He smirked at her, handing back her kink bag, and followed her in. They weren’t alone. A shapely figure stood silhouetted by the city lights streaming through the window. When she turned, a sly smile broke out on her stunning face.

“Hello, Candie. I’m Erika. I’ll be your host this evening.” The tall blonde extended her hand and Candie reached out to grasp it. Her handshake was firm, but inviting, and Candie stepped closer, inhaling her clean scent.

“Erika, it’s lovely to meet you.” Candie said breathlessly, taking in the beauty before her.

“Let’s get down to business, ladies.” He said, wrapping an arm around each woman’s waist and leading them to the bedroom. “Take off your clothes and get on the bed, Candie.”

Candie dropped her coat immediately, quickly stripping off her slinky black dress and kicking her red heels to the side. She climbed slowly, seductively, onto the bed, and turned to face the pair of them. “Yes, sir,” she breathed.

He smiled at her, then picked her escort tanıtımları bag up off the chaise. He unzipped the bag and pulled out her favourite dildo (8 inches and very girthy), a blindfold (satiny purple), and wrist cuffs (purple to match the blindfold). “Give me your hands,” he commanded, and Candie obediently obliged. He swiftly cuffed her hands behind her back, then applied the blindfold. “From now on, you do not speak unless spoken to.”

Candie could feel a tingle beginning in her nipples that traveled through her body, straight to her clit. It was impossible to keep the goofy grin off her gorgeous face. She had so many questions she wanted to ask, but she held her tongue. This was going to be fun.

Candie cried out in ecstasy as Erika’s fingers withdrew from her pussy, Erika still lapping languidly at Candie’s clit. This was Candie’s fifth orgasm of the night, and definitely the best. They just kept getting better. Little did she know, the best was yet to come.

As Erika withdrew, Candie whimpered, feeling empty without something, anything, penetrating her. But she wasn’t empty for long. He spread her legs and she felt the head of her favourite dildo rubbing up and down her slit before pushing inside. Even though she’d used it repeatedly since buying it, it never ceased to amaze her how thick it was. She breathed out shakily as he inserted its full 8″ length into her.

Carefully, he rolled her onto her stomach, making sure the dildo did not dislodge, and she felt the familiar coolness of lube hitting her ass. He began to rub his index finger around her asshole until it was slick enough to slip inside. He worked his finger into her, pumping the dildo into her pussy with the other hand. Her moans were loud and unrestrained.

“Time to keep her quiet, I think.” he said, smiling at Erika.

Erika’s weight shifted, but Candie had no idea what was going on. That is, until she felt Erika straddle her, pressing her own pussy against Candie’s mouth. “Lick it, bitch.” Erika demanded.

Candie lost no time, tracing Erika’s labia with her pink tongue, before slowly circling the blonde bombshell’s clit. She licked and lapped and sucked, still moaning, but far less loudly, as Erika ground her pussy into Candie’s face.

Soon enough, Erika’s moans drowned out Candie’s and she let go, squirting all over Candie’s chin and neck. Not that Candie minded. Erika tasted so sweet and delicious that Candie was sad when she moved away.

Of course, that just meant that now Candie could focus on the sensations that he was causing in her. He now had three fingers deep in her ass and was pistoning the dildo in and out as fast as he could.

“Gag her.” he said to Erika, and a bit gag was suddenly inserted in Candie’s mouth. “No more noise from you.”

Candie was really wet now, having lost count of her orgasms, and it was only going to get worse (or better) with the addition of the gag. Nothing got Candie hotter than being used like a piece of meat. Her train of thought was thrown off its track, though, as he withdrew his fingers and slowly began to press his cock head against her asshole. He pushed hard until his head popped inside her. His wasn’t the longest cock she’d ever fucked, but it was definitely the thickest she’d ever had up her ass.

He didn’t give her much time to adjust, pounding her ass fiercely, caring only for his own pleasure. Now it was Erika’s turn to use the dildo on Candie, attempting to keep pace with his feverish thrusting.

Candie lost all track of time as his thick cock slid in and out, gaziantep escort telefonları in and out of her phenomenally tight ass. She tried to cry out in orgasm, but the bit in her mouth muffled her voice. God, he was the only guy who could make her cum these days. Though Erika’s efforts were not unappreciated. Candie loved feeling full. In fact, her biggest fantasy was to be triple stuffed. But maybe next time.

Erika’s free hand soon found Candie’s nipple, rolling it between her fingers. Candie’s ass spasmed, and he let go, unable to hold back the river of cum. After a few minutes, his cock softened and he pulled out of Candie’s heart-shaped ass. Erika gently pulled the dildo from her pussy, and they let Candie rest.

The rest was short-lived, though, as he undid the cuffs and rolled Candie onto her back. “Now the real fun begins,” he said, and Candie could hear the laughter in his voice.

Still blindfolded, Candie was quickly spread-eagled and cuffed into place using under-the-bed restraints. Unable to move enough to close her legs or cover herself, cum dripping from her ass, Candie breathed heavily, anticipating what was to come.

She heard the door to the penthouse open and feet shuffled in. She couldn’t tell how many people there were, but a mass of voices followed.

“Candie, remember how you told me you’d always wanted to try a gangbang? Well, tonight’s the night.” The last of his words were immediately drowned by the cheer that arose from the crowd behind him.

Soon, there were hands all over her body and thick fingers inside her. Everyone was licking and sucking and touching and tweaking and Candie was loving it. It was hard to pick what to focus on. Then the bit was removed from her mouth and a hard cock took its place. She began sucking for all she was worth, desperate for more and more dick.

And more dick was exactly what she got. She had no sooner wished for more than a new, thicker cock was shoved deep inside her pussy. He was huge and she was loving the feeling of being stretched to her limit. Every time she thought there couldn’t possibly be more cock, he pushed further into her in by inch. Soon enough, his pelvis was resting against hers, and she reveled in the feeling of him filling her.

For hours, she took two cocks at a time, no rest, no relief. No complaints. This was what she lived for. She’d had so many orgasms, her clit ached. But she wanted more. The guy currently down her throat groaned as he let his cum spill into her, flooding her mouth. She swallowed as best she could but spluttered as he withdrew. She didn’t have long to relax her throat before another dick slid past her lips. Hungrily, she sucked at it, but was disappointed when it went away before cumming.

That was when she realized that the movement had stopped and all hands were off her. Her naked, cum-covered body felt cold and small and she wished someone would do something to her.

It wasn’t long before she got her wish. She was uncuffed and lifted off the bed, then lowered onto a man on the floor. His hard cock slid into her well-used pussy easily and she knew it was time for her favourite activity: double penetration. She was pushed forward, her tits squished between her and the mystery man below her, when she felt another delectable cock force itself into her ass. Her ass hadn’t gotten much use yet and she was eager for more.

Once the two cocks had established a rhythm, someone grabbed her hair and lifted her head. She opened her mouth to say something and was silenced by a third cock. ‘Finally!’ she gaziantep escort bayan telefonları thought, ‘Triple penetration!’ It had only been her main fantasy since she had first felt the wonder of double penetration. Now, her wish was cumming true.

The three cocks began in rhythm with each other, but soon, it was every man for himself. And when one man finished, she was immediately entered by another. It was a never-ending cock fest.

Reasonably, she knew there could only be as many as 30 men in the room, but with the blindfold on, it felt like hundreds. Did these men never tire? It seemed they didn’t, because every inch of her was covered in cum. inside and out.

Then, the biggest cock she’d ever felt, drove its way past her ass’ defenses and plowed deep into her bowels. She tried to scream in pleasure, but that only served to excited the man whose dick she was sucking.

The monster cock began picking up speed and she was not complaining. In fact, she wanted to beg for more. She hadn’t thought she would be able to handle this, but every second got better and better.

The cock in her mouth pulled out with a sudden pop and warm cum sprayed her sticky face. It was him she’d been sucking. She was vaguely aware of a knock at the door and wondered who it could possibly be.

“Everyone, this is the hotel’s general manager,” he announced loudly. “It seems we’ve broken the rules here. In order to make up for it, I’ve offered Candie and Erika as sex toys for the manager and his male employees. Thank you for coming tonight, but it seems our evening has come to an end.”

With that, 30 plus men groaned and the monster cock in Candie’s ass, which had not stopped moving throughout the entire speech, exploded, coating her insides with sticky, white fluid.

Candie had hardly had time to process what was going on when she heard Erika moaning louder than ever. Whoever was fucking her was doing a good job. Candie was excited to take more cum.

He knelt beside Candie before the night continued and whispered gently, “There are only six men. Can you handle six more?”

Candie nodded enthusiastically, ready to give herself over to the night for the last time.

This time, she straddled one man another face fucked her and she jerked off two more. Erika was getting DP’d, which Candie only knew because the hotel’s GM had demanded her blindfold be removed. He was a portly man, but still handsome, and his cock was nothing to scoff at. His was the cock down her throat as Erika was pounded anally and vaginally. Candie kept her eyes on Erika’s gorgeous body, turned on by how the men were using her with no regard for her wants or desires. Erika was obviously loving it too.

Candie’s attention was swiftly brought back to the man whose cock was fucking her face when he said, “Can I cum in her ass?” Candie couldn’t see her gentleman master, but heard him give the go ahead.

Candie was pushed forward so her face was on the chest of the man inside her pussy. Then her ass was slowly being filled again. It was the best feeling in the world, in her opinion; taking it up the ass. And apparently the GM agreed because it was only moments before he was spurting inside her.

When all was said and done, it was only Candie and her master in the room. Erika had long since cleaned up and gone.

Candie’s master lifted her gently into the air and carried her to the spacious bathroom. He turned on the waterfall showerhead and shut the glass door behind them. He carefully scrubbed the cum from her body, and tenderly kissed the top of her head after he shampooed her hair.

When she was finally clean, he carried her once again to the bedroom, but set her on the chaise. The bed was a mess. Thankfully, he had anticipated this and pulled out spare sheets provided by the hotel. It wasn’t long before the bed was fresh and clean to match Candie.

He spooned her on the luxurious king sized bed and she fell peacefully to sleep in his arms, dreaming of next time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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